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Her husband’s instructions

drawing of spanked woman tied up on a bed

Her husband was waiting for her when Amanda arrived home after a long day at work. She hugged him tightly and let her head rest against his chest.
“Tired?” He asked.
Amanda nodded. Every day these past few weeks had been long, tiring days. Her husband could probably tell just by looking at her.
“How about you go up to bed then.” He said. “Take a nap, I’ll have dinner ready when you wake up.”
Amanda frowned. A nap at this hour? Yet perhaps he was right, perhaps she did need it. “Thank you.” She murmured and made her way up stairs.

When she arrived at their bedroom however, she was greeted by an unexpected sight. Her husband had arranged all their spanking toys in a row on their bed.
The sight quickly aroused her. Had he planned for a sexy night? It had been so long since he’d last given her a good spanking. Would he be coming up any moment now, or had he postponed his plans when he’d realized how tired she was?
That tiredness was nearly forgotten as she imagined her husband taking her across his knee like he used to do so often in the past. Then she noticed a small note placed by the implements on the bed, it read: “Pick one and bring it downstairs.”
Amanda looked down the row of implements. From left to right, there was their flogger, a riding crop, one of her husbands belts, a wooden hairbrush and a wooden spoon.
She licked her lips and picked up the leather belt. Yes, this would be much better than a nap.

Amanda took the belt downstairs, eager for some intimate time alone with her husband, but did not find him. On the small coffee-table in their living-room was another note: “Take off your clothes, leave them and the implement you chose here and go to the bathroom.”
Amanda smiled, this was quite exciting, not knowing what he had planned. She quickly stripped down naked and made her way to the bathroom.
There was a note on the mirror above the sink and the bath filled with hot, steaming water: “Enjoy this bath before it’s time for your punishment.”
Amanda wondered what her husband had put in the bath’s water, for it felt smooth and oily, it was luxuriously hot, yet all she could think about was what would happen when she got out.
The hot bath helped her relax, it calmed her nerves and eased her muscles after a tiring day. She felt her pores opening to the heat and realized her soft skin would be extra sensitive for her spanking.
The more she thought about it, the more aroused she got and eventually, she could no longer wait. She got out, quickly dried off and returned to their living-room.


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