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Training day: evening

Drawing of spanked woman bent over sofa

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

The whole morning, Sophie had spent undressing for her husband, again and again, and again. She had gotten quite good at it too, seeing from Elliot’s expressions what moves he liked most, when she acted shy, covering up her body with her hands, and then excited, using those same hands to touch herself.
She was proud of herself, which was an odd feeling, for she hadn’t expected to actually learn anything during these training days. In her mind, it had just been role-playing, being a submissive for a day. It made her wonder how much of her training actually stuck, not just for future training days but in every day life as well.
She was also a bit tired, standing up all this time, dressing and undressing was a bit of a work-out too. That, and her bottom still hurt from the two spankings Elliot had given her so far.
It was partly through her fourth or fifth striptease practice that she’d realized what that first spanking had been about, the one her husband had given her when he got out of the shower. Sophie had joined him to wash his back, and eagerly to do so, she had stripped too quickly, rather than slowly and sensually as she should.
Now, it seemed like Elliot was finally satisfied with her efforts, for he’d let her keep her clothes on and asked her to set the table for lunch.

Normally, lunch was a shared effort, even if it was just sandwiches, but not on training day. Sophie set the table while Elliot relaxed in the sofa with his phone. It wasn’t just sandwiches either, Sophie had made fresh soup the day before and bought the more expensive bread at the bakery that morning.
When she was ready, she asked her husband to join her so they could have lunch together.
Elliot asked her about her lesson and whether she’d enjoyed it. Sophie told him how much she’d learned and how happy she was she now knew how to please her husband even more. She blushed when Elliot told her he was proud of her.
When they were done, Sophie cleared away the dishes, eager to learn any other lessons her husband had prepared for her.

When she was done in the kitchen, Sophie joined her husband in the living room and saw he’d taken out some paper and his drawing utensils.
“I wanted to use this training day to practice sketching.” Elliot explained. “You can do some modeling for me.”
Sophie smiled. “I could do that any day, Sir.”
“Really, you’d take all that time out of your day, abandon your plans, to just stand still and do nothing, if you weren’t trying to be my perfect submissive?” Elliot asked.
Sophie blushed. “I guess it would get a bit boring after a while.”
“Right, so go stand over there and try to just keep a casual pose.” Her husband instructed.
Sophie moved to where he pointed and tried to act casually.
Standing there was a mixture of fun and boredom, curiosity for what her husband was drawing, and impatience for having to wait until he was done.
“Don’t worry.” Elliot said. “I’m just doing quick sketches today.” And he held word, for shortly after, he asked her to turn around and raise her dress.
Sophie blushed slightly as her husband sketched her. These weren’t just innocent sketches, for in the third pose, he had her bend over and touch her toes. They were clearly inspired by the many spanking positions she might find herself in as his submissive.
For the fifth pose, Sophie was told to stand in the corner, dress raised and hands on her head. She looked over her shoulder, pretending to pout, and secretly wished Elliot had given her a bit of a spanking, just to make her expression feel more believable.


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