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The office job

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This story is part of a series.

Part 1

Captain Reynolds had heard the story of one of his officers being humiliated on the streets shortly after it had happened. He hadn’t done anything about it then, the girl’s sergeant had done the right thing putting her on a desk job. He believed however that every personality trait could be made use of in the force and he had been thinking about how he could turn her situation into a more positive one.
He got the opportunity to test out his ideas only two weeks after the incident and made his way to her desk personally to invite her to his office. “Do you remember the case of Marc Peeters?” He asked her when she had seated herself. There were two large sofa’s in his office, of dark brown leather, to welcome guests.
“Yes, sir.” Maria replied. “I finished the paperwork on that case just last week.”
“Good, but what you probably don’t know is that there were some irregularities with the case.” The captain explained. “One of the warrants for searching mr. Peeter’s home was invalid. Now he’s threatening to file a formal complaint and could cost us thousands.”
The girl sat up straight in the sofa. “I only did the paperwork after the case was closed sir.”
The captain laughed softly. “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble here.” He suddenly realised the girl must be confused to why he would invite her to his office. “Actually I wanted your help.”
Maria visibly relaxed, but with a look of confusion on her face. Wondering how the captain could need her help.
“When we searched Peeter’s house, we found something else, unrelated to the case. Something we could perhaps use to dissuade him from taking action against us and I know for a fact that you have some first-hand experience with this sort of thing.” Captain Reynolds stood up and walked to his desk as Maria tried to figure out what they could’ve found. “I’ve got it opened up on my laptop here, if you want to take a look.” He said. “Mr. Peeters will be here in a few moments. I’ll leave you so you can prepare…”

Maria stood up and quickly walked to the desk after the captain left. This was all too confusing, she couldn’t begin imagining what he needed her for. When she faced the laptop, at first she thought it was just porn she saw. Inappropriate, but not really something they could use against mr. Peeters, and not something she had any experience with at all. Then she realised it wasn’t just normal porn, it was all about spanking and other bdsm fantasies. They didn’t want to use this against him, they wanted to offer him something to placate him. Her, the captain wanted to offer her, well her bottom anyway, so mr. Peeters would forgive their transgression.
Maria realised she should leave the office right away. Her experience just two weeks ago had been embarrassing enough as it was – not to forget painful – and her job sitting behind a desk was a joke. She’d never get her old one back if she allowed this. But she found herself still looking at the pictures on the screen, mesmerized by what she saw, when there was a knock at the door.


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The office job

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  1. Lee Falk says:

    I imagine the Mayor considered her an extreme asset, as well

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