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Short story archive

This archive is a work-in-progress. Many older stories still need to be added.

Most of my stories can be categorized as follows: disipline, pretend-discipline and pleasure. While the young ladies in my discipline stories greatly enjoy a good spanking, there is no denying the fact they earned their punishment and got what they deserved. My pretend-discipline stories are more playful, while there is mention of discipline, it's either just an excuse, some roleplaying or the naughty girls got in trouble on purpose. Finally, in the pleasure stories, there is no more pretext, these women are getting spanked purely for their own pleasure.

In my stories I explore many different fantasies and relationships. You can find your favorite genre, activity or situation grouped in the scenario's below.

I use many different implements to punish a naughty girl's behind in my stories. You can find the stories in which your favorite implement is used grouped below.