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The first day of spring

drawing of a woman in bikini

The sun was bright in a cloudless sky and Sophie was all alone at the local park. It was a hot day, much more than usual for this time of year, this early in spring.
As she spread out her blanket on the green, springy grass, she felt upset about her being alone on this beautiful day. This afternoon had been marked in her calendar for a while and the same counted for her best friend Mia. It was just a picnic in the park of course, nothing special, but it was typical Mia behavior to blow it off last minute.

โ€œSorry, I’ll be a bit late. Did not wake in my own bed this morning.โ€ Mia’s text read. Sophie had received it only half an hour ago.
As she sat down on her blanket, Sophie wondered whose bed her friend had found herself in this time. She knew Mia wasn’t seeing anyone; but her friend wasn’t against the occasional fling now and then. Sophie pulled up her shirt and wondered what it was like to be as free as her friend seemed to be. She’d never had a one-night-stand of any kind; she’d only had sex with two guys and both had been in a serious relationship with her at the time.
Underneath her clothes, Sophie wore a bright blue bikini. She sighed a breath of relief as she put away the warm shirt. The day was much too hot for ordinary clothing, so she pulled down her trousers as well. On a day like this, the bikini would suffice and she could even work on her tan in preparation of summer.
You should try it sometime. Sarah had told her on more than one occasion. You take sex way too seriously; just have some fun while you still can. Oh, but don’t do it with any of your friends; that can become awkward in the long run. Trust me, I’d know.
At least I take my friends seriously. Sophie thought bitterly as she waited alone. She had no idea how long it would take for her friend to arrive. Perhaps she should leave before she did. Would Mia believe she’d gone home with some stranger, like she’d so often suggested?

The sun was burning hot on her back, as Sophie lay on her belly. She’d been dozing for a while, trying not to think of her friend and just enjoying the warmth; until she realized she hadn’t used any protection.
With a sigh, she got up and checked her bag for sunscreen. It took her only a moment to realize she’d forgotten to bring any.
Mia might bring some, but she knew it would be a bad idea to wait in the sun. Perhaps she should leave. She looked up to see if her friend was perhaps just finding her, but the only people around where others enjoying the sun.
On a bench near the edge of the grass in the shade of some trees, a man sat looking at her.
Sophie blushed. She knew of course that in her scanty bikini, that she’d be an attractive sight. More than one passerby must’ve looked in her direction as she lay there dozing. The man’s appreciation of what he could see plainly read on his face however; it made her blush. When their gazes crossed, he politely averted his gaze, busying himself with a bottle of sunscreen to hide the fact he might have been staring.
Sophie had an idea.


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The first day of spring

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One response to “The first day of spring”

  1. Marg Goodwin says:

    Thankyou very much for a spankingfully and painfully awesome story. Your story really turned me on to the extent that I’m wishing I was that lucky young lady. ๐Ÿ˜‰ @):- ๐Ÿ™‚

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