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Her boss’ friend

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This story is part of a series.

Part 1

Sophie could hear the sound of a young couple inside the changing room: the sound of light swats and giggling. With the lesson her boss had taught her just a few days ago still fresh in her mind, she suppressed the urge to peek on them. The changing room was placed in the basement of the sex-store where Sophie worked. It was meant as a private area where the customers could try out some of the many kinky items that were for sale. Sophie worked only in the weekends, on workdays she was a student. The heavy letter belt she wore beneath her dress – with a cold metal plate covering her pussy – would prevent any fun while peeking on the couple anyway. She wore that belt every day while working, ever since her boss had caught her peeking at the customers and playing with herself while she did. He had spanked her then too, it had hurt, but it had been exciting and arousing as well. Secretly, she wished for it to happen again.

When an older man descended the stairs to the basement, Sophie could finally ignore the sounds that distracted her. “Can I help you, sir?” She asked him.
“I’m sure you can.” The man said. “I’m looking for a simple wooden paddle, something for a girl your size.” He walked to the shelve that held a collection of small paddles. “Which one would you recommend?”
“Oh, I don’t know sir. I don’t really have much experience with paddles after all.” Sophie said. It was one of her best sales techniques. When she acted like an innocent little girl, any customer that was also a dominant man loved to show off to her how much he knew. They usually ended up buying one of the more expensive items, after explaining to her why that one was better than the cheaper alternative. The truth was of course, that while she did not have any experience, she had learned the theory about these items: the importance of their weight and size, the type of wood, the length of its handle; if they asked a genuine question, she’d be able to answer it.
“Are you sure?” The man asked her. “You look like the kind of girl that could use a good paddling on occasion.”
Normally Sophie had a long list of replies ready for such teasing remarks. Flirting with the customers was just another sales technique when you worked in a store like this. Coincidence had it however, that the paddle the man was holding was exactly the same shape and size as the one her boss had used on her just a few days ago. Instead of giving him one of her chosen responses, Sophie couldn’t help but blush.
“I see that I was right.” The man said. “Come on don’t be shy, tell me about it. Was it with a paddle like this one, or something else?”
Suddenly embarrassed, not only because a stranger had discovered this secret, but also because she had slipped up; Sophie crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I’m sorry, but that’s none of your business.”
The man raised an eyebrow and placed the paddle back on the shelve. “Come on, don’t be shy.” He said. “I’m not embarrassed to admit the things I like, neither should you. I’m sure you wouldn’t work in a store like this if you weren’t at least intrigued by these things.”
Sophie sighed, the man was still a customer and she was trying to sell him something. Besides, he was right, wasn’t he? “I guess that’s true.” She admitted. “I just don’t normally talk about it with customers.”
“It must be hard.” The man said, completely ignoring her hint that she didn’t want to talk about it. “Being constantly surrounded by these things, seeing the many customers, hearing them inside that changing room.” The other couple was still at it, the sounds of their pleasure in the background. “You must be constantly horny and excited. How do you deal with that?”
Sophie blushed, she could feel the weight of the belt that stopped her from doing anything about such feelings. The belt her boss made her wear every day. “I have my ways.” She said, trying to be mysterious.
The man laughed. “Like what?” He asked.


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3 responses to “Her boss’ friend”

  1. […] Read the rest on KC Perrin’s short stories blog […]

  2. Philip says:

    A really good part 2 …. thank you very much. I always thought they should have ‘changing rooms’ like that in fact I believed that they actually did have in the Janus shop in Soho, back in the day. If they didn’t they definitely should have!

  3. KC Perrin says:

    Thanks, would be interesting if they actually had rooms like that. And some ‘showroom’ versions of the implements, or testers like in a perfume store.

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