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spanked at her desk

My name is Emma.
I don’t know how you got here, but you should probably just leave. Honestly, there is nothing interesting going on here.
I know, I know, you were probably expecting some kind of story to read, something exciting, sensual even perhaps. But I can promise you, nothing like that is going to happen.
No, I’m not shy, if there was a story, I would totally tell you, but there isn’t. No smut, no erotica, no private fantasies penned down on a piece of paper in a forgotten diary, there is nothing.
You could just leave and do something else. Read some other sexy story, I am sure there are many of those out there, much more interesting than this one – not that this is a story of course – or you could do something else, watch a video perhaps, there are plenty of websites offering the kind of content you would be looking for.
So, yes, I’m sorry but this is it, thank you for coming, goodbye.

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The end

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