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Anna and Dave had been dating for over three weeks now. It had started conventionally, going out for drinks, dinner, the theater, … Then it had evolved into something more casual, just hanging out together, enjoying each-other’s company, they just wanted to be together.
Tonight, Anna had invited Dave to hang out at her place, to watch a movie and have a drink. Well, that was the reason she’d given when inviting him anyway. Anna and Dave both knew why she’d really invited him to her home at such a late hour, she wanted him to stay the night. While they’d grown more comfortable together as they dated, they’d also grown more intimate: from Dave’s arm around her shoulders, her hand in his back pocket, up to that intense kiss just a few days ago. Anna wanted him in her bed.
She had some difficulty preparing for the evening. She’d already chosen a movie and provided some snacks and a bottle of wine. What Anna had trouble with, was what she was supposed to wear. On their dates she’d always dressed to be hot and sexy, yet for an evening at home, on the couch before the TV, that seemed odd. It didn’t feel right to put on a sexy black dress, do up her hair and put on her make-up if they weren’t going out. Yet she also didn’t want to look boring, she had to be casual, yet at the same time hot so that Dave would want to rip her clothes off.
Eventually, Anna had narrowed it down to three options: A comfortable outfit of woolen stockings with a colorful pattern that hugged her hips tightly and left no curve unrevealed, combined with a warm fluffy sweater that was just long enough to cover her backside and pretend decency, while its soft fabric rolling over her breasts demanded to be hugged and squeezed. Or she could do the exact opposite and pretend she had already readied herself for bed once their date was over, with a sexy black night-gown that barely covered her hips and was so sheer it was almost see-through. Though she feared that might be too forward and thus she considered a middle option: cute and comfortable pajamas with pants that still hugged her bottom nicely and a button-down top with nothing underneath.
In the end Anna decided against using the middle road, thinkin it would be too boring. Instead she went with her first option: a comfortable yet revealing outfit that would hopefully encourage Dave to reach out and touch the softness that enveloped her body. Her real plan however, was the sexy night-gown she’d readied in her bathroom, where she could change outfits halfway through their date.
She was still nervous when she waited for her date to arrive, wondering what he might think of her outfit, with her hair in a messy bun and just a faint touch of make-up around her eyes. When he finally arrived, she was relieved to see he had understood the goal of the night. Instead of the dressed pants and nice button-up shirts he’d worn to their previous outings, Dave now wore some comfortable looking jeans and a simple sweater.
Anna smiled as she let him in, thinking he looked just as handsome in this casual outfit and yet she couldn’t wait until she got him out of those clothes.

Anna’s nervousness quickly dissipated as they settled down on the couch, comfortable in each-other’s company. Yet she was still slightly less relaxed than usual, as butterflies kept disturbing her stomach as she imagined what this night was leading to.
They sat closely together on her coach, her body leaning against his, his leg touching hers from her hip to her knee. Dave had placed one hand on her thigh, it was a warm, glowing presence both on her body and in her mind.
They talked very little, just commenting on the movie as they watched. Anna had chosen it specifically for this night: a common action movie with an easy to follow plot that she wouldn’t mind not finishing if they decided to retire to her bedroom early. The real reason she’d chosen it however, was because of the two protagonists: a hot, sexy couple whose thrilling action scenes were interspersed with steamy sex scenes. The movie’s director had been quite liberal with what he’d allowed to be shown on screen and as the movie progressed, Anna could feel her arousal building, watching such lewd scenes as she cuddled up against her boyfriend.
After another of such erotic scenes ended with the two protagonists naked in bed in their hotel-room, Anna pushed herself up. She’d been resting her head on Dave’s shoulder, breathing heavily as they watched the scene. His hand on her leg had slowly inched up through the night, until it was just a hair’s width away from her most private parts.
“Can we pause?” She asked. “I need to use the bathroom.”
“Of course.” Dave replied, pulling away his hand and shifting his body away from hers.
Anna blushed. “I meant the movie.” She said, taking the remote so she could pause the film.
Dave grinned. “I knew that.”
“Be right back.” Anna said, before quickly making her way to the bathroom.
Her heart was pounding as she grabbed the night-gown where she’d stashed it. Her skin was tingling all over as she pulled off her clothes. When she was fully naked, she stared at herself in the mirror for a moment. Then she pulled on the night-gown. In the bright bathroom lights it seemed more see-through than she remembered. Her nipples which were erect with excitement poked through the sheer fabric and the gown itself was even shorter than her sweater. She wore nothing underneath. “Don’t back down now.” She whispered to the mirror.
When she returned to the living room, she could see Dave’s eyes widening and his eyebrows rising. His look of pure admiration and desire quickly reassured her that she’d made the right choice.
“I was getting a bit tired, so I thought I might as well get ready for bed now.” Anna explained as she sat down next to him, pressing her bare leg against his.
Dave placed his hand back on her thigh, his warm fingers now in direct contact with her bare skin. “If you’re so tired.” He said. “Perhaps I should take you to bed. We can finish the movie some other night.”
Anna bit her lip as his hand gently kneaded her thigh, inching up under her night-gown where she was bare and no longer protected from his touch. “I’m not that tired.” She protested.
“That’s alright.” Dave replied, fingers sliding under her gown, cupping her hot, wet pussy in the palm of his hand. “I wasn’t going to let you sleep just yet.”
Anna moaned deeply and then pushed herself up, climbing on top of her boyfriend, straddling his lap. “You can take me to bed later.” She said, unable to wait any longer.
Dave grunted deeply as she reached down between her legs, fumbling with the buttons of his trousers. She could feel his cock, rock hard, trying to escape. When she finally got it out, she eagerly guided his erection between her legs, sliding herself onto his cock.
As she placed her arms around Dave’s neck, bending down to kiss him, he placed his hands on her backside, sliding underneath her gown to grab her bared buttocks. She let him guide her, riding his cock, slowly at first, but then faster and faster.
Anna moaned deeply as she felt him deep inside of her. The anticipation that had slowly built up during the evening now found its release as her body started to tremble. She was shaking and groaning when the orgasm took over, barely aware of Dave who was also shivering, groaning loudly as he came inside of her, filling her up with his cum.
Out of breath, Anna leaned her head on his shoulder. She was still on top of him, could still feel him inside of her. It had all happened so fast, and it was over so quickly, both of them eager and greedy.
She pushed herself up again, her eyes finding his and then kissing him deeply. “That wasn’t really what I had planned.” She whispered with a laugh.
Dave grinned. “What did you have planned?” He asked.
Anna blushed slightly. “I was going to put on this sexy night-gown, I’d flirt and tease, we’d kiss and cuddle, until finally you could take no more and carry me to the bedroom.”
Dave’s grin broadened. “I could carry you to the bedroom now.”
Anna licked her lips and then nodded. She carefully pushed herself off Dave’s lap and then let him pick her up and carry her to the other room.
She giggled when he dropped her on the bed, ignoring the fact that his trousers stood open and his cock was hanging out. When he joined her in the bed she eagerly pushed her body against his, kissing him deeply.
Anna could feel his hands all over her body, from her shoulders down to her bottom. When he moved to the front, fondling her breasts, she rolled onto her back, giving him free reign of her bosom. She moaned deeply as he squeezed and pinched, eagerly aiding him when he pulled her night-gown up and over her head, leaving her completely naked.
Dave’s mouth quickly joined his hands, kissing her neck, down over her collar-bone and then biting the soft flesh of her breasts, and sucking her nipples. His hands in the meantime reached down her belly, through the small patch of soft hair above her pussy and then pushed his fingers between her wet, swollen lips.
“Was this more like what you planned?” He asked as his fingers gently circled her clit.
“Yes.” Anna moaned softly.
“And what else would you have planned?” Dave asked.
Anna licked her lips. “I don’t know.” She replied, it was hard to think.
“No?” Dave asked. “Then tell me what you like.” His fingers still slowly circling, teasing, barely touching.
“I like this.” Anna cheekily replied.
“Nothing else?” Dave asked. “No naughty fantasies you’d like to share?”
Anna blushed slightly.
“I can tell you one of mine.” Dave continued. “If you’d like.”
Anna moaned softly. “Yes, please.”
“I like to be in control.” Dave said. “I like to tease you and pleasure you, but keep the climax just out of reach so that I can decide when you may reach it.”
His fingers now slid over her clit, pressuring it more firmly, he made her squirm and moan under his touch.
“I could make you beg for it.” Dave continued, his fingers once again relieving the pressure, “or make you promise to do all sorts of things…”
Anna moaned deeply. She hadn’t seen this side of him before, she loved it, loved the way he took control, the way he made her squirm.
“Would you like that?” He asked.
Anna grunted. “Yes.” She whispered.
“Would you like me to make you beg, Anna?” Dave asked.
“Yes, please.” She replied.
Dave grinned, his hand slipped down further between her legs, pushing his fingers inside of her, pressuring the inner wall of her pussy. “Do you want me to make you cum, Anna?” He asked.
“Yes.” Anna moaned.
“Then first you’ll have to do something for me.” Dave replied. He pulled his fingers back, his hand cupping her pussy, exerting gentle pressure, promising more if she’d do what he asked.
Anna groaned, arching her back, pushing herself up against his hand. “What do you want me to do?” She moaned.
“I want you to tell me a naughty little secret.” Dave said. “A sexy fantasy that you wouldn’t share with just anyone.”
Anna blushed.
Dave let his fingers slip between her lips again, circling her clit to encourage her. “I told you one of mine.” He said.
Anna licked her lips, it was hard to focus while he was teasing her like this. She wanted to tell him, she realized, wanted him to know such things about her, just like she wanted to know about his fantasies. It wouldn’t make sense to keep such things hidden until much later in their relationship, she might as well reveal them now.
“I like roleplaying.” She whispered.
“Roleplaying?” Dave asked, his fingers building up the pressure to reward her for her answer.
Anna blushed. “Yes, I like to dress up and roleplay in some naughty, sexy scenario we made up.”
“What would you like to dress up as?” Dave asked curiously.
Anna licked her lips. “Nothing special, just the traditional things: a secretary earning favors from her boss, a maid doing more than her traditional tasks, a nurse getting handsy with her patient…” She moaned deeply, admitting such things as Dave’s fingers drove her slowly towards ecstasy.
Dave relieved some of the pressure between her legs however, as if giving her more time to think. “I’d love to roleplay with you sometime.” He said.
Anna moaned deeply. “Please don’t stop.” She begged.
“Do you have any roleplaying outfits?” Dave asked without giving in to her request. “Or do you only fantasize about them?”
Anna blushed. “I have a maid outfit.” She replied.
Dave grinned, his fingers still gently massaging her lips. “Do you want me to make you cum, Anna?” He asked.
“Yes, please.” She whispered.
His fingers slipped between her lips again, circling her clit. “Then you must promise me to bring that outfit to our next date.”
Anna moaned deeply.
“Do you promise?” Dave asked.
“I promise.” Anna groaned.
Dave then built up the pressure again, no longer holding back. Anna squirmed and moaned when he bent over to kiss her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples until she squealed, her body shaking and trembling as the climax took over.

Anna lay on her back, breathing heavily as she stared at the ceiling. She was smiling broadly. Then she looked to the side as she noticed Dave get up. She watched as he stood up to pull down his trousers and then pulled off his sweater so that he was as naked as she was. His cock was hard and long, erect with excitement from the secrets he’d pried from her and the things he’d done to her. She bit her lip, suddenly eager to feel him inside of her once more.
Dave got back onto the bed, kneeling beside her with seemingly the same thought on his mind. He bent forward to kiss her and pushed one knee between her legs, spreading them open and grinding that knee against her pussy.
“Would you like me to tell you one of my fantasies?” He asked.
Anna moaned softly. “Yes, please.”
“It’s not something I’d usually share on a first night.” He said. “But it just fits too perfectly with your roleplaying fantasy not to share.”
Anna licked her lips, curious for what it might be. She moaned deeply, feeling the pressure of his legs between her thighs. She was eager for him to fuck her. “Please tell me.” She whispered.
“In this roleplaying fantasy of yours.” Dave said. “While you are this sexy maid, I would be the master of the house where she works.” He placed his hand on her breast, fondling it gently as if he already was that man, taking advantage of his promiscuous employee.
“But in my fantasies I wouldn’t just take advantage of her lewd offers. No, I would be a strict boss.” Dave continued. “I would monitor her work, check for dust on the cabinets, look for any spots she might’ve missed while cleaning. And when her work would be unsatisfactory, I would have to punish her.”
Anna bit her lip, deeply aroused by his adaptation of her fantasy. She spread her legs further, wanting to feel him inside her. “How would you punish her?” She asked.
Dave grinned. He pushed himself between her legs, his hard cock teasingly poking against her swollen, wet pussy. “Tell me Anna, have you ever been spanked?”
Anna blushed. “No.” She whispered.
“Would you like to?” Dave asked, pushing his hips forward, his cock slipping between her lips as if he was at the same time asking whether she wanted to be fucked or spanked.
“Yes, please.” Anna replied, not sure which question she was answering. He had planted the idea in her mind and it sounded so hot, she could almost imagine what it would feel like.
Dave pushed forward, penetrating her with his cock as he leaned forward so he could whisper by her ear. “I would take that naughty maid across my knee.” He said whilst slowly thrusting his hips back and forth. “I would pull up her uniform and bare her bottom and then spank it with my bare hand.
Anna moaned deeply as Dave fucked her slowly and carefully. Earlier on the couch they’d gone hard and fast, but now he was in control, he went deep and firm.
“I would make her squirm and moan.” Dave continued. “Her bottom would slowly turn red as her buttocks bounced under the impact of my hand.”
Anna groaned as he painted this picture in her mind.
“I would make her squeal.” Dave said. “And she would struggle across my lap and beg for me to stop, but her struggles would be in vain as I could easily keep her in place across my knee and her punishment would continue until she’d learned her lesson.”
Anna squirmed as Dave slowly drove her toward ecstasy, her body trembling as he fucked her, the orgasm was just as slow, stretched out, seemingly lasting forever.
“Would you like to roleplay as such a naughty maid?” Dave asked.
Anna groaned deeply. “Yes, please.” She whispered as her body began to shake and she lost all control of her thoughts.
Dave also froze up, his body trembling as he pushed as deep as he could, cumming inside her, filling her up.

Later, when they’d caught their breath and lay side by side in the bed, naked bodies wrapped together, Anna turned towards Dave. “If I bring my outfit on our next date, are you really going to spank me?” She asked.
Dave smiled. “Only if you want me to.” He replied.
Anna licked her lips. I should be a bit nervous about this, she thought.
But she wasn’t. “I’d like that.” She replied.


The end

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