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The assistant’s red bottom

drawing of a woman spanked across a table

This story is part of a series.

Part 1

It had been three days since Jonathan had spanked his assistant. He could still hardly believe the chain of events that had led to that event. From the pure coincedence of walking in on her, tied up and presumably post-spanking at her friend’s place, to her asking him to spank her herself.
Sofie apparently wanted him to take advantage of his authority as her employer and spank her when her work was below expectations. She had said so herself.
He did not know however, how much of that she meant. Had it been in the heat of the moment? A fantasy coming true? Just an experiment maybe. There were no signs that what had happened would happen again, except for what she’d said that day. She hadn’t mentioned it since however.
Perhaps she was waiting for him to take the lead. She had said she wanted him to be in control, to take advantage. Her asking for it again would not be the way she wanted it to be.
Jonathan didn’t know however, how far he could take this. How much was too much?

This Thursday morning he had a chance to find out.
Like every morning, they were discussing the work that needed to be done and one of the items discussed was a legal document Sofie had written. There were still a few mistakes in there and the document had already passed its second iteration.
“You’ll have to give this one priority.” Jonathan said. “It has to be in the mail before noon.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sofie replied. “That’s the third iteration of this document, isn’t it?”
Jonathan nodded. This wasn’t anything unusual, these documents were complicated and three iterations was quite average to get them correct. When they had discovered their mutual love of spanking however, he had suggested using these punishments to get those iterations down to two per document.
Sofie didn’t say anything else, apart from emphasising the word ‘third’. This was supposedly his time to take advantage.
“Do you remember what we agreed upon Monday?” He asked.
“We agreed to working toward only two iterations per document, Sir.” Sofie replied.
“So what do you think is going to happen, now?” Jonathan asked.
“I assume you’re going to spank me again, Sir.” His assistant replied.
Jonathan smiled, there was no hesitation or doubt in the girls eyes. Her face lit up with anticipation. She was looking forward to this he realised. She’d known what was coming, she had been waiting for this.
“Exactly, so come here and get across my lap, young lady.”


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