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The second wife 3 – a wife in trouble

spanked together

This story is part of a series.

Part 1 Part 2

In the weeks after Jonathan had first spanked his housekeeper Elise, the young woman found many ways of getting in trouble again. Most often Jonathan’s wife Mary was involved as well and both women got punished side by side.
Mary already got disciplined regularly by her husband in the past, it was a lifestyle they both enjoyed greatly and was based more on lustful desire than actual need for punishment. The frequency of her spankings had almost doubled now that Elise – still playfully referred to as her wife – was exploring her own interest in the subject, yet Mary didn’t seem to mind. It was often hard for Jonathan to discern which of the two women had persuaded the other in participating in their naughty antics. Jonathan didn’t mind either of course, he loved taking control of both women and teaching them a lesson by turning their bottoms bright red.
Discipline for their housekeeper wasn’t all that had changed in those weeks. In the past Mary and her wife had – with her husband’s permission – enjoyed each-other’s company in the bedroom whilst Jonathan watched or just listened. Now more often than not Jonathan joined both women in their sexual play. Mary loved her husband’s presence in their bed, while she might have been hesitant to share him at first, she now greatly enjoyed the extra pair of hands. Elise also seemed to enthusiastically welcome him in their play, most of her attention still went to Mary when he did, except on days when their play followed a spanking. This reaffirmed to Jonathan that the young woman’s interest in him had been kindled by the disciplinary lifestyle of him and his wife.

Their relationship took another turn one day, when Jonathan was given reason to put Elise across his knee. It was one of those rare times when his wife was not involved, yet Jonathan made sure she was present to watch her wife be disciplined. Just like Elise always had to ask Jonathan’s permission to play with Mary, Jonathan always made sure his wife was present to witness these intimate interactions with their housekeeper.
The event that sparked this disciplinary session was Elise pushing over a vase while doing her housekeeping duties. The vase did not shatter, but a large chunk was chipped off its rim, enough reason for Jonathan to teach the young woman a firm lesson on being more attentive.

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