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spanked at the theater

It was a busy Friday at the local movie theater. It was the opening day of a new blockbuster superhero movie and we had multiple viewings all evening.
The last showing was at ten pm and would end only after midnight. Luckily, my shift ended shortly before, which meant I could join the crowd and enjoy the movie. One of the perks of working at the theater was free after-hour movies.
Even at this late hour, the room was packed, with just a few empty seats dotted around. I was alone however, so I just made my way to one of the top rows that had some space left over in the middle of the row.
The pre-movie commercials had already started. I had seen them all dozens of times before of course, so I looked at the crowd instead. Mostly younger people, some families with kids, quite a few people dressed up as their favorite superhero too.
Then my eyes were drawn to four young women who had seemingly just entered the room via the wrong door, coming in through the exit. I didn’t think much of it at first, perhaps they’d taken the wrong exit when searching for the snack-shop or the bathrooms. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got lost in this maze of a place.
The lights were already off, but the big screen gave enough light for me to keep an eye on them as they spread out through the room. There were no more seats for them to sit together, so they split up, each of them finding an empty spot for themselves.
One of the girls actually made their way up top, there was an empty spot right next to me and she smiled at me as she sat down, murmuring thanks as I had stood up to let her pass.
Thinking to be chivalrous, I offered to exchange seats with one of her friends so they could sit together.
“Oh, no that’s okay.” She replied. “You don’t have to.”
“I wouldn’t mind.” I said. “I didn’t pay for a ticket, so it would only be fair if I made room for those that did.”
The young woman chuckled. “We didn’t pay either.” She said.
I raised an eyebrow. So that’s why they’d entered through the exit. I guess I’d normally have to report them, but I didn’t really care. Working at such a big theater for what was barely more than minimum wage, I didn’t want to go out of my way and ruin this girl’s evening and probably my own as well. “So you snuck in?” I asked.
“Yeah.” She replied with a big grin, she was obviously excited by her mischievous night. “How did you get in?”
“I actually work here.” I replied, waiting for her reaction.
“Oh.” The girl seemed to blush, mouth opened slightly in surprise, though it was hard to see in the dark. “You’re not going to kick us out, are you?”
I grinned broadly, I was going to do no such thing, but it was fun teasing her a little. “I should, shouldn’t I?”
The young woman now turned to me. Even while we’d been talking, she’d been mostly focussed on the commercials. “If you let us stay, I’ll make it worth your while.” She said and as she did, she unbuttoned the top of her blouse, revealing the curve of her breasts and the edge of her lace-covered bra.
I blinked, unable to find a quick response in surprise of her boldness. “That’s okay.” I replied. “You don’t have to do that.”
“Are you sure?” She asked, winking at me. She’d deftly turned the tables, now she was the one teasing me.
“Yeah, I wasn’t going to have you kicked out.” I replied. I didn’t want anyone to think I might’ve tried to coerce her into anything.
“Shame.” The young woman said, and then she focussed her attention back on the big screen. The commercials had ended and the movie was about to start.
I looked around me, but no-one in the crowd seemed to have picked up on our whispered conversation. They were all focussed on the movie as I kept staring at the girl’s chest for a bit longer, she did not re-button her blouse.

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