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Dreaming of a red bottom

A spanking dream

Today was a special day, for John had invited Emma for dinner at his place and she’d agreed to stay the night.
The two of them had been dating for two months already, after they’d been introduced by one of Emma’s friends. It wouldn’t be the first time they slept together of course, they hadn’t even been able to wait for the third date. After the second, Emma had invited him up to her apartment for coffee. They hadn’t drunk any coffee that night.
No, it would be the first time they slept together literally. As in, the first time one of them stayed the night, instead of heading home after their initial burst of lust was satisfied.
On the outside it might feel like a small step. If you are already having sex, what difference does it make where you sleep afterwards? But John did find it important. He thought staying the night signaled the difference between having a lover and having a girlfriend.

The evening went by fast. Time always seemed to fly when he and Emma were together. There were no awkward silences, no disagreements or surprising discoveries. They worked well together. It was obvious that their relationship was about more than just sex.
Sex was an important part however, as it is in any young – or old – relationship. When he suggested they watch some TV after dinner, Emma declined. She wanted to head straight to bed. The grin on her face was abundantly clear about what she wanted to do when they got there.
Emma headed straight for the bathroom to ‘get ready for bed’, while John undressed in his bedroom. He stripped naked and sat down in his bed, back against the wall, pulling the blankets over his already growing erection.
Emma entered his room moments later, dressed in a sexy red neglige. It was barely long enough to cover her hips and completely see-through. The gauzy fabric covered her breasts, but left nothing to the imagination, her nipples erect with excitement.
Slowly, without a word, Emma turned around to show off her outfit. The bottom half of her backside was peeking out from under the thin night-gown, naked and uncovered. She wore no underwear either, the neglige only accentuated her nudity, not hide it.
“Do you like it?” She asked when she completed her slow spin to face him again.
“I love it.” John replied. “Though I have to warn you, I usually sleep naked. I hope you don’t mind.”
Emma licked her lips, eyeing the blanket that was pulled up to just above Johns hips. “So do I.” She replied. “I put this on just for you.”
“I’m glad you did.” John replied. “You look absolutely stunning.”
Emma smiled and crawled onto the foot of the bed. She grabbed the blanket and slowly pulled it down. “Now let me see what you’re hiding under there.” She said.
John laughed as Emma pulled down the blanket, revealing his now fully erect cock, throbbing with anticipation.
“Hmm, you really do like it.” Emma said, now crawling towards him, over his legs.
John took her hands and pulled her close. Emma straddled his hips, his cock now caught between them. “I like you even more.” He said.
Emma blushed and reached down, grabbing his cock in both hands. It broke the moment, where John had almost said he loved her for the first time. But when she guided his cock inside her, those thoughts evaporated.
“No condom?” John asked as Emma slid down his cock, pulling it deeper inside her.
“I trust you.” She whispered. “And I’m on the pill.”
John grunted as Emma pressed her breasts against his face. She was right, if they were truly more than just lovers, they didn’t need the extra protection, he trusted her as well.
He put his arms around her, grabbing her bottom, naked underneath that short neglige, in both hands. He guided her in a steady rhythm as she rode his cock, not too slow, but not too fast either. He looked up, freeing his face from between Emma’s breast so he could kiss her neck.
John wanted to smack her bottom, or gently bite Emma’s breasts. But he didn’t, not this time. In the two months they’d been together, he’d learned what Emma liked in bed. He knew she loved it when he used his teeth when he kissed her. He knew how she moaned when he sucked her nipples until it hurt. He had heard her squeal when he smacked her bottom and gasp for air when he put his hands on her throat. He’d seen the twinkle in her eyes when he pushed her down on the bed, pinning her arms behind her head.
Emma liked it rough. And so did John. But not today. Today was not about sex, today was about more than that. So John took things slowly. When Emma rode him too fast, his hands slowed her down. When she bit his lip while kissing, he pulled back and softly kissed her breasts.
He knew it turned her crazy. But she liked that too. She liked it when he was in control, even when he did the opposite of what she usually wanted him to do.
As John licked his girlfriends breasts, refusing to kiss her as she had tried to bite him again, Emma began to shake. She was nearing her climax, but John’s hands on her bottom kept her steady. No wild jumping on his cock, but slow and steady movements, in and out, deep and full.
Emma squealed, pressing her body against his, sweaty and heaving as she reached her climax.
John held her close, thrusting as deep as he could and then holding it there. He could feel her close around him, her pussy clenching in her orgasm. He could not hold himself back any longer. His muscles froze as he came inside of his girlfriend, filling her up.
After a few counts, just a few, though it felt like hundreds had passed, he let go. Emma leant back and looked down at him. Her face was red and sweaty, her hair tangled. John didn’t remember letting go of her bottom and tangling his fingers in her hair, but he clearly had at some point.
For a moment it seemed like they didn’t know what to say. Then Emma pulled the see-through neglige over her head and said: “I think I’ll sleep without this after all. It’s a bit too warm.”
John laughed and Emma got off from his lap. There was a bit of cleaning up to do and a wet spot in his bed which would make sleeping a bit uncomfortable and made John think that condoms perhaps weren’t that bad after all.
John turned around for a moment to turn off the light and then put his arms around his girlfriend who was laying with his back to him. He put his hand on her breast and Emma pushed her bottom against his cock.
“Sleep tight.” She said.
“Sleep tight.” John replied, wondering what would happen first, him falling asleep, or Emma’s bottom against his crotch resulting in another erection…

Slowly, he could feel his cock growing, caught between his girlfriend’s buttocks. He could feel his own heartbeat pulsing against Emma’s bottom. He was sure she felt it too.
Yet Emma did not react or say anything. Perhaps she was already asleep, so John tried not to bother her.
“No, please.” Emma suddenly whispered.
John froze. Was he doing anything wrong?
But Emma did not push him away or anything.
“I won’t do it again.” Emma whispered again.
“Won’t do what again?” John asked.
But Emma did not reply.
“Please don’t spank me, I’ll be a good girl.” Emma said, suddenly loudly.
John frowned. Was she having a dream?
Emma didn’t move at all, and the next few words she said where barely intelligible, John could only understand parts of them: “Harder, Sir.” “… good girl …” and “… corner time …”
Emma grew silent and never responded to John’s whispered questions. Eventually he stopped asking and focussed on his own rest. His cock was harder than ever before between his girlfriends buttocks. He closed his eyes, perhaps his dreams would be equally interesting.

The following morning, John woke up by himself. He could hear someone outside the room, probably in the kitchen, so he got up to greet his girlfriend in the morning for the first time.
“Good morning, Emma.” He said as he entered the kitchen.
She stood with his back towards him. She’d put her red neglige back on. John moved behind her and kissed her in the neck. He had to physically stop himself not to bend her over the counter right then and there to fuck her.
“Someone’s had a good night.” Emma teased, pushing her bottom back against his morning erection.
John laughed, putting his hands on his girlfriend, feeling her breasts beneath the thin, red fabric. “What are you doing?” He asked.
“Making coffee.” Emma replied with a smile. “Though it seems something else already woke you up.”
John grinned. He’d planned to keep her sleep-talking to himself, perhaps use his new-found knowledge somewhere in the future. But the way she was teasing him, he couldn’t help himself. “Did you know you talk in your sleep?” He asked.
“Oh?” Emma replied, blushing slightly. “What did I say?”
“Something about corner-time, if I remember correctly.” John teased.
“Corner-time?” Emma asked. “Must be a dream I don’t really remember.”
“You don’t?” John asked. “Perhaps you remember someone spanking you? Or begging them to spank you harder?”
Emma blushed even deeper. “I said all that?”
“Oh, yes.” John replied.
Emma turned around. Caught between him and the counter, she’d been looking away from him this whole time. Now she looked up at him, a defiant grin on her face. “Well, you were so gentle with me last night, I guess I had to make up for that in my dreams.” She teased.
John smiled. While he knew she liked it rough, Emma had never full-out admitted that to him, not like this. “Does that mean you were not satisfied with my love-making last night?” He asked.
“No, of course not.” Emma replied quickly, before the tone of his voice really got through to her. “Although, maybe I was a little disappointed.” She teased.
John put his hand under her chin to make her look up at him. “Are you complaining about the way I fucked you last night, young lady?” He asked, the playful tone in his voice now unmistakably.
Emma grinned. “Well, I did do most of the work.” She teased.
John laughed. “I never heard something so ungrateful.” He said. He took a step back and grabbed one of the kitchen chairs behind him and sat down on it. “Perhaps we’ll see how much you’d like it if one of those dreams of yours comes true.”
“What are you going to do?” Emma asked. “Spank me?”
“I am.” John replied. “It seems appropriate for a spoiled young woman such as yourself.”
His girlfriend licked her lips. He could see her chest heaving, he imagined he could hear her heart bouncing with the excitement he recognized in her eyes.
“Across my knee, young lady.” He said.
Emma obediently stepped forward and laid down across his lap. With her hands touching the floor on one side and her feet on the other, her bottom arched right above his lap. The see-through neglige left her bottom completely bare in this position.
John stroked his girlfriend’s bottom, feeling the smooth skin and the soft, supple flesh underneath. “Are you ready?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
John felt a burst of excitement when she called him that and he was suddenly remembered of the fact that his own hard cock was caught between their bodies.
Carefully, he smacked his girlfriend’s bottom.
Emma didn’t squeal like he’d expected, instead she moaned in excitement and pushed her bottom up for more.
He spanked her again and again. Each smack a little harder than the previous. Yet Emma only moaned, wiggling her bottom, begging for more.
He loved how she moaned, loved how her bottom jiggled after each swat. Loved the tingling sensation in his hand, which he was sure was mirrored in her bottom.
“Harder, Sir.” Emma suddenly said.
John was reminded of her dream, in which she’d said the same. He could do harder. He raised is hand and smacked her bottom with all the strength in his arm and not just his wrist.
Now Emma did squeal. But it wasn’t the squeal of someone who got hurt, it was a squeal of surprise and excitement.
John kept it up, spanking her bottom hard and fast. Emma’s buttocks no longer jiggled, they bounced beneath the impact of his hand and her backside slowly turned pink.
Emma moaned and squealed. “I’m sorry, Sir.” She whispered. “I won’t complain again.”
But John recognized the tone of her voice, the way she’d been talking in her sleep, right before asking for more. He kept spanking her, turning her bottom red instead of pink.
Emma now grabbed onto his legs for balance, her red bottom high in the air. She no longer pretended to beg for his mercy, she only moaned and squealed in pleasure.
When his arm finally grew tired, John relented. Gently he stroked Emma’s bottom, it was red and throbbing. They didn’t speak, but enjoyed this moment together. John had always wanted to try spanking someone, perhaps even Emma, but never realized how much he would like it.
“Did you like that?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma purred.
He let her get up and stood himself to look her in the eye. The twinkle he saw there told him how much she meant that.
“So are you going to apologize about what you said about last night, young lady?” He asked.
“What did I say?” Emma asked, grinning mischievously.
“You don’t remember?” John asked.
“How can I?” Emma asked. “When you’re being so rough with me, spanking me and all…”
John laughed. “I thought me not being rough enough was the problem, not the other way around.”
Emma blushed. “Yes, maybe, it’s just too hard to think with such a sore, red bottom.”
John raised an eyebrow. “I haven’t heard an apology yet.” He said.
“Remind me again what it’s about?” Emma teased.
John laughed. “I was going to put you in the corner to think about that.” He said. “But to me it sounds more like you can’t think because your bottom isn’t yet sore enough.”
Emma mockingly gasped, her hands reaching back to protect her bottom. “No Sir, please don’t spank me again.”
John took her elbow and turned her around. Despite her protests, Emma didn’t struggle. “Bend over, young lady.” He said as he pushed her against the kitchen table.
Emma bent over, her red bottom sticking out. “Please, Sir. I’ll be a good girl.” She promised.
John looked around him and pulled open a drawer from his kitchen cabinets. Inside he found an old wooden spoon. He picked it up and gently pressed it against his girlfriend’s bottom.
“A good girl would apologize for what she said.” He told her.
Emma moaned softly, swaying with her bottom, rubbing it against the spoon he was holding.
“No apologies, Emma?” John asked.
“No, Sir. Not yet.” She replied.
John swung the spoon and Emma squealed as it hit her bottom.
“Are you sure?” He asked, raising the spoon again.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
John thwacked her bottom in rapid succession, planting half a dozen red spots on Emma’s backside that only slowly mixed with the softer red from her previous spanking.
Emma squealed and then moaned when John used his hand to softly massage her bottom.
“More, Sir.” She begged.
John didn’t raise the spoon again, but let his hand slip between Emma’s legs, feeling how wet with excitement she was.
“Have you been spanked before, young lady?” He asked.
“Not really.” Emma replied, moaning as his fingers slipped between her lips. “Not by a boyfriend, but I have spanked myself a few times.”
“You were so naughty, you had to spank yourself?” John teased.
“Not naughty, horny.” Emma admitted.
“And what did you use to spank yourself with?” John asked.
“A ruler from my desk, or a large spoon.” She replied.
“A spoon like this one?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” His girlfriend replied. She was slightly shaking, her body laying heavily on the kitchen table. John’s fingers were driving her ever closer to a climax.
“So when you say ‘more, sir’, you mean I haven’t spanked you nearly as hard yet as you have spanked yourself in the past, don’t you?” John said.
Emma moaned softly. “Yes, Sir.”
John removed his fingers from Emma’s pussy and placed the wooden spoon on her bottom.
Emma moaned deeply.
For a moment John looked down on his girlfriend. Whenever he had fantasized about spanking in the past, he had always wondered how far he could take it and still like inflicting pain on another person. A few smacks with a wooden spoon sure, but he had rarely envisioned more. Now he realized it didn’t depend so much on how much he could give, but on how much the girl wished to receive.
And Emma did wish to receive. Her back was arched, her red bottom pointing up, a large and delicious target. She would welcome each smack with a squeal and only pretend to beg him to stop.
John raised the wooden spoon and spanked his girlfriend’s red backside.
Emma squealed, she swayed back and forth, playfully trying to avoid the implement he wielded, but not enough to actually miss out on her punishment.
John kept to the same rhythm he’d used with his hand, firm swats at a steady pace, no breaks, just a sore bottom that got redder with each swat.
“Please stop. I’ll be good. I promise.” Emma’s pleas were the same insincere words as before. John ignored them.
“I’ll be a good girl.” She begged. “I’ll do anything you want.
“All I want is for you to apologize.” John replied, unrelenting.
She didn’t apologize, not yet. The wooden spoon rained down on her bottom, setting her backside on fire.
“All right, all right. I’m sorry.” Emma yelled.
“What are you sorry for?” John asked. Smacking her bottom again.
“I’m sorry I was ungrateful for the way we had sex last night.” Emma said.
John put the spoon down and placed his hand on Emma’s hot bottom, stroking it softly. “That’s better he said.”
Emma moaned softly. “I didn’t even mean it.” She said.
“You didn’t mean what?” John asked, squeezing her bottom, thinking she might mean her apology.
“I wasn’t really disappointed.” Emma said. “I kinda liked it when you were so gentle. You were so in control.”
“Then perhaps I should do it again sometime.” John said.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma moaned. Somehow, bent over the table already, she managed to arch her back even more, pushing her bottom up against his hand.
“And when you try something rough like biting me or scratching, I’ll just have to spank you again.” John said.
Emma laughed. “But then you’re just giving me what I want.”
John smacked her bottom. “I think it doesn’t matter what I do, it’ll always end up being what you want. At least after I’ve spanked you I’ll know you’ll be a good obedient girl, if just for a while.”
Emma moaned.
“You will be obedient, won’t you Emma?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
“Well then, stand up and turn around.” He said.
Emma turned to look at him, her eyes still full of excitement.
John looked down at her body and then his own erect cock. “Do you remember what you felt this morning? What started this whole conversation?”
Emma looked confused for a moment, then followed his gaze down. “Your morning erection was poking my bottom while I was making coffee.” She said.
“The coffee is cold now.” John replied. “But my erection is still there. A good, obedient girl like you wouldn’t mind getting on her knees and dealing with it for me, would you?”
Emma bit her lips, smiling broadly. “Of course not, Sir.”
She knelt down in front of him, facing his cock. Gently she took hold of him, kissing it, licking it. Then, she looked up at him. “Do you want me to suck it, Sir?” She asked.
“That’s exactly what I want you to do, young lady.” John replied.
Emma licked her lips and then took his cock into her mouth. She put her arms around him, grabbing his buttocks to pull him close, drawing him in completely.
She sucked softly, playing with her tongue and lips. All the while she looked up at him, the man who had given her her first spanking.
John groaned. He’d known she liked it rough. She’d always been playful and naughty. He’d never seen her look so submissive though. He grabbed onto the kitchen table behind her for balance. “I’m going to cum.” He warned her.
Emma held on tight, his cock deep in her mouth when he orgasmed, swallowing his semen, licking him clean.
“Thank you, Sir.” She whispered when he was done.
John groaned again. Thanking him for his cum, for letting her suck him off, was almost too much.
“How about you go stand in the corner for a while, young lady.” He said after he’d recuperated a little. “Perhaps after you’ve had some time to think about the lesson you learned today, I will return the favor.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied. She moved quickly to the corner. Her bottom was nearly as red as her neglige and as she raised her hands to place them on her head, that was raised to bare her bottom completely.
John stared at the scene for a moment, blissfully happy. He put on a new pot of coffee to kill some time.
Emma stood proudly, with a straight back, showing of her naughty backside, not talking, but obediently waiting to be released.
John couldn’t wait any longer. He stepped behind her and put her hands an Emma’s bottom, slowly sliding upwards, underneath her night-gown onto her back.
“Is my corner-time over?” Emma asked.
“Not yet.” John whispered. “I’m just taking advantage of this opportunity.”
Emma moaned but did not protest.
John ran his hands to the front of her body, putting her breasts in the palm of his hands. “I really loved spanking you, Emma.” He whispered.
“I loved it too, Sir.” She replied.
John gently massaged her breasts, pushing his crotch against her red hot bottom.
Emma opened her mouth as if to say something, but only moaned instead.
“Did you want to say something?” John asked.
“No.” Emma replied.
“Are you sure?” John asked. “Don’t lie to me young lady.” He pulled her nipples gently.
“It’s just…” Emma began. “It’s a bit weird.”
“Go ahead, say it.” John encouraged her.
“When I decided to come over last night, I thought that meant we’d officially be boyfriend and girlfriend, and not just lovers.” Emma said. “I guess it doesn’t really make sense.”
“It does.” John said. “I felt exactly the same way.”
“Really?” Emma asked.
“Really.” John said.
Emma moaned softly, letting John feel her up more.
“Turn around.” John said.
Emma turned, looking him in the eyes.
“You can put your arms down now.” He said.
Emma lowered her arms, putting her hands on his chest. John put his own hands on her shoulders.
“Is that all you wanted to say?” He asked.
Emma blushed. “Well, I always imagined, if I had a real boyfriend, not just a lover, he would spank me when I was naughty. I just didn’t think it would happen the very first day.”
John laughed. “I guess you got lucky.” He teased.
Emma smiled. “You will spank me again some time, won’t you?” She asked.
“Of course.” John said.
“And I don’t mean just in the bedroom.” Emma said, licking her lips.
“We’re not in the bedroom now.” John teased.
Emma frowned.
“I will spank you whenever your naughty bottom deserves it.” John promised.
Emma smiled. “Thank you, Sir.”
“Anything else?” John asked.
Emma blushed. “You said something about returning the favor?”
John grinned. “I guess you’ll be staying in the corner just a bit longer.” He said, ready to kneel down.
“Wait.” Emma said, placing her hand on his shoulder.
“What is it?” John asked.
“I love you.” She said blushingly. “I wanted to say it before, you know…”
John smiled. “I love you to Emma.”
Then he knelt down and, you know…


The end

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