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Her first spanking

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Getting spanked was Tamara’s deepest sexual fantasy. It was also her biggest secret. She had never told anyone about it, not even her ex-boyfriends.
She wasn’t afraid that people might find her weird or think her fantasy was inappropriate; she just feared that she’d never be able to fully explain how deep-seated this fantasy was.
It wasn’t just a kinky act she desired, like being tied up or blind-folded. It was nearly her only source of arousal. Tamara had sex before of course, but even then she’d never felt as turned on as when she fantasized about being spanked.
At times when she wasn’t single, Tamara often preferred reading stories about spankings over sleeping with her boyfriend. She’d read all the books she could find and when watching porn on her laptop, spanking was always the subject.
When she was single and home alone, she’d experimented by spanking herself with her hairbrush. This turned her on more than being with a man.
So how could she explain this to a potential partner, let alone her friends? How would they understand that rather than having sex, she’d prefer to just get a spanking?
Well, not just a spanking of course. Sex could be part of it, or bondage, or discipline. It all depended on the scenario. Tamara had fantasized about all of them: The naughty schoolgirl held back after class; the naughty wife with a strict husband on her wedding night, the slutty nurse getting too intimate with one of her patients, the girlfriend getting a good-girl spanking when she behaved and a bad-girl spanking when she didn’t, …
Tamara fantasized about submitting to a man, living under his rule. Spanking wouldn’t be just something for the bedroom, it would be part of their every-day lives.
It’s not that she considered herself inferior to men or that they had a right to rule over her. This right would be reserved for one man only, a man of her choosing. She’d only submit to someone she found worthy and even then, they’d be equals in every way, except that one of them got spanked when she misbehaved. Tamara liked to believe that she’d be getting the better part of the deal in that scenario.
Until now, that had all been just a fantasy however.

It was hard for Tamara to mask her jealousy when one of her close friends divulged to her the secret that her boyfriend wished to spank her.
Tamara had known Jessie for a long time and growing up they’d shared some of their experiences, supporting each-other when necessary.
Jessie had never seemed to be into anything kinky by Tamara’s standards and she thus understood why her friend was nervous when her new boyfriend, his name was Eric, confessed his desire to spank her.
She didn’t know the guy personally, Jessie had met him outside their group of friends, but was immediately intrigued by the man that shared her interest and was bold enough to share it with his girlfriend, rather than hiding it like she did.
Trying to mask how eager she’d be herself, she encouraged Jessie to go through with it, as long as she enjoyed it.
The following weeks, she tried to pry into her friends love-live, begging for updates, as if trying to live her fantasies through her friend.
Jessie didn’t tell her much. She’d tried it and found it quite enjoyable. They’d only done it in the bedroom a few times. Yes, on her bare bottom. No, not because she had misbehaved, just for fun. Yes, across his knee…
All this made Tamara wonder. Did Jessie’s new boyfriend only enjoy spanking like other people liked feeding their partner strawberries or tickling them with a feather? Or was Eric like her and did he desire a deeper relationship in which he could dominate a submissive partner? Something he couldn’t get from Jessie.
Tamara was surprised and angry at herself at the idea that she might be a better match for Jessie’s new boyfriend. Sex wasn’t the only important aspect in a relationship after all.
She’d never been the type of girl to steal her friend’s man and she didn’t want to be either. She forced herself not to think about him anymore and stopped asking Jessie questions about her personal life.
Tamara even tried to avoid meeting Eric or seeing him too often; only hooking up with Jessie when she knew he wasn’t around. When she did see him however, she couldn’t shake the thought that he was the guy who spanked her friend. She studied his behavior, wondering if he was naturally dominant, while trying not to stare.

Jessie’s relationship with Eric didn’t last very long.
After just two months, they’d broken up. Tamara wished to console her friend, but she didn’t seem shaken at all. As far as break-ups went, theirs had been quite amiable apparently.
“We just didn’t seem to match right.” Jessie told her. “It was as if I wasn’t what he was looking for.”
“That’s silly.” Tamara replied. “There’s nothing wrong with you.”
“No, it’s all right. I don’t think he was the right kind of guy for me either.” Jessie said. “You know, I’ve seen him look at you quite often. He always was looking for something else, or someone else.”
Tamara bit her lip. Was she what he was looking for? “So do you think he’d be the right kind of guy for me then?”
Jessie laughed. “Sorry, I just meant that I’d somehow always known that we weren’t made for each-other, and I think so did he.”
Tamara nodded.
“Though, I did see you look back at him just as often.”
Tamara blushed. Had she been that obvious? “You know I’d never look at your boyfriend that way.”
Jessie laughed again. “Not consciously perhaps. I kinda enjoyed it, it’s not often that you’re the one jealous of me, it’s usual the other way around.”
Tamara blushed. Jessie was often jealous of her?
“Besides.” Jessie continued. “He’s not my boyfriend anymore. I still have his phone-number if you want it.”
Tamara laughed. “That almost sounds like passing him on, like one of those cringy movies.”
“Well don’t contact him right away. Give him some time. I’m sure he won’t mind.” Jessie took her phone and moments later, Eric’s number arrived on Tamara’s with a beep.

Tamara had told her friend she didn’t need Eric’s number; but she hadn’t deleted it either.
By avoiding him while he was Jessie’s boyfriend, she had learned very little about him. She had no idea whether they’d make a good match, though the few times they had met, he’d seemed friendly and nice.
It was worth a shot, she tried to convince herself; but she knew it wasn’t a potential date that made her want to call him, it was a potential spanking.
Even if it wasn’t like she’d always imagined, if it was just a sensual pre-sex, bedroom spanking; it’d be an experience she’d never had before, definitely more exciting than the self-administered spankings in her bedroom.
Yet she didn’t want to go out with someone just to be spanked. Just like she wouldn’t go out with someone just for sex.
She wondered how long Jessie and Eric had been together before he brought up the subject. If she could go on a few dates with him without bringing it up herself, that should be enough to decide whether she liked him without being blinded by the potential trip across his knee.
Still, she could feel her bottom tingling with anticipation when she picked up her phone to call him.

“This is Eric.”
“Hey Eric, it’s Tamara, Jessie’s friend.”
“Hey Tam, what can I help you with?”
Tamara blushed, she’d been so nervous about calling him, that she hadn’t really thought about what she’d actual say when she did.
“I was just wondering how you’d been.”
“I’ve been good, not up to much lately. How about you?”
“Not much either. I was actually thinking of going to the movies, but don’t have anyone to go with.”
A short silence followed.
“I could take you to the movies. If you don’t mind going with your friends ex.”
“I wouldn’t mind at all, when would you like to go?”
“I’m free most days after work, how about you?”
“Same for me. How about tomorrow then?”
“Sure, meet you there?”
“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Tamara put down the phone with a blush on her face.
No! I’m not getting a spanking tomorrow. She told herself. It was just a date, she was definitely not planning anything intimate, not on a first date.
Her bottom however still tingled with anticipation and at night she couldn’t go to sleep without touching herself first.

The following day, Tamara waited for Eric at the cinema after work. She’d put on a sexy black dress and paid extra attention to her hair and make-up. Eric might not be sure why exactly she’d called him, so she wanted to make sure he understood this was a date.
Eric arrived wearing clean jeans and a dark shirt. He waved as he greeted her. Tamara took the opportunity to place her arm into his. He seemed surprised for a moment and then smiled before leading her up the stairs to the cinema complex.
Tamara licked her lips and pushed back her excited thoughts. Any man could lead you up the stairs by your arm, that indicated in no way that he had a dominant nature. It was just what any gentleman would do.
“Did you have a movie in mind?” Eric asked when they entered the large double doors.
“Not really.” Tamara replied. “You pick one.”
This time he did not seem surprised, but guided her to the film-posters that decorated the walls. Tamara wanted to see how he’d act if she gave him control and so far he didn’t seem fazed by it.
“What about this one?” Eric asked, pointing at one of the posters.
It was a comedy, a good safe pick. Tamara had secretly hoped he’d choose something romantic, but this was probably better. It’d be easier to keep her mind off things and on a first date you were supposed to laugh and have fun.
“Looks good.” She replied.
Still holding her arm, Eric guided her to the registers.
“I’ll get the tickets, you pay for the popcorn.” He said.
Tamara smiled, she wasn’t one of those girls that wanted her date to pay for everything and this seemed a fair division of costs.
“Sure.” She replied.
The movie was actually quite good and Tamara could sometimes forget who she was with, in the dark-induced privacy of the theatre-room.
“I loved it.” She told Eric on their way out, both of them listing their favorite parts of the movie.
Tamara laughed and smiled as they descended the stairs to the street below, realizing she really had enjoyed this short date, without having to wonder why she’d wanted to go out with Eric in the first place.
“Do you want me to walk you home?” Eric asked.
Tamara blushed, anything that would prolong their time together was good for her. Besides, it had gotten quite dark already. “Only if you promise to keep me safe.” She teased.
“I promise.”Eric replied.
Tamara blushed, the promise sounded so sincere, was this perhaps that dominant streak she’d been looking for?
“So why did you call me?” Eric asked as they walked side by side.
“Why wouldn’t I?” Tamara asked.
“Well I don’t want to assume that you have the habit of going out with your friends exes.” He said. “What would Jessie say?”
“She wouldn’t mind. She told me the break-up was on friendly terms.” Tamara replied.
“And I’m assuming she’s the one who gave you my number.” Eric said.
Tamara smiled. “She said the two of us might work out better than the two of you.”
Eric laughed. “Really, what made her think that?”
Tamara blushed. Jessie hadn’t said that at all, she’d been the one thinking it. “No idea.” She replied.
“What else did she have to say about me?” Eric asked.
“Nothing.” Tamara replied, just a bit too fast.
“Fine, don’t tell me. I’ll find out sooner or later anyway.” Eric said teasingly.
They walked on silently for a while, yet it was a comfortable silence. When they arrived at her apartment, Eric followed her to the front door.
“We should do this again sometime.” He said.
“We should.” Tamara agreed.
Eric turned to leave.
“Wait!” She called after him.
He turned around.
“Can I at least get a kiss after our first date?” She asked with a wink.
Eric smiled and approached her again, stopping right in front of her, his eyes but an arms-length from her own. “Only if you tell me what Jessie told you about me that made you call me.”
Tamara blushed and struggled to remember what Jesse had said. “She said she often noticed you looking at me.”
Eric raised an eyebrow. “I did?”
“That’s what she said.” Tamara replied.
“You know, I always thought you didn’t like me very much, you were always quite distant.” Eric said.
“I didn’t mean to.” Tamara replied. “I just didn’t want to get too close to my friend’s boyfriend you know.”
“Why would we get too close?” Eric asked. “That makes it sound like you were the one looking at me, rather than the other way around.”
Tamara licked her lips. As they’d been talking, she had stepped backwards until her back was pressed against the door, Eric was towering in front of her.
“Is there anything else Jesse told you about me?” He asked.
Tamara’s heart was racing, she bit her lip. “She told me you spanked her.” She blurted out.
Tamara’s hands shot up, covering her face, embarrassed at her outburst and revealing her interest in something she’d never shared with anyone.
A short silence followed. Then, she could feel Eric’s hands grabbing her wrists. Gently he pulled down her hands and revealed her face. “Good girl.” He whispered, then pressed his lips against hers.
Tamara melted against the door, Eric’s body pressed against hers as their tongues intertwined.
The kiss seemed to last forever and Tamara was out of breath when Eric finally let her go.
“Jesse told me she’d spoken to one of her friends about my fantasy.” He said. “When I met all of you, it wasn’t hard to figure out who that friend was.”
Tamara blushed.
“I guess I have to thank you, for convincing her to try it out.” He continued. “But I think you would be a lot more excited to try it than she ever was.”
Tamara bit her lip and nodded.
“So, do you think a girl like you deserves a good spanking as a reward for her good behavior on our date?” Eric asked.
Tamara blushed. “It’s our first date.” She protested.
Eric smiled and stepped back, giving her some space to breathe. “You’re right of course.” He said. “It’s a good thing you were so well-behaved, because I wouldn’t accept that as an excuse from a naughty girl to get out of a punishment.”
Tamara licked her lips. Her whole body was tingling with excitement at the idea that she might have actually risked a spanking on this date. “That doesn’t sound fair.” She said.
“Do you think it would be fair to get a free pass for naughty behavior just because it is a first date?” Eric replied.
“No, I mean it’s not fair that there’s a double standard for good or bad behavior.” Tamara explained.
Eric laughed. “I can make things fair. But then you’ll have to invite me inside.”
Tamara bit her lip again, her heart was racing. She hesitated for a moment, then turned around to open the door. Eric was right behind her, she hoped he’d grab her bottom that was tingling like crazy, but he didn’t.
She pushed open the door and stepped inside. “Do you want to come in?” She asked.

Eric followed her up to her apartment and once inside pulled her close for another kiss. “I’d like to give you a reward, Tamara.” He said. “You’ve been a very good girl today.”
Tamara blushed. “I’d like that.” She replied.
“In the bedroom?” Eric asked.
Tamara showed her date her room and then let him take the lead.
Eric sat down on the side of her bed and motioned her to come closer.
Tamara sat down next to him.
“Not like that.” Eric said, taking her arms and pulling her across his lap. “This is your spot.”
Tamara blushed as she lay across his knee. He’d gone straight to the spanking, no drinks first, no words. But then again, that was exactly why she’d invited him inside, wasn’t it?
Eric massaged her bottom as she lay over his lap. With each passing of his hand, her dress slowly rode up, revealing the bare skin of her thighs, her bottom and then the cute panties she wore underneath.
She hadn’t chosen a pair that was too sexy, it was a first date after all, but she had picked out something that would look cute if she were to get spanked, just for her own fantasies of course.
Eric focussed his fondling on the bottom half of her behind which was not covered by her panties. “Have you ever been spanked before?” He asked.
“No.” Tamara replied, moaning softly. It was now really getting through to her that this was actually happening.
“You don’t need to be nervous.” Eric said. “A good girl spanking won’t hurt that much. But just in case, if you want me to stop, just say Red. That’s your safe-word.”
“I will.” Tamara said. “Oh, and I have spanked myself before.” She then admitted.
“Hmm, I like that.” Eric replied. “A good girl knows a girl like you needs a good spanking every now and then.”
Tamara blushed.
“Did you spank yourself hard? Did it you make it hurt?” Eric asked.
“I used a hairbrush.” Tamara replied. “The one on my night-stand.”
Her bottom was glowing from all of Eric’s attention. His hand had slowly pushed up her panties until it was stuck up high between her buttocks, leaving most of her bottom bare.
“I don’t think I will need a hairbrush today.” Eric replied. “But I will keep it in mind.”
Tamara nodded, though Eric probably couldn’t see.
“Are you ready?” He asked.
“Yes.” Tamara replied.
“Yes, Sir.” Eric corrected her, raising his arm and smacking her bottom as he said it.
Tamara moaned as the tingling sensation spread through her bottom. “Yes, Sir.” She replied.
Eric spanked her slowly and gently. It didn’t hurt, yet her bottom grew warmer and warmer.
“I’m going a bit harder now.” Eric said. And each smack now brought a bit of sting with it.
Tamara moaned deeply.
“How was that?” Eric asked after a good two dozen smacks. He continued rubbing her warm, stinging bottom. His fingers occasionally slipped between her thighs where her panties were wet with excitement.
“Good.” Tamara replied between moans.
“Good?” Eric asked.
Tamara moaned softly. It was hard to think of more words to say, she was finally experiencing one of her deepest fantasies and couldn’t focus. “Very good.” She said.
“Do you want me to go harder?” Eric asked.
“Yes, please.” She replied.
Tamara braced herself as Eric raised his hand again and then moaned deeply as he spanked her bottom firmly.
Again and again, his hand smacked her bottom, spreading the sting through her backside. Tamara moaned and pushed her bottom out, begging for more.
“Let’s get these out of the way.” Eric said as he pulled down her panties that hadn’t been protecting her anyway. And after a few more swats, his fingers disappeared between her thighs where he found her now bared, wet and excited pussy.
“Remember you can stop me whenever you want.” Eric said as his fingers slipped between her lips. “But I think a good girl spanking consists of more than just a sore bottom.”
Tamara moaned deeply. “Oh no, a good girl accepts all parts her spanking.” She grinned. “Especially this part.”
Eric’s fingers stopped just shy of finding her clitoris and then pulled back. “How about you get up and take off your dress for me.” He said.
Tamara eagerly pushed herself up from his lap and, standing beside the bed, pulled her dress off her shoulder and let it fall down to the floor.
“Your bra too.” Eric said.
Tamara reached back, unhooked her bra and dropped it. She now stood completely naked in front of him. As she looked down, she saw the large bulge in his trousers from the erection hidden underneath. She blushed. “Just a spanking, right?” She asked.
Eric smiled. “Yes. But I think good girl spankings are most fun when the good girl isn’t wearing any clothes.”
Tamara smiled.
“Now, get back over my knee, we aren’t done yet.”
Tamara eagerly got back over Eric’s lap. She moaned deeply when the one hand that had been resting on her back before now reached underneath her and grabbed one of her breasts. His fingers played with her nipples for a moment while the other hand massaged her backside. Then the fondling stopped, as Eric focussed his attention on her behind, his other hand raised and then smacked her bottom.
“Your bottom is getting nice and red.” Eric said as her buttocks bounced from the impact of his hand.
Tamara moaned deeply.
“Do you want to see how well you can take it if I were to really spank you?” Eric asked.
Tamara bit her lips. Her bottom was stinging and each smack hurt a bit more, but it wasn’t unbearable, not even as painful as when she’d spanked herself.
“Yes, please.” She said, bracing herself.
A volley of ten hard swats sent Tamara keeling forward, face buried into her mattress. She moaned and squealed as each hard smack set her bottom on fire.
“How was that?” Eric asked.
Tamara gasped for breath and played for time by not answering him directly. “Not too bad.” She finally said.
Eric laughed. “So there is a bit of a bratty side to you after all.” He said. Another ten extra hard smacks followed and Tamara squealed and kicked her legs.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She said.
Eric grinned, rubbing her sore, stinging bottom. “I don’t think you are sorry.” He said, his hand slipped between her legs again, finding her pussy wet and excited. This time he did find her clit, rubbing it softly. “I think you liked it.”
Tamara moaned deeply.
“You know, if we are going to keep dating, there will be times when you deserve a naughty girl spanking, rather than one like this.” He said as his fingers circled around her most sensitive spot. “And when you do, I will have to spank you even harder than I did just now. I might even have to use that hairbrush.”
Tamara gasped for breath, her body was trembling as she imagined herself across Eric’s lap, not as a good girl, but as a naughty one, about to be punished. Her bottom was hot and stinging, it wasn’t hard to to feed the fantasy in her mind. She moaned deeply as Eric’s fingers drove her into an orgasm that sent her moaning and spasming in pleasure.
“I didn’t hear any complaints.” Eric said. “So I guess you agree that a girl like yourself deserves to be spanked when she misbehaves.”
Tamara moaned deeply. “Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“Well then, I think this was enough for your first spanking.” Eric said. “Your bottom is nice and red.”
Tamara blushed, but she didn’t want this to be over, not yet. “Can I have a bit more Sir, please?” She asked.
Eric placed his hand on her bottom. “We’re not getting greedy, now are we Tamara?” He asked. “It is up to me to decide how much of a reward you’ve earned.”
Tamara licked her lips. “Just a little bit, please?”
Eric smiled. “Alright, I will allow it this once, but only because it’s your first time.”
Tamara moaned softly and raised her bottom for more.
As she arched her back, she felt her backside pressed up against the cool wooden surface of her hairbrush. She gasped.
“Let’s make sure you remember next time, that I’m the one who decides how much of a reward – or punishment – you’ve earned.” Eric said, pushing the hairbrush down firmly against her bottom.
Tamara braced herself but did not protest. Her heart was racing, the hairbrush was lifted in the air and then came down hard and fast. She squealed.
Again and again Eric paddled her bottom with her hairbrush, harder and faster than he’d done with his hand before. Tamara squealed and whimpered as he set her bottom on fire.
Finally, after a good two dozen smacks, he stopped. Tamara’s backside was burning. She moaned softly when Eric gently stroked her behind.
“That was a bit harder than I usually do for a good girl spanking.” Eric said. “But I think you needed it.”
Tamara blushed. “Maybe some good girls like it a bit harder.” She said.
Eric laughed. “I’ll remember that for next time.”
Tamara moaned deeply.
“So how was it, for your first time?” Eric asked, still gently massaging her bottom.
“Amazing.” Tamara replied.
“So you’re satisfied with the experience?” Eric teased.
Tamara grinned. “Well, I’m afraid that if I asked for even more, I wouldn’t be able to sit down for the rest of the night.”
Eric laughed. “I’d love to give you more, but I think it’s also important that you learn who is in charge and that means accepting when I decide you’ve had enough.”
Tamara licked her lips. “And I guess being a good girl also means showing appreciation to your date and thanking him for the reward you’ve received.”
“That’s certainly important.” Eric replied. “Though on a first date I think I can be a bit lenient on what I accept as proper appreciation.”
Tamara pushed herself up when Eric’s hand finally slid off her bottom. She sat next to him on the bed – her bottom not as sore pressed against the mattress as she expected – and blushed slightly. “I think we’re beyond what’s proper for a first date.” She said, sitting completely naked next to him in her bedroom.
Eric smiled and watched her slide down the side of her bed, to kneel beside his feet. He did not protest when she freed his erection from his trousers and then took his cock in her mouth. Jesse had been right he thought, her friend was a much better fit for him, she knew what he wanted from her, even though this was her first time.
Moments later, with a mouth full of cum, Tamara stood up. She swallowed it all and said, “Thank you Sir, for my reward and our date.”


The end

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  1. Philip Kemp says:

    Charming story. Liked it a lot.

  2. Philip Kemp says:

    Just one thought, though – could you get your punctuation sorted out?

    • kcperrin says:

      Hey, do you have any advice, some specific paragraphs where my punctuation was wrong? English isn’t my first language so it might have some different rules from what I learned in school, thanks.

      • spanking dad says:

        Hello. How are you? What is your first name and age in years? Whom do you spank? (Age in years and first name, please.)

  3. Marie says:

    Would love a sequel to this story and for Eric to give Tamara her first punishment spanking.

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