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A bottom in flames

drawing of a woman spanked beside a tree

The sound of insects in the tall grass and the twittering of birds in the treetops was all that accompanied Emma’s footsteps on the narrow dirt path. She was all alone, deep in the forest, her map and compass the only thing to guide her way. She wasn’t lost of course, Emma had walked this path a dozen times before. Emma loved this part of the country, the large forests and nature nearly unmarked by civilization. If you knew your way, you could walk for days without coming across any village or road. Emma knew her way, she had stayed at nearly every hotel available in the area. Once or twice a month she stayed the weekend to take these long, relaxing walks. Today, she had taken one of her favourite routes. It was a narrow path that climbed quickly along the side of the hill. On her left, on the side of hill, were huge grey boulders that had stood there for such a long time that they had trees growing in them. On her right, the forest plunge down into a narrow canyon with a calm, but deep river. Emma had often found wildlife in this spot, deer and other animals that would climb down towards this calmer part of the river to drink. She therefore kept a close eye on the forest to her right, hoping to see one today. What she did not notice was the growth of blackberry brambles that had overgrown the narrow path. The blackberry vines served as trip wires as they lay across the path; and Emma quickly lost her balance as she walked into them unawares. With a cry, she fell forwards; but when she grabbed the brambles, she recoiled from their sharp thorns. She rolled down to the right and with a shriek, she started to slide down the steep hill. With nothing to grab onto during her fall, her speed increased until she was no longer able to stop herself. Miraculously, she managed to reach the bottom without hitting a tree; even though her clothes were dirty and ripped from all the mud and bushes she had passed through. She made it all the way into the river; deep enough to swallow her whole.
Spluttering, Emma surfaced. She quickly swam to the shore and climbed out of the cold water. She was drenched, her ripped clothing soaked through and through. There was no way out of the canyon except for climbing the steep hill back up to the path; but first she needed to rest. She knew there was very little chance that anyone would find her, not many people passed on these small, forgotten roads. Besides, she was certain she could save herself. It was only a short walk back to the hotel if she reached the path.
From her backpack, Emma fished her emergency package. She unfolded the emergency blanket on the forest floor and placed her shoes on top. It was a warm day, so she decided to undress to help her clothes dry. Her trousers and t-shirt she hung on the lower branches of one of the trees. Her underwear she kept on. No-one would find her here, but she still didn’t want to go fully naked out in the open. She used some of her bottled water to clean out the scrapes on her arms from her fall. The deeper cuts she cleaned with alcohol and protected with some band aids. She had a few bruises on her ribs; but all in all, she’d gotten of lucky after such a fall. After taking care of herself, Emma wondered how long she’d have to wait for her clothes to dry. It was warm, but beneath the shadow of the trees, it could take a long time. Eventually she decided to make a small fire to speed up the process. With the tools in her emergency package it did not take long until she had a small, warm fire going. While her clothes slowly dried, Emma at her lunch at the bottom of the canyon.

“Who is down there?” A voice suddenly questioned.
Emma looked up in surprise. She had really not expected anyone to pass by here. “Down here! I fell off the path.” She yelled, before realizing she was still half-naked beside the fire.
The sound of someone climbing down the steep hill was quickly followed by the figure of a man scrambling down the side of the hill. He had attached a rope somewhere up by the path and quickly reached the bottom where Emma was waiting. It was a handsome man, wearing some kind of uniform. He looked surprised to see Emma sitting in her underwear. “Are you okay?” He asked.
Emma blushed as the man looked her up and down. He made no secret of his appreciation of the view. “Yes, fine.” Emma said. “I took a plunge in the river, but I wasn’t hurt, just some scrapes and bruises.”
“Are you sure?” The man asked. “Do you need any help getting back up the hill?”
“No, no.” Emma said blushingly. She didn’t need any help, she wasn’t some helpless tourist after all. “I can manage on my own.”
“Well, in that case, I should tell you that you can’t start a fire here.” The man said, crossing her arms
Emma looked at the fire, surprised at his strict tone. “My clothes got wet in the river. I was just drying them quickly.” She explained.
“I understand why you were doing it.” The man said. “But it’s not allowed. I’m the forester that is responsible for this part of the woods. When I saw your fire, I immediately came here. You will have to put it out.”
Emma blushed, but did not argue. She kicked up the dirt around the fire to quickly put it out. “Sorry, I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.” She said.
The forester nodded. “I’ll need to know your name and the hotel where you’re staying. I’ll have to make a report of this. You’ll get a copy of it when it’s done. You’ll probably just get a warning because it’s your first violation. But a fine is possible too. It depends on the mood of my supervisor. If it happens a second time, you’ll be banned from the area.”
Emma gasped. “What? No, please. I love this place, I don’t want to be banned. Honestly, I didn’t know, I just wanted to dry my clothes.”
The forester looked down at her. She must’ve look pitiable and cute, still half-naked and disheveled from her fall. “You don’t need to worry about that. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He said. “I really need to make a report, I can’t let you of with just a warning.”
Emma blushed. “Don’t let me of with just a warning then. But don’t make a report either. I’m sure we can solve this in some unofficial way.”
The forester smiled. “Well, unless you’re willing to accept a spanking, I suggest you let me write this report.”
Emma blushed. The suggestion had sounded like a joke; but she would do anything to avoid being banned from her walks. “I’ll take it.” She said. The fact that she had often fantasized about spanking as a more adventurous sex-life obviously helped form the decision as well. “You can spank me. I promise I’ll be a good girl and learn my lesson. I’ll never make a fire again.”
The forester raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?” He asked. “It’s just a report.”
Emma blushed again. This time it did not sound like a joke. “Yes.” She said. “I’m sure.”

The forester took off his backpack and sat it down on Emma’s emergency blanket on the forest floor. “Very well.” He said. “I’ll make sure you’ll remember to read the forest guidelines the next time you want to talk a walk.” He took Emma’s wrist and pulled her towards the tree that was serving as a clothesline for her wet trousers and shirt. “Bend over and put your hands against the tree.” He said.
Emma obediently bent over, placing her hands against the rough bark. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach. she did not really feel embarrassed or ashamed of starting a fire in the forest; she felt excited for what was about to happen.
The forester moved behind her. Emma felt his hands on her hips, slowly sliding down the side of her legs. She had to stifle a moan at the intimate touch. She gasped in surprise when he firmly grasped her ankles and pulled them apart. “Spread.” He said and Emma obediently spread her legs. Bent over and with her legs apart, she had no choice but to lean on the tree to keep her balance. “Keep your hands in front of you.” The forester said. “I still have some rope left and I won’t hesitate to tie you up if I have to.”
Emma blushed and bit her lip, wondering what she had gotten herself into. When the forester smacked her bottom with an open hand, she moaned softly. The sting spread through her buttocks quickly; not protected by the thin fabric of her panties. He landed a flurry of smacks across her bottom, not very hard, but imprinting a sting all over her behind. Emma squealed softly when the next smack was suddenly harder. Her cheeks bounced under the impact of the forester’s full-armed swings and her cries echoed in the forest. The birds in the trees had gone silent. The sting now quickly built up to real pain as the blows kept coming. Emma’s fingers dug into the tree’s bark, trying to stop herself from reaching back. The forester did not talk; but landed one solid smack after the other. He did not need to scold her, Emma knew well enough what she was being punished for. She blushed then, realizing her excitement might have been misplaced. She should’ve been embarrassed for risking a fire in the forest. As the realization that she deserved this punishment got through to her; her cries and curses were replaced by moans and pleas.
“It seems like I’m starting to get through to you.” The forester said. He took a small break from assaulting her bottom. Instead he rubbed it softly, his firm strong hands squeezing her sensitive, sore buttocks.”
“Yes, sir.” Emma said. “I’m really sorry for my actions.”
The forester hooked a finger behind Emma’s panties. “Time for the second part then.” He said and he slowly pulled them down.
Emma shrieked and reached back with one hand, grabbing hold of her panties before he could bare her bottom and worse with her spread legs not able to hide anything more.
“Hands in front of you, young lady!” The forester said. “Don’t make me get the rope.”
Emma mumbled something unintelligibly.
“Now!” The forester said.
Emma blushed, but pulled back her hand, letting the forester pull down her panties. Her bared bottom was bright red and her pussy still dripping with excitement, despite the pain and embarrassment.
“Close your legs.” The forester commanded. Emma obeyed and he pulled her panties all the way down and off. “Now get back in position.”
Blushingly, Emma spread her legs again, showing of her excitement. The forester placed his hand on her now bare bottom, stroking it softly. When he raised his hand, Emma braced herself for the second part of her punishment. The smacks came down hard, but slowly. The forester made sure her whole bottom was covered in a deep red sting. Emma moaned and squealed at each painful stroke. She begged and pleaded. She promised she’d be a good girl, that she’d never start a fire again. The forester relentlessly spanked her defenseless bottom until Emma stood shaking on her feet. When he finally stopped, she was out of breath and her bottom was a swollen mass of red glowing skin.
“It’s getting late.” The forester said. “You should probably be heading back to your hotel.”
Emma blushed. At the end, she had been begging him to stop. She had promised him she’d do anything to end the pain. When she looked at the forester, still fully dressed in his uniform, she was reminded of her own nudity; all her clothes gone except for her bra. She had been kind of expecting him to take advantage of her offered pleas. Her own excitement should have been plainly visible to him. “Can I get dressed?” She asked, slightly confused.
“You can walk back naked.” The forester said.
Emma blushed deeply.
“But that’s your own choice of course. If I were you I would get dressed first.”
Emma blushed even more deeply, but quickly picked up her panties from where the forester had dropped them. They felt rough against the sensitive skin of her bottom; but they were nothing compared to her trousers. Those were still damp and fit snuggly on her bottom on a normal day. Now, with her bottom swollen and sensitive, they were agonizingly tight. After pulling on her shirt over her head, Emma tried to pretend not to feel her trousers constant reminder of her recent punishment.
“Do you want a hand up the hill?” The forester asked.
“Yes, please.” Emma replied, no longer sure she’d make it up there by herself.
“You go first.” The forester said, pointing at the rope that was still hanging down the incline. “I’ll come after.”
With her backpack on her shoulders, Emma grabbed the rope and started the climb. The unusual movement made her trousers stretch even more, making her wince and whimper as she climbed up the hill. The forester had to help her often; shoving her upwards with a hand placed firmly on her sore, sensitive bottom. When she reached the top, the fire in her bottom was as fresh as right after her punishment. It would be a long walk back to the hotel.

A few hours later, Emma sat alone in her hotel room. She had reached the hotel safely, with no further incidents. In her room, she had stripped out of her wet, dirty clothes and taken a long, hot shower. Her bottom was still brightly pink and sore from her punishment. She did not remember much of how guilty she had felt for starting a fire; but she id remember the excitement and arousal. She was still disappointed that the forester had not taken things further. After putting on a dress – with a loose skirt that did not irritate her sensitive behind – she made her way to the hotel room’s bar.
Emma’s walk had been cut short and she still had quite some time to spend before she could retire to her room for the night. In the bar were a few soft-cushioned, lazy couches that would be a perfect place to relax after the day’s events. Sitting there, letting her bottom rest and enjoying a drink while thinking of what had happened; she suddenly noticed a familiar figure. The forester was in the bar at her hotel room. Emma blushed and ducked down deeper into the couch. She did not know if it was coincidence or if he had somehow found out where she stayed. Inevitably, the forester saw her. He smiled and waved. Emma waved back, wondering if he would come sit with her or not. She did not know whether she wanted him to or not. When he did, the butterflies in her stomach raised up again.
“Hello again.” The forester said. “I didn’t know you were staying here.”
Emma blushed. “Really? So, you didn’t follow me.”
The forester laughed. “No, but I could have.” He smiled. “I hope you’re not angry with me. You asked for what happened yourself, I could have just written the report; and you did deserve it.”
Emma blushed even deeper. “I know.” She said. “I’m not upset. But let’s not talk about it here where anyone can hear.”
The forester kept smiling. “Good. I’m glad to hear it. I won’t speak of it again. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He stood up. “I’ll leave you alone now.”
“No wait. Stay for a bit.” Emma said.
The forester raised an eyebrow and sat down again. “You still want my company after what I did to you?”
Emma bit her lip. “I wanted a lot more actually; when I said that I’d do anything I thought you’d want more too.”
The forester looked surprised. “You would’ve said anything to make me stop.” He said. “I didn’t think you’d actually want more…” He hesitated for a moment. “Though now that I think about it, you did look wetter than a plunge in the river could explain.”
They were both silent for a moment, Emma looking around to see if anyone might be listening in on their conversation.
“So, do you still feel that way?” The forester asked.
Emma still blushed as she nodded her head. “I guess I still need to thank you for helping me climb that hill.” She said. “And apologize thoroughly for starting that fire.”
Back in her room, Emma let the forester undo the zipper on her back. He pulled the dress over her head, revealing the sexy lingerie she wore underneath. “This looks nice.” He said.
Emma smiled. “Out in the forest I wear something more practical; but indoors I like to look pretty.”
“Very pretty.” The forester agreed, even while he was unclasping her bra. “I did not get the chance to see these in the forest.” He said as he grabbed her breasts in both hands after dropping her bra to the floor. Emma moaned softly as he squeezed and pinched her nipples; then let his hands explore her body while he kissed the soft skin of her breasts. When he reached her panties, he pulled them down for the second time that day. This time Emma did not object. This time she stood fully naked in front of him.
“Keep the uniform on, please.” She said when the forester started to undo the buttons of his shirt.
He smiled. “Do you like it?” He asked.
“Yes.” Emma replied, letting him embrace her, his hands exploring her body again. Her bottom was still sore beneath his greedy hands.
The forester pushed her on the bed and knelt between her legs. Emma moaned softly when his knee forced her legs apart. He unclasped his belt buckle and undid the buttons of his trousers; revealing his large erection, but otherwise staying fully dressed. He leaned forward, kissing her; his erection pressing against her lips. Emma moaned deeply when he pushed inside her.
His thrusts were quick and strong and they reminded Emma of the spanking he had given her. She moaned and whimpered as the forester fucked her. She came to a shuddering orgasm at the same time he did.
Later, when they were rested, the forester got up. He fixed his uniform as he looked smiling at Emma’s naked body. “You have convinced me that you’ll be a good girl.” He said. “Just make sure not to forget the lesson you learned today.”
“Yes, sir.” Emma said. Then the forester left.


The end

7 responses to “A bottom in flames”

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  2. Lee says:

    The Forester could have insisted she walk back to her hotel naked, just to make sure Emma was honest with him about wanting to be “a good girl”.

    • KC Perrin says:

      I thought about that for a moment haha, but I also liked the tight-fitting trousers making the walk uncomfortable 🙂

  3. donandy52 says:

    Alls well that ends well 🙂

  4. Valance says:

    Looks like you’ve been writing quite a bit these last two months. Once again ill be grouping comments a bit in your most recent post. I’ve really enjoyed your recent work and hope you keep it up. Also I read the entirety of Discipline for Charlotte and I loved it. I like your writing style and characters as well as your approach to the concept of spanking and the motivations behind it. Thank you for the work you’ve put out and I look forward to other stories in the future.

    • KC Perrin says:

      Hey Valance

      I’m glad you liked ‘Discipline for Charlotte’. I do hope you left a positive commentary on the site where you got it. 😉 It might actually get published by a professional published soon, so hopefully more people will be able to enjoy it.

  5. Bill says:

    What a nice fun sexy story. I enjoy your work. Thanks.

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