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A spanking compilation

spanking compilation

The following story is a celebration, it is my 100th story.
I hope you all like it and return for many more stories.

“We are all connected, and I don’t mean we’re all human or we all have common ancestors, or even that we all want the same things. What I mean is we all have a shared inner-connectedness, a sort of …”
Emma yawned as she listened to the man on the stage. She wouldn’t usually attend seminars like this, but her friend had told her this man had changed her life. The only thing he’d changed for Emma thus far was her desire to stay awake.
They were in a small conference room with a stage at one end. All tables and chairs had been removed and replaced with thin mats covering the entire floor. The room was packed with people sitting on the ground, some in groups, a few couples and some by themselves like Emma. They all seemed to be listening attentively, hanging on the speaker’s every word.
Emma however had found a spot in front of the pillar in the middle of the room which she could lean against as she sat down. The room was hot, filled with so many people and the speaker’s voice just droned on. She had to actively fight to keep her eyes open. A contest she was sure to lose.

When she woke up, the room was silent and it took Emma a while to remember where she was. Groggily, she pushed herself to her feet and looked around. Everyone seemed to have left.
“Ah, you’re up.” A voice suddenly sounded.
Emma then noticed the man who had given the long, boring speech, she hadn’t seen him, sitting on the edge of the stage.
“Tell me.” He said. “Were you so tired that you couldn’t stay awake, or was it my fault for being too boring?”
Emma blushed slightly, but there was a hint of accusation in his tone that she couldn’t ignore. “It was a little bit boring.” She replied, not accusatory, but the truth deserved to be told, she thought.
The man frowned, but she could hardly see that from where she stood. “Next time, please just leave if you can’t be bothered to pay attention.” He said. “Your snoring was quite disruptive.”
Emma blushed and crossed her arms. Part of her told her to just drop it and apologize, but another part bristled at his tone and his – surely false – accusation of her snoring. “Next time, try being less boring.” She countered.
The man chuckled. “I’ll try.” He said, seemingly trying to appease the situation.
Emma frowned. Was he making fun of her? “You don’t believe me?” She asked. “That was truly one of the most boring things I’ve ever had to listen to.”
The man pushed himself off the stage and crossed his arms. “Such disrespect.” He said. “No-one made you listen. What they should do though, is give you a good spanking.”
Emma’s eyebrows raised in disbelief. What did he just say? She looked the man up and down, in his fancy suit, with a suitcase by his side probably filled with notes on his boring speech. A man of words, giving seminars to inspire people, but not actually doing anything to help, not a man of action.
She didn’t have to take this from him, she could just leave. But she couldn’t let him have the last word, she couldn’t run with her tail between her legs after what he’d just said.
Instead, she approached him defiantly. The stage was about the height of a low table, she turned away from him and bent over it, resting her elbows on the raised floor. With a flourish she raised her skirt, revealing the silk black panties underneath.
“Go on then.” She said, sure that he would back down.
The man raised his arm and promptly smacked her upturned bottom.
Emma squealed in surprise and turned herself around, now caught between the speaker and the stage at her back. She couldn’t believe he had spanked her. Well, she had offered her bottom herself, but any normal guy would back down, not wanting to get involved with any sexual harassment accusations.
“Well?” The man asked.
Emma blushed. He didn’t really think she was going to let him spank her, did he? Yet her heart was racing, some primal part of her was deeply aroused by the dominant look in his eyes as he looked down on her and the lingering, stinging sensation in her backside where his hand had connected with her backside. “Fine, I’m sorry.” She said.
“That’s it?” He asked. “You’ve surely deserved more than a single swat. But if that’s all it took for you to learn some respect, I guess it’ll have to do. Guess you are less of a brat than you pretend to be.”
Emma bit her lip. She wasn’t a brat. And just because she wasn’t going to let him spank her, didn’t mean she’d learned her lesson. No, wait, she didn’t have to learn anything from him. Fuck, why did she feel so confused?
She wasn’t going to walk away now however, she couldn’t let him think she’d been cowed by a single smack on her backside. Emma raised her chin and spun around, turning her back on the speaker.
Her heart was racing. Just get to the door and walk out, she told herself. Yet she didn’t move from her spot.
Perhaps he’s right, another voice in her head suddenly said. You did fall asleep during the seminar and acted quite disrespectful.
That doesn’t mean I have to let him spank me, Emma countered the voice.
We apologized already, we should just leave, the first voice said.
Then why are we still here? The second one asked.
Emma licked her lips, this entire conversation in her head had happened in the fraction of a second after she’d turned around and before she bent over the stage, presenting her bottom again.
She felt the man behind her grab her skirt and raise it to reveal her panties again. Emma blushed, thinking she hadn’t told him he could do that; but then again, she’d raised it herself the first time.
When she felt the man’s hand on her bottom, she closed her eyes. The first voice in her head had been silenced, the second was giggling in what could only be described as excited anticipation. He raised his arm.

His hand landed on her backside with a loud smack, echoing in the empty conference room.
Emma grunted. The sting spread through her buttocks, more intense than that first swat she’d been given. But this time she didn’t get the opportunity to jump up and turn around as the speaker raised his arm again and smacked her bottom on the other side.
Emma moaned and squeaked as he spanked her bottom. She wanted to ask herself why she was letting him do this, how she had gotten herself in this situation. But she couldn’t, all she could focus on was the present: the stinging sensation in her bottom that grew sharper with each swat across her backside, the glowing heat of her punished behind and the matching warmth between her thighs betraying her excitement.
Again and again his hand landed across her backside. The sound echoing through the room together with Emma’s moans and squeals.
Her buttocks turned bright red, bouncing under the impact of the speaker’s hands. Her legs trembled, her voice hoarse from squealing yet deep with arousal.
“Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” The speaker suddenly asked.
“Yes, sir.” Emma quickly answered, without hesitation.
He had now paused, gently stroking her sore backside with his hand. Emma moaned deeply and blushed at how aroused she sounded.
See, I knew we should stay, the second voice in her head said, sounding smug. The first voice didn’t let itself be heard, nothing was trying to convince her to leave anymore.
“I’m of half a mind to pull down these panties and show you what a real spanking is like.” The speaker then said.
Emma blushed. “I’m really sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.”
The speaker took his hand off her bottom and placed it on her lower back. “That’s good to hear, young lady. And it sounded a lot more sincere than your earlier apology, I guess it did take more than a single swat to sort you out.”
Emma bit her lip. She couldn’t believe the situation she’d gotten herself in, couldn’t believe he’d let him do this to her. But now that she had, she didn’t want it to be over just yet. “I guess I should also apologize for falling asleep during your speech.” She said.
“That would be appreciated.” The speaker replied.
Emma blushed. “Perhaps it would be more sincere though, if you continued my punishment first?”
She heard the man chuckle. “Yes, it seems like that works best.”
He placed his hand back on her bottom, rubbing it more vigorously than before. Then he grabbed the elastic of her panties and pulled them down swiftly, all the way to her knees.
Emma blushed deeply, her bottom bared for the empty conference room, a glint of moisture between her legs betraying her excitement.
The speaker raised his arm and smacked her now bare backside.
Again and again his hand rained down on her sore, red buttocks. Emma squealed and whimpered, groaned and moaned. Each swat increasing the stinging pain in her backside as well as the burning arousal between her thighs.
The sounds of her spanking echoed through the room until they were accompanied by Emma’s pleas, promises and begging. “It won’t happen again, sir. Please, I won’t do it again. I’ll do anything you want…”
Finally, the speaker stopped. Emma’s bottom was on fire, even her upper thighs had received their fair share of attention and were burning brightly.
“Have you learned your lesson, young lady?” The speaker asked again.
Emma moaned deeply. Had she? Despite her begging and pleading, she had enjoyed this, she couldn’t believe it, but she wanted more. “Well, at least this wasn’t as boring as your speech earlier.” She said.
A short silence followed and then the speaker laughed. “All right, that’s it.” He said.
Emma looked over her shoulder and gasped in surprise when she saw him pull his belt through the loops of his trousers. “Wait, what are you doing?” She asked.
“I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget.” The speaker said.
Emma looked on nervously as he folded the belt in half. No, this had gone on for long enough, she surely wasn’t going to let him spank her with his belt, was she? Where had that voice gone? The one that had urged her to leave.
We can do it, the second voice whispered to her.
Emma blushed, no she couldn’t. Could she?
“Bend over, young lady.” The speaker said.
Emma bit her lip and bent over the stage, presenting her bare, red bottom for her punishment.
The belt swung through the air and landed with a loud thwack across her backside.
Emma squealed.
Again and again the belt swung through the air, painting a bright red stroke of burning skin across her bottom.
Emma counted the swats under her breath, whimpering and squealing with each stroke. “I’m sorry.” She said when they reached ten. “I won’t do it again.” She promised at thirteen. “Please, I’ll be a good girl.” At fifteen.
The speaker rested his hand on her burning hot bottom. “Do you have anything else to say, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, sir.” Emma replied. “I’ll be respectful, I won’t fall asleep during any seminar ever again.”
The man caressed her stinging bottom with his hand, rubbing it gently. “That’s what I like to hear.” He said. “But I’m not just going to take your word for it. I want you to come back to my lecture next week and this time I want you to stay awake through all of it.”
Emma blushed. “Yes, sir.” She replied.
“I’ll make sure the organizers have your name so you don’t have to pay for entry. But beware, afterwards I’m going to ask you to answer some questions to make sure you were paying attention.”
Emma licked her lips. The man’s hand on her sore, sensitive backside was agonizingly tender, it was hard to breathe and not moan with excitement. Perhaps next time, if she stayed awake and answered all his questions correctly, he might use those hands to reward her rather than punish her. The thought made her blush deeply.
“You will have my full attention, sir.” She promised.
His hand then left her backside and Emma pushed herself up off the stage. She blushed, facing the man who had just punished her. Not a man of just words, she corrected herself while staring up at him. “See you next week, sir.” She told him, eager to leave before she embarrassed herself even further.
“Wait.” The speaker called after her as she ran towards the door, pulling up her panties on her way out. “What’s your name?”
Emma blushed and turned around at the door. “It’s Emma.”


John stood alone in the empty lobby, everyone else had already left. The doors to the conference room stood slightly ajar and he could hear and see everything that happened inside.
He’d been waiting for the speaker to come out. He’d been inspired by his speech and eager to ask him some more questions.
Instead, he witnessed what happened to the young lady who’d fallen asleep halfway through the event.
John looked on in disbelief at how she was bent over the stage and punished on her bare backside by the speaker. He listened and grew hard with excitement from her moans and squeals. The image of her bouncing red bottom burned itself in his mind, to never be forgotten.
She almost caught him, spying on them, when she ran towards the door, only to be stopped by the speaker’s last question. John quickly left the building, his own questions for the speaker forgotten.
The young lady and her sore, red bottom was all he could think about on his drive home. He’d come to the seminar alone, unable to convince his wife Sarah to join him.

When he arrived home, he found Sarah sitting in the sofa, playing a game on her phone. She wore a short dress, her bare legs reminded him of what he’d witnessed not too long ago.
“How was it?” Sarah asked.
John shook his head, needing a moment to concentrate. “It was great, you should’ve come.”
His wife smiled. “I’m sure I would’ve found it boring.”
John chuckled. That would’ve made two bored young ladies, deserving a red bottom. The thought of spanking his wife suddenly entered his mind.
He’d never done that before. Sure, he’d smacked her bottom during sex. Sarah liked it rough, biting, scratching, pinning her down on the bed… Now that he thought about it, the sound of that young lady’s voice while she was being punished, reminded him a lot of his wife’s in the bedroom.
“Did you just sit around and play games all day?” He asked her.
Sarah looked up from her phone, a quick look around showed her the leftover dishes from her meal, yesterday’s dirty laundry and a few empty soda bottles she’d drank by herself. “Yes.” She replied innocently.
John’s desire to spank his wife grew. “Get up.” He said.
Sarah put down her phone and stood up, slightly confused at her husband’s strict tone. “Is anything wrong?” She asked.
John put his arms around his wife, pulling her closer. “You’ve been a naughty girl.” He whispered.
Sarah’s heart-rate suddenly increased as she heard the arousal in her husband’s voice. She bit her lip. “I have?” She asked.
John grabbed her wrist and turned her around, pushing her against the door he’d just entered through. “Very naughty.” He said.
Sarah moaned deeply. She loved it when her husband was rough with her. He pushed her against the door, face pressed against its smooth wooden surface. She suddenly wished she’d gone to this seminar with him, if that had anything to do with his current mood.
Then suddenly he spanked her bottom.

Sarah groaned, feeling the sting spread through her behind.
He spanked her again and she moaned deeply.
“I think it’s time you got a good spanking.” Her husband said.
Sarah bit her lip. Did he mean that? Was he really going to…?
Twice more he smacked her backside.
Her husband raised her dress, baring her bottom. She wore nothing underneath but some thongs that did nothing to cover her backside.
John spanked her bare buttocks.
Sarah moaned deeply. Finally, she thought. She’d wanted this for so long, but she’d been too shy to tell him.
The sting spread through her backside as her husband gave her a good dozen or so smacks. Then, he pushed himself against her, the bulge in his trousers buried between her buttocks.
Sarah bit her lip. She wanted her husband to fuck her, but she also wanted him to finally give her the spanking she’d fantasized about for so long. “Don’t stop.” She begged.
“Do you want me to spank you some more?” He asked.
“I’ve been a very, very naughty girl.” She answered.
John stepped back from his wife. Surprised by the arousal in her voice, he’d assumed she’d want this, but never expected how much. He remembered the young girl bent over the stage and how sore and red her bottom had looked. Was that what his wife wanted?
“Get over here.” He said, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her towards the sofa. He sat down and swiftly pulled his wife across his lap, aided by her eagerness to obey.
With one hand on her lower back to hold her down and her dress raised to bare her bottom, John suddenly felt fully in control. This was different from a few swats on her backside during foreplay, this was his wife willingly submitting herself to her husband, giving up control to him. It aroused him greatly.
He raised his hand and spanked his wife’s bottom. He didn’t hold back, if he was going to do this, he was going to do it right.
His hand rained down on Sarah’s backside. She moaned and grunted. The sound of his hand smacking her bottom filled their small living room. Her bottom quickly turned pink and then red.
When she began to squeal and kick her legs, John paused, gently rubbing her backside, it felt hot and tender. “Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” He asked, remembering the words he’d heard the speaker say to the young lady at the seminar.
“Yes.” His wife replied.
“Yes, sir.” John corrected her, also remembering how that young lady had replied to such questions.
Sarah bit her lip, pausing for a moment. “Yes, sir.” She said to her husband.
“Let’s make sure you’ve learned it properly.” John said, grabbing his wife’s underwear and pulling it down to her knees. He didn’t need to, for unlike the black panties of the young woman at the seminar, these didn’t protect her bottom at all. But when he peeked between his wife’s legs and saw how wet and aroused she was, he was glad he’d done so anyway.
He raised his hand again and continued spanking his wife’s behind.
Sarah moaned and squealed as her husband paddled her backside with the palm of his hand. Her bottom was on fire, but all she could do was moan with excitement, and squeal with delight.
She kicked her legs when the pain became too much to bear, and John would pause for a second, only to continue her punishment moments later.
When he finally stopped, she was out of breath, her bottom glowing, but not as hot as her love for her husband.
“Have you learned a lesson?” He asked again.
“Yes, sir.” She promptly answered.
“Then you’re going to get up, take off your dress and clean up this mess with your red bottom on display.” Her husband ordered.
Sarah moaned deeply. When had he become this sexy, this dominant? “Yes, sir.” She answered again.
John helped her up and she quickly took off her dress, revealing that she wore no bra underneath. Completely naked, with her red bottom on display, she cleaned away the dishes, her empty bottles and finally the laundry.
Alone in the bathroom, after dumping her clothes in the laundry-bin, she took a moment to take a deep breath. Cleaning had never been this exciting, she thought. She took a moment to look at her bottom in the mirror, still brightly red.
When she noticed her phone on the sink – probably forgotten there after her last trip to the toilet – she got an idea. She took a quick picture of her bright red backside and sent it to her best friend Samantha, with the caption ‘it finally happened’. Then she returned to her husband.
John still sat in the couch where he had spanked her.
“Is this better, sir?” She asked.
“Much better.” He replied.
Sarah licked her lips and quickly made her way to her husband, climbing onto his lap, straddling his legs. “I’m sorry I was such a lazy wife today, sir.” She said. “Let me make it up to you.”
John smiled. “Good girl.” He said when she began to grind his crotch, feeling the bulge in his trousers between her legs.
Sarah blushed at the praise. What had happened at this seminar? What had gotten into her husband? No, she wasn’t going to complain. Instead she had to make sure he remembered how much fun it was to spank his wife.
She reached down to his trousers, fiddling with the button and zipper until she had finally freed his cock. “I’m sorry you had to punish me today, sir.” She said.
“It’s okay.” John replied. “It was my pleasure.”
Sarah moaned deeply as she guided her husband’s cock inside of her. “Then, if you don’t mind doing it.” She said. “Would you do it more often?”
Her husband groaned deeply as she rode his cock, grinding her red bottom against his lap. “Do you want me to do it more often?” He asked.
Sarah groaned. “I know I can be a very naughty and disobedient wife.” She told him. “I deserve to be spanked by my strict husband.”
John moaned deeply, grabbing her red buttocks with both hands. “Then I guess I have no choice but to punish you and teach you how to be a good, obedient girl.” He replied.
Sarah whimpered softly from the firm grip on her sore backside. She rode her husband faster and faster, ready to cum when he raised his hand, spanking her bottom as she ground on his cock.
She squealed loudly as John spanked her bottom. Leaning into him, burying his face with her breasts as she rode him. Again and again his hand landed on her poor, sensitive backside, until with a loud squeal she reached her climax, her body shuddering with excitement.
John didn’t let her rest however. He grabbed her red bottom with a firm grip, guiding her, urging her to keep going even while she squealed in ecstasy, until he too came deep inside of her.
Sitting on her husband’s lap, straddling her husband’s cock, her head resting on his shoulder. Sarah whispered. “Thank you, sir.”


Samantha had looked in disbelief at the picture Sarah had sent her.
As Sarah’s best friend since pre-school, the two women had no secrets from each-other. Samantha wondered how Sarah’s husband John, would react if he knew his wife shared even the most intimate of details of their relationship with her best friend.
Samantha had known for a long time about Sarah’s fantasy of being spanked. She remembered fondly how jealous her friend had been when Samantha’s college boyfriend had put her across his knee. It had been Sarah’s fantasy to share, but Samantha had been the lucky one to experience it first.
If she were to be honest, Samantha had believed it would never happen for her friend. She had married too young, with her college boyfriend and had lost her chance for such experimentation. After three years of dating and two years married, who would think John was still up for trying something new?
Looking at the picture however, she had to admit she’d been wrong. It wasn’t the first time either. Samantha hadn’t believed that John was the kind of guy to settle down and get married, hadn’t believed he’d be able to hold down a job… Again and again, her best friend’s husband had turned out to be a better man than she’d given him credit.
And this time, it was her turn to be jealous. It had been quite a while since she’d been turned upside down across someone’s knee. Sure, she lived the single life, she could pick up any guy at a bar whenever she wanted to. But that was hardly comparable to having a strict husband keeping his naughty wife in line.
That night when she went to bed, Samantha imagined that she’d switched places with her best friend. She imagined being married, having a strict husband and being disciplined for being a naughty, disobedient wife.

The following day, Samantha forgot about her friend’s adventures for a while as she spent a normal, eventless day at the office.
It wasn’t until her boss, Eric, asked her to borrow her phone for a moment – he couldn’t find his own and wanted her to call him to help locate it – that she was suddenly remembered of the picture Sarah had sent her.
It was still opened – full screen – on the display when she unlocked her phone, with her boss looking over her shoulder.
Samantha quickly swiped away to hide the picture, but she knew by the shocked silence that he had seen it.
“That wasn’t you, was it?” Eric asked.
Samantha blushed. “No, just a friend.”
“A friend?” Her boss asked. “For a moment I thought you were looking at porn during work hours.”
Samantha bit her lip. She shouldn’t have told him it was her friend in the picture, she should’ve protected Sarah’s privacy. “No, I mean, … someone just sent me that picture.”
Her boss chuckled. “Friend or not, it’s not really suitable for work, is it? I don’t want you spending time on such things during work hours, okay?”
“Of course not. I wasn’t looking, I just had it open from before.” Samantha defended herself.
Eric was smiling and even though she couldn’t help but blush, Samantha knew he was more amused than bothered by the picture.
“So, can you call my phone for me?” Eric asked.
Samantha nodded and quickly pulled up her boss’ number. Eric walked around the office, listening for the sound and a few moments later called out from his personal office: “Found it!”

Later that day, when Samantha was done with her work, but while it was still too early to go home, she texted her friend. She hadn’t reacted with more than a ‘nice’ to Sarah’s text and now that the incident with her boss had reminded her of it, she was dying to know more.
She asked for all the details and Sarah eagerly provided them. How her husband had returned from a seminar with lust in his voice, how he had scolded her for being lazy and not doing any chores while he was gone, how he had pushed her against the door and smacked her bottom.
Samantha could imagine the scene vividly and grew deeply aroused as her friend described how her husband had pulled her across his knee, how he had bared her bottom for the rest of her punishment, how he had made her strip naked and work with her bottom exposed.
Sarah was just telling her about how she’d straddled her husband’s cock, ready to ride him like she’d never done before, when Samantha suddenly heard her boss call her name.
“Yes?” She replied, Eric stood right beside her desk.
“What were you doing that you were so distracted?” Her boss asked. “That was the third time I called your name.”
Samantha blushed, tucking her phone between her thighs. “Nothing.” She replied.
“Not looking at naughty pictures again, I hope?” Eric asked.
Samantha bit her lip. “No, just chatting.” She answered.
“I thought I told you, you shouldn’t be on your phone so much during work hours.” Her boss replied.
Samantha licked her lips. That wasn’t true, he had told her not to look at naughty pictures during work hours. Besides, all her work was done for the day. Though of course, if she told him that, he could always find more for her to do.
“Can I see?” Eric asked, holding out his hand.
Samantha hesitated. There was no reason for her to turn over her phone to her boss, he certainly had no right to invade her privacy as such. But, after reading about Sarah and her husband, and with her boss sounding so stern, she was in such a submissive mood, that she handed over her phone without further thought.
“Hmm, well there’s no pictures, but what I’m reading here is certainly not appropriate for the office.” Eric said as he swiped through her messages.
Samantha blushed deeply, Was he reading all that? She panicked for a moment, but luckily Sarah and her boss had never met, he had no idea who he was reading about.
“Well, Samantha. Do you agree that this is inappropriate for the office?” Her boss asked.
Samantha bit her lip. “I guess, so.”
“You guess?” Eric replied. “If you’re not sure, if you think it might be appropriate after all, I might know a young lady who could benefit from the sort of discipline this girl has seemingly received from her husband.”
Samantha blushed and looked up at her boss. Was he really suggesting…
Eric handed her phone back to her. “I’ll let you think about that.” He said. “If by the end of the day you still believe this sort of thing is appropriate for work, you can come by my office and we’ll deal with your work-attitude and sexting during office-hours in an appropriate manner.”

‘By the end of the day’ was just an hour away and as her co-workers left the building one by one, Samantha remained at her desk, still in disbelief that her boss had apparently threatened to spank her.
Well, it wasn’t a threat really, more like a suggestion, an offer really. He’d left it totally up to her. All she had to do was pick up her stuff, go home and never talk about it again, or at least send an apology letter to her boss, saying she wouldn’t occupy herself with such things during work-hours again. That, or go to his office and receive the kind of punishment she’d been fantasizing about all day.
Samantha had fantasized about being spanked by her boss before. Not by Eric specifically, but a more generic secretary with a strict boss fantasy. She’d tried casting Eric in that role of stern boss, he was handsome enough and their relationship was quite amicable. But she usually stopped herself from thinking about him like that, some things were best left as a fantasy and work and private were best kept separate.
But now, there was an opportunity for it to be more than fantasy, to be real. Her last co-worker had left already and it was time for her to make up her mind. She’d been so jealous of Sarah, it had been so long since she’d experienced what it was like to give up control, to be treated like a naughty girl…
She got up from her desk and made her way to her boss’ office.

Eric looked up as Samantha entered his office. There was a slight look of surprise on his face, as if he hadn’t expected her to actually come.
“Hello, sir.” Samantha greeted him nervously.
“Samantha.” Her boss reacted with a smile. “Did you have time to think about what we discussed earlier?”
Samantha nodded. “Yes, sir.”
“And what is your conclusion?” He asked.
“I think…” Samantha licked her lips. “I think it can be appropriate for such things to occur at the office, under the right circumstances.”
Her boss grinned broadly. “And could those circumstances be, as an example, when an employee spends her time on her phone, watching or reading inappropriate content during work-hours?” He asked.
Samantha bit her lower lip. “Yes, I think that could definitely warrant the kind of consequences as what you might’ve read about on my phone.”
“Then I think that you, just like your friend, deserve a sore, red bottom, Samantha.” Her boss said.
Samantha blushed, but didn’t protest.
Her boss stood up from behind his desk and walked to the front. “I’m going to ask you to come over here and bend over my desk, young lady.” He placed his hand on the flat wooden surface to indicate where he wanted her.
Samantha rubbed her hands on her hips and then approached her boss. He stood right beside her as she slowly lowered herself across his desk.
Eric placed his hand on her lower back and then his other on her bottom. Samantha closed her eyes, feeling her heart race to be touched so intimately by her boss.
Then he spanked her backside.
Samantha moaned softly. Eric smacked her bottom again and again. It didn’t hurt, the fabric of her skirt was thick and cushioned the blows, but the fact that she was being spanked, at work, by her boss, made her squirm and blush.
“Let’s get this out of the way.” Her boss said as he pulled up her skirt to reveal the red lace panties she wore underneath.
Samantha blushed but did not protest. She wanted to feel her punishment, wanted it to hurt, even if it meant being this exposed. Though to be honest, the fact that her boss could now see her so on display just turned her on even more.
The next swats did hurt and Samantha moaned deeply as the sting spread through her bottom. Again and again, Eric’s hand connected with her backside.
“I think we should pull this down as well.” Her boss suddenly said.
“Wait!” Samantha squealed, reaching back to stop him from lowering her panties and baring her bottom.
“What am I waiting for?” Her boss asked. “The girl in that picture on your phone was wearing a lot less than you are right now. You should feel lucky that I’m letting you keep on the rest.”
Samantha blushed deeply, remembering Sarah’s picture. She imagined herself completely naked like her, bent over her boss’ desk. She let go of her panties and placed her hands in front of her on the desk. “Sorry, sir. I shouldn’t have intervened.”
Eric didn’t reply, but grabbed her panties and pulled them down swiftly, until they dropped to her ankles.
Samantha licked her lips, she was fully exposed, bottom completely bared and she knew by how excited she was, that her boss could see between her legs that she was wet and horny.
Eric placed his hand on her bottom, fondling her bare backside for a moment. “You’re a very naughty young lady, Samantha.” He said. “How often do you spend time on your phone when you should be working?”
Samantha moaned deeply. Part of her wanted the spanking to continue, yet another part wanted his hand to explore her even further, to feel his fingers deep inside of her. “Not that often, sir.” She replied.
“Not often, but today was not the first time?” Her boss asked.
Samantha blushed. “No, sir.”
“I wonder how often you’ve been such a naughty employee, without me knowing. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on you from now on and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He said.
Samantha bit her lips. “Are you going to punish me more if it happens again?” She asked.
“Ye, of course.” Eric replied. “I think your bottom will get quite accustomed to being red and sore whilst you are working for me.”
Samantha moaned deeply.
“But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” Her boss said. “Your punishment for today isn’t over yet.” And he raised his hand.
Samantha squealed as her boss spanked her bare bottom. Her buttocks bounced under the impact. Her backside was red and hot, yet despite the pain she was burning with desire.
Samantha squirmed and moaned, leaning heavily on the desk as Eric pinned her down with one hand on her lower back, chastising her backside with the other. The smacks echoed in the small office and the – luckily empty – shared offices beyond.
“I can’t believe you were sexting during work, Samantha.” Her boss scolded her. “Sending such naughty messages to your friend.”
Samantha moaned deeply. “I’m sorry, sir.” She said as his hand kept raining down on her backside.
Finally, her boss stopped, his hand once again fondling her now sore and sensitive bottom.
Samantha moaned deeply. She was wet and hot. Leaning on her boss’ desk, she’d spread her legs while he had been punishing her, fully revealing her arousal, presenting him with her pussy.
“Have you learned your lesson, young lady?” Her boss asked.
Samantha bit her lip. She didn’t want him to stop yet. She wanted him to feel how hot she was, fuck her with his fingers as punishment for being so horny at work. “Not yet, sir.” She said.
Eric wasn’t going to fuck her however. He picked up a long wooden ruler from his desk and placed it against her bottom.
Samantha squirmed softly. No, this wasn’t what she wanted.
Her boss raised the ruler and smacked her backside.
Samantha squealed.
Again and again the ruler landed across her bottom, leaving behind a broad red outline. Samantha squirmed and kicked her legs, but her boss’ firm grip on her lower back kept her down against his desk.
“I’m sorry, I’ve learned my lesson, I’ve learned my lesson.” Samantha promised.
Once, twice, three times more the ruler connected with her sore, trembling backside. Then Eric finally stopped. He placed the ruler on his desk and gently caressed her burning bottom.
“I’m glad to hear you’ve learned your lesson, Samantha.” He said, his hand fondling her bottom, his fingers tracing her inner thighs, but an inch away from her swollen, wet pussy.
Samantha moaned deeply.
“Was there anything else we needed to discuss?” Her boss asked.
Samantha bit her lips, his fingers were so close, she was so close, he’d barely touched her but she was close to cumming. “I feel so bad, for being so naughty and horny at work.” She said. “I would totally deserve it, if you taught me what happens to girls that are too horny to work.” She arched her back, raising her bottom, trying to feel his fingers between her lips.
“I already did.” Eric replied. He pulled his hand away from her pussy, caressing her sore, red bottom instead. “Naughty girls get spanked.” He paused for a moment and then let his hand trail down between her thighs. “Good girls however, might earn the kind of reward you are hoping for right now.” He pushed his hand between her legs, stroking her wet, swollen lips for a mere second before pulling back.
Samantha moaned deeply and disappointingly at the short, fleeting touch. She wanted to be a good girl, but before she could say anything, Eric stepped back from his desk and told her to stand up.
Blushing deeply, Samantha pulled her panties back on.
“See you tomorrow, Samantha.” Eric said.
Samantha licked her lips and nodded.
“And remember, I will be keeping an eye on you. If I see you on your phone again, I won’t hesitate to call you right back here for another lesson across my desk.” Her boss warned.
Samantha bit her lip, she was already imagining being called into the boss’ office regularly while working for him. Though perhaps she’d rather be well-behaved and be called in for the kind of reward he’d alluded to before.
“You can go now.” Eric finally said, realizing Samantha was still too befuddled to speak.
Samantha quickly turned around and left her boss’ office.
Before reaching her desk however, to pick up her stuff, she noticed someone on the other side of the room, someone from the nightly cleaning crew was wiping down desks.
Samantha blushed deeply, but the cleaning lady didn’t seem to have noticed her, she didn’t turn around. She seemed to have earbuds in, listening to music, and Samantha could only hope that she hadn’t heard what had been happening in the other room.
She quickly picked up her stuff and left, though one thought was now stuck in her mind: When her boss had said he’d call her right back to his office, did that mean he didn’t intend to wait until after hours when the office was empty?


As the door to the office closed, Sofia pulled her earbuds from her ears. No music had been playing.
A few moments ago, the young woman she’d heard squealing and moaning had left in a hurry, hoping not to be seen; and just now her boss, with a wide grin on his face, had followed her.
Sofia placed the cloth with which she’d been cleaning the same desk for the last fifteen minutes or so back on her trolly. Her heart was still racing, but after a few deep breaths she was finally able to calm down.
She’d heard the sounds coming from the small office as soon as she’d entered: moans, squeals and the sound of a bottom being firmly spanked. Instead of turning around and leaving however, she couldn’t help but stay and listen.
The door to the office had frosted glass and there were no windows, so she couldn’t see what was happening, but she could hear it perfectly. She’d turned her back, put in her earbuds and pretended to work.
The longer she stayed however, the more nervous she got. Who was in there? What would they do if they came out and found her listening? Surely she wouldn’t receive the same treatment as the poor woman she could hear howling and squirming. But then again, the kind of man who would discipline his employees like this, who knew what he would do to an eaves-dropping cleaning-lady?
At first Sofia didn’t believe that could be the case. They probably weren’t a boss and his employee in there, just a couple with a rather kinky office romance. The longer she listened however, and the more she heard of the short conversations in between squeals and smacks, the more convinced she became that it was exactly what it sounded like: a young woman being disciplined by her boss.
And the more convinced she became of the nature of their relationship, the more sure she felt that she was going to be next. If she got caught right outside the room.
Sofia couldn’t leave however. She couldn’t stop listening and even imagining it was her, receiving such punishment. She was nervous, but also greatly excited.
When the sounds stopped, she held her breath and yet it took a long time before the door between the offices opened. From the corner of her eyes she could see the young lady leaving. Finally, when the door behind her closed, she could take another breath. It wasn’t long before the door opened again and the woman’s boss followed and Sofia nervously held her breath again.
This was it, she thought. He would see her and question her presence. Soon he’d do the same to her as he’d done to his employee.
That didn’t happen however. The man left quietly, pretending she wasn’t there. Did he believe she hadn’t heard due to her earbuds? Or was he secretly satisfied that their escapades had been overheard?
When she didn’t hear anyone else for a while, Sofia dared it to look inside the office. It was silly to think anyone else might still be inside, yet she had to be sure.
The room looked rather mundane. Just another office, and not a place were something so out of the ordinary had just happened. There was a modest desk, a single chair and a few file cabinets.
Sofia walked over to the desk and wondered if the young lady had been bent over it for her punishment, or if her boss had pulled her across his knee on the chair.
She favored the idea of the young woman bending over her boss’ desk, it seemed more fitting for this particular scenario. She placed her hands on the desk and thought this was where she would be, if that man had known she’d been eaves-dropping.
Everything on this desk was neatly organized, all had its place. Everything, except a single wooden ruler which lay randomly in the middle of the desk. Sofia picked it up and blushed. Was this what the poor young woman had been spanked with? She quickly placed it back where she found it, lest someone would discover it had been moved.
Suddenly she was afraid that he might return and find her snooping around. She had an excuse of course, it was her job to be in here, cleaning his office. And yet, she again imagined him pushing her across his desk and punishing her.
She knew of course that he wouldn’t, she wasn’t scared of his return, she was secretly hoping for it. It was hard to admit to herself, but she was greatly turned on by what she had heard.
Unable to ignore the urges she felt, Sofia bent over the desk, laying down on the smooth wooden surface. This was what it must’ve felt like, she told herself. She arched her back, pushing up her bottom as if she was about to be spanked.

Horny, she licked her lips, reaching back to stroke her bottom, one hand stroking herself between her thighs. For a moment she wished she was wearing a dress like the young lady she’d seen earlier, rather than the slacks she wore for cleaning, or perhaps a more traditional maid outfit fit for a cleaning lady.
Sofia pulled down her trousers, imagining what it must feel like to have your bottom bared in your boss’ office. If that man did return now, he would surely spank her backside.
With that thought in mind, Sofia smacked her bottom, wanting to feel what it would be like. A soft sting spread through her backside.
Nothing to squeal about, she thought. So she smacked her behind a few more times, as firmly as she could. The sting felt nice and warm, her whole bottom was tingling.
Sofia blushed, she should be working, but she couldn’t stop now, she wanted to know what it really felt like. She spanked herself some more, as hard as she could.
The sting built up, hot and sharp. She had to bite her lips to stop herself from moaning. How much would be needed to make you squeal and groan like she’d heard through the walls? She wondered.
She had to keep going, to really feel it. She deserved it, for listening in on them, for indulging herself rather than doing her job. She spanked herself as hard as she could, moaning softly at the pain. She could stop anytime she wanted, but she forced herself to continue.
As her bottom grew hot and pink, her arm grew tired. There had to be a better way to do this, she thought. And she remembered the ruler. She stood up for a moment, blushing as she rubbed her stinging bottom with one hand, holding the ruler in the other.
She shook her head, it didn’t feel right to use this. Using someone else’s property on her backside was one step too far. She placed the ruler back on the desk and looked through the cleaning supplies on her trolly.
She had a scrubbing brush, it was a bit like a hairbrush, but with a bigger surface and a longer handle. She blushed as she swung it through the air, thinking: this would be perfect.
Sofia bent back over the desk and aimed the brush at her backside. She raised it and smacked her bottom as hard as she could.
She squealed and jumped up.
Fuck, that hurt!
With a throbbing bottom, she placed the brush back on the trolly. She wasn’t going to do that again! Although… That’s probably what that young lady had been thinking too, about whatever it was that had landed her in this situation. Sofia blushed, that girl’s boss had her squealing and moaning and she’d had no chance to just make it stop. If she really wanted to know what it felt like…
Sofia picked up the brush again. I’ll do ten strokes, she thought. I have to do ten, I can’t back down early.
She bent over the desk again, aiming the brush at her other buttocks, the one she hadn’t hit before. She grimaced as she raised the brush and then spanked her backside.
She groaned. That hurt so much! She raised the brush again, just nine more.
Again and again, Sofia spanked her own backside with the brush, she squirmed and moaned, but she did not give up. She squealed when the pain became too much, but squealing seemed to help, so when the next few swats made her bottom bounce, she squealed at the top of her lungs.
Her bottom was burning, it was throbbing in pain and she still had a few more swats to go. The seventh landed squarely on her backside, but the eight glanced off harmlessly.
Eight, Sofia counted under her breath, yet she blushed when she did. This one shouldn’t count, she knew.
Twice more she smacked her bottom with the brush and while they landed firmly across her backside, the strength had gone out of her arm. She whimpered at the pain, but it wasn’t enough to make her squeal.
Sofia stood up, ready to put the brush back on her trolly, ready to finish this experiment. Yet she felt guilty, those last three swats, they’d been dissatisfactory. She should do them again.
With a blush she bent back over the desk. She knew she was really just doing this because she didn’t want to stop yet. She raised the brush again. Three firm, well-aimed smacks that did succeed in making her squeal.
It felt good, good to have taken the full punishment she’d chosen for herself and not chickening out with three, disappointing smacks at the end.
Sofia groaned. Why had she thought that? Why had the words ‘chosen for herself’ popped into her head? The poor girl from earlier surely hadn’t chosen the severity of her punishment herself. Was it really a punishment if you got to make up your own rules?
But she didn’t want to spank herself any more, did she? She should get back to work, but she could probably take another ten swats.
Sofia looked at the brush in her hand. Ten she could do. What about fifteen? No, fifteen was too much. Which means it was exactly what she should give herself, more than she wanted. Wasn’t that what punishment was about?
She licked her lips as she bent back over the desk. Stroking her bottom with the brush, she wondered whether the young lady from earlier had her panties dropped and her bottom bared for her punishment.
Sofia knew she was just playing for time by thinking about these things. She hadn’t lowered her own panties, the thongs she wore did nothing to protect her backside. Yet the idea off the young woman being fully exposed by her boss aroused her greatly. She lowered her own, baring her bottom for this last part of her self-imposed punishment.
Sofia moaned and squealed as she spanked her bottom with the brush. She took her time, aiming each swat at her backside, making sure there were no duds or near-misses like last time.
Her bottom turned fiery red and burned hotly. By the seventh or eight swat, her legs were trembling. At ten she was stomping the ground with her feet. She should stop, why was she doing this?
She kept going, spanking her sore, sensitive backside as hard as she could. She didn’t want to, and that made her want to continue even more.
Finally, she reached fifteen. Her bottom was a blazing bonfire, and yet she felt amazing. She’d made it, she hadn’t given up. She was in pain and yet she felt great. She felt horny.
Sofia blushed, thinking about the man and his employee, had they felt this way too? What had happened in the short period of time after the sounds of the young woman’s punishment had ceased, but before she had left the office?
She reached between her legs, discovering that she was still wet and swollen with excitement, despite the stinging pain in her backside.
Sofia moaned as she played with her pussy, her fingers deftly stroking her clit, eagerly building on her excitement. Her legs now trembled from pleasure rather than pain and she groaned loudly as she climaxed, bent over a desk with her sore, red bottom arched up high.

With a satisfied smile, Sofia stood up and placed the brush back on her trolly. She’d never look at that item the same again, she thought.
She blushed when she then realized she still had a lot of work to do. A lot of cleaning needed to be done and if the work was unsatisfactory, it wasn’t a spanking she could expect, but a lot less interesting reprimand.
Sofia squirmed as she pulled up her slacks, they were uncomfortably tight around her sore bottom and she eventually pulled them down again, cleaning the entire office with her bare red bottom on display.
It turned her on greatly, working like that. After eaves-dropping on the people of this office, it would only be fair for them to see her reddened backside exposed. If only they’d been there to see.
When she was finally done with her work, Sofia pulled up her trousers – the pain had luckily diminished somewhat – and left through the same door as the young woman and her boss before.
All this time working in the office, she’d never noticed the security cameras, not in the main office, nor in the small one where she’d spanked herself.
Should the strict man who had disciplined his employee while she was listening regularly check those tapes, she’d have a lot of explaining to do.


After-hours cleaning was just a side-job for Samantha. It helped her pay the bills while she put herself through college.
This means, that the day after she’d thoroughly disciplined herself with a cleaning brush at work, she had to go to class with some lingering bruises on her poor backside.
Samantha cursed herself regularly that day. She’d gone too hard on herself. She hadn’t expected to still feel some pain the next day, but the bruises had her sitting gingerly during her classes, making her squirm when she rested her weight on one of them.
Yet despite the curses, she thought fondly of her actions the day before. She often felt aroused by her own squirming and wondered whether anyone noticed.
Witnessing a spanking, or hearing one happening through an office door wasn’t enough to make just anyone spank their own backside with a brush of course. It had been a fantasy of Samantha for a while, something she’d daydreamed about often before finally trying it out on herself.
Her boss hadn’t been her first choice as a source of she disciplinary fantasies however. She more often fantasized about the few handsome male teachers at her college: being held after class and disciplined for bad grades or disruptive behavior.
Today especially, spurred on by her sore bottom, she often found herself fantasizing about being a naughty schoolgirl.

What Samantha didn’t know, was that she wasn’t the only girl in class with these fantasies. A few rows down sat Charlotte, a girl she had very little contact with, but apparently with whom she had more in common than she thought.
Charlotte was squirming in her seat, just like Samantha, yet Charlotte’s bottom was pain-free and still pale as moonlight. Charlotte wasn’t squirming because of a spanking she’d recently received, but because of one she was about to get.
The class the girls were currently in was being taught by a young and handsome teacher, professor James, who made the hearts of many of his students beat faster.
What those girls didn’t know – but Charlotte did – was that in his free time, James wrote erotic fan-fiction focussed on BDSM relationships and with a special emphasis on spanking and discipline.
Charlotte had discovered the professor’s work long before she became one of his students. In fact, she’d only enrolled in his class in an attempt to meet him. The subject he taught was barely relevant for her studies.
At the start of the school-year, Charlotte had confronted the professor with this knowledge and confessed to him that she – like the girls in his stories – was in desperate need of firm discipline. It had taken a while for her to convince him, but she now regularly received the stinging, bare-bottom punishments she so desired.
So when Charlotte was squirming in her seat today, it was because she knew the professor was going to make her stay after class. Last week they’d had a test and as usual, Charlotte would have scored poorly. She didn’t know her official results yet, but she knew it couldn’t be good.
In reality, Charlotte was a great student. She got near perfect scores in all her classes. All classes, except the one taught by James. This one was barely relevant for her studies and could easily be dropped. Not that she would of course, she’d rather just forego studying and receive the punishment that came with her bad grades.
When the class ended and the students left one by one, Charlotte waited, arriving at the door as one of the last.
“Charlotte, can you wait for a moment?” Professor James asked.
Charlotte took a deep breath and turned around. Her bottom was tingling.
The last student left. Samantha, Charlotte thought. She barely knew her, though she blushed, wondering what she might think of her if she’d know what was about to happen.

“Your results on last week’s test were very disappointing, Charlotte.” Professor James said after the door closed.
Charlotte licked her lips. “I’m sorry professor, I didn’t have enough time to study.
James shook his head. “You have to make time, young lady, how often do I need to tell you?”
Charlotte blushed. She purposefully never studied, and yet she still felt abashed when James scolded her for it. “I’m sorry, professor.” She replied.
“You know what we agreed upon, Charlotte.” The professor said. “At the beginning of this year you came to me, asking for my help.”
Charlotte nodded.
“Extra discipline.” James said. “To help you with your studies. And I have given it to you, weekly almost. Your bottom has been red and sore so many times and yet your grades have hardly improved.”
Charlotte nodded again. “I know, I’m trying.”
James shook his head. “I don’t think you are. In fact I know you aren’t. Do you think I don’t notice, when you’re moaning and squirming? Do you think I don’t see when I pull down your panties, how wet and excited you are?”
Charlotte blushed deeply, yet this too was part of their routine. Her professor had known from the start that this was a fantasy, not a real desire for discipline. Of course even in the stories he wrote, the ones that had brought Charlotte to him, such desire was always an underlying factor of a young lady’s punishment.
He always teased her with this knowledge and yet it was also a reminder, that this thing between them was consensual and something they both desired.
“Yet I’m still hopeful that you might learn something.” James continued. “So I am going to spank you again and hope that this time you learn your lesson.”
Charlotte licked her lips. “Yes, sir.”
“And afterwards.” James continued. “I want us to discuss how much you like being spanked.”
Charlotte blushed. That wasn’t routine, they never discussed such things. And yet she wondered, eagerly, what he might want from her. Her punishments left her horny and excited and while her professor had allowed himself to freely grope and fondle her backside while disciplining her, he had refrained from taking advantage of her even further. Charlotte was eager to learn what he might want to do to her. She knew she’d be unable to say no to anything he might desire.
“Now get over here, young lady.” Her professor said. “Bend over my desk so that I might remind you of the importance of studying and hard work.”

With butterflies in her stomach Charlotte made her way to the front of the classroom. Arriving at her professor’s desk, she bent over, arching her bottom high.
Positioning herself such, ready for her punishment, the shortness of her skirt was emphasized. Charlotte always wore something extra short on days she had class with professor James and something sexy underneath. Even when she wasn’t due some discipline.
Her professor placed his hand on her lower back and then let it slowly slide down, over her bottom, to the edge of her skirt. His fingers grazed the bare skin of her upper thighs, which were no longer covered by the narrow piece of fabric.
He grabbed the short skirt and pulled it up, revealing her bare bottom and the lace red thong stuck snugly between her buttocks.
James squeezed her backside gently, holding the soft, plump flesh of her backside in the palm of his hand. His fingers alternatively pinched and caressed, playing with her bottom as Charlotte softly moaned under her breath.
She greatly enjoyed how her professor took advantage of the situation to fondle her thus. He said he did it too get her bottom warmed up for her spanking, to relax her muscles and loosen tension; but she knew of course that he mainly just wanted to grope her backside.
When he was done playing with her, James hooked two fingers behind her panties and slowly pulled them down.
Charlotte blushed slightly, no matter how aroused she was and no matter how often he did it, she was still always slightly embarrassed to be so exposed in front of her professor, to be punished on her bare behind.
As her professor pulled her panties all the way to her knees and revealed her most intimate parts, hidden between her thighs, he could see she was wet with excitement, deeply aroused by the prospect of her punishment as well as the thorough caressing of her backside moments before.
The professor placed his hand on her bottom, one last squeeze and then raised his hand.
Charlotte braced herself. She might’ve asked for this herself, might be aroused by it greatly, but it was still a spanking. She grunted when the first smack landed firmly on her behind.
Professor James did not hold back, each swat came hard and fast. Charlotte moaned and squirmed. The sting built quickly in her backside.
The sounds of her professor’s hand connecting with her bottom echoed in the large classroom, accompanied by her grunts and moans. Charlotte imagined the many students that had occupied those seats moments before and blushed deeply. She knew the classroom-door wasn’t locked either. There was always a chance someone might return, perhaps with a question for their professor and they would walk in on them. Luckily that had never happened before, yet the chance of being discovered was part of what excited her so.
After that starting salvo of quick, hard smacks, James slowed down a little. Each swat on her backside was now precise, well-aimed and planted perfectly to make her buttocks bounce, the flesh of her backside ripple and the sting to spread through her behind.
Charlotte moaned deeply with each swat. Her professor didn’t say a word, but she knew he was just getting started. Scolding would follow, as would the discussion of her grades. She didn’t really care for those, they were just an excuse to bend over her professor’s desk, and yet, he somehow always managed to make her feel guilty about them nonetheless.
“Am I getting through to you, young lady?” James asked, right on schedule.
“Yes, sir.” Charlotte replied, knowing her warmup was now over.
“You say that every time, and yet here we are.” Her professor countered, underlining his words with some extra hard swings with his arm.
Charlotte moaned and ground her teeth. The sting now really let its presence be known and these swats were much harder than before.
“I promise I’ll try harder this time.” She replied.
But her professor wasn’t having any of it. He kept up the assault on her bottom, fully raising his arm to swing at her behind. Charlotte’s moans turned into squeals as her bottom went from pink to bright red.
“I’ve heard that promise before.” He said, chastising her behind.
Charlotte moaned deeply, too focussed on the pain in her backside to be able to respond.
Then James placed his hand on her throbbing backside. “I really intend for you to learn, young lady. I think it’s time for the cane.”
Charlotte bit her lip. Torn between the gentle touch of her professor’s hand on her sore bottom and the prospect of the pain that will soon follow from his cane. “No, please.” She said. “Not the cane.”
“It wasn’t a question, young lady.” James said.
Charlotte moaned helplessly. She hadn’t really expected him to back down on his threat. It wasn’t the first time he’d used the cane on her, in fact, she loved it when he did. It was such a classical implement for a naughty schoolgirl, the thought alone aroused her greatly. Yes it hurt, a lot, but that was part of what made it so exciting.
James had already stepped away and fetched the cane from the bottom drawer of his desk. He kept it there especially for her. It was long and supple, and vicious.
Charlotte licked her lips as he placed it against her bottom, taking aim. She braced herself.
“Do you want to know how you did on last week’s test, young lady?” Her professor asked.
Charlotte blushed, not very well she imagined. “Yes, sir.” She replied dutifully.
“Out of twenty questions, you only got two correct.” James said, while stroking her bottom with the cane, menacingly.
Charlotte blushed even deeper, that was even worse than last time he’d used the cane.
“Eighteen mistakes, that makes eighteen strokes with the cane.” Her professor announced, confirming her suspicions that he would use the same rule as last time.
Charlotte bit her lips, eighteen strokes, that was six more than last time and she hadn’t been able to sit down for a day back then.
Yet still, while her bottom was aching with nervousness, while her brain was questioning her sanity for wanting this, her groin was burning with desire, her pussy so wet she was almost dripping.
The professor raised the cane. It swished through the air and landed across her backside with a loud crack.
Charlotte squealed.
“One.” Professor James called. He raised the cane again.
“Two.” He called as it painted a bright red stripe across Charlotte’s backside, right beside the first.
She howled.
“Three.” Her professor called as the cane cracked against her poor bottom.
Charlotte squealed and moaned and wailed. Again and again, the cane connected with her poor, stinging bottom, leaving behind a bright red line of burning skin.
James calmly counted each stroke, ignoring her cries of agony. “Four. Five. Six.”
Charlotte stomped the ground with her feet, she grabbed the edge of the desk as if to pull herself over it, yet she never considered running away or dodging the incoming strokes. James didn’t even hold her down and she kept her bottom raised for each stroke of the cane, welcoming her punishment at the same time as crying about it.
“Seven. Eight. Nine.” Her professor counted.
Only halfway, Charlotte thought. Last time it had been almost over by now. “Please.” She begged. “I’ll try harder next time. I’ll get better grades.”
She knew James wouldn’t back down of course. She didn’t even want him to. She didn’t beg for him to stop, she only did it because she didn’t know what else to do. She had to do something.
“Ten. Eleven. Twelve.” Her bottom was now criss-crossed with bright red stripes. Yet the two that her professor had aimed at her upper thighs had made her squeal the loudest.
Charlotte was shaking, her legs trembling to keep her bottom up in the air. Yet she managed, endured the pain and the excitement that it accompanied.
“Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen.” They kept coming, one after the other, not slowing down, not speeding up. Just like Charlotte’s squeals.
Just three more, she thought, just three more. Here they came.
“Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen.”
Charlotte moaned deeply. It was over. She’d done it. She’d taken her punishment, all eighteen strokes.
Professor James laid his hand on her burning backside. Charlotte moaned, his touch was agony on her sensitive skin and yet she welcomed it.
“I don’t want to see such a bad test score from you again, young lady.” He said.
Charlotte blushed. Perhaps she’d gone a bit too far she agreed, scoring two out of twenty. Her scores shouldn’t matter to her though, the whole class didn’t matter and yet, at moments like this she couldn’t help but consider trying just a bit harder next time.
She never did of course, when the pain was forgotten and she was yearning for another punishment.
“I promise, professor.” She said.
James gently stroked her burning bottom. His hand barely touching her skin, hovering above it. Slowly, Charlotte’s backside cooled down, as her professor’s hand descended on her bottom, his touch ever so slowly growing more steady. Soon he was massaging her burning, throbbing buttocks.
Charlotte moaned softly. Just like he’d warmed her up, James said this moment was to help her cool down. She didn’t feel cool however, not with his hand on her bare, sensitive backside. She only grew hotter, not in her bottom, but between her legs, where her arousal grew brighter, the firmer she felt her professor’s hand.
She closed her eyes, wanting him to continue, to keep going, groping, fondling, taking advantage of her. He never did more than just massage away the pain however, not matter how much she wanted it, how unsubtly she raised her bottom and spread her legs to reveal her arousal.
“Was there something else you wanted to discuss, professor?” She asked, remembering his words from earlier.
“Perhaps you want to get up and get dressed first.” James replied.
Charlotte moaned softly. “No please, I’m still very sore, my bottom is burning, won’t you help me cool down just a bit more?”
Professor James complied, gently caressing her backside with his hand.
“You know I write stories in which the main protagonist often receives the same kind of punishment you received, right?” Her professor asked.
“Of course.” Charlotte answered, moaning softly. “I’ve read all of them.”
“And when I spank you, you’re not just learning a valuable lesson about the importance of studying, but you’re also greatly aroused.” He continued.
Charlotte blushed, but there was no point in denying, quite the opposite actually. “Yes, sir.” She replied.
“Well, I recently wrote a story that’s slightly longer than usual. Much longer actually, it’s a small novella and I’m presenting it at a convention next weekend.” James told her.
“Congratulations, sir.” Charlotte replied, not sure what else to say.
“I was wondering whether you wanted to come along.” Her professor asked. “Since you seem to be into these things so much.”
Charlotte blushed deeply, you weren’t usually asked out on a date while having your sore, red, bare bottom massaged. Yet she was sure that a date was exactly what he meant for it to be. She knew of course that if she were to date her professor, she’d still be getting spanked as much as she wanted, but she liked that she really was his student. If they were dating, if she quit his class, they would just be pretending. Now it was real, even if the class wasn’t important for her studies, and that made it just that much more exciting.
On top of that, her professor’s stories weren’t the kind that were presented at a normal fiction convention, it would be something erotical or even BDSM themed.
But the fact is, Charlotte wasn’t in a position to say no. Bent over her professor’s desk, her bottom burning red, her pussy glowing with excitement, right now she would do anything he asked of her. “I would love to, professor.” She replied.
Besides, who was to day she couldn’t be his student and secretly date him at the same time?
“Great, I’m very happy to hear that.” James replied, still firmly massaging her naked backside.
“Was there anything else you wanted to ask, professor?” Charlotte asked, still hoping that he might take more advantage of her position.
“Not right now.” He replied. “Unless you have something you wanted to discuss?”
Charlotte blushed. “The girl in your book, what happens to her?”
Professor James squeezed her bottom firmly. “If you want to know, you’ll have to read the book.”
Charlotte squirmed, her bottom was still very sore. “In your other stories then, what happens to those naughty girls after they get spanked?”
James grabbed her bottom firmly, making her her squeal. “I thought you read them all?” He asked.
Charlotte wiggled back and forth, trying to pry her sore bottom from her professor’s firm grip. “I did.” She protested. “I just wanted to ask you.”
Her professor finally let go, continuing his soft caressing of her backside. “Well.” He said. “Sometimes they are sent to the corner, bottom on display to think about their actions. Other times they are made to work or do their chores with their red bottoms exposed.”
Her professor took a pause, then continued. “Some times they are rewarded.” His hand slipped down between her buttocks, fingers at the edge of her pussy. “If they were good girls they might have their spanking supplemented with pleasure.” His fingers gently caressed her lips.
Charlotte moaned deeply, finally, he allowed his hands to explore her further than before. She arched her back, raising her bottom as high as she could, granting her professor access to her pussy.
“Some times they show their gratitude by sucking their master’s cock.” He continued, still feeling up her pussy, spreading her lips, feeling her wetness.
“And finally.” He said, his fingers probing for her entrance. “They get fucked, hard and fast.” He thrusted his fingers deep inside of her.
Charlotte moaned and squirmed.
“Why did you want to know, Charlotte?” He asked. “Did you want me to do any of these things to you?”
Charlotte gasped for breath. “Yes, sir. Anything, you can do any of those things to me.”
“Anything?” Professor James asked. He curled his fingers inside of her, pressuring her where she was most sensitive.
“Yes, professor.” Charlotte moaned.
James pulled his fingers away, grabbing her hips with both hands. Charlotte groaned deeply as he pushed his crotch against her bottom. Of course he would choose this, she thought. If she gave him the choice, what else would he choose?
Her professor thrusted his hips against her sore, sensitive backside. She could feel the bulge in his trousers grinding against her pussy, pushing between her lips. Spanked, caned, fondled and groped, her bottom burning as he ground against her, her pussy throbbing as he pushed up against it, it was almost enough for her to cum.
“I assume you don’t have a boyfriend, Charlotte?” He asked.
She blushed. “No, professor.”
“I didn’t think so. I think he’d be quote jealous if you let one of your professors spank you.”
Charlotte moaned.
“Does that mean you’re not on birth control?” He asked.
Charlotte licked her lips. “I am, sir.”
James pushed harder, shoving her against his desk. “I see, prepared for your professor to take advantage of the situation I bet.”
Charlotte grunted, but did not deny it. She pushed back, raising her bottom to meet her professor’s thrusting hips.
She felt him step back for a second, unbuttoning his trousers and then something big and hard pressed between her thighs. Her professor’s cock, large and throbbing. He grabbed her hips and thrusted it inside of her.
Charlotte moaned and squealed, for with each thrust his hips smacked into her sore, burning bottom. His cock, deep inside of her filled her up. It was too much, she groaned, trembling as the orgasm took over her thoughts.
She couldn’t do anything. James didn’t stop, he just kept going, ignoring her whimpering moans as one orgasm followed the other, not knowing where one ended and the next began. Until he froze up, his cock filling her up, his hips pressed up against her sore buttocks, cumming deep inside of her.
For a moment, the two of them just stood there, breathing heavily. Then James pulled out, he stepped back and pulled up his trousers.
Charlotte struggled to push herself up from the desk. She turned around, panties still around her ankles as her skirt slid down to cover her nudity. “Thank you, professor.” She whispered.
James smiled. “Im glad you enjoyed it, I’ll make sure to do any of those other things that happen in my stories that you seem to like so much.”
Charlotte blushed, already imagining what he might do to her next. “I’m yours to do with as you please, sir.” She replied. She noticed her professor’s juices were already leaking between her legs, she quickly bent down to pull up her panties.
“But this doesn’t mean I’ll go any easier on you when you show up with such bad test results, you hear?” He then said.
Charlotte blushed and reached back to rub her sore bottom. “Of course not, sir.” She replied.
“Right, you are dismissed.” James said. “See you in class tomorrow.”


Four days after she’d been fucked by her professor, Charlotte accompanied him to the conference. In those days she’d had two more classes from him and while she had hoped he’d ask her to stay after class – not for a punishment, she hadn’t earned another one yet – he had seemingly made her wait for his attention until today.
The sign outside the large warehouse where the conference was held made it clear, this wasn’t anything ordinary, it was more a BDSM festival than a conference.
Blushing, arm-in-arm with her professor, she went inside. If anyone here recognized her, or worse if anyone here recognized who she was with… But then again, anyone here would be into the same things they were.
The many booths and displays seemed overwhelming at first, but the presence of James was comforting. He had told her to call him by his name – they weren’t in class – but she still defaulted to professor, or sir.
They walked around for a while, and Charlotte slowly grew more confident, everyone was friendly and welcoming and no-one regarded them weirdly. James was older than her of course, but not by that much, not enough to attract attention anyway.
When they came to a small stage, James urged her to stay and watch. They had some time to kill, his book presentation wasn’t until much later in the evening.
On the stage, between two pillars stood a young woman, arms and legs spread wide as she was chained by wrists and ankles. All she wore was a set of lingerie and a collar around her neck.
“Everyone, I want you to meet Evelyn.” A man on the side of the stage said.
The woman gave a short bow, as deep as she could while being tied up.
“Evelyn here, has agreed to be spanked for your all entertainment.” The man explained.
Charlotte blushed. She was going to get spanked, in front of this entire crowd?
The woman didn’t blush however, she seemed excited.
“Do you ever wonder what it would be like if I called you in front of class and spanked you in front of all your classmates?” James suddenly asked. “Rather than wait until they’ve all left?”
Charlotte blushed even deeper.
“I bet you have.” James replied. “Perhaps you should get on that stage like Evelyn, then you’ll know what it feels like if everyone’s watching and knows what a naughty girl you are.”
Charlotte licked her lips. He wasn’t really expecting her to… No, of course not, he was just teasing her, like he always did. But it was unnerving how he always seemed to know these things about her, even when she found it hard to admit them herself. “Maybe next time.” She said.

Evelyn looked out over the crowd. Despite her confident facade, her stomach was in knots of nervousness. This was only her second time doing this.
It was easier when Eric, her partner turned her around. Ceremoniously he undid her chains – she’d been standing spread-eagled, presenting herself to the crowd for quite a while already, gathering more viewers – he turned her around and then re-shackled her ankles, spreading her legs far apart. At least this way she didn’t have to face the crowd, whilst presenting her bottom to them.
Eric placed a small stool in front of her and Evelyn bent over, placing her hands on top. The cheers and excited chatter of the crowd as she positioned herself turned her on greatly. The chains were now reattached to her wrists and looped around a hook attached to the floor, she wouldn’t be able to stand up straight again.
Eric placed his hand on her buttocks and caressed her gently. Evelyn closed her eyes and took a deep breath, being touched so intimately with so many people watching.
Her partner raised his hand, but did not bring it down. “Not yet.” He said, teasing her. “More people are still coming in, they all want to see.”
Evelyn licked her lips, wondering how large a crowd she was gathering.
“Evelyn here has been a very naughty girl.” Eric said, entertaining the crowd. “Haven’t you, girl?”
“Yes, sir.” She dutifully replied, remembering their rehearsal earlier at home.
“Tell the crowd Evelyn, why does a beautiful girl like you need to be spanked?” Eric asked.
“I’ve been disobedient, sir.” She replied with a remorseful tone. “I haven’t followed your rules and I’ve been a bit of a brat.”
“Very naughty indeed.” Eric said. “And what are these rules you didn’t follow?”
Evelyn licked her lips, preparing to add some sassiness to her voice. “I didn’t call you by your proper name, which is Your Holiness.” She said. “As you like to be called.”
Laughter erupted in the crowd and Eric swiftly smacked her bottom, the crowd suddenly silenced. “That’s not my name, young lady.” He said.
“I’m sorry, Your Righteousness, was it?” She tried.
More laughter and another smack on her behind.
“I am sorry people, it seems like Evelyn here needs a firm lesson before we can get any straight answers out of her.” Eric said.
The crowd murmured excitedly, it was about to start. Evelyn licked her lips, preparing herself.
Eric placed one hand on her back and the other on her bottom. Then he began to spank her. The crowd grew strangely quiet, the sound of his hand connecting with her backside was all she could hear, accompanied by her own grunts and moans, which grew louder the longer her spanking continued.
In front of the crowd, her bottom grew pink, stinging and sore. The pain turned her on as much as their presence.
“Is this helping you remember how I asked you to call me, young lady?” Eric asked.
Evelyn moaned softly. “Your Feebleness, perhaps?” She asked.
The spanking suddenly increased in intensity. Eric’s hand now raining down on her backside, hard and fast.
Evelyn squealed softly. She’d known this was coming of course, they had practiced this and this wasn’t the last of the bratty answers Eric had prepared for her.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She squealed as her bottom turned red.
Eric paused the onslaught on her behind, the whispering in the crowd grew silent as they awaited her next words.
“It’s My Lord The Most Handsome And Smartest Of All, of course.” She blurted out.
“That’s it!” Her partner decried. “Who here agrees that this young lady needs a much firmer lesson?”
Evelyn couldn’t see, but she was certain all hands were raised in the crowd. Some whole-heartedly agreed by calling out loud.
Eric walked around the small stage, taking the whip from their suitcase. It was a flogger with a long handle and about three dozen long leather falls.
It was Evelyn’s favorite item they owned.
The crowd was silent as Eric placed it against her behind. Evelyn squealed as he struck her bottom. It hurt, not too much, but enough that the crowd expected such a reaction from her.
Again and again, Eric aimed the whip at her bottom and thighs. He was slow and methodical, gradually, her whole bottom and most of her thighs was turned hot and red, burning with pain and desire.
And as her punishment continued, Evelyn’s squeals became less of an act and more real, until she began to wish she could just call Eric by his proper name, Sir.
She couldn’t though, not yet, there was still one bratty response left in their play.
Finally, Eric paused, as Evelyn struggled to keep in position, chains around wrists and ankles. “Well.” He said. “Are you finally ready to give me the correct answer, young lady?” He asked.
Evelyn licked her lips. Her bottom was on fire, no-one here in the crowd would know she was going off-script if she did. And Eric wouldn’t force the matter, he would understand if she was at her limits. But she didn’t want to disappoint him and, perhaps she could take just a little more. “Is it, Eric?” She asked.
Eric turned to the crowd. “Is it Eric?” He repeated. “Does anyone here think, that a naughty young woman such as you all see displayed in front of you should call her partner just Eric?”
Evelyn could hear the ‘no’s from amongst the chatter in the crowd.
“What about you, young lady.” Eric said, addressing one of the onlookers. “You look like you know what it feels like when you’re in Evelyn’s position. If that guy next to you, the man you’re here with puts you across his knee, do you call him just by his name?”
“No.” Charlotte replied, blushing heavily.
“What do you call him?” Eric asked.
“Sir, I call him Sir.” Charlotte said.
“So you would agree, that Evelyn here hasn’t learned her lesson yet.” Eric said. “That she hasn’t been spanked hard enough yet?”
Charlotte found her courage, holding on to James’ arm. “I’ve been spanked much harder, just recently.” She replied.
Eric laughed and Charlotte blushed as a few in the crowd now eyed her with interest.
“You hear that, Evelyn.” He said. “This young lady agrees, you should be spanked much harder.”
Evelyn bit her lips. This was the final part, she knew. Part of her was sad it would be over, and not just because she’d have to turn around and face the crowd who’d just seen her get spanked.
Eric placed the whip against her backside once more. He swung it with the full force of his arm.
Evelyn moaned and squealed as the many leather falls dug into the sensitive skin of her bottom. Her backside was on fire, her legs were trembling. She struggled in her chains but could not escape. The whip kept coming, her skin rippling from the impact.
Again and again, with precision, Eric punished her bottom, the sound echoing in the warehouse, probably heard all over the place, by the booths, at the entrance, near the vending machines, at the food court. She imagined that anyone who couldn’t see, could at least hear her yowls.
Then finally it was over. Eric unchained her and helped her up. Evelyn had seemed calm and at ease at first, but now she blushed deeply as she looked at the crowd, at those who had witnessed her punishment.
“What is my name, young lady?” Eric asked.
“Sir.” She replied simply.
The crowd applauded.


Amy was on her way home, driving through the empty night. It was late and dark, the headlights of her car the only light by which to see.
She was returning from a convention. She had been nervous at first, to go by herself, but she’d had a great time. There had been live performances, booths selling the most naughty products and interesting people to meet.
By her side, on the passenger seat, was a bag with the spoils of her night. It contained a book, signed by her favorite author, James; a whole pack of flyers advertising similar events; a new, wooden paddle she was eager to try out on herself; some jewelry with symbolism known only by those who shared these interests; a necklace that kept a precarious balance between kinky collar and suitable-for-work choker; a large collection of calling cards from men who had approached her for photoshoots or video’s or even just a date. Those last few were all going into the thrash at home.
Her favorite purchase however, was a small vibrating egg with a remote control. It boasted a silent mode that guaranteed no-one would be able to hear when it was turned on, no matter where you wanted to play. Unable to wait until she arrived home, Amy had decided to try it out right away. She’d put the egg between her thighs, pressed up against her pussy and turned it onto its lowest setting. She didn’t turn it up all the way, and definitely didn’t want it inside of her, not while she was driving. The soft, gentle vibrations were enough to keep her horny and alert, without being a distraction.
Amy was almost home, when she was suddenly distracted by flashing blue lights and a short burst of a police siren, urging her to pull over.
She stopped by the side of the road, the patrol car stopping behind her, its blue lights illuminating the inside of her vehicle.
Amy cursed, quickly grabbing the bag on the passenger seat, digging inside for the remote control. She couldn’t find it, and suddenly she heard a knock on her window.
She blushed, egg still vibrating between her legs as she looked outside at the officer gesturing for her to roll down her window.
“What were you doing with that bag?” The police-officer asked as the glass panel slid down.
“Nothing.” Amy replied, hoping that the silent-mode worked as well as promised and he couldn’t hear the purring between her thighs.
“Can I see what’s in that bag, please?” The officer asked.
Amy blushed. “I’d rather not.”
“Step out of the car please.” The officer commanded.
Amy licked her lips. “Why?” She asked.
“I have reason to suspect unlawful activity.” The officer replied. “The way you acted as I approached your vehicle gives me reason to believe you are carrying something illegal. I will have to search your car.”
Amy bit her lips. “I’ll show you.” She said, not willing to get up and potentially reveal the secret she had buried between her legs.
“Hands off the bag!” The officer shouted as she reached for it. “Get out of the car now.”
Amy blushed, but didn’t want to antagonize the officer any further. Luckily, as he stepped back from the car, leaving her eyesight for a second, she found the opportunity to pluck the egg from between he leg and drop it underneath the car seat. It was still vibrating, but as advertised inaudible over the car’s engine.
“Go stand in front of the car where I can see you, place your hands on the hood while I search your car.” The officer commanded.
Amy quickly followed his instructions, blushing when he grabbed the bag while she stood slightly bent over, looking through the front window.
“What is all this?” The officer asked, pulling out the book, her toys and jewelry and finally the paddle.
“I got those at a convention.” Amy explained.
The officer got back out of her car after placing the bag back in its seat, only the paddle still in his hands. “I see now why you wanted to hide this from me.” He said with a smile, no longer seeming as antagonistic as before, realizing he might’ve overreacted. “You can relax, I no longer believe I have a reason to suspect criminal behavior.”
Amy breathed deeply, realizing she’d been holding her breath. She could feel her muscles relax, though she was still blushing deeply.
“Do you know why I stopped you this evening, miss?” The officer asked.
Amy shook her head. How long was he going to let her stand there, slightly bent over at the hood of her car? “No, sir.”
“Didn’t you notice the stop sign then, the one you just passed at full speed?” He asked.
Amy shook her head again. “No sir, I’m sorry I must’ve missed it. But there’s no-one else out here this late, does it really matter?”
The officer smacked the palm of his hand with the paddle. “Of course it matters. I was going to let you off with a warning miss, but if this is your attitude, maybe I shouldn’t.”
Amy licked her lips. “No, of course, you’re right. I should’ve been paying better attention.”
“Are you returning home to your boyfriend, miss? Or your husband perhaps? You should give them this paddle and tell them what you did so they can make sure you’ve learned your lesson.” The officer told her.
Amy blushed. She was eager to play with the paddle when she got home, but she’d be playing by herself. “I don’t have a boyfriend, sir, or a husband.” She wasn’t sure why she was telling him, but it didn’t feel right to lie to a police-officer.
“A shame.” The officer reacted. “A naughty young lady like you could use a good paddling. Anyway, I said I’d let you off with a warning and I will. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
Amy nodded. “Yes, sir.”
“All right, you can get back in your car and continue on your way.” The officer said.
Amy stood up straight and slowly walked towards the officer, nervous as she approached him.
“Here, you’ll want to have this back.” He said, holding out the paddle. “You might get some use out of it some day.”
Amy blushed and reached out to grab it, just as the officer pulled it back.
“Unless.” He said. “You want me to use it, to better help you remember the warning I gave you?”
Amy bit her lip. Her day at the convention, the live performances, the vibrating egg between her thighs on her way home, even being stopped and searched; it all had her turned on greatly. “If you think that’s what I deserve, sir.” She replied.
“It’s not about what I think, miss.” The officer said. “Legally all I can do is give you a ticket, or let you off with a warning. That doesn’t mean however, that you can’t ask me for something else.”
Amy blushed. “Would you please help me remember to pay better attention in traffic, sir?” She asked.

“Go back to the front of the car, young lady.” The officer said. “Bend over the hood of the car, as deep as you can go this time.”
Amy blushed deeply. Wait, he wasn’t going to do it right here, was he? She’d expected him to follow her home, or at least take her into the backseat of his patrol car. Not spank her out here in the open for all to see. “Out here?” She asked.
“You said so yourself.” The officer replied. “There’s no-one out here this late at night.
Amy bit her lower lip. He was right and besides, she was greatly turned on by the possibility of being caught. Wasn’t that why she’d bought that silent, remote-control egg?
Nervously, she walked to the front of the car. To bend over the hood she had to bow down deeply, her bottom arched high up in the air as she rested her upper body on the warm metal.
The officer was beside her in seconds, placing one hand on her back, the other on her bottom. Amy bit her lips again, to stop herself from moaning excitedly.
The uniformed man made no secret of the fact that he was going to take as much advantage of the situation as he could. He groped and fondled her backside, squeezing the soft flesh of her buttocks until Amy nearly forgot she was supposed to be getting a spanking and considered that perhaps he had forgotten too.
The officer raised her skirt before even the first smack had landed and Amy couldn’t help herself but moan softly when she felt the cool night air on her exposed buttocks.
She could feel his fingers, tracing the edge of her silken panties, his hand cupping her pussy as he pushed it between her thighs. Amy moaned deeply, not protesting the deeply intimate touch.
“These are soaking wet.” The officer teased her. “That explains why the seat of your car felt so cold and clammy. That must’ve been quite the convention you came from.”
Amy blushed deeply, remembering the vibrating egg between her thighs, how she’d been squirming in her seat on her way home.
The officer then raised his hand and smacked her upturned behind. The sound echoed through the empty street.
Amy moaned and squirmed as the police-officer chastised her backside. His hand connected with her bottom again and again, her buttocks bouncing from the impact.
It hurt, but not enough yet to make her squeal or make her forget how horny she was. She arched her back, swaying her bottom side to side in an enticing way, and then showing off her wet panties as she spread her legs to better keep her balance.
Her bottom was pink and stinging when the officer paused to place his hand on her behind. He groped and squeezed, feeling her glowing flesh in the palm of his hand. He let his fingers wander, between her thighs, over the thin, soft fabric of her panties, feeling her lips underneath, reminding her of how wet she was.
Amy moaned deeply, but her punishment wasn’t over just yet. The officer grabbed the panties he’d been caressing and without a word or question, pulled them down, baring her bottom and revealing her throbbing, swollen pussy.
Amy closed her eyes, blushing deeply at being so exposed, out in the open, by an officer of the law and yet she did not protest.
She could feel his hand now on her bare pussy, his fingers between her lips. But then, he raised his hand again, spanking her now naked backside.
Amy squirmed and whimpered. The pain slowly increased, slowly became real, like a real punishment should. As her bottom swayed side to side, it was no longer just to show off, but also a feeble attempt at dodging the incoming strokes from the officer’s hand.
Her skin began to burn, her bottom to ache from the ongoing punishment, there was a throbbing pain that was strangely in sync with the sound of flesh hitting flesh that echoed through the night.
Then finally, he stopped. His hand caressing her red, sore bottom. “Is this helping, miss?” He asked.
Amy blushed, reminded that she’d been the one to ask for this. Technically. “Yes, sir.” She replied.
“You’ll pay better attention while driving from now on?” The officer asked.
“Yes, sir, I will.” Amy promised.
“Good. Of course we still have the paddle to go.” He then said.
Amy grunted deeply, she’d almost forgotten about that. Yet she didn’t protest, she wanted this punishment, the fact that she had no control over it was what made it so exciting. Even if it would hurt, no, the fact that it would hurt, was what proved that her submission to it was real.
The officer placed the wooden paddle against her backside.
Amy bit her lips and braced herself.
The paddle swung through the air and landed across her bottom.
Amy squealed loudly, her voice carrying far and loud through the empty streets.
She blushed deeply, sure that someone must’ve heard. Someone would be out there, even this late, right? There were houses on both sides of the street. No lights were on, but that didn’t mean that there was no-one inside to hear her.
Yet that didn’t stop her from howling again as the next swat landed across her backside. She didn’t want to keep quiet, the greater the risk of being exposed, the more turned on she got. And even if she wanted to be silent, she wouldn’t be able to. The police officer firmly paddled her bottom and all she could do in response was squeal.
Again and again the paddle smacked into her behind, her buttocks bouncing, her flesh rippling from the impact. The pain she felt multiplied, until she forgot about his intimate touch, about his fingers caressing her pussy, about the vibrating egg hidden under the seat of her car. She’d almost forgotten this was supposed to be a punishment, so aroused she’d been. Yet the police-officer seemed to have remembered because he relentlessly punished her backside, hard and firm, making her howl and squeal.
Finally, when her bottom was bright hot and fiery red, he stopped. Amy was moaning and whimpering, stomping the ground with her feet. The officer placed his hand on her burning backside. “I think someone has learned her lesson.” He teased.
Amy blushed and moaned softly as his hand gently caressed her backside, her arousal quickly remembered as his fingers traced her most intimate parts. “Yes, sir.” She whispered.
“You’re still wet and hot.” He continued, his fingers now probing her pussy. “I feel like I shouldn’t let you drive home in the state you are in. It wouldn’t be safe.”
Amy blushed deeply. He was right. Earlier, even with the vibrating egg on its lowest stand, it had been doable. But right now, her legs were trembling, her breath was jagged, she was in no condition to be driving. “Maybe not.” She agreed.
“Get your things from your car.” The officer said. “I’ll drive you home.” His hand disappeared from between her legs and Amy took a deep breath before pushing herself up. She stood trembling on her legs, taking a deep breath before pulling up her panties, wincing when she pulled the clingy wet fabric over her hot, glowing backside.

From her car Amy grabbed her purse and her bag of goodies. While the officer wasn’t watching, she grabbed the egg from under her seat, quickly adding it to the bag where she finally found the remote to turn it off.
She locked the car and then joined the officer at his patrol car.
“I’m going to have to ask you to sit in the back.” He said.
Amy blushed, after having been paddled over the hood of her car, being taken home in the back of a police car just seemed to tack on the embarrassments of the night.
She squirmed as she sat down, her sore bottom protesting loudly. Luckily it was only a few blocks until she was home.
The officer escorted her to her front door. Amy unlocked it and stepped inside, turning around. She looked at the man who had punished her one last time, remembering his hand on her backside, his fingers caressing her pussy. “Do you want to come inside?” She asked.
The officer smiled. “I’m afraid I’m on duty.” He said, though he didn’t move to leave.
Amy blushed. “Perhaps you could…” She licked her lips, trying to think of something, remembering the egg she’d been playing with when he stopped her. “Continue your search? Maybe you didn’t find anything in my car because I was hiding it on my body.”
The police-officer raised an eyebrow. “Are you hiding something?” He asked.
Amy licked her lips. “You’ll have to search me to know for sure.”
The officer grinned. “I’ll have to strip you then and probe all your holes just to be sure.”
Amy blushed deeply. “You can probe me with anything you like, sir.”


Marc closed his curtains as the police car turned off its lights and drove away. He’d been up late, packing for his hiking trip, when he’d been distracted by the short sound of a siren and blue lights right outside his window.
At first he thought it was one of the local youngsters again, getting caught dealing drugs, until he noticed the young lady getting out of the car. He couldn’t hear what was being said, but inquisitively looked out through his dark window as she stood by the hood of her car while it was being searched.
He couldn’t hold back his curiosity, as is often the case when you witness the law at work. He wondered what this woman was being pulled over for. His interest was really caught however when the police-officer returned from a search with a paddle in hand. He stared in disbelief, nose pressed against his window, as the young woman was bent over the hood of her car and first spanked and then paddled on her bare backside. From his high vantage point, Marc could see everything clearly, especially with the headlights of the woman’s car lighting the scene perfectly. He could hear her squeals loudly through the window.
As the woman was eventually taken away in the back of the police car and the street became dark and quiet again, Marc still sat there staring outside. Rock-hard from excitement at what he had witnessed.

After taking a moment to compose himself, Marc looked back at the backpack he’d been preparing for his trip. It would be a three day hike, with one of his closest friends, Lauren.
They had a history, he and Lauren. They used to… not date, but enjoy each-others company.
That had ended when Lauren got into a relationship however. It had been a few years since they’d been intimate. They still hung out together often, like the trip they were taking together now. Yet even after Laurens new relationship ended, they never really got back together again, their relationship comfortably platonic.
With his cock still hard and the image of the young woman bent over the hood of her car burned into his mind, Marc wondered whether he really was happy with them just being friends. Lauren had always enjoyed a good spanking, he remembered.
Marc pulled a chest from under his bed which he hadn’t opened in a while. Inside where his toys: paddles, restraints, whips, vibrators, even some rope he had once borrowed from a friend and forgotten to return.
He hesitated for a moment, if he wanted to reignite their relationship, he should probably take things slow. He left the paddles, the whips and other toys and only took the rope. Lauren and he had gone hiking in the past, she’d loved it when he had stripped her naked and tied her to a tree out in the woods for anyone to see.

The following day, when he picked her up, Marc didn’t say anything about his plans. Yet when he looked at her, he was reminded of her beauty, something he had been ignoring for a while.
Even wearing her hiking boots, a thick jacket and comfortable baggy trousers – that somehow fit snuggly around her bottom – there was something about her that wanted him to strip her of those clothes and reveal the naked beauty underneath.
They drove up into the woods, a couple hours drive during which they chatted amicably. They parked the car at its designated spot, shuffled some items between backpacks to more equally divide the load and then disappeared into the forest.
Marc didn’t wait too long to reveal his plans however. He didn’t want them to be too deep into the woods. If he was wrong and Lauren would not be interested in reliving their past experiences, he wanted her to have the opportunity to back out and return to the car rather than joining him in an uncomfortable trip.
“Do you remember how often we used to hike here?” He asked.
Lauren smiled. “Of course.” She said. “We used to have so much fun out here.”
Marc grinned. “Tell me, what did you like the most?”
For a second, he thought he saw her blush before she answered. “Oh you know, we used to have so many adventures.” She replied.
Marc licked his lips. He’d just have to come out and say it. “I liked those days when you were stripped naked, walking though these woods wearing nothing but your boots.” He grinned. “It was quite the sight to see.”
Lauren giggled. “Are you saying I’m too old now and no longer worth gazing upon?”
Marc grinned. “Of course not. Go ahead, you can strip right now and I’ll stare my eyes out.”
Lauren looked up at him, smiling shyly. They’d stopped walking. “I will, if you really want me to.” She replied.
Marc frowned, something was off about the way she said it. “Why wouldn’t I want that?” He asked.
Lauren shrugged. “It’s been over a year since I broke it off with you know who. Yet you haven’t looked at me the same since before that relationship. I just assumed you were no longer interested.”
Marc realized that perhaps he’d hurt her, his attempt at respecting her broken relationship had instead been taken as indifference. I should’ve done this much sooner, he thought.
“I can show you, I’m still interested.” He said, taking a step toward her.
Lauren licked her lips, looking up at him.
Marc took another step, his feet beside hers, their noses almost touching. He looked down at her, Lauren looked at him wide-eyed.
He raised his hands, thinking of just grabbing her breasts, but placing them on her shoulders instead. Lauren bit her lips as he pushed her, stepping backwards until her back bumped into a tree.
“This used to be all mine.” Marc said, his fingers sliding down her arms to her hips, then back up and onto her breasts, each firmly cupped in the palm of his hands. “I think I’d like to have it back.”
Lauren moaned under her breath. “It’s all yours if you want it, sir.” She replied.
Marc was rock hard, as hard as the night before when he’d been staring out his window. It had been so long since she’d called him that.
“I haven’t seen it in such a long time.” He said, fingers now fiddling with the buttons of her jacket. Lauren didn’t protest as she pulled them open one by one.
Marc took Lauren’s arm and pulled her around to face the tree. He pulled her backpack off her shoulders, together with her jacket and dropped them on the ground. He placed his own bag beside it and then grabbed her buttocks in both hands.
Lauren moaned deeply as he pushed her against the tree, grinding his hard cock against her backside. He grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head.
Once more, he turned her around, admiring her breasts, supported by a sexy, lace bra. “Not quite the sports-bra I was expecting during an intensive hike in the woods.” He said.
Lauren blushed and licked her lips. “Guess you weren’t the only one dreaming about the days of the past.” She replied.
Marc grinned, reaching around her to unhook her bra and reveal her breasts. He took the plump flesh in both hands and massaged them softly. He bent forward, tasting them, sucking on her nipples while Lauren moaned deeply.
Marc took a deep breath. He had to go more slowly, he thought. He’d still need his stamina for the rest of their trip.
Ignoring her breasts for now, he focussed on her trousers. He unbuckled her belt and pulled them down. Underneath she wore sexy lace panties that matched the bra from before. The comfortable trouser were wide enough that he was able to pull them off over her boots.
With just her underpants on now, Lauren blushed deeply as Marc stared at her. “We’re not that deep in the woods yet.” She said. “These trails are probably quite well-travelled.”
Marc grinned. “We should probably get a move on then.”
Lauren smiled broadly, obviously deeply aroused to be so exposed, hiking in the nude just like they’d done before.
“But I wasn’t ready yet.” Marc said before she could move. “I wanted a full picture.” So he grabbed her panties, pulling them down to reveal her crotch and bare her bottom. “Now we can go.” He said.
Lauren picked up her backpack while Marc loaded her clothes into his own. The bag sat high enough on her back that her bare bottom peeked from underneath as Marc followed close behind. He let her choose their path for now, picking the less-travelled roads to decrease their chances of being seen. Still they had to hide in the bushes more than once as they passed other travelers.

After a short break and a snack – during which Marc couldn’t stop his hands from freely exploring Lauren’s body, playing with her tits and fondling her backside – they continued their journey.
They were deeper into the woods now and Marc took the lead. There would rarely be any other travelers here, they were too far from the road to return before the end of the day.
As he guided them to the camp-spot he’d highlighted on his GPS, he often looked back, admiring the view of her naked body, her bare breasts which were pressed firmly together by the straps of her backpack.
He’d been rock hard the entire trip, his cock throbbing with excitement. He knew Lauren felt the same, from her shy blushing looks, the licking of her lips, the way she rubbed her thighs together when she stopped to take a breath.
“I think this is where we set up camp.” He said. The sun was getting low and the forest had a mysterious and erotic feel to it.
Lauren bit her lips. “Out here in the woods?” She asked playfully.
Marc grinned, recognizing one of their old roleplaying prompts. “Yes, why did you expect something else?” He asked.
Lauren licked her lips, unable to stop herself from smiling. “Why yes, I’d expected a hotel perhaps, a hostel at least, a comfortable bed to sleep in.”
Marc smiled. “A spoiled princess is what you are.” He said. “A hotel! A comfortable bed! What you should get is a firm spanking for being so ungrateful, I carried your bedroll for you for all those miles.”
Lauren looked up at him with deep arousal in her eyes. “Please sir, don’t punish me too hard, I didn’t mean to be ungrateful.” She remembered their roleplaying perfectly.
Marc grinned. He should’ve taken one of his paddles along after all, if he’d known how willing Lauren would be to revive their old life, to replay their old fantasies. “I have nothing to punish you with right now.” He said. “Though I did prepare and bring something else.” He dropped his bag and dug out the ropes he’d brought.
Lauren’s eyes lit up brightly as she saw what he’d brought. “Are those Jeff’s?” She asked.
Marc chuckled. Yes, they had borrowed them for one of their hiking trips years ago. “I guess they are.” He replied.
Lauren laughed, but Marc quickly cut her off. “You will go into the woods and find me a proper switch to punish you with.” Marc told her. “Meanwhile I will prepare our camp for the night. When you return, I will tie you up, punish you and then have my way with you.”
“Yes, sir.” Lauren replied enthusiastically. She quickly turned around, disappearing into the woods, completely naked and alone.
Marc took out their bedrolls, gas-stove and food and then waited for her to return. He didn’t need to make a fire, it was a warm day and the night would hardly cool them down.
He didn’t need to wait long, Lauren quickly returned with a thick, supple switch as long as her arm. “Will this do, sir?” She asked.
“Perfect.” Marc replied.

Marc guided his friend to one of the trees at the edge of their camping site. He turned her around and told her to place her hands against it.
He then wrapped the rope around her wrists, securing it with a tight knot before looping it around the tree.
With Lauren tied up and unable to escape, Marc began to reacquaint himself with her body. He let his hands trail down her back, cupping her bottom, squeezing and kneading. He grabbed her buttocks, pulling them apart, gazing at her most intimate parts and then let his hands slide down further, down her legs until he reached her boots.
He grabbed her by the ankles, pulling them apart, forcing her to spread her legs before his hands travelled upwards again, caressing the inside of her legs, her inner thighs, reaching her pussy. He cupped it with one hand, letting his fingers slip between her lips, letting himself feel how hot and wet she was.
Marc reached around her grabbing her hips and pulling her back from the tree, making her bend over as her hands were firmly secured. He ground his crotch against her bottom, the bulge in his trousers digging into her pussy.
He let his hands wander up from her hips, over her belly, reaching her breasts. He took her tits in both hands, squeezing firmly, pulling on her nipples until Lauren squealed softly.
He breathed down her neck, smelling her hair as he played with her breasts and pushed himself against her backside. He kissed her shoulders and then gently nibbled her ears before biting them softly.
Marc wanted to just fuck her. But he had promised to spank her first. He stepped back and smacked her bottom.
Lauren moaned loudly.
This was her fault, Marc thought. If she’d been a good girl, he could’ve just fucked her right away. But now he had to wait and spank her first. Just for that, she deserved a sore, red bottom.
He spanked her again and again. The sound was loud in the otherwise silent nightly forest. Laurens moans were deep and guttural.
Marc could hardly contain his excitement. The touch of her soft flesh beneath the palm of her hand, the color of her buttocks slowly turning red, the arousal in her voice as she moaned and squirmed.
He couldn’t wait, he grabbed the switch she had brought and aimed it at her bottom. He was going to make her squeal and then he was going to fuck her.
The switch whisked silently through the air and connected with her bottom with a loud snap.
Lauren squealed and a thin red line was left behind on her bottom.
Marc aimed the switch at her backside again and again, fueled by her squeals, painting bright red strokes across her behind. He aimed some at her thighs as well, making her jump and howl and even a few down her back.
Lauren never complained, nor begged or plead for him to stop. She squealed and howled, but she stayed in position and not just because she was tied up.
Finally, Marc dropped the switch. Lauren’s bottom was covered in stripes, crisscrossing her red, throbbing buttocks.
Marc wrapped her arms around her, grabbing her tits, pulling her body against his. Lauren squirmed as he pushed his crotch against her sore, painful bottom.
“Please fuck me.” Lauren begged.
Marc grinned. She didn’t need to ask. There were many things he wanted to do to her. But this was just the first day of a three day hiking trip. He’d have plenty of time to play with her breasts, to hike in the nude, to eat her pussy or suck on her nipples, to tie her up completely and to make her kneel and suck his cock. What he wanted right now however, was just to fuck her.
He pulled down his trousers, finally freeing his cock that had been hard and trapped in there for the agonizingly long hike through the woods. He grabbed her buttocks, pulling them apart, pushing his cock against her hole and thrusting it inside of her.
Lauren moaned deeply as he fucked her, hard and fast. He could tell when she came, from the way her body trembled and her moans turned deep and desperate. He kept going, smashing his hips into her sore, red backside, pushing his cock as deep as he could, until he too, reached his climax, cumming deep inside of her.

Marc took a moment to catch his breath. He looked at his friend, admiring her backside as she still stood tied up against the tree. He didn’t free her, not yet, but waited a bit, letting himself calm down first.
He knew she liked it, being tied up and helpless, even after he’d had his way with her. She still wasn’t allowed free, not until he said so. Then finally, he untied her.
“Thank you sir.” She said as she turned around. “I really missed that.”
Marc grinned. “So did I.” He replied. “Though we should get to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day.”
Lauren bit her lip. “A long day of submitting to your wishes.”
Marc nodded. “Exactly, you’ll need your strength.”
Lauren chuckled. “Where did you put my bedroll?”
Marc smiled. “I zipped them together into one large one. We’ll have to share.
Lauren smiled broadly. “I don’t think I’ll get much rest with your hands all over me, sir.”


Jeff was surprised to meet his friend unannounced at his front door. “Hey, Marc.” He greeted him. “I’m sorry, but right now is not a good time.”
Marc smiled. “That’s okay, I just came here to return these to you.” He handed Jeff the large bag he was holding.
Jeff looked inside, surprised to find a large collection of rope. “Are these mine?” He asked.
Marc nodded. “Yeah. I’ve put them to good use, but I thought it was time to return them.”
Jeff laughed. His friend had had these for years, he’d already bought himself more than one new set. “You should keep them.” He said.
Marc shook his head. “It’s okay. Lauren promised to buy me some for ourselves for my birthday.”
Jeff grinned. “So the two of you are back together?”
Marc nodded. “We went hiking last week. Just like the good old days.
Jeff chuckled. He’d heard about those trips, though Marc was always stingy with the details. That reminded him however, that he had someone – tied up like Lauren must’ve been last week – waiting for him. “That’s great to hear.” He said. “Well thanks for the rope, but I really should get going.”
“All right, see you around.” Marc replied, turning to leave.
Jeff quickly closed the door and went back inside, where a young, beautiful woman, completely naked, was tied up with her arms above her head, rope attached to a hook in his ceiling.

“Who was that?” The girl asked.
“Just a friend, Tina.” Jeff replied.
“He didn’t see me, did he?” She asked.
Jeff grinned, the tone of her voice betrayed that she was excited, rather than scared, that someone might have caught a glimpse of her in this precarious position. “He didn’t come in.” He replied.
Tina licked her lips. “Can we continue?”
Jeff chuckled. “Eager are we?”
The girl pouted. “My arms are growing tired.”
Jeff nodded. He’d taken his time with her, tying up her wrists, placing the rope neatly and perfectly, arranging it across her chest to form a cross, the rope firmly ensnaring her breasts. It took a while for it to both look esthetically pleasing and still be tight and secure enough that she actually felt tied up and unable to escape.
He had just reached her hips with the rope when the bell had interrupted them. He picked it up now and firmly pulled it around her hips. The back of his hands caressed her inner thighs as he pulled the rope between her legs, securing it firmly against her pussy. He wasn’t groping or fondling her, but he did allow himself some leeway, feeling her soft, sensitive skin against his own while he worked on her.
Tina wasn’t his girlfriend or date, she was a girl he’d met online, a friend who’d shared her fantasies with him and trusted him to play with her. This wasn’t their first time together and while Tina completely submitted herself to Jeff’s control, she knew that he wouldn’t go further than the limits they’d agreed upon.
Jeff grabbed the young woman by her ankles and pushed her legs together so that he could tie them up with his rope. He worked his way down to her ankles, arranging it in a ladder-like pattern so that she was completely unable to move.
When he was done, he walked around her, drinking in the view. She was completely naked, breasts heaving with excitement as they poked out between their bounds of rope, mouth open as she was breathing heavily, arms stretched above her head, body swaying slightly side to side as she was unable to escape, her bottom plump and firm, her buttocks separated by two thick strands of rope pulled tightly between them.
“How are you feeling today, Tina?” Jeff asked.
The girl moaned softly. “Good.” She whispered.
Jeff grinned. “Good? How far do you want me to go?”
The girl blushed. “I want you to spank me.” She said.
Jeff nodded, placing a hand on her bottom, caressing her gently. “And?” He asked.
“I want to cum.” Tina continued.
“You want me to make you cum?” Jeff asked.
The girl nodded.
Jeff moved his hand from her bottom to her pussy, which was mostly protected by a layer of braided rope. “What do I get in return?” He asked.
Tina moaned deeply. “You may touch me, freely.” She replied.
Jeff grinned, that was a given, it would be hard to make her cum without touching her. Still, it was a great treat, she didn’t always want him to go this far, some days all she wanted was to be punished or tied up. “What else?” He asked, making it sound like he thought the trade was still uneven.
“I’ll help you cum as well.” Tina offered.
Jeff grunted. “With your mouth.” He said.
The girl hesitated for a moment, thinking it over. They did this every time they played, this back and forth. It was in either of their rights to decline what the other wanted and find another compromise. So far they’d always been able to agree to something that had them both satisfied in the end.
“With my mouth.” Tina agreed.
Jeff smiled broadly. “First your spanking.” He said. He yearned to put his hands on her, to touch her all-over under the guise of helping her cum. But he had to do things right, in the correct order. He placed his hand on her bottom. At least that he was already allowed to touch.

Tina moaned deeply as Jeff caressed her bottom. Every time she visited him, she wanted to offer more of herself, to submit more fully. Sure some days all she needed was a firm spanking and he respected that; but days like today, she wished he would just have his way with her, just fuck her and assert his dominance.
He wouldn’t though and that’s why she could keep coming back, could trust him, could let him spank her bottom right now while she was completely tied up and unable to escape.
She moaned deeply as his hand connected with her backside. The sting quickly spread through her buttocks. The swats came in firm and strong and Tina swayed back and forth from the impact, unable to keep still with her arms tied above her head.
Jeff wrapped his arm around her, holding her naked body close to his. Holding her still like this, he aimed his hand at her bottom.
Tina moaned and squirmed as the palm of his hand connected with her backside again and again. The rope dug into her body, her buttocks, her hips, her shoulders, her breasts, her thighs, her pussy.
The sting built up as her bottom grew hot and pink. Yet this wasn’t a punishment, Jeff knew when she asked for discipline versus when she asked for a spanking for pleasure.
He built up the pain in her backside, but not so high that it became intolerable, just on the edge of making her squeal.
Then he let go of her, her body swinging from her restraints. He fetched his riding crop, his favorite implement to use for a pleasure spanking.
Tina bit her lower lip as he placed the tip of the crop on her upper thighs. Her bottom was burning, just as much as her arousal as he stroked her thighs with the crop, pushing it between her legs, the length of the rod stroking her pussy.
Then he pulled it back, landing a sharp swat across her backside. Tina squealed softly.
Jeff walked around her, teasing her by tickling her with the crop, caressing her body without hitting her.
Tina moaned deeply as he pushed the tip of the crop between her breasts, then flicking one of her nipples. She squealed when it flicked against her breasts with a sharp snap.
The crop moved down again, over her belly, past her pussy, onto her inner thighs. Another snap followed by a deep moan.
Tied up as she was, Tina had no way to defend herself. The crop travelled all over her body, tickling and slapping. Jeff focussed mostly on her backside, her thighs and her breasts, leaving behind small red spots of stinging sensation.
Yet as her breathing grew heavier, her arousal uncontrollable, Jeff returned his focus to her bottom. Again and again the riding crop landed across her backside, not just the leather tip, but the full length of the rod, until they were not just tiny red spots of pain, but a connected layer of bright red, burning skin.

Tina moaned loudly, squealing softly, squirming in her ties as the riding crop tortured her backside and the rope dug into her skin, until finally, Jeff dropped the implement to the ground, wrapping her arms around her body.
She moaned deeply, feeling his strong arms around her, his chest against her back, his crotch and hard cock against her bottom and her breasts cupped in the palm of his hands.
She closed her eyes, breathing loudly as he played with her tits: groping, squeezing, pinching. She could feel his cock, throbbing with excitement against her sore buttocks. She’d asked him to make her cum and in return she’d let him touch her, his body against hers.
His hands reached down, sliding down her belly, between her legs, pulling on the braided rope between her thighs. Tina moaned impatiently as he fiddled with the knots, untying the rope to gain access to her most private parts.
Then finally she was freed and his fingers dug between her lips, finding her clit. She groaned deeply, swinging back and forth from her wrists, held in balance by his strong arms.
It didn’t take long, her body was trembling, her bottom on fire and her pussy soaking wet. She moaned deeply, resting her head against Jeff’s chest, closing her eyes as the orgasm took control, her body shaking uncontrollably.
After she’d cum, Jeff let go. Tina was still dangling from her ropes, unable to stand up straight. Jeff gently caressed her body, his fingers tracing every inch of her bare skin. She closed her eyes again, letting him explore her. Before, his touch was meant to help her cum, right now it was meant for his pleasure, the trade they had agreed to.
He began to fiddle with the ropes, ready to untie her so that she could fulfill the last part of her agreement.
“Wait.” Tina said.
Jeff paused. “Is anything wrong?” He asked.
“No.” She replied. “There was just something I wanted to ask, before you untied me.”
“Of course.” He said.
Tina blushed. “I know I’m not the only girl you play with.” She said. “When you’re with the others, do you ever take pictures of them, when you’ve tied them up?”
Jeff nodded. “There are pictures.” He said. “But they’re private.”
Tina blushed deeply. “No, I didn’t mean I wanted to see them. I meant maybe I’d like you to take some pictures of me as well.”
Jeff smiled. “I don’t actually take them myself. A friend of mine is a professional photographer. He’s helped me take some great photo’s with professional equipment.”
Tina licked her lips. “Oh…”
“I don’t have to ask him, of course.” Jeff said. “But I can promise you it’s worth it, rather than a naughty picture, what you get from him is art, something erotic and sexy, you’d be proud to frame and hang on your wall.”
Tina giggled, she didn’t think she’d ever hang a picture of herself, naked and tied up, in a frame on any wall.
“I also trust him completely.” Jeff said. “He’s professional and does exactly what you ask of him.”
Tina bit her lips, hesitantly. “Alright, maybe next time, you could invite him?”
Jeff nodded. “I will. But first, you still promised me something.”
Tina nodded. “Of course, sir.” She moaned softly as Jeff slowly untied the ropes around her body. She shivered as they came off, rubbing, caressing her sensitive skin.
Then, completely naked, she knelt at his feet. Jeff undid his trousers, freeing his cock and she took him in her mouth, just like she’d promised. She licked and sucked, looking up at him through the lashes of her eyes. She could feel his heartbeat on her tongue and against the roof of her mouth.
Jeff moaned and grunted and then he came, his body freezing up, his cum filling her mouth. She swallowed it, licking his cock clean. “Thank you, sir.” She whispered.


Michael was with a customer when he received a phone call from his friend Jeff. Yet when he heard that one of his friend’s girls had asked for his services during their next play session, he eagerly agreed. Michael tried to focus his work on the kinky and naughty, but to make ends meet he often had to do the boring side-jobs as well, seminars, weddings, school pictures… Photoshoots like the one Jeff wanted where what his work was really about.

The customer he was with today wasn’t boring at all either however. A young couple had requested a boudoir photoshoot with a theme.
The young wife had dressed up as a traditional maid, while her husband wore a businessman’s tight suit. Most of his attention went to the woman of course, her husband was more a set piece in the background.
Her maid outfit wasn’t much of a costume either. She wore a black apron with white ruffled lace and a matching cap. The apron was almost too small to contain her breasts and barely long enough to cover her crotch. Whenever she turned around, the round, pale globes of her buttocks were revealed before his camera. Underneath it she wore white lace lingerie and a set of thigh-high stockings.
Michael had her posing in various ways, pretending to be doing the job of a maid. He’d had her bending over, brushing the floor with a broom with too short a handle, presenting her bottom on one end, her tits falling out of her outfit on the other. He’d have her standing on a stool, reaching the top of a cabinet with her duster, his camera peeking at her underwear under her apron. He had her on all fours, scrubbing the floor, bottom sticking out. He had her kneeling at her husband’s feet – her pretend boss – and shining his shoes. He had her bending over his bed, pulling on the sheets to make the bed, ready to be pushed in. He had her pulling laundry from their washing machine, digging in deep as if she were stuck in there.
The final position he had her in however, was at the request of the couple themselves. They were in the kitchen, were she was baking cookies. He took pictures of her preparing the dough, her back turned to them, uncovered by her apron. He took pictures of her bending over, putting the tray into the oven. He took pictures of her pulling them back out, burned to a crisp, just like they’d planned. He took pictures of her wringing her hands, looking down at her feet as her pretend boss wagged his finger at her.
Michael had known they wanted a spanking scene in their photoshoot and he’d been eager to get to that part. He took pictures of the woman across her husband’s lap on a kitchen chair and more pictures of her bend over the kitchen table, bottom pridefully held high.
He witnessed the man spank his wife’s backside while she lay across his lap, for he wanted to make sure she had the right color for their pictures. When he proposed that he could easily photoshop them for the same result, the husband assured him that he wanted as realistic a view as possible.
Michael stared in amazement as the spanking continued. The husband had said realistic and he meant it. His wife’s buttocks bounced beneath the palm of his hand.
And yet she didn’t complain or protest. She didn’t even object to his presence. Her only reaction to her spanking was a soft moaning and squirming as the color in her backside went from pink to bright red.
Michael continued taking pictures, framing her colorful bottom as best he could. Waiting for her husband to raise his arm to get the best view, or timing it precisely when his hand connected with her bottom to catch the rippling of her skin.
The maid’s moans grew louder, but Michael didn’t consider the fact that her bottom was probably red enough for the rest of their shoot. He was too engrossed in the action, taking the best pictures, getting the best lighting.
Her husband had her stand up, bending over the kitchen table again, like before. He grabbed the wooden spoon with which she’d mixed the dough and planted it across her bottom.
Michael made sure to take pictures of the man wielding the spoon, as well as the impact of the implement on the woman’s sore, stinging backside.
Again and again, the husband chastised his wife’s bottom, her buttocks bouncing under the impact, caught on Michael’s camera.
Then, her husband grabbed his wife’s panties and pulled them down in one swift motion, baring her bottom and revealing her swollen, wet pussy.
Michael aimed his camera and then hesitated. Had the couple gotten caught up in the moment? “Should I continue?” He asked.
“If you please.” The husband said.
The wife didn’t complain, and thus Michael saved her pain, lust and agony into still frames on his camera.

When her husband finally stopped, the shoot wasn’t over. The maid’s boss made her stand in the corner of the room like a naughty girl, hands on her head, red bottom on display. Michael took pictures of it all.
He made her redo all the pictures they’d done before: scrubbing the floor, dusting the cabinets, making the bed, doing the laundry; but this time she did it with her red bottom on display, as if her boss had made her redo all her work after her punishment.
When she was done, her husband stripped her of her apron, freed her tits from her bra and made her peel down her stockings until she was completely naked.
Michael kept his camera ready through the entire process, catching every moment of her slowly being stripped naked.
He then watched as the maid was made to pleasure her boss. How she crawled towards him on hands and knees. How she stood beside him when he sat down, her one foot on the couch beside him, his hand caressing her leg. How she sat down on his lap, blushing as he caressed her body. How she straddled his lap, grinding against his crotch, his hands grasping her buttocks.
They didn’t fuck, they didn’t go that far, not with his camera present. But you wouldn’t be able to tell from the pictures, not from the angles Michael had taken them in.

When they were finally satisfied. Michael stored away his equipment.
“I hope we didn’t go to far.” The man said, sounding slightly apologetic. “I feel like we got carried away a little.”
Michael grinned. “No worries, it happens. I really enjoyed working with you.”
The man’s wife blushed. “We really enjoyed having you here today.” She said. “You can stay a bit longer if you want.”
Michael raised his eyebrows, wondering why exactly they wanted him to stay.
“What my husband is going to do next isn’t fit for pictures.” The wife said. “But we wouldn’t mind if you stayed and watched.
Michael grinned. Wow, they really were straight-forward, weren’t they? “I don’t think I can take much more of this.” He replied honestly. He often got aroused during his work and he usually was able to hide it to remain professional, but right now he was rock hard and it was difficult to even sit down normally.
“Perhaps he doesn’t have to just watch, honey.” The husband said. “After all, you do owe him for doing all that extra work for us. I’m sure he took a lot more pictures than we agreed to at first.”
The wife blushed, but looked at Micheal eagerly as she bit her lips, her husband’s suggestion didn’t come as a surprise to her. “I guess that would be fair.” She agreed.
Michael licked his lips. This wasn’t an opportunity he should let himself pass by, he realized. “I guess I can stay a bit longer.” He agreed.
The woman smiled broadly and promptly wrapped her arms around her husband. They kissed vigorously. She was still completely naked of course, and her husband’s hands freely roamed over her body.
Michael felt like he should take his camera, but he had already put it away, all he could do now was watch.
“Or friend can’t see.” The husband said as his wife straddled his lap, wrapping her arms around her, burying his face with her breasts. So he picked her up and turned her around, planting his red bottom on his lap.
The woman smiled and winked at Michael as she rode her husband’s crotch, her tits bouncing up and down. Faster and faster she ground against him, until her husband pushed her up, undoing his trousers and releasing his cock. She sat back down, her husband sliding inside of her.
She rode him slowly now, her husband’s hands on her hips to guide her, grinding her sore bottom against his lap.
Michael was hot and excited, not sure what to do. They’d suggested he do more than just watch, but he didn’t know what else to do. He ran his hand down his pants, rubbing his crotch, feeling his cock pushing against its boundaries. He unbuttoned, reaching inside with his hand, grabbing hold of his erection while looking at the couple in front of him.
“Wait, come here, I’ll help.” The wife suddenly said.
Michael licked his lips, standing up uncertainly, his cock already part way out of his trousers. He moved closer to the couple. Her husband didn’t look at him, he had his eyes closed, seemingly in ecstasy as his wife slowly road his cock.
The wife urged Michael to stand in front of her, pulling him closer even as she continued riding her husband. She grabbed his cock and brought it to her mouth, taking it in and sucking on it.
Michael moaned deeply, hands at his side, not sure where to put them. She took hold of them, placing them on her breasts, on top of her husband’s. Michael tried to play with them, but they were too far down and it felt too awkward to be entangled with her husband’s hands, even though he did not protest. He placed his hands on her shoulders instead and then on her neck, his fingers entangling in her hair.
Her husband let out a deep groan, suddenly thrusting upwards, his wife bouncing up and down with his cock in her mouth. Then he froze, cumming deep inside her.
He opened his eyes, looking up for a moment at the man who had his cock in his wife’s mouth. Then he bent down to nibble her neck, his hands sliding down from her breasts to her belly and then her pussy. His fingers digging deep inside her.
Michael could feel her mouth clamping shut around his cock as her husband’s fingers played with her clit. He moaned deeply from the added pressure.
The closer her husband brought her to orgasm, the harder she sucked his cock. Michael grunted and groaned and when she came, her whole body shuddering, he couldn’t stop himself either, his cum filled up her mouth, nearly choking her as her own orgasm urged her to breath, but his forced her to swallow.
Yet she managed it somehow, managed to suck him dry and clean his cock with her tongue, even while her own body was trembling with excitement.
He stepped back, taking a deep breath, slowly composing himself as he pulled up his trousers.
The woman got off her husband’s lap and he as well rearranged his clothing. She remained fully naked of course.
“Well, that was something…” Michael said.
The husband smiled. “We’ve always wanted to do something like that.” He said. “And you seemed to be amenable.”
Michael grinned. “Yeah, no, it was definitely interesting.”
The wife grinned. “Do you have many interesting photoshoots like this one?” She asked.
Michael laughed. “Interesting photoshoots, yes. But never one that ended quite like this one.”
The woman turned to her husband. “I already have some ideas for our next dress-up.” She said.
Her husband laughed. “You hear that?” He said. “She’s already yearning for more.”
Michael grinned and sat back down, oddly comfortable around them, despite what had just happened. “Well I’m up for it.” He said. “Days like this are what keep me going during the more boring contracts I have to do.”
The woman smiled. “How boring can it be?” She asked.
“Just last week.” Michael said. “I was at a seminar, some guy was giving a lecture about how we were all connected or something, some of that self-help nonsense. He asked me to take pictures of himself and the crowd for his next book.” He raised his shoulders. “Nothing interesting ever happens at those seminars.”


The end

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  1. Sailor Jack says:

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    • kcperrin says:

      Hmm, I see several options:
      1: Emma listened closely and answered all questions correctly and gets properly rewarded.
      2: Eager to please, Emma listened closely, but longing for another spanking, she purposefully gets some questions wrong.
      3: While she manages to stay awake, Emma can’t help but daydream about their last meeting and thus didn’t listen closely enough to answer his questions, earning her another punishment.
      4: Too excited for their follow-up meeting, Emma stayed up all night fantasizing about what happened last time and now she is too tired and falls asleep again.

      Three out of four of those seem to end Emma up with a red bottom, so that seems most likely. 😛

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