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The second wife 2 – shared standards

spanked together

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

Jonathan and Mary had grown quite accustomed to having Elise in their life. Just a few months ago, the young woman had moved in with them, she took care of all their household tasks: cleaning, cooking, groceries, … and in her free time she worked on her art, in return she got a place to live and a modest wage.
Apart from working for the young couple, Elise also regularly slept with Jonathan’s wife. It was an arrangement that had actually been initiated by Jonathan himself, after seeing the two women constantly flirt and tease each-other.
Mary loved her husband, not just for allowing her to fulfill her bisexual fantasies with another woman, but for actively encouraging it. The agreement was after all, that she and Elise were not allowed to play together, unless they asked his permission first. Something Jonathan had not denied once in the months since he’d first made them kiss.
Since she began sleeping with his wife, Elise had begun to be more flirty with Jonathan as well. Of course, he often watched while the two women played with each-other and had thus seen the beautiful young woman fully naked, sweaty and moaning from his wife’s attention on several occasions; but even on regular days she teased him by wearing skimpy outfits while cleaning his home, leaving her bedroom door open as she changed or leaving the shower with just a tiny towel covering her body.
It was the same kind of behavior that had alerted him of the young woman’s interest in his wife, earlier in their relationship. Yet he did not act upon this knowledge. Just because he was okay with his wife experimenting with her sexual fantasies, didn’t mean she should be okay with him sleeping with another woman. It was different after all, Elise gave his wife something he couldn’t, which wasn’t true the other way around.
That didn’t stop him from fantasizing about it occasionally of course. Watching the two women together in his bed, he often imagined what it would be like if he could join them.

Mary knew of course of Elise’s interest in her husband. Ever since sleeping with her, they barely kept any secrets from each-other. Elise was one of the very few people who knew about her and Jonathan’s kinky sides. The only one in fact, who’d actually seen her husband spank her. More than once even, Elise often encouraged the act, complaining to her husband about how messy she could be, resulting in extra work for their housekeeper.
At first Mary had been quite opposed to the idea of Jonathan sleeping with Elise. She just couldn’t imagine sharing her husband with another woman. It felt a bit selfish, since he did allow her to play with someone else, but she couldn’t help it. As she and Elise spent more time together however and the they grew ever closer to each-other, she started to warm up to the idea. She no longer thought about it as sharing her husband with another woman, she began to see it as sharing Elise with her husband.
When Jonathan was away for work for several days, leaving her and Elise alone, Mary made the decision that when he returned, she’d try inviting him to play with them both.

This story is part of a series.

Part 3

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