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An encounter in the shower

spanked in lingerie

Usually, John was the only one in the office building that used the bathroom showers. The only one on this floor at least. There were over twenty floors and three to four different companies on each level. Those companies each shared two bathrooms – for men and women – and one shower area.
Most people arrived at the office by car, clean-shaven, well-dressed, in a suit or casual, depending which specific company they worked for. John arrived in a jogging-outfit covered in sweat, with his clean clothes neatly folded in his back-pack.
He believed an early morning run kept him fit and healthy and while his colleagues sat staring dead-eyed at their computers gulping coffee, John felt fresh and alive after heavy exercise and a refreshing shower.
The shower-area wasn’t big and there was only one. It consisted of a small ante-chamber which could be locked where you’d undress and a small shower behind a semi-transparent glass door.
Like every morning, John was at the office early and was just about ready rinsing off his sweat when he heard someone at the other side of the shower door.
“Are you nearly done?” A female voice asked him.
John was surprised to so suddenly hear someone nearby and quickly realized he must’ve forgotten to lock the door to the dressing area. No-one else ever used these facilities so he’d become a bit lax with the lock.
“Just a bit longer.” He replied, very aware of the fact that he was fully naked behind just a glass door. At least the heat of the shower had steamed up the glass, making him mostly invisible to anyone outside.
“Mind if I join you?” The female voice requested. “I’m a bit in a hurry.”
John blinked in surprise, but the woman’s offer of joining him hadn’t fully gotten through to him yet. “I’m almost ready.” He replied. “Would you mind waiting outside?”
“Outside?” The female voice replied. “I’m not sure I’d like that, you see… I’m already fully undressed.”
John frowned. She’d undressed? The possibility that a fully naked woman was right behind that door, waiting to use the shower now fully presented itself to him. He wiped away some of the fog on the shower door and peered through the semi-transparent glass. From what he could see, the attractively shaped silhouette did seem to be quite pink and thus lacking any clothes.
“I don’t mind sharing if you don’t.” The woman insisted.
John didn’t know what to say, but part of him knew that this wasn’t an opportunity he should let slip by. “Sure.” He replied.
A moment later the door opened and a beautiful young woman with firm bouncy breasts, a narrow waist and curvy wide hips stepped inside. She had long brown hair and dark eyes that were twinkling with mischief. “Move over, share some of the water.” She said, bumping her naked body into his.
John grew instantly aroused and turned around, hiding his growing erection from view. He could feel the woman leaning against him to get a fair share of the hot water, her shoulders against his back, her soft buttocks against his backside.
“Were you done with the soap?” She asked. “I didn’t bring any of my own.”
“Oh, yes, go ahead.” John replied. He just stood there, not sure what he had been doing. He just needed to rinse off and he’d be done. He was too distracted for his own thoughts however as he felt every move of the young woman’s body while she soaped herself up.
“Would you mind doing my back?” The girl asked, reaching around and handing him a sponge.
John realized with surprise that she’d been using his sponge as well as his soap. When he turned around the young lady was patiently waiting for him to scrub her back. He couldn’t help but look down at her perfectly shaped buttocks and admire her curves. There wasn’t enough room in the shower to stand back far enough, so whenever he turned his erection bumped or poked into the soft flesh of her bottom. The girl didn’t seem to notice however, or if she did, she didn’t mind.
He placed the sponge on her back and felt her soft skin on the tips of his fingers. As he scrubbed her back, blobs of soft white foam drifted down her body and over her bottom.
When he reached her lower back, he could not stop himself, allowing his hand to reach ever lower, feeling the soft curvature of her backside through the sponge. She never protested however, not even when he had her bottom fully in the palm of his hand.
“Finally, I was starting to wonder whether you were going to take advantage of this opportunity or not.” The woman said while he gently squeezed her backside.
John chuckled in surprise, but what else should he have expected of a young woman who so eagerly joined a stranger in the shower.
“Do you want me to scrub your back in return?” She asked, suddenly turning around.
John stared down at her breasts, covered in soap. He’d already washed, but was too distracted to reply. The girl seemed so confident and in control but when he looked back up at her face and her eyes, she somehow managed to look demure, as if she really wanted his permission to wash his back for him. So he handed her the sponge.
“Thank you.” She whispered, sounding truly grateful as if it pleased her greatly that he’d allow her to do this.
John closed his eyes while he felt her soft hands on his back firmly applying the sponge. Not much later, he felt her arms reaching round, rubbing the soap across his chest with both hands. He didn’t complain that he’d already washed.
The young woman then let the sponge drop to the floor, preferring to feel his abs with her bare hands, before reaching his crotch and sliding her fingers along his erection. “Is this because of me?” She asked.
John laughed. “Yeah, you could say that.” He replied.
“I’m so sorry.” The girl replied. “I can help you take care of it if you like?”
John was beyond surprise or disbelief at this point and the young woman sounded so sincere that he truly believed she wanted nothing more than to please him. “I’d like that.” He replied.
The young lady now stroked his cock with both hands, lubricated with hot water and soap. She pressed her body against his, breasts squished against his back, her lips against his neck.
John moaned deeply and placed his hands against the wall to keep his balance. She rubbed him faster and faster, until his whole body was trembling and then with a groan he came, ejaculating against the shower wall, where his semen mixed with the hot water and drained away.
“Thank you.” John replied, not sure what else to say.
“It’s the least I could do.” The girl said. “After you let me join your shower and you washed my back.”
John smiled for he genuinely believed she meant that. He turned around, once more awarding his eyes with the beauty of her naked body. The hot water had washed away all the soap so he could once again see her in her full resplendence.
“Is there anything else I can do for you?” He asked, for he believed any erotic encounter was most proper when both parties were fully satisfied.
“I wish you could.” The young woman replied with a smile. “But like I said, I’m in a bit of a hurry, so I must go.”
John raised an eyebrow in surprise, but as quickly as she had joined him, the young lady left their shower.
John stood there for a moment, silently, under the streaming hot water, wondering at what had happened. He once again wiped the glass door clean and looked through it to see the woman get dressed. She was just done drying off and when he saw her putting on some dark, possibly black underwear, he wished to get out and get a closer look. Yet he felt it might be awkward to join her now after she’d already left, so instead he patiently waited for her to leave before getting out and getting dressed himself.
By the time he was fully clothed, the young lady was no-where to be seen. John wondered what other company she worked for, for he had never seen her before in the building. Perhaps they might see each-other more often if she worked here.
With a big grin on his face John made his way through the office, smiling at his colleagues, sitting at their desks, coffees half-empty already, completely unaware of what happened just down the hall.


The rest of John’s morning was quite uneventful. The work he had planned was a bit boring, but that didn’t bother him. He didn’t think anything could ruin his mood that day, not after his encounter in the shower.
His boss wasn’t in the office either, so there would be no last-minute schedule changes or interruptions either. Well, he was in the office, but he would be tied up in share-holder meetings all day. The large meeting room had been closed and no-one had been in and out all day.
Around noon, John got a message from his boss that he’d ordered pizza, for him and the share-holders, but for everyone in the office as well. He wanted John to go pick it up.
John went to pick up the large order, distributing the food to his colleagues first and then brought the remainder to the meeting room. He placed the boxes on the desk and let his eyes wander over the old men present at the table, wishing them a good meal. His eyes almost passed over her at first, but then whisked back to the young woman seated between all the men. He almost hadn’t recognized her with her clothes on.
She smiled at him and said “thank you” like all the others when he handed her a box, as if they hadn’t already met earlier that morning.
John returned to his colleagues and tried to enjoy his pizza while distracted by the thought that he’d shared a shower with one of the share-holders of the company he worked for.
He couldn’t stop thinking about her: Why had she done it? Had she known he worked at the company? How did she become a share-holder at such a young age?
Time passed quickly, but John got little work done, distracted by his thoughts. One by one his colleagues left, while he still had a lot of work to finish. When his boss and the others left the meeting room, he was the only one left.
“Working late, John?” His boss asked as they passed him on their way out.
“Nearly done. I’ll lock up.” John replied.
His boss nodded and held the door open for the others to leave. John looked after them, eyes fixated on the young woman amongst old men. She suddenly stopped. “I forgot my purse.” And turned around to return to the meeting room. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll find my way out.” She said to his boss.
The door closed behind them and the young lady quickly walked past John, returning moments later with a purse around her shoulder. This time she did stop at his desk. “So, John is it?” She asked.
John smiled. “It is. Now may I know your name, since you know mine?”
“Emma.” She replied. “I didn’t know you worked here.”
John nodded. “Is that a problem?”
Emma laughed. “No not at all, in fact I think it makes it even better.”
John raised an eyebrow. “How so?”
Emma licked her lips. “Too hard to explain.”
John wondered for a moment whether he should keep digging, but then decided not to. “So you’re one of the company share-holders?”
The young woman nodded. “Yes, though actually I know nothing about anything you guys do. My dad got me those shares and wants me to learn what it’s like to do his job.”
John grinned, so she was a rich girl. Yet she didn’t seem snobby or self-important. “I highly doubt he’d think joining the work-force in the shower is part of the job-description.” He jested.
The girl giggled, but then turned serious. “It’s not easy being important and responsible all the time. Sometimes I wish I could just give up control and let someone else be in charge.”
“Is that what happened this morning?” John asked, he wasn’t sure he’d been the one in charge.
The girl nodded however. “Asking a man if I may join him in the shower, requesting him to wash my back, allowing his hands all over my body without protest, jerking him off as thanks for letting me expose myself to him.” She was blushing deeply. “It was very different to how I can normally behave around men, when they know who I am.”
John stared at the young woman intently. He wondered why she’d tell him all this, but perhaps that honesty was part of giving up control like she wanted. The work he was supposed to do he’d completely forgotten. He didn’t remember his hands all over her body – just her back and bottom – but perhaps they could’ve been if he’d chosen to be more advantageous. “Well I must say I enjoyed it as well.” He replied.
Emma licked her lips. “Would you be interested in doing it again?” She asked.
John grinned, of course he was! “Did you have something in mind?” He doubted she meant just another trip to the shower.
“Well, ever since seeing you in the meeting room when you brought the food, and learning you work here, there has been something on my mind.” Emma said.
“What’s that?” John asked.
“Well, I actually have some bad news.” The young woman said. “And you can’t tell anyone yet, I’m not supposed to tell you.”
John raised an eyebrow, slightly confused. “Go on.” He said.
“Part of the meeting was talk of cutting back on expenses as this year has been quite hard on the company.” The woman looked apologetically. “One of the options was cutting the Christmas bonuses for all employees.”
John groaned, he’d been counting on that money. “So no bonuses this year?” He asked.
Emma nodded. “I’m sorry, I was part of the group that voted in favor of cutting them. That was before I knew you worked here.”
“Would you have voted against if you’d known?” John asked.
The girl blushed. “No, it was the right choice, but it did make me feel bad.”
John smiled, he admired her principles on the matter. “Is that why you were thinking about me?” He asked. He’d preferred it if she were thinking about him for what had happened in the shower that morning instead.
Emma nodded. “Yes, I kept thinking that I should make it up to you somehow.”
John grinned, now she was talking. “And how were you going to do that?” He asked.
She blushed and licked her lips. “I can imagine when things like this happen, when higher-ups decide something you have no say in, you get angry and upset. Normally you can’t do anything about it, but this time I could submit myself to your displeasure so you might punish me for taking this away from you.”
John smiled, surprise painted on his face, “Punish you?” He asked.
Emma licked her lips. “I was thinking, a spanking perhaps.”
John closed his eyes for a second. His arousal had grown steadily during their conversation, anticipating a repeat of what had happened that morning. Now his cock was rock-hard in his trousers, throbbing with excitement.
“Do you think I deserve a spanking, Sir?” Emma asked when he did not immediately reply.
John grinned and looked her up and down, this young lady who enjoyed it when others took over control. “I think you do.” He replied. “I think it’s a very good idea. It’s about time that the people in charge share some of the pain their decisions cause us working people.”
Emma blushed. “Well said, Sir.”
“I could spank you right now.” John said. “We’re the only ones left. Or we could go somewhere else if you prefer?”
“It’s up to you Sir, you’re in charge.” The young woman replied. “But may I suggest the meeting room, where the decision was made?”
John smiled, right, he was in charge, he shouldn’t forget and miss the opportunity to get everything out of it this time. Unlike that morning when he could’ve had his hands all over her. “I have some work to finish first.” He said. “Go to the meeting-room and wait for me there, prepare for your punishment.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied. “How should I prepare?”
John licked his lips. He’d never spanked anyone before, but he had often fantasized about it: read stories on the internet, watched relevant adult videos, … “Take off your dress as it will only get in the way. Then go stand in a corner and put your hands on your head.”
Emma nodded. “Yes, Sir.”
“And while you’re waiting. Think about the meeting you had today and see if you remember anything else that was discussed, anything else I might have to spank you for.” John continued.
Emma nodded again. “Yes, Sir.”
“Off you go, I’ll be right there.” John said.
He watched her walk back to the meeting room with a bounce in her step, she almost seemed to run with eagerness.
John quickly returned to his work. He focussed on it with more attention than he had all day, finishing it as quickly as he could. Then he got up and joined Emma for her punishment.


When John entered the meeting room his eyes were immediately drawn to Emma standing in the corner. She did not turn around however, but obediently awaited his commands.
John took a moment to enjoy the view. Emma wore black panties with a lace edge and what he guessed was a matching bra. What he had assumed were nylon stockings, were actually thigh-highs that were held up by a garter-belt. She might not want to act like a rich, important person, but she definitely dressed the part, he thought.
John walked around the meeting room table, keeping his eyes on her. “Come here, Emma. It’s time for your punishment.”
Emma quickly turned around, smiling much more broadly than was appropriate for someone who was about to be punished. She eagerly joined him at the table.
“I believe this is where you were seated during the meeting today, wasn’t it?” John asked, while sliding back the chair.
Emma nodded. “Yes, Sir.”
“Now for your punishment you won’t be seated of course.” John said. “You’ll have to bend over the table.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emma repeated and she hungrily moved forward, taking her position at the table.
John couldn’t help but admire the view of her upturned bottom. With the high heels she was wearing, Emma’s backside was pushed up high in the air, her upper body curving down to meet the table. Her bottom was perfectly framed by her black panties, her garter-belt straps and the stockings.
John placed one hand on her lower back and one on her backside. He remembered how that felt from that morning, soft and supple. “Now, I know you think you made the right choice.” He said. “And maybe you did. But you must understand that sometimes even the right choice can hurt someone and it’s only appropriate that you receive some punishment when that happens.”
Emma moaned softly. “I understand, Sir.” She replied.
John raised his hand and aimed it at her backside, then landed a few firm swats to test what that felt like.
The young woman did not immediately respond to those swats and John wondered how hard he was supposed to spank her. Then he remembered her saying: You’re in charge…
He raised his arm again and this time swung it full force at her bottom. Emma squealed as the impact echoed through the room.
“Too hard?” He asked.
“How much did you want that Christmas bonus?” Emma asked in return.
John grinned. She was right, that had been worth a lot more than this. He raised his hand again and began to truly spank her backside. Emma moaned and squealed as he paddled her bottom with the palm of his hand.
Her backside quickly turned pink, but the young woman obediently kept it up high in the air to accept her punishment. Again and again John’s palm landed across her bottom, leaving large red imprints of his hand which quickly faded to pink before the next landed.
When his arm grew tired of the quick and large motion, John slowed down, aiming firm but gentle swats on her backside, enjoying the view of how her buttocks rippled from the impact. The sound of Emma’s moans changed, her voice got deeper as pain was overtaken by arousal. Her face pressed against the table as she pushed her bottom up for more attention.
Distracted by the growing erection in his trousers, John thought back about how they had met in the shower. He remembered her naked body, so close to his. What she wore now was incredibly sexy, yet part of him longed to see more.
He didn’t have to just think about it of course. She had already taken off her dress without complaint, he was sure that if he had ordered her to, she’d undressed for him completely.
This time John didn’t ask her anything however. He grabbed hold of her panties and pulled them down himself. He’d never felt anything as satisfying, as pulling down a naughty girl’s panties yourself with the sole purpose of baring her bottom for a good spanking.
As he had predicted, Emma did not protest at all and for a moment John wondered whether women always wore their panties over their garter-belt, or whether she had done so specifically for this occasion.
John placed his hand on her now bare bottom and rubbed it gently. He wondered whether she was as aroused as he was and – knowing that he was in charge – let his fingers slip between her thighs. The warmth and wetness he found there confirmed that she was equally turned on.
“So did you have time to think?” He asked. “Was there anything else in this meeting I should know about.”
Emma moaned deeply while he stroked her pussy. “There was one more thing.” She muttered. “Though I voted against it.”
“What was it?” John asked, his hand now threateningly squeezing her backside.
“It was decided to cut back on the drinks provided for the employees.” She replied. “I voted against it, for it seemed like such a small expense, but it got voted through anyway.”
John grinned, he didn’t care much about the drinks, he usually drank water. But if Emma was representing the board, then in a way it was his responsibility to represent his colleagues. “It doesn’t matter that you voted no.” He said, firmly squeezing her backside. “I’ll still have to punish you some more.”
Emma moaned deeply. “Why?” She asked, though from the tone of her voice, John knew she wasn’t objecting, just curious.
“If you really were against the change, you could’ve argued against it harder. If all you did was vote no and let it go through anyway, you’re just as guilty.” John replied.
The young woman moaned deeply. “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll try better next time.”
John raised his arm. “I hope you will.” And then continued to spank her bare bottom.
Emma squealed and groaned as her bottom bounced under the impact of John’s hand. The smacks came hard and fast and John no longer wondered whether he spanked too hard or too soft. He did what felt right and judging by Emma’s grunts and whimpering, she was really feeling the pain.
Her bottom was bright red by the time she could no longer hold her composure and started rocking left to right, yet still keeping position against the table. She squealed and kicked her feet, high-heels stomping on the ground.
Still she did not protest and John realized that’s what she wanted. The more pain she was in, the more evident that she was truly not the one in control.
And for him it felt the same, the more he could make her squeal, the more he felt that he was in charge, he could do anything he wanted to her and she would obediently accept it.
“I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t do it again. I will make better choices. I will try harder.” Emma promised him. “I’ll be a good girl. I will do everything you want.” She begged.
John continued her punishment, hand raining down on her bottom while Emma squealed and whimpered. The smacks echoed in the small meeting room, a much more interesting sound than the boring chatter earlier that day.
Emma’s bottom turned from pink to red, bouncing, trembling, glowing hot with pain.
Then finally, John paused. His hand was on fire and he could only imagine what her backside must feel like. “Do you think this has been an adequate punishment, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma quickly replied, there was already some strain in her voice.
John gently rubbed her backside. This had been amazing, yet he had often dreamt about spanking a young woman like Emma. There was something he always fantasized about. Something he still wanted to do. “Have you ever been spanked before?” He asked.
John could see Emma blush at the question and realized he hadn’t seen her blush since her punishment had started. She might like to give up control, but she was not embarrassed by receiving a spanking.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“Often?” John asked.
Emma blushed even deeper. “I had a boyfriend who liked to do it.” She said. “But we’re over now.”
“So you had your backside reddened quite regularly, I assume.” John said. “Did he ever use his belt?”
Emma bit her lip. “Yes, Sir.”
John smiled broadly. “Then I think you can take more than you’re letting on. You’re not holding out on me, are you?”
“No, Sir.” Emma replied.
“Good, then we’ll finish this punishment off with the belt.”
“No, please.” Emma begged. “I’ll be good, I promise.”
John hesitated for a moment. “Do you still want me to be in charge, Emma?” He asked.
The girl didn’t hesitate. “Yes, Sir.”
“Then you’re getting the belt.” He replied.
Emma bit her lip. “Yes, Sir.”
After john pulled the large leather belt from the loops of his trousers, any hesitation he had felt for Emma’s willingness disappeared as he saw her push herself back up from her slumped position. She pushed her bottom up, legs fully stretched, back arched to present her bare backside for the rest of her punishment.
John folded his belt in half and pulled the ends together with a loud crack – he’d always wanted to do that – Emma squealed in surprise.
“Ten swats.” He said, placing the belt against her bottom.
Emma didn’t protest.
John raised the belt and swung it through the air. It landed with a loud crack against the young lady’s backside.
Emma squealed. “One.” She said.
John hadn’t asked her to count, but didn’t stop her. When he raised the belt he noticed the bright red stripe it had left across her bottom and aimed the next one right above it.
“Two!” Emma squealed.
John aimed the belt at her bottom again and again. “Three!” “Four!” The naughty girl’s bottom became covered in red stripes as her buttocks rippled under the impact of his belt “Five!” “Six!” He aimed one at her upper thighs. “Seven!” Emma screamed. Just three more, but John made them count, swinging with the full strength of his arm. “Eight!” “Nine!” And then one more, final swing. “Ten!”
Emma rested on the meeting table, whimpering softly. Yet she had not tried to dodge any strokes of his belt, obediently taking her punishment.
“Good girl.” John said, gently rubbing her sore, sensitive bottom.
“Thank you, Sir.” Emma moaned softly.
“I knew you could take it.” John replied.
“I meant for my punishment, Sir.” She said.
John grinned. “Well, you deserved it.”
Emma looked over the shoulder and John could see from the look on her face that she really had enjoyed the use of his belt, despite her moaning and sobbing and the way her bottom flinched at the touch of his hand.
“Are you now going to take me up on my word, Sir?” She asked.
John raised an eyebrow. “What was that?” He asked.
Emma blushed. “I promised that if you stopped you could do anything you wanted to me.” She replied. “And I wouldn’t dare go back on my word after you’ve shown me how strict and punishing you can be.”
John grinned. He did remember hearing her say something like that while she was promising to be a good girl and begging him to stop. His hand slipped down her sore red bottom and in between her legs. She was still as wet and horny as when all this had started.
He remembered their time in the shower and that he hadn’t taken full advantage back then. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.
He raised his hand and smacked her bottom.
Emma squealed. “Ouch! What was that for?” She asked.
“You’re still trying to be in charge.” John replied.
“I just wanted to help you remember.” She pouted.
John smacked her bottom again.
Emma squealed, but did not protest again.
“Since I’m not getting a Christmas bonus, I think I’ll take you instead.” John said, stepping behind her to grab both hips and pull her glowing red bottom against his crotch.
Emma moaned deeply. “Please, look in my purse, Sir.”
John frowned in surprise, but then grabbed the purse Emma had left on the table. He rummaged inside and quickly found a strip of condoms.
Emma looked at him over his shoulder and when she saw he’d found the condoms, she whispered: “I’m all yours, Sir.”
John pulled down his trousers, finally freeing his throbbing erection that had been stuck inside. The condom went on quickly and his cock slipped easily into Emma’s wet, warm pussy.
He fucked her hard and fast, hips smacking into her already stinging backside. Emma moaned and squealed. Her legs trembled as she was pushed down against the table. Each thrust of his hips sent her closer to the edge until she was moaning and shuddering uncontrollable, orgasm fully taking over her body. Then John froze, grunting deeply as he reached ecstasy, his cum filling her up as he came deep inside of her.

John watched with a smile while Emma got dressed. This whole day seemed like a dream, yet he knew it wasn’t.
He’d dumped the used condom in a small trash can in the corner of the room. It felt a bit dirty disposing it somewhere anyone could find, even after he’d just spanked and fucked someone in the same room. But that’s what made it fun.
“So, how was it?” He asked, not sure what you should say at a moment like this.
“It was great, Sir.” Emma replied. “It’s been a while since someone punished me so thoroughly. I guess I really needed it.”
John grinned. “Well I’m happy to repeat it whenever you need.”
Emma bit her lip. “I’ll keep you to that.”
John looked around meeting room and then at the young woman. What were they? He wondered. Not colleagues. Not dating. She wasn’t his boss, not directly anyway. “So when’s the next share-holder meeting?” He asked.
Emma blushed. “In about half a year I think.”
John nodded. “Any chance I could see you again sooner?”
Emma nodded. “Oh yes, actually. I was planning to visit the office more regularly. Like once a week perhaps.”
John smiled broadly. “Really? What for?”
Emma bit her lip. “Well I wanted to know more about the company, what you do, how things work, so I would actually know what everyone was talking about during those meetings. But now I have another reason as well.”
John grinned, already looking forward to her weekly visits. “What reason is that?”
“To allow you to enjoy your Christmas bonus of course.” Emma replied.
John raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“Isn’t that what you said?” Emma asked. “That you would take me as your bonus instead?”
John chuckled. He hadn’t meant it like that. He meant that he would take her now, and fuck her. “That is what I said.” He replied. “And you better remember that I’ll be in charge, or you’ll be in trouble again.”
Emma bit her lip. “Yes, Sir.”
John grinned. “Alright then, I guess I’ll see you next week.”
“Until next week, Sir.” Emma replied.


The end

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