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The man across the street

spanked otk while wearing only an apron

On a random Thursday evening, after a long day at work, Sophie noticed something strange outside her window. It was already dark out and the apartment across the street looked like a grid of brightly lit windows, with just a few dark squares. In one of the windows however, the light seemed to be flickering on-and-off.
Sophie imagined it would just be a faulty light, but the flickering continued until she moved closer to her own window to have a better look. Then it suddenly stopped.
Coincidence, Sophie thought, but when she moved away the light suddenly turned back on and someone seemed to be holding a piece of paper up against the glass. It read: “we can see you”.
Sophie blushed. Was that message meant for her?
In most, if not all windows across the street the view was obscured by curtains, not so in Sophie’s apartment however. She’d never bothered buying any. She was on the fifth floor of the building, no-one would be able to see inside, she thought.
What made her blush, was that she was wearing nothing more than some skimpy black panties and a too-small bra. Sophie was the kind of girl who felt most comfortable wearing as little clothing as possible. Most days when she got home from work, she’d undress as soon as the door closed behind her, finally able to relax in just her underwear or less.
Unsure that the message was meant for her, Sophie grabbed some paper and wrote a message of her own: “me?” This was quite a large apartment complex after all and who knew how many of her neighbors lacked curtains as well? The person across the street was also on a lower floor than her, he’d have to have been looking up to see her.
As soon as she held the message up against the window, the man across the street took down his and added “yes, you” at the bottom.
Sophie blushed even deeper now. It was obviously meant for her. She tried to get a better look at the man across the street, but the light in his apartment seemed much dimmer than hers, he was just a dark silhouette. She wondered how much of her he could see.
Yet despite her blushes and wondering, Sophie did not move away. Part of her found it quite exciting that someone was watching her. She wondered if she’d ever been spied upon before. The days where she wore even less than now, trudging naked through her apartment, were far from rare.
Sophie took away her paper and tried to ignore the man across the street, resuming her relaxed evening. She couldn’t stop thinking about him however, and often glanced at her window, wondering whether he was still watching.
When she looked outside some time later, Sophie noticed the message had been replaced with a new one. “Aren’t you going to close your curtains?” She couldn’t see anyone holding it up though, so it must’ve been taped to the window.
Sophie wondered whether this man was teasing her, or if he was seriously disturbed by her near-nudity. She had no idea what kind of person he was after all, he might just be a prudish old man.
She wrote “no” on the back of her paper and held it up against the window. She could’ve explained that she didn’t have any curtains, but just in case he was an old grouch, she decided she didn’t own him any explanations.
His reaction came quickly, so fast in fact that Sophie was sure he’d been watching, even while she hadn’t been able to see him. “Naughty girl!” His message read.
Sophie blushed. It felt like he was flirting. She hoped he was, the naughty, excited feeling she felt depended upon it. She had to be sure though, so she held one last message up to her window: “You could just stop watching.”
The man across the street didn’t reply immediately this time. When he did, his response was just a series of numbers. It took Sophie a moment to realize it was a phone number.
Sophie hesitated for a while, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to contact him. Right now he was just a pair of eyes across the street, something insubstantial. If she were to call him however, he’d become real.
Her curiosity was too strong however, so after just a bit of nervous pacing through her room, she picked up her phone and called the number.
“Hello, this is Jack.” He picked up.
“Hey, this is Sophie… from across the street?” Sophie replied.
“Hey Sophie, thanks for calling, I couldn’t read your last message, the text was too small.” Jack said.
Sophie licked her lips. “Oh, I just said, you could just stop watching.”
The man across the street laughed softly. “That’s true, I guess.” He replied. “But I really enjoyed the show. I was only trying to warn you in case you didn’t want people spying on you in your underwear.”
Sophie blushed again. She’d been right, he wasn’t some grumpy old prude, he had been flirting. “Oh, I don’t mind.” She replied.
“Aha, so you are a naughty girl.” The man responded.
Sophie licked her lips, she didn’t know why she was enjoying this so much, but she couldn’t help herself. She even made sure she was standing in front of her window while she was talking to him. “Maybe I am. What are you going to do about it?” She asked.
Jack laughed again. “Oh I have some ideas about what I could do if I were up there right now.”
Sophie giggled. “Luckily I’m safe across the street, all you can do is watch.”

Over the next couple of days, Sophie was very aware of her curtain-less window and all the possible eyes out there watching her. She kept a special eye out whether the light in a specific window across the street was on or not: Jack’s apartment.
She did not let this new-found insight change her behavior however, she still strolled through her apartment in as few clothes as possible. It’s just that when she now passed the window and imagined someone watching, a shiver of excitement ran up her spine.
Jack didn’t forget about her either of course and on several nights a message was taped against his window. They ranged from teasing remarks to playful scolding: “cute panties” or “naughty girl”.
Sophie didn’t write any messages back for him, instead she just waved at him when she though she’d seen his silhouette at the window.
She did call him a few times. When he wrote a message saying “those are my favorite color” she told him she’d wear them more often for him. When his message said “you’re lucky I’m not there right now” she asked him what he would do if he was. “I would give that cute bottom a good spanking.” Jack had replied.
Sophie really enjoyed their banter and Jack’s teasing scolding. She thought it might be hypocritical of him to admonish her over her behavior while so obviously enjoying watching her, but it didn’t feel that way. Part of the fun was how naughty it all felt and Jack’s stern words just amplified that effect. When he’d threatened to spank her, she’d felt a tingle in her bottom and butterflies in her stomach.
“No underwear today?” The message read one evening, about a week after Sophie and Jack had started their window-side communications.
Sophie blushed, she was wearing some underwear, but it was tan-colored and she could understand how someone all the way across the street could mistake her for being naked.
She stood in front of her window, wondering how to reply; but she mostly thought about the fact that it was actually out of the ordinary that she was wearing underwear again. Before she met Jack, she’d strolled through her apartment naked every other day; but since reading his message, she’d refrained from doing so, too timid to go that far.
The idea that Jack thought he was seeing her naked – though he really wasn’t – turned her on even more than the nights before however. When she noticed his silhouette at the window, she waved at him and an idea came to her. Sure that he could see her now, Sophie unhooked her bra and took it off, baring her breasts as she held up the piece of clothing, showing him that she had been wearing it before. Then she turned around and bent over to pull down her panties, presenting him with her now bared bottom.
Sophie was blushing deeply when she turned around again to see the man across the street watching her, but her nervous blush was accompanied by deep arousal and excitement.
A moment later her phone rang.
Sophie bit her lip, Jack had never called her before, he’d just left her messages on the window, she’d always been the one to call him. She picked up. “This is Sophie.”
“Did I just watch you do a striptease right in front of the window?” Jack asked, skipping right past the pleasantries.
“Yes.” Sophie replied, not sure what else to say.
“Naughty girl, anyone could’ve seen you.” Jack replied.
Sophie blushed, but she was feeling cheeky. “I thought your message today was a request.” She protested.
Jack laughed and Sophie could see him peel off the message from his window, reminding himself of what he had written: “no underwear today?”
“Well if I knew you were taking requests…” He said.
Sophie giggled. “Wait, no, that’s not what I meant… What happened to this being naughty?”
“Oh, but you do still deserve a sore red bottom for such naughty behavior.” Jack replied.
Sophie bit her lip. “In that case, remind me to never ask you to come over.”

Sophie became more and more comfortable exposing herself for her neighbor. Whether in her underwear or fully naked, she spent her evenings in her apartment knowing someone across the street was watching her and she was loving it.
Jack kept up his messages and they always made Sophie giggle while also providing a hot and tingling sensation between her legs when he teased or across her bottom whenever he threatened to spank her.
One night, Sophie could no longer stop herself. She’d been debating the actions of this evening with herself for a while now, during the day she’d even entered the foyer of the building across the street, looking for Jack’s name on the rows of doorbells.
That particular evening, Sophie had stripped completely when coming home from work and Jack’s written response to her nudity was a short “hey beautiful”.
After reading his message, she picked up her jacket and went out to finally meet the man who had been spying on her. Under her coat Sophie wore nothing still, her legs were completely bare and the coat was barely long enough to cover her hips. On her feet she wore just some slippers, amplifying the fact of her nudity, she was sure Jack would immediately realize that she was completely naked underneath.
Her whole skin was tingling when she quickly crossed the busy street before entering the building on the other side. Nervously she rang the only doorbell that had Jack written beside it. Most were only last names however, so she could still be wrong.
She was relieved when she recognized Jack’s voice through the speaker: “Who is it?”
“Hey, it’s Sophie, can I come up?”
Jack buzzed her in and Sophie made her way up to the fourth floor of the unfamiliar building. Luckily Jack was waiting at his door. Sophie had only ever seen his silhouette for he didn’t light his apartment as brightly as she did, but she recognized him none-the-less.
“Hey Jack.” She called out to him, blushing deeply.
Her neighbor looked her up and down and from the look on his face Sophie knew that he’d immediately realized that she hadn’t bothered to get dressed before coming over.
“Sophie, what a pleasure, what can I help you with?”
Sophie blushed. She had an excuse for coming over of course. This was just a test-run, she didn’t intend to enter his apartment or do anything with him. She’d just challenged herself to meet him like this. “I was going to bake some cookies, but realized I don’t have any sugar and wondered whether I could borrow some?” She asked.
Jack grinned, he obviously recognized the excuse for what it was. “I don’t think I can.” He replied.
Sophie frowned, slightly surprised. “Why not?” She asked.
“Borrow implies that you return it when done, but you can’t really return sugar once you’ve used it, can you?” Jack explained.
Sophie rolled her eyes. She wanted to make a cheeky remark, but then got a better idea. “I can return it in the form of some cookies.” She replied. “You can come taste some when I’m done baking.”
Jack smiled broadly. “Are you inviting me over then?” He asked.
Sophie blushed. She hadn’t intended this to be more than just some playful teasing, like every other night. But if Jack was coming over, she couldn’t guarantee that nothing more would happen. “Yes, I’ll call you when the cookies are done.” She replied.
Jack grinned. “You told me once, to remind you to never ask me over.”
Sophie blushed even deeper and a tingling sensation ran across her bottom. “I know.” She said. “But surely nothing bad could happen if I behave properly, right?”
Jack looked her up and down again, his eyes screaming that he knew she was not behaving properly even right now. “I guess not.” He replied. “Let me get you some sugar.”

Back in her apartment, Sophie took out her baking equipment. She hadn’t really planned on making those cookies, they were just an excuse, but now that she’d invited Jack over, she kinda had to.
She exchanged her coat for an apron and set to work. Underneath she was still naked of course, even though Jack wouldn’t be able to see all the way into her tiny kitchen from across the street.
While she worked, Sophie thought about what would happen when her neighbor came over. She had several options in mind. She could get dressed and try to keep things friendly, yet she knew that wasn’t really an option, that’s not what she had invited him over for. Perhaps if she got dressed, he’d feign disappointment and undress her himself, or perhaps he’d ask her to undress herself to get a better look at what he usually only saw through the window. There was of course also the option that she remained naked as she was and risked the spanking he’d so often threatened her with.
When the cookies were in the oven, Sophie called the man across the street and asked him to come over. She still only wore her apron and now had only a few moments to quickly get dressed.
She decided not to.
When Sophie greeted Jack at the door, he looked pleasantly surprised to see her wearing nothing but an apron. From the front it covered her decently, though the cleavage was deep and it was quite short at the bottom. When she turned around however, her entire back, including her bottom was completely bared.
“Sophie, did you not get dressed, knowing you had visitors coming over?” Jack said as he followed her inside.
Sophie blushed, yet her mind was made up, all this threatening and teasing had gone on for long enough. She wanted to know if he would actually go through with his threats and – if he did – whether getting a spanking was really as exciting as her horny mind was trying to convince her it was.
“I guess I forgot.” She replied. “You’ve seen how I’m usually dressed at home.”
Jack grinned. “Yes. Not dressed at all.” He crossed his arm. “Do you remember what I said I’d do if I were here and you were dressed like this?”
Sophie blushed. “I remember you saying there were many things you could do.”
Jack nodded. “Yes, and one of those, one I mentioned specifically, is give that cute bottom of yours a firm spanking.”
Sophie licked her lips, but did not protest. She wasn’t sure what to say right now.
“Right.” Jack said. “I see you have no other defense for your behavior.” He took one of her kitchen chairs and sat down. “Get across my knee, young lady.”
Sophie’s heart was racing, her bottom was tingling like mad. She carefully placed herself across her neighbor’s lap.
Jack placed his hand on her bottom and Sophie closed her eyes, growing even more excited by the intimate touch on her bare backside.
“I’ve warned you again and again of what would happen if I got my hands on you.” Jack said, his hand gently stroking her bottom. “Walking through your apartment, naked for all to see, never closing your curtains.” He paused for a moment. “And now that I’m here I can see you don’t even own any curtains. I think you want people to see you like this. No. I know you do.” He raised his hand and smacked her bottom.
Sophie groaned softly as a soft sting spread through her buttocks.
“How long until those cookies are ready?” Jack asked.
Sophie blinked, she’d been expecting him to start the spanking after that first swat, it took her a moment to think straight. “About fifteen minutes.” She replied.
“Good.” Jack replied. “That’ll surely be enough to get your bottom nice and red.”
Sophie blushed, but before she could protest that fifteen whole minutes might be a bit much, Jack raised his hand and peppered her bottom.
Sophie groaned and squirmed as her neighbor’s quick, firm swats quickly spread the sting through her entire bottom.
Again and again his hand connected with her backside, no pause given as the pain built in her bottom. If he kept this up for fifteen whole minutes, she’d be howling by the end, Sophie feared.
Luckily Jack paused quickly, squeezing and stroking her backside. He made no secret of the fact that he wanted to take full advantage of her helplessness. His hand fondling and groping, playing with her buttocks and reaching between her legs were her wet, hot pussy betrayed her own excitement.
Before he could take his fondling too far however, Jack raised his hand again and continued her punishment. Sophie moaned deeply as her sore buttocks bounced under the impact of Jack’s hand.
Her bottom turned from pink to red and Sophie’s moans were replaced by squeals as the deep, aching sting slowly transformed into blazing hot pain.
She squealed and kicked her legs, and yet, she welcomed the pain. Exposing herself to Jack and any other neighbors that might have been secretly watching had felt naughty and thus this punishment deserved. Not that she felt remorse or believed that she’d done something wrong, no she wanted this pain because it reinforced the idea that she was a naughty, sexy young woman.
That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt of course, so she squirmed and moaned across Jack’s lap as his hand kept coming down on her sore, sensitive backside.
“I won’t do it again.” She promised. “I’ll be a good girl.” Even though she had no intentions of doing so. She didn’t even really want him to stop, despite the ache in her backside, she was loving this feeling of helplessness across his knee. He probably wouldn’t stop anyway, she hadn’t heard the oven alarm go off, which meant the cookies weren’t ready yet.
“Will you?” Jack said, slowing down the assault on her backside, but underlining each of his words with a firm swat on her bottom. “I have a hard time believing you will.”
Sophie blushed as her bottom burned. Jack was right of course, she realized. She wasn’t suddenly going to change her behavior and remain dressed in her own apartment. She wasn’t really learning a lesson here; or if she was, it was how much she liked being spanked.
Jack paused for a moment when she did not immediately reply. His hand fondling her now very sensitive red bottom, making Sophie squirm with each squeeze. “Well, be honest, when I look out my window tomorrow evening, can I expect to see you wearing a decent amount of clothes?”
Sophie blushed even deeper. “Probably not.” She admitted. She knew it would earn her more swats across her bottom, but she was not in the mindset of lying to him, not while she was across his knee like this.
Jack raised his hand again and continued her punishment without further explanation.
Sophie squealed and squirmed, but there was nothing she could do to stop him. She’d gotten herself into this, inviting him over, he’d warned her plenty of times of what would happen. Yet despite the pain, the throbbing hot sensation in her backside, she would do it again.
Finally, a beeping alarm announced that the cookies were ready. It was barely audible over the sound of Jack’s hand connecting with her bottom and Sophie’s squeals that followed. Yet Jack stopped, placing his hand on her burning backside.
“Alright, you can get up now and get those out of the oven.”
Sophie pushed herself off her neighbor’s lap, squirming softly. She rubbed her poor backside for a moment, surprised by how hot it felt to her hands.
When she opened the oven, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafted into the room. She carefully bent over to take them out – feeling Jack’s eyes on her sore, red backside – and piled them onto a plate.
“Do you want to go sit in the couch?” She asked him.
Jack smiled. “I’m fine here.”
Sophie bit her lower lip and put the cookies on the table next to him. She moaned softly when she sat down on the other, hard wooden kitchen chair.
Her neighbor grabbed one of her cookies and took a big bite. “These are great.” He said. “I hope you’ll invite me over more often for some of these.”
“Of course.” Sophie said, smiling shyly. “You’re always welcome.”
Jack grinned broadly. “Though I didn’t hear you promise that you’d be more decently dressed in the future.”
Sophie blushed and shook her head. “I wouldn’t want to make promises I can’t keep.”
Jack nodded. He didn’t have to say it, but they both knew the implications. Next time she invited him over, her bottom would end up red and sore, just like it was right now.
“I was wondering though.” Sophie said, thinking about how this night had started, how she’d crossed the street wearing nothing but a short coat and slippers to ring Jack’s doorbell. “Now that I know what you’d do if you were here; what would you do if it was reversed? What if I was in your apartment fully naked?”
Jack grinned broadly. “You mean like earlier this evening? When you arrived unannounced, asking for some sugar?”
Sophie blushed and nodded, not denying that she’d been wearing nothing under that coat. “Yes, but if you invited me inside, I mean. I expect you do have curtains, would it still be naughty?”
Jack pursed his lips, thinking it over for a moment. “I guess I wouldn’t have to spank you.” He said. “But such a beautiful, naked young woman in my home? I wouldn’t be able to help myself, I’d have to take you to my room and fuck you.”
Sophie smiled and licked her lips. Her bottom was still burning, pressed against the hard wooden surface of her chair, but between her thighs she felt equally hot and excited. Wearing nothing but an apron to cover her nudity while Jack sat right across her kitchen table aroused her even more than knowing he was watching from across the street. “Remind me some time.” She said. “To arrive at your place unannounced more often.”


The end

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