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The roleplaying wife

drawing of a woman spanked across a desk

It had been a slow day at work for John. He’d spent most of the morning rearranging his new office. John had made a promotion last week and the new private office was one of its perks. Before he’d always shared a room with his colleagues. It wasn’t a big room, an old, large wooden desk dominated the setup, there was just enough room for some extra chairs and a coat-hanger beside the windows. John’s colleagues had come by earlier, congratulating him and teasing him about his new office. They worked just one door further down the hall, he could sometimes hear them laughing. He would probably miss their company, but he also enjoyed the privacy and quiet that went with having his own office. When another knock came at his door, he distractedly called them to come in. He was expecting his boss to come to discuss this week’s projects, like he did every Monday.
John was surprised to see Linda entering his office. “I thought you were taking the day off?” He asked his wife. Linda worked for a different company, two blocks away, but he thought she’d be staying home today.
“I just wanted to see your new office.” John’s wife told him. She walked around the desk and then pushed herself up to sit on its edge right beside him. She was wearing a very short skirt and playfully crossed her bare legs as she looked down at her husband sitting in the large office chair. John caught a glimpse of the white panties she wore underneath.
John ignored the sudden pressure of his erection in his trousers. They’d been married for several years now, but still the sight of his wife – her perfect hourglass figure, long smooth legs in sexy skirts and tight shirts hugging her firm breasts – could turn him on in seconds. “Well, what do you think?” He asked, gesturing with his arm to indicate the room.
“I don’t know.” Linda said. “I just can’t get this image out of my head about this dream I had last night.” She looked down at him her face in a frown, her lips in a mocking pout. “I dreamt you were cheating on me with your secretary in your new office.” She explained.
John raised an eyebrow. “Honey, I would never cheat on you.” He said. Why would he? He thought. Linda had a perfect body, a high sex drive and was very adventurous in and outside the bedroom. “Besides, I don’t even have a secretary.”
“I know.” His wife replied. “But who knows what will happen if you earn more promotions.” She blushed. “I just keep thinking of all the things you did to her, they were all so…” She bit her lip, refusing to finish the sentence.
John rolled his chair back a bit to have a better look at his wife. “What?” He asked. “What kind of things did I do?” He knew his wife well enough to know she wouldn’t be upset with him for something she’d only dreamt about. In fact, it would be a lot more likely for Linda to get turned on by the things she’d imagined him doing.
When his wife scooted over to the middle of his desk, spreading her legs and showing off the white panties underneath her short skirt, John knew he was right. “You fucked her on your desk.” She said, leaning slightly back on her hands. “Right here in the middle of your office.”
John stood up from his chair and put his arms around his wife. She sat on the edge of his desk and as he placed himself between her knees, his erection pushed against her. “Do you wish you had been in her place?” He asked. “Did you want to be my secretary?”
Linda pushed herself against him. “Yes, please.”
John grunted as his wife reached for his trousers. “If I’m going to be your boss, you’ll have to call me sir.” He said, trying to tease her.
“Yes, sir.” His wife replied. She’d nearly freed his erection from his boxers when a knock came at the door. They both froze.
Linda’s skirt was up around her waist, her bare legs wrapped around John’s hips. After a second of hesitation she pushed him back and dropped on her knees in front of him. “What are you doing?” John asked as she crawled beneath the desk.
“Hiding.” Linda replied. The old desk was paneled off at the back, no-one would be able to see her.
John rolled his eyes, but decided to play along and sat down in his chair. “Come in.” He called.
“John!” His boss called enthusiastically as he entered. “Enjoying the new office?” He placed a stack of papers on the desk as he sat down in one of the chairs on the other side.
“It definitely has its advantages.” John replied. He was very aware of the fact that his pants stood wide open just beneath the desk and his wife was hiding beneath. It was strangely exhilarating.
“I have quite a few new projects for you this week, John.” His boss said, just as John felt Linda’s hand reach for his crotch, stroking his erection hidden inside his boxers. “I’m sure the new environment will help a lot.”
John coughed to hide his surprise and looked down for half a second. His wife had meanwhile freed his penis and was stroking it softly, she looked up at him and winked when she noticed him looking down. “Maybe I can read the files and we can discuss them later?” He asked his boss, desperately trying to hide his arousal.
His boss moved the papers so they lay in front of him. “Well, actually, here are a few I wished to discuss more in-depth.” He said. “Unless you were too busy?”
Something wet and warm – Linda’s tongue – slid up his penis and John closed his eyes. “No, it’s fine.” He said. We can do it now.”
His boss smiled and started his explanation of the first few projects they had planned. Meanwhile John could feel his wife take him inside her mouth. He felt the warmth of her lips around his shaft and her tongue playing with the tip. Linda did not make a noise, she quietly and expertly played with him: sucking and licking, teasing him while he desperately tried to pay attention to his boss and not show what was going on. He imagined this was his punishment for cheating on her in a dream. He was already planning on how to make her pay for this in return.

John was at the point of bursting by the time his boss was done. He politely declined his invitation to share lunch, claiming he had some work to finish first. When his boss left, he rolled back his chair and looked down at his wife. She looked up at him, grinning from ear to ear. “That was not funny.” John said.
Linda stood and smiled. “It seemed very funny from my point of view.” She said cheekily.
John stepped forward until he stood so close their noses nearly touched. “My secretary is supposed to make my work easier, not harder.” He said.
His wife tried to kiss him and reached for his erection again. “I must be doing something wrong then, it seems very hard.” She said with a grin. She hadn’t made him cum, at least she hadn’t gone that far.
“Turn around.” John said, mock severity in his voice. Linda obeyed, turning around and bending over his desk when John pushed her down. Her pale bottom in white panties pushed up invitingly, she hadn’t bothered to pull down her skirt while she was hiding. John smacked her bottom. “I think I’ll have to teach my new secretary a lesson on work ethics.” He said, spanking her again.
Linda moaned and wiggled her bottom. This wasn’t the first time John spanked his wife. He’d put her across his knee a few times in their bedroom, giving her a good dozen smacks before degenerating into hot, rough love-making. This time he did not stop at a dozen however. Roleplaying as his secretary, John’s wife moaned and grunted as John spanked her bottom, taking over thirty, forty firm smacks on her voluptuous behind. John had pulled down the white panties after the first few smacks and had a lovely view of Linda’s pussy. He was glad to see his adventurous wife was dripping wet, enjoying the roleplay and spanking just like he thought she would. When it was much redder than it had ever been before – and likely much more sore – John stepped behind her and grabbed her by the hips. He entered her from behind, fucking his wife roughly on his desk, just like the secretary in her dream. John thrusted hard and fast, his wife’s red bottom bounced from the impact, surely still feeling the sting of the spanking. He could feel her muscles contract as she was about to cum, moaning loudly, no longer quiet like she’d been when hiding underneath his desk. His wife’s orgasm pushed him over the edge as well and as Linda lay shuddering on his desk, no longer able to stand on her legs, John exploded inside of her.

Linda blushed deeply as she exited the building. She was still surprised at how her husband could sometimes seem to read her mind. She hadn’t shared any details from her dream, so how could John have known she’d dreamt of him spanking his secretary? She could still feel the sting in her behind. Still, that wasn’t why she was blushing. When planning to visit her husband – and seducing him in the privacy of his new office – she hadn’t taken into account that his colleagues in the office next door would be able to hear them. Maybe if they’d just had sex they wouldn’t have, but there was no way they hadn’t heard the spanking. Still blushing, she thought that was probably his revenge for sucking him off beneath his desk while his boss was in the room. Still, that had been just too much fun, definitely worth the spanking. In fact, the spanking had been even better than she’d imagined, she’d need to encourage him to do that more often. She decided to send him a quick text before heading to the city to enjoy the rest of her day off: “That was great. It was about time you gave me a ‘real’ spanking.”


The end

The roleplaying wife

K.C. Perrin | Spanking Short Stories

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6 responses to “The roleplaying wife”

  1. Philip says:

    Lucky couple I’d say. And seems like they’ve found that a ‘proper’ spanking can be more fun than just a play spanking. I’m looking forward to reading part 2:)

  2. Colin Wright says:

    Lol. Epic.

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