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Private Property 2: Naked gardening

spanked otk on a bench

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

Just out of sight of the gate, hidden behind the trees of Gregory’s property, Lena pulled down her pants. She could still remember the first time she’d done this, just a week ago. With a blush she remembered her reason for returning to this private property back then. She’d wanted another spanking, just like the one Gregory had given her when he caught her trespassing the first time.
She didn’t get another spanking however, and she wouldn’t get one now, not as long as she followed his rules. That meant taking off her pants and traversing his property with her bottom bared. No pants, panties or skirts were allowed past the sign at which she stood.
Gregory was always waiting for her, somewhere along the path of her morning run, enjoying the view of his garden and the bare-bottomed lady passing by. The sight of him always set Lena’s heart racing faster than the exercise could account for.
Lena had returned to his property, which was half garden, half forest, every day the past week. She used to run on the side of the road in her residential neighborhood, but that now seemed boring and bland compared to a run in nature, even if she had to bare her backside to gain access – or perhaps that was what made it so interesting for her.
Every day of that week, Lena had considered not taking off her pants, of finally earning that spanking she’d come back for. Yet every day she decided, not today. She wasn’t afraid to be spanked again, she just enjoyed obeying the rules even more. It turned her on to submit herself to Gregory’s wishes and baring herself to his gaze.
So like each day before, she folded her pants into a ball and stuffed it into the backpack she’d brought specifically for this purpose and set off on a run, unable to wait to feel the property owner’s eyes on her again.

It had rained the night before and the pathways were soft and muddy where she ran. Lena didn’t pay it much attention however, she was too focussed on spotting Gregory, on being caught by him again, running bare-bottomed through his property.
Lena didn’t notice the slick, shiny layer of mud as she turned the corner and cursed in surprise when she slipped and fell. She came down hard with a painful thud, landing on hip and elbow.
Muttering in pain she pushed herself up, grasping the broken skin on her arm. Her legs were covered in mud, her hip especially and even her bottom hadn’t been spared.
The pain in her hip made her limp as she stepped forward. She called out for Gregory, hoping he was nearby and able to hear her.
“Lena, is that you?” She heard him reply to her cries moments later. Relief flooded through her body when she saw him round the corner not much farther.
“Are you alright?” He asked as he ran up to her.
“I’m alright, just slipped and fell.” Lena replied.
Gregory put his arm around her to support her limping stride. “Here come with me, I’ll take you inside.”
Lena blushed. She’d never been inside his home, though she’d seen it a few times while running through his property. She wasn’t sure whether she’d call it a large house or a small mansion. Too big to live in alone however, she thought. “No wait, I don’t want anyone to see me like this.” She replied, fully aware that she was half-naked as she leaned on his shoulder.
“No-one’s there.” Gregory replied. “Only Mia, my old house-keeper, she won’t judge.”
Lena shook her head. “No, I’ll be fine, I just need to rest for a bit.”
“Alright, I have an idea.” Gregory replied. “Come with me.”
Lena bit her lip as she let him help her down the path. She trusted him not to take her to his home against her will, and was curious where he was taking her.
They reached an open area of the property that was walled off with low hedges and had a large marble fountain in the center. Gregory helped her to a wooden bench at the edge of the fountain.
“You could rest here and wash up a bit.” He said.
Lena smiled. “Thank you, this is perfect.” She took off her shoes on the bench and then held the property owner’s hand as she stepped onto the fountain’s rim.
“You should probably just get in.” Gregory said as she lowered her foot to feel the water. “Otherwise you might fall.”
Lena blushed, she wanted to say she’d be fine, but she’d already lost her balance once today. She shivered as she stepped into the cold water that reached halfway up to her knees.
The fountain was built in two layers shaped like a large flower, the water lazily falling down the edge of each leaf. The first layer of the tall fountain reached as high as her elbow. “Get under the running water.” Gregory said. “That’ll wash the mud right off.”
Lena bit her lip and let go of the hand that was urging her to get closer to the falling water. She grabbed the fountain for balance instead and whimpered as the cold water spat onto her legs.
“You should probably take off your top.” Gregory continued. “Or it’ll get soaked.”
Lena blushed. Ever since he’d announced the rule that she should have her bottom bared to enter his property, she’d fantasized that he would escalate the rules and have her run completely naked. She’d even dreamed of it sometimes, but never like this. Flushed with excitement she pulled off her top and handed it to the property owner. Underneath it she wore a sports-bra, useful but nor very sexy. She might as well go all the way she thought and pulled it off as well. She handed that to him too, shivering with cold and now completely naked. The icy water – or was it her excitement? – had turned her nipples hard and erect.
Lena felt her arousal grow as she washed herself in the fountain, feeling Gregory’s eyes on her at all times. The pain in her hip and elbow were long forgotten by the time she was ready.
It was summer and despite the rain of the night before, today promised to be a beautiful day. It was still early though and therefor cold. Lena was shivering when she climbed out of the fountain, drenched in cold water from her breasts to her feet.
“I’m sorry, you must be freezing.” Gregory said, seeing the blue tinge around her lips. “I’ll call Mia, she’ll bring us some towels.”
Lena looked up in surprise, it took her a moment to remember the name of his house-keeper. “No, I’ll be fine.” She replied. “I’ll get warm in the sun.”
Gregory shook his head and took off his jacket. “Alright, I’ll get it.” He said, wrapping the jacket around her shoulders. “Don’t go anywhere.”

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