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Naked at the pool

drawing of a woman in a pool

The sun had barely risen and yet the temperature had already reached a comfortable temperature. The resort’s pool area was still abandoned. Many chairs already had towels draped across them to be claimed later, but all the guests were still at the all-you-can-eat breakfast. Sophia was the only one walking across the still cool tiles. She never cared much for breakfast and enjoyed a silent swim in the morning, before all the families with young children arrived. She wore just her bikini, a bright red top that left much of her bosom exposed and a tiny red string that left nothing to the imagination. She enjoyed the attention her near-naked body provoked. In fact, the last man whose attention she’d won – the second one in her first week in this resort – had taken a flight back home last night; she’d have to find someone new soon. Vacation for Sophia meant enjoying every aspect in life. What good was going to a warm and distant country where everyone was a stranger and no one knew her to judge her; if she could not fulfil her every desire? Sophia rarely spent a night alone in her hotel room.
After swimming a few laps, the water still cool in the early morning, she noticed someone walking in-between the many lounging chairs. It was a dark-haired man. He was bare-chested and wore short swimming trunks. She hadn’t seen him before; she’d always had the pool to herself this time of the day. Sophia was immediately intrigued by this new arrival. She swam to the less deep part of the pool, where if she stood the water barely reached her thighs. “Good morning.” She called out to the man who was just draping his towel across an unclaimed chair.
The man turned around and smiled at her as he replied: “Good morning to you too.” He had a bit of a southern accent and looked her up and down.
Sophia didn’t blush, she knew how she must look: her wet hair thrown back, her bare skin glistening wet, barely covered by the bikini she wore. “Are you taking a morning swim as well?” She asked of him. He had slowly made his way to the edge of the pool and she appreciated the view of his broad muscled shoulders and flat stomach. Looking at his handsome face, she had already decided he would be her newest conquest. The way he looked at her in return told her it shouldn’t be too hard.
“I was actually just trying to find a spot to lie down later.” He replied. “Before I got some breakfast.”
Sophia smiled and lowered herself invitingly in the water. “You can always eat later.” She said. “You should enjoy the pool now that it’s still calm and quiet.” When the man grinned and lowered himself into the water she knew he was caught.

“I didn’t catch your name yet.” The man said as he swam slowly around her, getting closer without coming directly at her. “I’m Michael by the way.”
Without answering Sophia dove underwater and swam to the deeper centre of the pool. An artificial rock formation stood there, covered in signs in all possible languages that said: ‘do not climb’, which would in turn be ignored by the majority of children playing here later. An opening in the rocks on one side was hidden behind a thin waterfall. Sophia came up beneath the waterfall and called out her name. She knew the falling water pushed down her bra, threatening to free her breasts, which were vibrating and bouncing under the torrent of water. When Michael turned towards her, she crooked her finger and disappeared inside the hidden area.
It did not take long for Michael to join her. When he did, his eyes grew wide, as Sophia sat on one of the rocks shaped as a bench. Her bikini lay beside her, her naked body on display like a mermaid on a breakwater far out in the sea. She had always enjoyed being very straightforward in what she wanted.
Michael walked up to her; the pool wasn’t very deep inside the small cave. “Someone has something else than swimming in mind.” He said.
Shamelessly spreading her legs, Sophia wrapped her feet behind him and pulled him closer. “Do you mind?” She asked, leaning forward to put her breasts right in front of him.
Michael’s hands were on his back, then on her wet breasts, “Hmm, you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?” He said, his warm mouth then kissing her neck.
“Very naughty.” Sophia agreed, shivering beneath his touch and pressing her body against him. She moaned softly when Michael grabbed her hips and pulled her off the rocks. He pinned her with her back against the rough stones.
“Bad, bad girl.” He whispered in her neck as she pulled down his trunks and guided his rock hard erection inside. Michael fucked her hard and fast in the hidden are of the swimming pool. His teeth grazed her neck and breasts, as he tasted her flesh. He came suddenly, shivering to a stop.

Sophia hung in the water, breathing quick and shallow. She reached down between her legs and touched herself where Michael had just been. She rarely reached an orgasm from a quickie like this, but she didn’t mind Michael watching. “The naughty girl hasn’t had enough yet, has she?” He said as he stood near the entrance to their hidden cave, as if he was standing on lookout. Reminded of their exciting, public location, Sophia’s arousal reached its peak and she moaned loudly as Michael watched her reach her own orgasm.
“I can never get enough.” She said after catching her breath. She gave him a meaningful wink.
“That’s good to know.” Michael replied and then left her behind inside the small cave.
When Sophia turned around to get dressed, she realized her bikini was missing. She looked under water to see if it had fallen and then on the other rocky benches thinking she might have misplaced it. She quickly realised it was gone and there was only one explanation: That bastard had taken it! Carefully she swam to the waterfall to see where he went. She calmed herself thinking it must just be a childish prank he was playing on her. But when she pushed through the waterfall – covering her naked breasts in case anyone else had arrived at the pool – she did not see him. Other voices she heard in the distance, the first families gathering at the poolside. Soon the water would be full of playing children. Just as she decided she’d have to make a run for it while she still could – dreading the long naked walk back to her hotel room – she saw Michael swimming towards her. “Give it back.” She growled at him.
Michael laughed. “What is it?” He asked. “Is the naughty girl in trouble?”
“This isn’t funny.” Sophia said. “The other guests can arrive any time.”
Michael lazily swam just out of her reach in the middle of the pool. “I think it’s exactly what a naughty girl deserves. Don’t you think you deserve some punishment for what you did? Look at you, naked in a public pool, having sex with strangers. If I had my way, you’d be a lot worse off.”
Sophia blushed. “You enjoyed it as much as I did.” She said. “Don’t pretend otherwise.”
Michael laughed. “Of course. There’s not denying that. But is it really my fault? How could you expect me to say no to such a gorgeous and sexy young woman, offering herself so freely to me?” He laughed again. “Just admit you’re a bad girl and I might give you back your clothes.”
Sophia ground her teeth. “Fine.” She said. “I’m a very, very naughty girl.” Her voice was warm and sultry, as she said it. She must still have some influence over him, she thought.
Michael smiled, now showing her the bikini he had been hiding behind his back. “Yes, you are.” He said. “And naughty girls deserve to be punished.” He held it out to her, but still out of reach. “So I’m going to make you an offer. I will give this back to you. If you come to my room tonight so I can give you your well-deserved punishment.”
Sophia held back. She wanted to just reach out and grab it, but there were now people moving at the lounging chairs. She did not want to attract their attention. “What kind of punishment?” She asked.
“A good spanking on that lovely round bottom of yours.”
‘I could just agree and not show up.’ Sophia thought, blushing and covering herself as more people gathered at the poolside. “Fine.” She said.
“You promise?” Michael asked and held out the bikini a bit closer.
“I promise.” Sophia said.
Michael grinned at her again. “So you can be a good girl.” He said, before throwing her the bikini. Sophia quickly hid inside to cover herself.

The rest of the day, Sophia didn’t see Michael except from the corner of her eye when she noticed him reading in his chair. She didn’t meet any other men either, despite displaying herself wonderfully beside the pool. When the sun hung low over the horizon she knew, she’d have to either accept his invitation, or spend the night alone. She blushed slightly as she thought about this choice. It wasn’t really an invitation, he told her she needed to be punished and she had promised to accept a spanking. She could choose to break that promise, but something about the idea of being spanked greatly aroused her. Perhaps the reason she hadn’t met anyone else that day, was because she was secretly leaving herself no choice but to accept it. She had even wondered if she maybe really did deserve to be punished. Which was ridiculous of course, she could have sex with anyone she wanted, if she was a man, no one would have thought twice about it. Sex in the swimming pool was different of course. That had been a bit impulsive.
Michael had passed her chair once that day, leaving a note with his room number. Sophie held it in her hand now as she walked through the hotel’s hallway. ‘Just a short spanking.’ She told herself. ‘And only for the sex in public.’ Her skin was tingling with anticipation. She’d dried off before coming, pulling on a short, see-through summer’s dress over her still wet bikini. When she knocked at the door with Michael’s number, she wondered who occupied the rooms next to his and how much they would hear.
“I’m glad you came.” Michael said. “Most naughty girls would just break their promise in my experience.” He opened the door.
Sophia blushed. ‘How many naughty girls had he experienced then?’ She wondered. When she followed Michael inside she realised he had offered her a choice. By coming to his room, she had freely chosen to accept a spanking; he wasn’t forcing her to do this.
“Since you’ve come, I assume you agree that you’ve been a bad girl and deserve to be punished?” Michael asked her.
She blushed. “Only for having sex in the pool.” Sophia said.
Michael grinned. “And a good thing that that is all. Imagine how much trouble you’d be in if you had been any naughtier.” He smiled and sat down on the bed, which occupied most of the room. “Still, it’s enough to earn you a good red bottom.” He took a remote that was hidden between the sheets and turned on the TV. A talking show came on in a strange language.
Reassured that any spanking would be barely audible above the TV, Sophia let herself be dragged across Michael’s knee. With her head resting on the soft matrass and her bottom high across his lap; Michael’s hand ran op from her lower legs to her bottom, pushing her dress aside. When his hand reached her inner thighs and then massaged her buttocks he stopped. “These are still wet.” He said, grabbing her bikini-bottom and then letting it snap back. “Get up.” He said, pushing her off his lap again. “Take those off.”
Sophia blushed, but did as instructed. She lowered the pants from beneath her dress until Michael said: “In fact, take off everything. You weren’t so shy about your body before.
Sophia blushed. She wasn’t shy! As if to prove so, she pulled the dress over her head, followed by the bikini-top and threw it all on a pile on the floor, proudly displaying her naked body. Suddenly Michael’s hand reached out and smacked her recently bared bottom. “Pick those up and hang them over the chair young lady.” Quickly – after a surprised yelp – Sophia picked them up again to do as she was told. Shortly after she was face down across Michael’s lap again. “Hmm, still moist.” He said whilst rubbing her bottom that was still slightly wet from her bikini pants. “That’s going to add some extra sting.” And as if to prove it, he smacked her with the open palm of his hand.
Sophia moaned softly, as Michael let hard smacks alternate between her buttocks, stinging painfully. “You naughty girl.” Michael whispered to her, as her bottom quickly turned red. Each smack made her yelp, but despite the pain, Sophia found herself very aroused and turned on. Naked across Michael’s lap, she ground her wet pussy against his knee. The more she moaned, the harder he spanked her. “Bad, bad girl.” He said. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“Yes!” Sophia agreed, and suddenly two fingers slipped between her lips, burying inside of her. Arching her back high, she groaned as Michael fucked her with his hand.
“Such a bad girl.” Michael said. “How are you ever going to learn your lesson when you’re enjoying your punishment so much?”
“I’ve learned my lesson.” Sophia moaned. Her bottom was red and sore, wasn’t it?
“No, you haven’t.” Michael said, pulling back his hand and smacking her bottom.
Sophia arched her back for the smacks, but spread her legs as wide as she could while still laying across his lap. “No, please don’t stop.” She said.
One more smack and Michael rested her hands on her hot, swollen pussy. “You’ll never learn your lesson if I reward you for your naughtiness.” He said.
“Please,” was all Sophia replied.
A long moment of silence followed. “Very well, then.” Michael said, resting one finger on her clit between her lips. “But afterwards I’ll give you a real spanking, a good whacking from my belt on your naughty bottom.”
Sophia moaned loudly as he fingered her. “No, please.” she begged. “Not with the belt.” She was torn between her fear for what might come and the arousal she felt.
“Would you rather I stop now and continue with my hand?” Michael asked, meanwhile increasing the pressure of his fingers inside her.
Sophia pleaded: “No, please don’t stop.” Unable to think as the pressure built inside of her.
“Well, you better make your mind up quick.” Michael said. “If you cum it’ll be too late and time for the belt.”
Too far gone to object, Sophia rode Michael’s fingers to a shuddering climax.

Sophia sat on the bed, her already sore bottom pressed against the cool sheets. Michael was rummaging in his pack, looking for his belt. Part of her wanted to run away; another part was strangely fascinated by what was going to come. Part of her was deeply aroused: it couldn’t be too bad, could it?
She thought having been spanked would feel strange, but it didn’t. It felt more like just having had some very rough, but also very nice sex. She wondered if the belt would feel the same. When Michael turned around with the long leather belt stretched between his hands she knew it was too late to run. “Stand up.” He said. He took the bed’s sheets and few pillows and arranged them in a pile in the middle of the bed. “Lie down there, bottom up.”
Sophia followed his instruction, displaying her bare red bottom. She heard Michael walk around the bed. The only warning she had was the swishing sound of the belt before it landed across her behind. Loudly she squealed as a red welt appeared across both buttocks. A second swishing sound was followed by a second squeal and it seemed the belt hit a hundred times more than his hand. “Wait.” She begged. “Please stop.”
To her surprise Michael did stop. She felt him sit down in the bed and then felt his soft hands on her sore bottom. “Are you okay?” He asked. “I thought you could take it. You didn’t complain before.”
Sophia blushed. Her bottom didn’t hurt that much really. She could take more, couldn’t she? It had just been her fear of the pain and not the actual feeling that had made her so scared. “It’s ok.” She said. “I just wasn’t ready yet.”
Michael rubbed her bottom a bit longer, reminding her of how naked and vulnerable she was. “Ready?” He asked when he stood up.
“Yes.” Sophia replied.

Squealing and biting the matrass, her bottom bright red and on fire from the many strokes of the belt, tears matting her cheeks as she bit away the pain; Sophia wondered if she’d been wrong. It had definitely been better to admit to the pain when he had barely started. Still, she kept her bottom up high and accepted every smack he gave her. Somehow, sometime between moaning of arousal and squealing in pain she’d begun to think he was right. That she had been a naughty girl that deserved a spanking.
When the pain started to subdue, Sophia realised she hadn’t felt the belt in a long time. When she looked over her shoulder, Michael stood smiling at her. “Did you learn a lesson, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes.” She said, quickly wiping away the tears she didn’t want him to see.
“And you’re going to be a good girl from now on?” He asked.
“Yes.” Sophia said again.
“So no more sex in the swimming pool?” He asked.
“No.” Sophia said. She blushed. “Only in the privacy of the hotel room.” She said, as if trying to prove she could say more than just yes or no.
“Now that’s a good idea.” Michael said. She could feel his weight on the bed as he knelt behind her, and then his hand on her thighs.
Sophia moaned deeply as she realised what he was going to do. He was going to fuck her with her bottom still bright red, bent over a pile of pillows where she’d just been spanked. She arched her back to let him.

Afterwards when they both lay stretched out on the bed, Sophia was rubbing her sore bottom. “That was an interesting experience.” She said.
“Well, I’ll be here for two weeks, I’ll keep an eye out and see if you keep your promise of being a good girl.” Michael replied with a grin.
Sophia smiled a lazy smile. It hadn’t really been a promise, had it? Not that it mattered; she could be a little naughty and earn some more spankings. With this to look forward to, she rubbed her naked body against him. “Can a good girl sleep in your bed? She asked.
“Of course.” Michael replied, already wrapping his arms around her. “That see-through dress you were wearing wouldn’t hide your red spanked bottom on the way back to your room anyway.” He softly squeezed that same, sore, red bottom “I hope, you have some more covering bikini-bottoms with you as well; those you had on today wouldn’t hide the welts even after a good nights rest.”
Sophia blushed as Michael pulled her on top of him. She hadn’t any other kind of pants.


The end

Naked at the pool

K.C. Perrin | Spanking Short Stories

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5 responses to “Naked at the pool”

  1. Lee Falk says:

    Unable to conceal her blushing bottom from public view with any “good girl” pants, Sophia is relegated to stay with Michael in his room and only going out for a nocturnal “midnight dip” in his company. Of course, he could buy her cutoffs or the like, but this short term imprisonment in his room is very mutually beneficial. Good is , as good does.

  2. KC Perrin says:

    Oh, I hadn’t thought of a short time imprisonment yet, but that does sound intriguing. I might just have to incorporate that into the part two I had in mind.

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