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Secret message panties

Secret message panties

I had an idea.
And while it was not about a story or game (like my regular content) I wanted to share it with all of you anyway.

We all know those “kinky” panties with the words “naughty” or “spank me” written on the bottom.
I had the idea of making these more fun yet also more subtle.

I wanted a pair of panties whose message only became apparent if the person wearing them got spanked.
The idea is simple: The panties are the same color as the wearers skin, yet parts are see-through. Which means the see-through parts will only be visible (in red) when that person gets spanked.

Some examples:

The simplest option: These panties only proclaim you’ve been naughty when you’ve actually earned it:
secret message naughty panties

The next option was to turn it around: Panties that show you’re nice, but only for as long as you actually are:
secret message nice panties

Another option was to combine the two: These two pair show you’re naughty when you’re naughty and nice when you’re nice:
secret message naughty and nice panties
secret message naughty and nice panties

Panties with text however aren’t very sexy, so I started to think about using images: If you love getting spanked, these hearts will grow brighter:
secret message hearts panties

My wife once said, a smack is like a kiss, only it lasts longer. These kisses actually show on your bottom:
secret message kisses panties

I then took the idea of using images even further and came up with these: Did you ever want to literally set your partners bum on fire?
secret message fire panties

Or perhaps you are looking for something more elegant, like this blossoming cherry tree:
secret message blossoms panties

And lastly, perhaps you just want to have some fun with a nice color-chart:
secret message chart panties

Tell me what you think and if you have some, share your own ideas for secret message spanking panties

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