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Teasing her co-workers

drawing of a woman spanked across a desk

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

Her high heels echoed through the corridor as Emily made her way to the office from the changing rooms.
Last week, she’d spent an embarrassing few moments there, realizing she’d forgotten a spare set of trousers. The one she’d worn, wet with the rain, she’d given to the cleaning lady to be dried.
Now, Emily kept a set of office clothing in her locker, to be sure she never had to work in her undies again.
The embarrassment that had caused wasn’t the only reason however. That and the spanking by her boss that had followed—for distracting her co-workers too much—had taught her that she actually enjoyed the attention the incident had granted her.
The clothing she now kept in her locker actually encouraged the exciting arousal she’d then felt that first time. She still came to work on a bicycle, but the comfortable clothing for commuting, were quickly switched for the outfit she wore now.
She entered the office wearing a short black skirt, barely long enough to cover the edge of her stockings and very tight across her round bottom. Those pale stockings with a single black line along the back were held up by a garter belt, their laced tops would be visible if she did anything but stand up perfectly straight. Her blouse was pristinely white and she left enough buttons open for ample cleavage, perhaps a few too many to be considered appropriate.
All heads had turned the first day she’d showed up to work in her new outfit. They still turned today, like they had every day.
Emily hadn’t heard any gossip about the spanking her boss had given her that first time, even though the cleaning lady knew about it. It still made her wonder how many knew and who realized the effect it had had on her.

Few of the men hid the fact that their gaze followed her walk all the way to her desk. Their eyes on her body made Emily walk with confidence, head held high, cheeks slightly blushed, and a warm excited feeling pulsed between her legs.
When she sat down on her chair, the clasps of her garter belt and an inch of bare skin above her stockings became exposed.
After she crossed her legs, Emily tried to pull down her skirt to better cover her legs. The motion did not help at all, but it did attract the eyes of her co-workers, which had been its real purpose anyway.
More than once, her male co-workers passed her desk, for a chat, a question, or just on their way to someone else. Emily made sure to lean slightly forward as they looked down into her cleavage or to fiddle with her stockings to attract attention to how little of her long, slim legs was covered by her skirt.
When she had to get up herself, she made sure to walk straight as she approached someone’s desk. Only to then bend over at the hips, sticking out her bottom as it strained the seams of her tight skirt.
Today was only the third day Emily wore her new outfit. She had been nervous the first time, but every day she felt more confident. Even when her boss entered, she did not look up from her position, bent over the desk of her friend, wiggling her bottom at their male colleagues.
“Emily, could I talk to you in my office?” Her boss suddenly requested.
When she turned around and noticed the angry look in her boss’ eyes, Emily blushed. She realized she might’ve been enjoying herself a bit too much.
“Of course, sir.” She said.
She followed him out of the shared office, looking over her shoulder at her colleagues. How many of them knew what had happened three days ago?

4 responses to “Teasing her co-workers”

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  2. Philip says:

    I absolutely loved this. Very erotic. Very arousing. Thank you!

  3. […] is the last part of this series,you can reread the first two parts here: part 1 – part 2 It is worth your time reading them again, as I have edited and improved both […]

  4. […] is the last part of this series,you can reread the first two parts here: part 1 – part 2 It is worth your time reading them again, as I have edited and improved both […]

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