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Skinny-dipping in the woods

drawing of a woman spanked in a forest

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

A week had passed and Emma could not forget the man who had spanked and fucked her. She had booked a room at the same hotel she’d stayed in the weekend before; hoping to see him again. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to fuck her or spank her, maybe both.
She did not see him at the hotel and she realized he would be in the forest, doing whatever it is a forester does all day. She didn’t even know his name, so she could not ask anyone about him.
In the afternoon, Emma followed one of the abandoned hiking paths. She knew it would be impossible to search for one man in such a large forest. She would have to give up on finding him.
Instead, she enjoyed the outside air like she always did and fantasized about what might happen if they ever did cross paths again.
As time passed and her fantasies ran out, Emma realized that if they did ever meet again, chances were she’d just be walking along the road. It wouldn’t be anything like her fantasies or last weekend when she’d been caught in her underwear. If she wanted those fantasies to be real, she’d have to be the naughty girl that deserved those spankings.
She would have to be more risky out here where he could find her. Perhaps go skinny dipping or walk the empty road with less clothes on than she should. If she wanted a spanking, she should be naughty, she wouldn’t start a fire again, but there were other, harmless things she could do.
This idea of harmless but naughty behavior did not come from nowhere of course. Emma had been resting on a fallen log beside a small pond. To the side stood a small wooden post with a sign that read: “No swimming”.
After staring at that sign for a while, Emma found the courage to go through with her plan. She took off her clothes and placed them on the fallen log.
Even her bra and panties went off, until she was completely naked. She never considered herself an exhibitionist and surely never undressed where anyone could see, but the memory of her first encounter with the forester turned her on greatly. Out here, the risk of being caught was small enough to be overwhelmed by the excitement she felt.
She stood there for a while, completely naked like the animals that inhabited the forest. She stayed still, inviting them to look at her, hoping and fearing at the same time that perhaps it wasn’t just animals watching.
When she slowly descended into the pond, it felt like becoming one with the nature around her. She had almost forgotten the sign and her reason for doing this; instead she enjoyed the moment, thinking she should more often try experiencing nature as fully as this.
As she reached the deepest part of the pull, Emma was submerged to just below her breasts. She lowered herself into the water until it reached her chin. The water was cold, but it was a pleasantly warm day.
“What are you doing in there.” A man’s voice suddenly broke the idyllic scene.


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Skinny-dipping in the woods

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6 responses to “Skinny-dipping in the woods”

  1. […] Read the rest of this story on my blog […]

  2. don andrews says:

    A great read

  3. Margaret Goodwin says:

    An extremely HOT ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨
    story in more ways than one. ? ? ? ? ? VWEG ? ? ? ? ? ?
    I have been throughly switches numerous times in the Australian bush…. It was all consensual.
    Some was for genuine punishment for acting up.
    The rest was erotic spanking where I had to bend over a convenient log to be throughly switched then taken from behind by my then husband. ?
    EVERYTIME I had to pick the heavy Oak sapling switch, peel the bark and pine needles off then round the end with sandpaper while my husband watched….. I deliberately chose the Oak sapling over the Eucalyptus because not only did it sting a LOT MORE BUTT it was much heavier too…. ? ? ? ?
    Vweg ?

  4. Margaret Goodwin says:

    I really enjoyed the erotic switchings BUTT not the genuine punishments which cracked down HARD AND FAST upon my tender butt cheeks. I screamed with pain……

    • K.C. Perrin says:

      I guess most naughty ladies prefer the erotic spankings. 😉
      Good to know I’m not the only one that enjoys baring a naughty girls bottom out in nature.

  5. Harg says:

    Very hot reading.

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