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Sylvia was readying herself for an ordinary, relaxing Friday-evening in front of the TV when her roommate Natasha got home visibly distressed.
The two young women had met in college and now shared an apartment to save on costs until they could afford a place of their own. Natasha especially was saving all her money, even working extra jobs to support her goal.
It was one of those jobs from which she had just returned. She worked as a housekeeper, cleaning, ironing and cooking, just two hours twice a week: Tuesday and Friday.
“What’s wrong?” Sylvia asked as her friend dropped on the couch beside her, wringing her hands, face pale as a ghost.
“I hit John’s fence with my car.” Natasha replied, blurting it out.
Sylvia placed her hand on her friend’s knee. “Shh calm down, it’s okay. John’s the guy who you clean for, right?”
Natasha nodded.
“Don’t worry, it’s just a fence. How bad was it?” Sylvia asked.
Natasha shook her head. “It wasn’t really the fence, it was the gate. I thought I’d opened it, but I didn’t and drove right through. It’s an electronic gate, I probably completely broke it.”
Sylvia winced, that sounded expensive. “Still, at least you didn’t get hurt.”
Natasha nodded. “I guess…”
“What did John say?” Sylvia asked
Natasha blushed. “I haven’t told him yet, I just drove off.”
Sylvia frowned. “You didn’t tell him? Why not?”
Her roommate shook her head. “He’d be so pissed, he’d definitely fire me.” She said. “You don’t know him, he’s so strict: using his finger to check for dust after I’ve cleaned, finding any remaining wrinkle in the shirts I’ve ironed. He doesn’t like mistakes…”
“Sounds like a hard man to work for.” Sylvia replied. “If he fires you, I’m sure there are plenty of other places you can find a job.”
“Not for that kind of money.” Natasha whispered. “Besides, it’s not that bad, as long as you do your best.”
The two women sat in silence for a moment, until Sylvia offered an idea: “What if we tell him I hit his gate with the car?”
Natasha looked up at her friend. “How?”
“We just tell him I came to pick you up, I’m unfamiliar with the gate and hit it on my way out.” She smiled at her friend. “I’ll pay him back and you pay me.”
Natasha smiled for the first time since she got home. “You’d do that for me?”
Sylvia grinned. “What’s the worst that could happen? He can’t fire me.”

Sylvia arrived at John’s place later that evening. Natasha had stayed home, it would be easier to keep up the lie if they weren’t both present.
As she drove up the drive-way and noticed the broken gate lying on the side, she suddenly felt nervous. After she parked the car and got out, she took another look at the gate as well as the dents and scratches on the back of the car. The butterflies in her stomach were increasing.
She steadied herself for a moment and made her way to the front door.
A handsome man opened when she rang and looked down at her. “Yes?”
Sylvia was stunned for a moment. “Are you John?” She asked, hesitantly because the man in front of her couldn’t be more than a few years older than her.
“I am.” He replied.
Sylvia blushed slightly. Her roommate had never told her the man she worked for was so handsome and young. She had expected some rich old guy who owned a house this big and could afford a housekeeper to do his cleaning. “I’m a friend of Natasha.” She replied.
John smiled. “I thought I recognized her car.” He said. “What can I help you with?”
Sylvia bit her lip, she felt nervous standing here on his doorstep. “Could we perhaps talk inside?” She asked.
“Of course.” The man replied and he stepped aside to allow her to enter.
Sylvia followed John to his living-room – which was quite a bit larger than her apartment – and noticed it was perfectly tidy and clean. Of course Natasha had just cleaned, she reminded herself.
“It’s about your gate.” Sylvia said sheepishly as John looked at her questioningly.
“Did Natasha send you to tell me she’s the one who wrecked it?” John asked.
Sylvia blushed. “No, no… I’m the one who hit it.”
The man raised an eyebrow. “You did? When did that happen?”
Sylvia licked her lips. “I had to borrow Natasha’s car today, so I came to pick her up, but hit the gate on my way out.”
John crossed his arms. “Then why did you drive off?” He asked.
“I just panicked.” Sylvia replied. “I’m really sorry.”
“Well it’s a good thing you came back.” John replied. “I was just about to file a police report to have it investigated.”
Sylvia shook her head. “No need for that. I take full responsibility and I’ll pay for the repairs.”
John nodded. “Are you sure you’re not covering for your friend?” He asked. “You’re not lying to me, are you?”
Sylvia blushed. “Of course not.”
“Because you don’t really sound sorry.” The man continued. “Nervous yes, but not sorry.”
“I am.” Sylvia replied. “I’m really sorry.”
“Alright, in that case you don’t have to pay me anything.” John said.
Sylvia looked at him confused. “I don’t?”
“If you’re sharing an apartment with Natasha, I’m sure you need the money more than I do, besides my insurance should cover most of it.” John explained.
Sylvia frowned. This was the strict, no-nonsense boss Natasha had told her about?
“And then we can decide on a better punishment for a naughty young lady like yourself.” John continued.
Sylvia blushed. “Punishment?”
“I was thinking about a firm spanking.” John said. “That should teach you a valuable lesson about the dangers of reckless driving.
Sylvia’s blush deepened. “A spanking? You can’t be serious.”
“I am.” The man replied. “You did say you were sorry, didn’t you? Really sorry.”
Sylvia shook her head. Is this what Natasha meant when she said her boss was strict? Surely not, she wouldn’t let her take the fall for what happened if she knew this would be the outcome. “I am, but…”
“So you deserve to be punished, don’t you?” John asked.
Sylvia paled. She didn’t, but she had to maintain the lie. “I do, but…”
“But what?”
Sylvia bit her lip, she couldn’t come up with an excuse, not without betraying her friend.
When she didn’t reply, John moved past her and sat down on his couch. “When you’re done trying to come up with an excuse, you can come over here and get across my knee.”
Sylvia blushed, but the longer she hesitated – unable to say a word – the sillier she looked trying to come up with a way to stop this. Eventually she moved closer to John, resigning herself to what was happening. She was doing this for Natasha, she told herself, certainly not because part of her was nervously excited about what was about to happen.
John waited patiently while Sylvia knelt down on the couch beside him and slowly lowered herself across his lap. She blushed deeply as she rested her weight across his knees, unable to believe she was going through with this. Natasha owed her big time for this, she decided.
Sylvia bit her lip and gasped nervously when the handsome man placed his hand on her bottom. Her stomach was roiling with butterflies and she couldn’t decide whether it was because she was nervous, or turned on.
John’s hand gently stroked her bottom, brushing the fabric of her skirt across her behind, fingers firmly grasping her curves. “So tell me exactly how you managed to drive my gate right off its hinges.” He said.
Sylvia blushed, struggling to hold back a moan as the fondling of her backside tipped the scales from apprehension to arousal. “I came to pick up Natasha, I thought the gate was open and drove out backwards, hitting it.” She explained, her words quick and short to hide her excitement.
“Why did you close the gate if you were just here to pick up your friend?” John asked, firmly kneading her bottom while he questioned her.
Sylvia bit her lip. She wasn’t sure, it was hard to come up with more lies while he was so intimately caressing her backside. “I don’t know.” She replied. “I didn’t know how long I’d have to wait, it didn’t feel right to just leave it open like that.”
John raised his hand and landed it with a firm smack across her bottom. “So you’re telling me you were just being inattentive.” He said, underlining every other word with another swat across her backside.
Sylvia moaned softly, these swats didn’t really hurt, her skirt cushioned most of the blow, but John’s hand was strong and heavy. “Yes, sir.” She replied.
“You should never drive a car while distracted, young lady.” John continued, continuing the firm, measured strokes across her backside. “You should always be paying full attention.”
Sylvia squealed when he underlined that last lesson with an extra hard swing with his arm. “I know sir, I’m sorry.”
“Good, now I’ll make sure you won’t forget.” John replied and with a flick of his wrist he raised her skirt, exposing her bottom.
Sylvia gasped, but did not protest, part of her had known she wasn’t going to get away with just a few swats across her skirt. She blushed deeply however at having her backside exposed. The white cotton panties she was wearing would do very little to hide her curves.
She squirmed when the man’s hand landed across her backside again. Without the protection of her skirt, each swat stung deeply and now that John seemed to be done talking, each stroke seemed to come faster and faster.
Sylvia grunted and moaned as the sting built in her backside. Her bottom was burning and John had a firm hand pressed on her lower back that stopped her escaping. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She moaned, even though she hadn’t done anything wrong.
John didn’t relent however and continued to pepper her bottom until she was squealing and struggling. “Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” He asked when she began to kick her legs uncontrollably. The assault on her bottom did not stop while he asked, nor while he waited for her answer.
“I am, I am!” Sylvia replied, squeezing out the words between squeals.
Then John paused for a moment, resting his hand on her burning backside. “Good.” He said. “I’m glad I’m getting through to you.”
Sylvia blushed deeply, finally able to catch her breath while John gently stroked her backside. The soft, tender touch reignited her arousal and she had to bite her lips to stop herself from moaning.
“Let’s take these down and make sure you don’t forget.” The man suddenly said, hooking his fingers behind her panties.
Sylvia’s eyes shot open. He wasn’t going to… But before she could yell stop, he pulled her panties down, completely baring her bottom. “Wait!” She called, blushing deeply as she reached back to cover her nudity.
John however just grabbed her wrist and pinned her arm on her lower back. “Hands aside, young lady. We aren’t done yet.”
Sylvia wanted to protest, but part of her was deeply aroused by the way he handled her, and how her secret arousal was now exposed. She moaned deeply when John placed his hand on her bared bottom.
“Perhaps this will teach you to be more careful in the future.” John said as he raised his arm.
Sylvia squirmed and groaned as his hand rained down on her bare backside. Her buttocks bounced under the impact, making her squeal and moan. The pain was like fire and yet it did not extinguish her arousal.
She struggled across John’s lap, fighting against the pain, yet moaning with excitement. She’d somehow ended up across his lap with one knee between her legs, clasping her thighs around his strong, firm leg as if to hold on against the pain. Yet with each swat across her bottom, her pussy grinded against that knee, getting wetter as her punishment continued.
“I’m sorry.” She moaned. “It won’t happen again.” She promised as the pain in her backside became nearly unbearable. Yet it was a small voice in the back of her head that really made her beg. ‘You need to stop.’ That voice said. ‘You’re going to cum. How embarrassing would it be if you had an orgasm while he is punishing you?’
“Please. I’ll be more careful. I promise.” She begged, heading that voice, yet part of her didn’t want him to stop, part of her wanted to keep grinding his knee, believing it was worth enduring her punishment and the pain in her backside. “Please, I’ll be more careful.”
Finally, the man stopped and Sylvia had to force herself to lie still. She blushed deeply as John’s hand stroked her burning hot bottom, his fingers following the crease of her buttocks down to her thighs. There was no doubt that he’d be able to see how aroused she was, that she was fully exposed. Yet she dared not move to cover up her nudity, her hand was still firmly pinned on her back.
“Get up.” John ordered, before his fingers could reach her wet and swollen private parts.
Sylvia bit her lip and pushed herself off his lap. She winced when her skirt brushed her sore backside when she stood, yet grateful to be covered up.
“Go stand over there, face against the wall.” John commanded. “Hands on your head. Then think about what you learned today.”
Sylvia blushed as she was ordered to stand in the corner like a naughty girl. As she moved, she felt her panties drop down to her ankles. She hesitated for a moment, before stepping out of them and taking her place in the corner.
She put her hands on her head, but before she could think about what had just happened, John had already joined her. “Let’s put this on display to remind you of what a naughty girl you’ve been.” He said and he raised her skirt, tucking it behind its waistband, to bare her sore red bottom.
Sylvia’s blush deepened as she stood there exposed while John returned to the couch. She wondered how she’d ended up in this situation, why she’d gone through with this. Her roommate surely had some answering to do, she decided.

Time seemed to go slower than ever while she stood in the corner and Sylvia couldn’t help but think about how turned on she’d been by her punishment. Part of her wanted to be angry at her friend for getting her in this mess, but she was actually happy it had happened, she couldn’t explain it, but she’d enjoyed it, even though it hurt.
“Have you had time to think?” John suddenly asked.
“Yes, sir.” Sylvia answered.
“Alright, you can come out now.” He replied.
Sylvia turned around and blushed as she faced the man who had punished her. Halfway between them her panties still lay on the floor. She picked them up, but hesitated to put them on in front of him.
“Do you have anything you want to tell me, young lady?” John asked.
Sylvia bit her lip. She’d been thinking about this while she stood in the corner. He knows, she thought. The way he had questioned her, the way her story had barely made any sense. “I wasn’t the one who hit the gate.” She admitted.
John didn’t reply right away. “I meant an apology.” He finally said.
Sylvia blushed deeply.
“But it’s good that you decided to tell the truth.” He continued. “It proves you learned a valuable lesson today.”
Sylvia bit her lip. “Please, don’t be angry at Natasha, it was my idea.”
John grinned. “You know what, I’m in a good mood for some reason. Let’s pretend you girls fooled me and I have no idea who really crashed into my gate.”
Sylvia couldn’t help but grin as well, the reason for the man’s good mood was obviously the fact she’d let him spank her. “So we’re good?” She asked.
John nodded. “You might not have earned that spanking for hitting my gate, but you surely deserved it for lying to me, so it all balances out.”
Sylvia blushed, she knew she’d deserved it. For a while she’d wondered whether he’d spank her again, this time for lying. Part of her wanted him to, while another part wasn’t sure she could handle more.
“So you’re not going to punish Natasha then?” She asked, just to be sure.
“No.” John replied. “Besides, punishing her isn’t nearly as fun as it was punishing you.”
Sylvia raised an eyebrow.
“If I had the choice between taking her money, or worse, firing her or putting a lovely young lady such as yourself across my knee, I’d happily pick the latter.” John continued.
Sylvia blushed. “You wouldn’t spank her?”
John laughed. “Of course not. She’s my employee, imagine the trouble I’d be in.”
Sylvia shook her head. “Then why did you think I would let you spank me?” She asked.
The man grinned. “The way you looked at me, the way you talked when you told me you did something bad…” He paused. “I don’t know, you just seemed like the kind of girl that would say yes, so I took a shot.”
Sylvia giggled nervously. “I didn’t even know that about myself.”
John smiled. “Now that you know, I’d gladly offer my services again should you feel you need or deserve them.”
Sylvia laughed. “I’m sure you would.” She replied.
John was unperturbed. “Really, I’d like to see you again some time. I’m sure there’s many more lessons I could teach you.”
Sylvia blushed. “Are you going to ask me out on a date after you just spanked me?”
John grinned. “I was actually thinking I could offer you a job. I could use someone around here who can appreciate some proper discipline.”
Sylvia blushed deeply. “A job?”
The man nodded. “Why not? I’m sure you’d enjoy working for a strict boss like me.”
Sylvia shook her head. “You’re not going to fire Natasha, are you?”
“Of course not.” John replied. “I could use someone to help me out in the garden, just a few hours a week. We’d have to schedule on different days from your friends of course. We don’t want her witnessing what happens to naughty girls like yourself should you get in trouble.”
“I thought you didn’t spank employees.” Sylvia replied, teasingly.
“I could make an exception.” John replied. “If both parties agreed to it before-hand.”
Sylvia blushed.
“Are you agreeable, Sylvia?” He asked.
Sylvia’s blush deepened. “What do we say to Natasha?”
“That we agreed you’d work for me to pay off the damage you caused.” John replied.
Sylvia bit her lip. He’d obviously thought this through. She was yearning to say yes, but stopped herself, forcing herself to think it through. If she did this, it wasn’t for the money she assured herself, she wasn’t selling her body. Unlike Natasha she didn’t care for these small extra jobs for a bit of extra cash. She’d do it because she wanted to, because of how aroused she’d been when he spanked her, because of how much she was looking forward to struggling and squirming across his lap again, moaning in agony and squealing in pleasure.
“I’ll do it.” She said.


The end

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