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Private property 3 – ownership

drawing of a woman spanked otk

This story is part of a series.

Part 1 Part 2

The very next day after Lena had spent an evening gardening fully naked on Gregory’s property, she returned to his land for her morning run.
The day before was still fresh on her mind, when she’d fallen in the mud and then undressed completely to wash in a fountain while Gregory watched. Then he had spanked her, this time not because she was naughty, but because she was cold and wanted him to warm her up. Good girls deserve spankings too he’d said, and she’d eagerly agreed.
Later that day she’d returned to his property to help him work in the garden, doing her fair share was what good girls were supposed to do. She’d earned another spanking then, for not following his new rule that forbade any clothing for outsiders on his property, her first real spanking since the one she’d gotten the first time she’d trespassed on his land. Yet this real punishment turned her on even more than the good-girl-spanking earlier that day. This inspired her to hand the property owner a switch she’d cut while gardening that he could use on her to train her to be better behaved. She wanted him to be more strict with her and her wishes were granted as he used to long, narrow switch freely on her backside while she worked for him.
At the end of the night, after a lot of hard work and a very sore red bottom, Lena couldn’t help but wonder, that if Gregory could set rules for her – like not being allowed any clothes – he could set her to work – like gardening – and he could punish her, was she in a way not just inside his private property, but part of it as well?
Gregory eagerly showed her then what he would really do if she was his property. He pushed her down into the flower beds and fucked her hard and fast.
Lena loved it.

She’d loved it so much in fact, that she’d returned this next day. Just for her morning run, Lena thought, she exercised here every day, but she knew that she really came because Gregory could then use her any way he desired, as his property.

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