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Celebrity Spankings, a TV-show

drawing of a woman spanked across a psanking bench with a camera present

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of Celebrity Spankings. Tonight we have a very special guest, none other than Hollywood’s very own Juliet Styes. You may have seen her in Hollywood blockbusters such as: 10 Things I love about you, The Jason Born Series and Save the first dance.”
Enrico showed off his bright-white smile as one of the cameras panned in across the stage, past the well-known yet momentarily empty spanking horse and onto the two leather arm-chairs where he was seated, legs crossed and leaning back. He wore a tailor-fit black suit over a white shirt and green tie. His hair, combed to the side glowed darkly underneath the bright studio lighting.
“Tonight will be a very special episode. You must understand my enthusiasm for having someone as famous as Miss Styes in our studio. Many naughty celebrities have found their way onto my show, but none as famous or world-renown as our Juliet.”
Enrico paused for a moment as the camera centered on his face. He really needed his audience to be aware of how famous today’s guest was. So far on the show they’d had some minor celebrities, a musician perhaps from a lesser known band, some reality-show participants or a blogger or youtube-video maker. Most of them had seen his show as a way to increase their fame and the attention they were getting. Juliet Styes was none of those and definitely did not need his show to increase her celebrity.
“More recently than her movies, miss Styes has gotten some world-wide attention on her twitter-activity.” Enrico explained to the camera. “Some of her latest tweets were not well-received by some of our minority communities and while I am sure she meant no harm, she ended up in a true media-storm and ended up deleting her twitter-account.
“She has since then made a formal apology and when we contacted her with the suggestion to show her remorse with more than just mere words, she accepted our proposal. So please, welcome to our studio: Miss Juliet Styes!”

All six cameras turned towards the stage entrance. The double doors slowly opened inwards and smoke started billowing out as a silhouette became visible. Juliet entered the stage on high heels, wearing a black, strapless dress. Her only jewelry was some simple silver earrings, leaving her chest and shoulders bare. Her hair fell in slow, golden loops past her right shoulder and her eyes were covered in dark make-up, her lips carrying a provocative red. The professional actress smiled broadly at the camera and made her way up the stage towards Enrico, sparing but a quick glance at the empty spanking-horse.
“Miss Styes, welcome, welcome.” Enrico greeted her with a kiss on each cheek. “Please have a seat.”
The two of them each took one of the arm-chairs, facing each other.
“Miss Styes, may I call you Juliet?” Enrico asked.
“Of course.” She replied. “May I call you Enrico then?”
“For now.” Enrico replied. “But when we get started you will have to call me Sir. Those are the rules unfortunately.”
“I understand.” Juliet replied.
“Because you do know why you’re here, Juliet, don’t you? Please remind us all of what has been going on these past weeks.” Enrico asked her.
The actress blushed. “I made an unfortunate remark on social media.” She said, facing the camera. “Things got a bit out of hand after that.”
“What was this remark, if I may ask?” Enrico requested.
“I’d rather not repeat it.” Juliet said. “It was hurtful to some and I should’ve never made it in the first place.”
“Of course.” Enrico replied. “I understand; but you are sorry for saying those things. That’s why you’re here after all. You do know what we do in this show, don’t you?”
The actress blushed again and Enrico wondered for a moment whether this was acting or real. “I did some research after your studio called my agent; I watched some of your shows so I have a good idea.”
“And you agreed that it would be a good opportunity for yourself to participate as a way of showing your remorse?” Enrico asked.
“My agent actually disagreed rather firmly.” Juliet replied with a laugh. “She had almost not told me about the offer and thought it might ruin my career. I believe however that for every action you take, you must be ready to face the consequences.”
“Very well said.” Enrico replied. “That could be the motto for our show.”
The spotlight that had been aimed at his guest suddenly swiveled to the side, ending abruptly on the empty spanking-horse, leaving her in the dark.
“Well then, shall we get started?” He asked.


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  1. Marg Goodwin says:

    Spankyou for a VERY INTERESTING and HOT ? ? ? ? ? story. ? I really enjoyed reading your enticing and sexy story. ? My butt was tingling as I read your very impressive story. ? ?

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