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The second wife

Jonathan and Mary had been married for several years and during their time together their relationship had developed into something that was both intimate and kinky.
They had discovered their shared interest in BDSM early in their relationship and explored their fantasies together. Mary was the submissive of the two, she loved satisfying her husband’s wishes and being dominated by him. Jonathan in turn was more dominant, he loved controlling his wife and granting her pleasure through bondage and discipline.
These desires had shaped their lifestyle; while Jonathan did not use his dominance to control his wife for anything other than their sexual fascinations, it was always on the back of his – and her – mind. On the outside they were a normal couple and while no-one – except a few close friends – knew Mary often ended up across her husband’s knee for a firm spanking when she misbehaved, the signs were there for those who knew were to look: a raised eyebrow, a stern look, a quick swat on her bottom when they thought no-one was watching…
Yet while they were both unashamed and comfortable in the way their relationship worked, neither of them was ready for how it would change when Elise entered their lives.

When Mary was not at home, across her husband’s lap for whatever reason he’d come up with this time, she was working as a nurse at a local hospital.
When Jonathan was not delivering a dose of well-earned discipline across his wife’s backside, he was working at an accounting firm on the edge of town.
They lived comfortable lives with two incomes in a small apartment in a small town. Yet one thing was a source of constant stress for the both of them: their home was always a mess.
Neither of them had any time – after a long day at work – to do any housekeeping. Their living-room was never clean and they ordered take-out more often than actually cooking for themselves.
Mary had spent many evenings across her husband’s knee, kicking and squealing as he turned her bottom red while admonishing her for not keeping their home tidy enough. Yet they both knew that all this was accomplishing was making both of them horny rather than encouraging any actual cleaning. It wasn’t a real punishment after all, Jonathan knew they had to share the burden and neither of them had time for it.
While they didn’t have time however, with two incomes, they had something else: money. They decided that if they both wanted to spend their time working rather than sweeping and scrubbing, they might as well use that money to hire someone to do the cleaning for them. So they hired a housekeeper.
Her name was Elise

Jonathan and Mary had considered a few options for household-help. You could have someone come over once or several times a week for several different tasks. But they wanted someone who did everything: cleaning, laundry, cooking, … They’d have to be there almost every day, so in the end, they decided to look for someone who’d be willing to move into their spare bedroom.
It hadn’t been easy to find someone, it wasn’t a very traditional arrangement, all their housekeeper would have for privacy was her room. The rest of the apartment: kitchen, bathroom, living-room, would be shared. It had to be someone they could live with, like a roommate in a way.
Then they found Elise.
Elise was just a few years younger than the both of them. She was an artist, but currently her art was not enough to pay the bills by their own. Elise was very happy to take on the job as housekeeper in exchange for a place to live and practice her art, as well as earn a modest wage.

It was quite a change having a third person living in their small home. While Jonathan and Mary had never kept their intimate moments confined to their bedroom – the living-room couch and kitchen table were past favorites – they had to do so now and some louder activities – like spanking – were saved for those moments when Elise was not at home.
A reduced amount of privacy wasn’t all their new housekeeper had changed for Jonathan. He now had a second woman to share a home with and Elise was both beautiful and bold. Her outfits were always attractive and sexy in a way that would put the traditional maid outfit one might fantasize about in this situation to shame. When she wasn’t cleaning for them or working on her art, she might dress in something cute and comfortable for an evening by the TV or a more revealing night-gown for the night. She wasn’t bothered making the trip between the bathroom and her bedroom wearing just a towel to cover her wet and naked body.
Jonathan often caught himself staring at his new housekeeper: catching a glimpse of what’s under her skirt when she’s up on a stool cleaning the top of a cupboard; looking through the bedroom door she left open while she’s in there getting dressed.
When he had first met Elise and saw how beautiful she was – though not as beautiful as his wife he’d assured her – he had believed Mary would never agree to hiring Elise as their housekeeper. Not that Mary didn’t trust him, but you just didn’t want such an attractive young woman in your home, making your husband crazy.
What Jonathan had discovered instead was that his wife was staring at their new housekeeper almost as often as he was. Mary had once told him that she suspected she was bisexual, even though she’d never been with a woman before. Mary and Jonathan had been together since college and she’d had only one other boyfriend before him. Yet she had always enjoyed watching other women and Elise was obviously awakening those feelings Mary had always suspected in herself.
To his surprise Jonathan did not feel jealous having his wife look at another woman in such a way. In fact, he quite enjoyed catching her staring at their housekeeper and then teasing her about it.

It didn’t take long for Elise to feel at home in their apartment and thanks to her work, Jonathan and Mary lost a lot of stress and became much happier.
They spent many evenings together in their living-room where they got to know their new roommate better. One of the discoveries that intrigued Jonathan the most was when Elise told her about dates she’d been on and when he realized those dates were with women.
With that knowledge, the more Jonathan looked at Elise as she worked and lived with them, the more he realized those short skirts she wore while cleaning, those daring half-naked trips from bathroom to bedroom, were not meant for him. They were meant for Mary.
Perhaps it should’ve bothered him when he saw her bend over at the waist to pick something off the floor, right in front of his wife, or when she returned from folding the laundry with Mary’s bra playfully held against her chest to compare sizes. It didn’t though, he enjoyed the way his wife blushed when she stared at their housekeeper and Elise never seemed to want to take things further than just teasing. Jonathan in the meanwhile got to enjoy the show.
When Jonathan finally confronted his wife with the question whether she had a crush on their housekeeper, she had to admit with a blush that he was right. Elise wasn’t home that night, so Jonathan gave his wife a firm spanking, though he wondered who she was thinking about while she moaned and squealed.
During the aftermath, as his wife stood in the corner of their room with her hands on her head and her red bottom on display, Jonathan wondered whether Elise had similar feelings for his wife.

One evening, when Elise joined them in the living-room wearing a much-to-revealing nightgown – though his wife’s outfit wasn’t much better – Jonathan decided he’d had enough of this teasing and balancing on the edge of what was appropriate.
“Elise.” He asked. “Would you like to kiss my wife?”
Both women blushed at the sudden question and Elise quickly sputtered. “You know I would never do such a thing.”
“I would never cheat on you.” Mary quickly followed.
Jonathan smiled. “I’m not asking whether you would do it, I’m asking whether you want to.”
Their housekeeper quickly looked at Mary, blushing and then nervously bit her lip. “Maybe.”
“Well, as far as I’m concerned, if I know about it it’s not cheating, so if you want it, you have my permission to kiss her.” Jonathan continued, enjoying seeing the deep red blush on Mary’s face.
Elise licked her lips, looking back between husband and wife. “Like, right now?”
Jonathan nodded. “If you want to.”
Mary interrupted them hoarsely. “Wait, aren’t you going to ask me first whether that’s what I want?”
Jonathan looked his wife in the eyes, staring for a moment, then sternly told her: “No.”
Mary blushed deeply. Of course Jonathan didn’t need to ask her, he already knew her answer. She’d told him herself how she’d fantasized about their new housekeeper. Also, the fact that he didn’t ask her now turned her on just like when he tied her up or commanded her to obey him.
Jonathan turned his gaze back to Elise just as she turned her face towards Mary. The two women’s heads moved closer together and then their lips touched. The kiss was short and uninspiring.
“Is that all?” Jonathan asked.
Elise blushed and kissed his wife again, their lips now pressed more firmly together.
“Don’t hold back Mary, you know Elise has my permission. You know I wouldn’t accept such lack of enthusiasm if I were the one kissing you.” Jonathan said.
With that command Mary finally folded, melting into Elise’s arms, her mouth opened to let the other woman’s tongue inside.
Jonathan looked at his wife kissing another woman with satisfaction. He felt no jealousy, only arousal as he felt his member stir, growing harder and bigger inside his trousers as he watched the two barely dressed women in their embrace.

From that day on, Elise helped Mary experience the things she’d often thought about but never experienced in her years being married with a man.
But for every kiss and for every embrace, Elise first asked Jonathan’s permission before being intimate with his wife. Mary’s opinion was of course, not taken in consideration – and if it was, things wouldn’t have happened any other way.
Jonathan wasn’t left out of course. He enjoyed being the one in charge even if he wasn’t participating. He enjoyed watching even more and while Elise didn’t seem interested in him or any other man, she didn’t seem to mind being watched by him.
Often Jonathan was the one initiating things, especially in the beginning when this relationship was still new for the three of them.
“Are you going to do laundry, Elise?” He’d ask. “Mary’s been wearing her current outfit for the past two days, you might as well take those off and take them with you.” And then he’d watch as his housekeeper stripped his blushing wife naked.
“Mary is still in bed, sleeping in.” He’d say. “You should go and wake her if you want to make the bed.” And then he’d watch from the hallway as Elise climbed under the blankets to wake his sleeping wife.
The more they grew accustomed to their situation however, the bolder Elise became. Just like Jonathan she enjoyed the way Mary blushed when she submitted to her advances. She barely even blushed anymore when she came to Jonathan and asked for his permission to fondle his wife.
Jonathan didn’t just watch of course. Mary now had the task of pleasing two people, her husband who was always aroused from watching as well as her wife.
Her wife, that’s what Jonathan jokingly called Elise when teasing Mary. Mary had protested against that nickname at first. “She does your laundry, cleans your house, cooks your meals and shares your bed.” Jonathan had said. “She’s your wife.”

Of course you didn’t hide things from your wife and it didn’t take long for Elise to become one of the few people to know about the kinkier side of Jonathan and Mary’s relationship.
In the beginning – after only hearing about it at first – Elise could hear the smacks on Mary’s behind echoing in the hallway and listen to her squeals while Jonathan spanked her in their bedroom. Later Jonathan didn’t even offer his wife that level of privacy anymore and spanked her in the living-room or across the kitchen table just like in the good old days. And Elise would stop her work to watch.
At the end of their housekeepers workday, Elise would approach Jonathan and Mary sitting in their couch. “I found four pairs of shoes in the living-room while cleaning today.” She’d say, addressing Jonathan.
She wasn’t really bothered of course, but she knew chances were high Jonathan would put up a show and put Mary across his knee because of her complaint.
“Mary, how many shoes did you wear today?” Jonathan asked, assuming they couldn’t be from the days before because Elise would’ve tidied those up already.
His wife blushed. “Just the one pair, but I had trouble deciding.”
“So you left the others just lying around?” Jonathan asked. “I know we pay Elise to clean up our home, but that doesn’t mean she has to go around picking up after you, that’s very inconsiderate of you.”
Mary bit her lip, looking back and forth between her husband and her wife. She knew what was about to happen.
“Get across my knee, young lady.” Her husband ordered. “I’ll teach you to be a bit more respectful towards our friend.”
Mary wrung her hands, but quickly got up off the couch to position herself across Jonathan’s lap. She didn’t protest, in fact she was already growing aroused by the spanking that hadn’t even started yet.
The night-gown she was wearing did little to protect or conceal her behind, and her husband quickly flipped it up to reveal the sheer panties she wore underneath.
Jonathan looked up from his wife’s bottom at their housekeeper who was watching with overt interest and smiled at her as if saying: I’m doing this for you.
Then he spanked his wife with quick, firm swats on her behind. Mary moaned loudly when Jonathan’s hand connected with her backside in loud echoing swats.
Again and again, Mary’s bottom bounced from the impact of her husband’s strong hand. She moaned and gasped as the pain built in her backside.
Mary didn’t protest when her husband pulled down her panties while their housekeeper could see. Of course Jonathan had given Elise permission to do much more than just see his wife naked before. But she moaned and squealed when her husband now spanked her bare bottom.
Jonathan’s hand rained down on her backside, turning it bright red and sore. Mary kicked her legs and squealed, but the spanking continued unabated.
Her husband was relentless and Mary moaned and whimpered as he turned her bottom on fire. Yet her bright red cheeks weren’t the only things that were burning, her pussy was just as hot and wet with arousal.
Mary was gasping for air when her husband finally paused. “Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” She whimpered.
“And what lesson is that?” Jonathan asked.
“I should be more considerate of Elise’s work and not take advantage of her by making such a big mess all the time.” Mary replied.
“Very good, young lady.” Jonathan said. He turned his head to look at Elise who had been fascinated by the scene in front of her. “Elise, would you be a dear and fetch me a hairbrush from the bathroom, please?”
Elise nearly jumped in surprise, she’d been so transfixed on what was happening she’d nearly forgotten her own presence. Then she smiled and quickly stood up. “Of course.”
“No, why?” Mary cried. “I learned my lesson, what did I say wrong?”
Elise didn’t wait for Jonathan’s answer, but continued on her way to the bathroom, she knew what was up.
“You said nothing wrong.” Jonathan replied. “What you said was perfect, so now we’re going to make sure you don’t forget it.”
Mary moaned deeply, but didn’t complain any further. Her bottom was on fire, but as her husband was stroking her bare buttocks, massaging away some of the sting, she was already longing for a bit more pain.
Elise returned with the hairbrush and handed it to Jonathan without a word, he in turn placed its flat wooden back against his wife’s bottom. “Thank you.” He said and then raised it.
Mary squealed when the hairbrush smacked her bottom. She kicked and groaned as her husband paddled her behind.
Jonathan did not hold anything back. He could feel Elise watching him as he spanked his wife and wanted to show her that her complaints did not go unheard. But mostly, he enjoyed the cries of distress, the squeals and moaning of pain and pleasure as he disciplined his wife. He enjoyed the view of her bouncing, bare red bottom and the feeling of her shifting, grinding body on his lap and against his crotch where he was rock-hard with excitement.
Finally he had to stop, knowing Mary was on the edge of her limits, her bottom on fire, bright red, her breathing haggard. A glimpse between her legs assured Jonathan that she was still turned on, still just as aroused as he was, but even that had its limits.
“You can get up.” Jonathan said.
Mary pushed herself off her husband’s lap. She didn’t sit down in the couch again, not with how sore her bottom was, but stood up vigorously rubbing her behind with both hands.
“I think I’m going to send this naughty girl to bed early.” Jonathan said after enjoying the show for a moment.
Mary pouted, but then quickly set off towards their bedroom. It was much too early to sleep, but being send to her room after a spanking wasn’t usually meant for sleeping anyway.
Jonathan and Elise both watched the naughty girl march off to her room, rubbing her sore backside as she went. Jonathan then looked at his housekeeper, and she smiled at him in return.
“Do you want to go and make her feel better?” Jonathan asked.
Elise nodded.
“Alright, you can go.”
Jonathan then watched Elise run after his wife. He counted to ten and then followed. He stopped outside his bedroom door and waited. It didn’t take long before he could hear the sounds of moaning and even some giggling.
All he could do was imagine his wife in there with another woman. Their moaning grew louder, two distinct voices, both deeply aroused and horny from either being spanked or having watched that spanking take place.
It seemed to go on forever and Jonathan’s own arousal was making its presence known in his trousers, almost painfully so. His cock twitched with excitement with every moan and squeal he heard.
Finally, the moaning reached a crescendo and then abruptly stopped. It was quiet for a while and then Jonathan heard footsteps. The door opened and his housekeeper stood in front of him in all her naked glory.
She smiled at him, unashamed as Jonathan looked her up and down. It wasn’t the first time he had seen her naked, not since he’d given her permission to sleep with his wife, but it was always a pleasure.
“You could’ve come in and watched, you know.” She said.
Jonathan smiled, he knew that, he’d watched them plenty of times before. “I know, sometimes I just prefer to listen.”
Elise grinned.
“Sometimes that’s easier.” He continued.
Elise nodded and then squeezed her way past him out the door, coming much too close for comfort.
Jonathan then entered the room. His wife lay in the middle of the bed, completely naked and exhausted. He stood beside the bed and commanded: “Turn over.”
Mary moaned. “I’m tired.” But obediently rolled over for her husband.
Jonathan stripped, his eyes trailing down his wife’s bare back to her buttocks which were still bright red from her punishment. Fully naked, he straddled her from behind, his rock-hard cock nestling between her buttocks as he bent down to whisper between her ears: “Did Elise make it better?”
Mary moaned softly. “Yes, but it still hurts a little.”
“And did you make sure to apologize to your wife for your behavior?” He slowly thrusted his cock back and forth between her buttocks as he whispered.
“Yes.” His wife moaned.
Jonathan pulled back and then penetrated his wife, burying his cock deep inside her pussy. “You remember she is the one who got you in trouble, right? Complaining about your shoes.”
Mary moaned something in response, but her words were unintelligible.
Jonathan fucked his wife slowly. The spanking had been hard and fast, but this was slow and measured. He pushed his cock as deep as he could and then slowly pulled it out, feeling every inch of her pussy envelop him as he pushed in again. The heat of her burning backside pressed against his hips. Her breasts rested in his hands as he leaned on his elbows on either side. With his head right beside hers, he could whisper naughty words in her ears, or nibble and bite her earlobes.
Mary moaned deeply with each deep, teasingly slow thrust. Her body began to tremble and convulse as she began to orgasm, the second time that night, first for her wife, now for her husband. As the ecstasy took hold of her body, Jonathan squeezed her breasts as firmly as he could, thrusting his cock even deeper than before, trembling himself as he reached his own climax, cumming deep inside of his wife.

Moments later, when they were laying side by side, looking at the ceiling, Mary spoke: “You didn’t come in to watch today.”
“Sometimes it’s more fun just to listen.” Jonathan repeated what he’d said to Elise.
“How much did you hear?” Mary asked.
“Everything.” Her husband replied with a grin.
Mary blushed. “What do you think about when you’re listening?”
“There’s only one thing I can think about.” Jonathan replied.
“Do you think that you want to join?” Mary asked.
“I can’t say that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind.” Her husband replied, surprised that she’d ask.
Mary crossed her arms in front of her breasts. Ever since Jonathan had allowed her and Elise to be together, she’d been strangely protective of her. She’d allowed her husband to look at Elise and watch the two of them together, but she seemed strangely reluctant to allow the same thing that was between her and Elise, to happen between her husband and her wife.
“She’s my wife.” Mary said.
“I know.” Jonathan replied. “You’re the one who brought it up.” He knew Mary wasn’t afraid of sharing Elise with him. It was the other way around. She didn’t want to share her husband with another woman, even if she herself had sex with that woman. He understood, he wouldn’t want to share Mary with another man either.
“I think Elise wouldn’t protest though.” Mary whispered.
Jonathan raised an eyebrow. He didn’t think Elise had any interest in men. “Really?” He said. “What makes you think that?”
“You mean you didn’t notice right now when she stood stark-naked in front of you?” Mary replied. “She’s trying to provoke you just like she did with me when she just moved in.”
Jonathan thought about it for a moment and decided that she might be right. Elise had been quite bold and forward with him lately. It was a bit of an ego-boost to realize that she might now be vying for his attention as well.
“Well, she’s your wife, so I’m not going to do anything without your permission.” He replied.


The end

This story is part of a series.

Part 2 Part 3

7 responses to “The second wife”

  1. Philip says:

    Was this Part 1? Hope so – I’m looking forward to Jonathan spanking Elise!

    • kcperrin says:

      I wrote this story based on a fantasy my wife shared with me – in her fantasy the husband doesn’t sleep with the wife’s wife – so I haven’t planned a second part where Jonathan spanks or gets intimate with Elise.

      Unless when my wife reads this story and your comment and then wants a second part as well. 😉

  2. max says:

    hi! do you have the story “Like her little sister: story” anywhere I can read? I remember reading it years ago when I was younger and couldnt find it again. thanks regardless!

  3. Va says:

    Hey I noticed most of your stories had the woman as the sun maybe you could switch up roles

    • kcperrin says:

      Hey Va,

      I’m sorry, all of my stories have a female submissive because that is the scenario that I enjoy personally.

      I don’t think I’d be good at writing a story about a male submissive, because I can’t put myself into that mind-space.

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