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The nosy neighbor 3 – regular discipline

two naked women bending over a table

This story is part of a series.

Part 1 Part 2

It’d been several days since my neighbor had disciplined me for the mess I’d made in his apartment. The firm spanking across my bare backside with his hand and slipper was still fresh in my mind. Most prevalent in my thoughts however was the reward I’d received later, for cleaning up, sweeping and mopping the floor with my red bottom on display. My neighbor had fucked me, his cock deep inside of me as I sat on his lap. His wife watched, slightly jealous, rubbing her own sore buttocks, deeply aroused, eagerly waiting her turn.
Even without that reward however, the firm punishment wouldn’t have diminished my desires. The days after were much like the days before, hanging out with my neighbors, Sophie and me getting into trouble, acting the brat and ending up over her husband’s lap. These more playful spankings were less serious, yet still left us with sore red bottoms and a horny craving for Jonathan’s cock.
He hadn’t fucked me again since that first time, instead we pleasured him and each-other with our mouths and hands. I’d gotten quite familiar with Sophie’s body in those days, as well as her husband’s, learning what turned them on the most. Yet I was still eagerly looking forward to the next time I earned myself a real punishment and – hopefully – Jonathan’s cock deep inside of me after.

That time came, again unexpectedly, one Friday afternoon, just a week since I’d cleaned their apartment and two since that very first time I’d been disciplined alongside Jonathan’s wife.
I had already prepared myself for a visit to my neighbors, hoping to get into a bit of trouble when Sophie knocked at my door. I gasped in surprise when I opened the door, seeing that my neighbor stood completely naked in the hallway. She was smiling.
I let her in before anyone would see her and closed the door.

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Two naked woman sitting side by side on a table Two naked woman bending over a table side by side A handsome man in a suit

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