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Second date: Following the rules

A spanking dream

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

I spent most of my day after our first date thinking about Jonathan and counting down the hours until I’d see him again. I recollected our conversations over and over again, putting meaning into his words that probably hadn’t been there at all. His use of the words naughty and punishment became testament for the dominant nature inside of him, and the kind of man I’d wanted to submit to in my fantasies.
When I returned to the training center I felt nervous. We hadn’t spoken much that morning, on our ride from the hotel to work. Yet all tension vanished when I saw him behind his desk.
He was helping someone else, so I waited patiently for his attention. When he looked up at me with a smile, I couldn’t help but smile broadly in return.
“Anna. So good to see you, I’ve been thinking about you all day.” He said when it was finally my turn.
I blushed slightly, I could imagine just what he had been thinking about. The same things probably that had been on my mind. “Hey John.” I greeted him. “Only decent thoughts, I’m hoping?”
Jonathan grinned. “I could say that, but it would be a lie.” He replied. “What can I help you with?”
I arched an eyebrow in confusion and then realized I wasn’t the only one waiting for his attention. “Just saying hello.” I replied with a blush, before stepping aside and letting the woman behind me get Jonathan’s help with her paperwork.
I picked out one of the empty chairs in the lobby and watched Jonathan deal with everyone coming in and going out. It was a busy day, busier than usual and I only had some five minutes left before class when I finally had him all to myself.
“We haven’t had any time to talk.” I moaned when I walked up to his desk.
“Busy day.” Jonathan agreed. “And I unfortunately won’t have time after work either. I could take you out tomorrow though, if you’re up for it?”
“Tomorrow’s great.” I answered enthusiastically.
“I could pick you up after work?” He asked. “I have your home address, should be in your paperwork somewhere. Though maybe going through your files is a bit creepy…” He suddenly blushed and looked a bit befuddled.
I grinned. “No, that’s fine. My phone-number should be in there too, you can have that as well.” I winked.
Jonathan smiled with relief. “Alright, see you tomorrow then.” He said. “You should probably head to your class now, though.”
“Yes, sir.” I replied with a smile.
Yes, it did feel good calling him that, the thought stuck in my head on my way to class.

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