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The back of the shop

Whipped in chains

Emily arrived at the bike-repair shop with her bicycle in hand. The chain of her bike had fallen off and the tires could do with some inflating, both things she could try herself, but she didn’t want to get her hands dirty.
Like most people, Emily used her car to get around, but she’d bought this bike just two weeks ago for some leisurely activity. She didn’t like running and at the gym she always felt stared at by the male gym-goers. Her friend Samantha had suggested the bike as an alternative for some healthy exercise.
Emily and Samantha had actually planned a short ride together this evening, which was why Emily needed her bike to be in working condition. She was already dressed for the occasion, with comfortable shoes and a short dress. Unlike her friend, Emily did not want to wear one of those tight-fitting cyclists uniforms, fearing it would grant her the same level of attention as she got at the gym. She didn’t realize that her bare legs and wind-whipped skirt were a much bigger eye-catch than Samantha’s snug outfit.
The shop-keeper welcomed her with a warm smile and Emily recognized the man who had sold her the bike just two weeks ago. Emily explained that she needed the bike fixed quickly, for she had plans tonight.
“I can’t.” The man said. “I’m so sorry, but I have a lot of work still left.” He gestured around him, showing the rows of bikes that had been left behind by other customers for maintenance.
Emily put on her most winning smile. “Please.” She said. “All you need to do is put the chain back on and inflate the tires. I would do it myself but I don’t know how.”
The repairman smiled and turned his back on her, focussing on her bicycle. “Let me see.” He said. He grabbed the back wheel’s tire between his two fingers feeling the pressure; then hooked a finger behind the loose chain and pulled softly to test whether it was stuck. He then walked to the front of the bike and bent down to repeat the test on her front tire.
Emily got a bit nervous when he ran a finger along some of the spokes of the front wheel and muttered they felt loose. When he stood up and tested the resistance in her breaks, she began to fear there might be more maintenance needed than she’d anticipated.
“Didn’t you buy this bicycle just two weeks ago?” The shop-keeper suddenly asked as he sat crouched beside the bike, running his finger along the top tube which was scuffed and scratched from Emily’s shoes when getting on or off.
“Yes, I bought it from you.” Emily confirmed, not yet noticing the smile had disappeared from his face.
The man stood up after having finished his inspection. “How long have you been riding around on flat tires?” He asked. “The inner-tubing feels worn out.”
Emily shook her head. “I’m not sure. I didn’t know how to inflate them.”
The shop-keeper shook his head. “You’ve probably been hitting a few too many curbs as well, the spokes feel loose. The brakes are lax so you’ve been a bit too wild; the frame is dirty and scuffed, you’ve probably never washed it; there is even some rust so you probably just left it outside in the rain…” In the end he was muttering more to himself than talking to her.
Emily found herself blushing. It was just a bike, she thought; but she probably shouldn’t say that to the mechanic who repaired and sold them for a living. “Can you just inflate the tires and put the chain back on?” She asked.
The shop-keeper shook his head. “Normally I’d say you’d have to leave it here overnight and I’d have it fixed in a day or two.”
“Normally?” Emily asked.
“Yes, if this wasn’t a bike I’d only sold two weeks ago. You should just take it somewhere else. I don’t want to work for someone who takes such bad care of their bike.” He replied.
Emily blushed deeply in surprise. “Come on, it’s not that bad.” She said. “Please, I need it tonight, I’m going out with a friend.”
The mechanic crossed his arms in a firm stance. “Why should I put in all that work when I know that in a week or two it’ll have all been for naught?”
Emily threw up her arms. She didn’t know what to do, confronted with that stern gaze. She probably couldn’t find another repair shop in time and even if she did, chances were slim they had a lower work-load. “Please.” She repeated. “I’ll take better care of it in the future, I promise.”
The man shook his head. “You’re just saying that because you want something from me now and after your trip tonight you’ll park that bike somewhere and forget about your promise.”
Emily felt the frustration grow inside her. Taking a deep breath, she pushed it down. Getting angry at the shop-keeper wouldn’t do her any good. Instead she smiled at him, running her hands over her hips to smooth the wrinkles in her dress and to emphasize her body. “Isn’t there any way I can convince you?” She asked.
The repairman now put his hands on his hips. “Do you really want to know what I think?”
Emily nodded, licking her lips. The shop-keeper was a handsome man and she wasn’t above some flirting to get what she wanted. She hadn’t really given any thought about how she might convince him to help her, but for some reason his strict demeanor and unpliable attitude seemed to have turned her on.
“I think a young lady such as yourself could learn a valuable lesson about respectfully treating a merchant’s wares from a good spanking.” The man said.
Emily’s mouth dropped open in surprise, her cheeks slowly coloring red as the meaning of his words got through to her. “You’re not serious?” She asked.
“No?” The shop-keeper said. “Don’t you think it would be a lesson you’d remember? Something that would remind you to properly care for your bike, just like you promised?”
Emily sputtered, not sure what to reply. “Of course I’d remember.” She said. “But you can’t seriously want to spank me.”
The mechanic grinned. “Oh I’d love to spank that cute behind of yours young lady. Waltzing in here with a brand-new bike that looks as if it was handed down three generations of older brothers. I’d get a lot of enjoyment out of teaching you such a valuable lesson.”
Emily shook her head in disbelief. She should’ve declined the idea right away, he was getting way too familiar with her – her cute behind? – she was just encouraging him by staying this long. But, then why wasn’t she leaving? It wasn’t because there weren’t any other repair-shops she could try. She wasn’t that turned on by his firm, dominant posture, was she?
“I thought you had a lot of work still to do?” She asked him, prolonging the conversation.
The shop-keeper looked at the bikes around him. “I guess I’d have to work through the night to get it all done.” He looked her up and down. “But it would be all worth it.”
Emily licked her lips. She could see in the shop-keepers eyes that his desire to spank her was based more on lust than on anger. She looked back at her own bicycle. “Is it really that bad?” She asked.
The man looked at the bike and then back at her. “I would be ashamed to ride it in this condition.”
Emily blushed. She hadn’t admitted it to herself yet, but it did look dirty and scuffed, not nearly as shiny and new as it had been two weeks ago. “Can’t I just promise you I’ll take better care of it?” She tried one last time.
“Of course you should promise me that.” The repairman said. “I just want to make sure you keep that promise before I put in all of that work.”
Emily bit her lip. She couldn’t believe she was contemplating this.
“There are of course plenty of other stores that can fix-up your bike for you.” The shop-keeper said. “I’m not here trying to force you into anything.”
Emily blushed. She knew he wasn’t trying to coerce her, that’s what made it even more confusing for herself that she hadn’t yet left.
“It’s time to make up your mind, young lady.” He said when Emily stayed silent. “I still have a lot of work to do.”
Emily bit her lip. Did he think she was really considering his proposal? She looked back at her bike and then back at him. He’d taken one of the bikes beside hers and was carrying it to the back of his shop where he was likely going to start working on it. Being so suddenly dismissed from his attention, Emily cried out: “Wait!” She blushed as the man turned to look over his shoulder. “I’ll do it.”
The shop-keeper smiled. “Okay, then follow me.”

Butterflies played summersaults in her stomach as Emily followed the mechanic to his work-shop. Had she really just agreed to go through with this?
At the back of the shop was a large workspace with several work-benches and a couple of bicycles that were being worked on hanging from chains in the ceiling.
“Wait here.” The man said as he returned to the front of the store, leaving Emily behind.
“Where did you go?” She asked when he returned moments later.
“I shut the door and put up the closed sign.” The shop-keeper replied. “You don’t want people to disturb us now, do you?”
Emily blushed.
“Now, let’s make sure you will remember that promise you made me.” That man said. He looked around and then walked up to an empty work-bench. “This should do, come over here.”
Emily quickly followed him, unable to hide how nervous she was. She looked at the man who had threatened to – no – who was about to spank her. She noticed the muscles in his arms as he demonstratively pulled up his sleeves. His hands were rough and dirty, covered in oil and grease from working in his shop. She blushed when she imagined those hands on the creamy pale, sensitive skin of her behind.
“Bend over this bench.” The shop-keeper commanded.
Emily bit her lip, unsure what else to do but obey, she placed her purse on the floor and bent over the large wooden work-bench. It was slightly higher than a normal table and she had to push onto her toes to get over it. Her bottom was high up in the air when she rested her upper body on its firm wooden surface.
She still couldn’t believe this was happening and yet her whole body was tingling with anticipation. It had started down at her bottom – which would soon be the center of attention – and had slowly spread all over until all her skin was glowing with worry and excitement.
“You’re wearing a very pretty dress for riding a bike.” The mechanic said. “It would be a shame to get my dirty hands all over it.”
Emily blushed, but did not protest when he carefully lifted her dress over her back, baring her bottom. Grease-stains on her dress would be hard to get out and even harder to explain on that area of the dress.
She could then feel the repairman’s fingers tracing the edge of her panties, they kept her bottom half-covered, half-bared. The most sensitive part of course, the part that stuck out as she lay over this bench, the uncovered part, would soon feel the full attention of his hand.
He didn’t start spanking her right away however. “Cute panties too.” He said.
Emily blushed.
“Don’t want to get these dirty either of course.”
Emily gasped, quickly reaching back and grabbing her panties as he started to pull them down.
“Let go, young lady.” The shop-keeper said. “I can’t get to work with half my project covered up and unprepared.”
Emily bit her lip. She wasn’t one of his bikes he was working on. She firmly held on to her panties, trying to come up with an excuse to keep them on until, with a soft but audible moan of arousal, she let go. The shop-keeper pulled them all the way down, grabbing her ankles and lifting her feet one after the other to pull it off.
Emily blushed deeply, bared from the waist down, she couldn’t believe she’d agreed to this and he hadn’t even started spanking her yet.
She wouldn’t have to wait long however. After putting her panties safely in one of his work-pants’ many pockets, the shop-keeper placed one of his hands firmly on her backside, gave a quick squeeze and then raised his arm, bringing it back down with a loud swat moments later.
Emily moaned deeply, sting spreading through her buttocks where his hand had landed.
The mechanic raised his hand again, this time landing on the other side of her bottom.
He spanked her slow and steady. Each swat of his hand was firm and aimed perfectly, making sure every inch of Emily’s backside was stinging and slowly turning pink. He was meticulous as if he was working on a prized bike, making sure her whole backside got his attention and even deviating to her upper thighs so that they were stinging and red as well.
Emily moaned and gasped. It hurt, but not so much that she could not take it, not so much that she wasn’t aware of her own arousal. As the pain in her backside built, so did the warm, glowing sensation between her legs.
“Is this teaching you a lesson, young lady?” The shop-keeper asked, placing his hand on her backside, giving her a hard-needed break.
“Yes, Sir.” Emily groaned, feeling the warmth of his strong hand on her bottom, his fingers grasping the edge of her buttocks, less than an inch from the wet, swollen lips of her pussy.
“Do you think this will help you remember your promise to me?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir. I think it will.” Emily replied.
“Good, then let’s make sure it does.” The man said, raising his hand again. The short break was over.
His hand rained down on her bottom, harder and faster than before. Emily squealed and moaned as the pain spread through her backside.
Her bottom bounced under the onslaught of his hand, her buttocks bright red, her legs trembling. Emily whimpered and moaned. The pain was nearly too much to bear. For the first time since losing her panties she once again wondered why she would agree to this, why she wasn’t putting a stop to it.
At that moment she wondered if she even could stop it. Would he end it if she asked, if she begged or pleaded? It dawned on her that he was fully in control, all she could do was accept her punishment and promise that she’d remember, that she’d take better care of her belongings.
Yet that didn’t scare her. This feeling of helplessness, paired with the pain in her backside and the embarrassment of being half-naked in the back of this man’s shop, only turned her on even more.
When Emily assured him that she’d remember and he ignored her; when she promised him she’d take better care of her bike and he continued spanking her; when she begged him to stop and yet his hand kept raining down on her backside; whenever her pleas fell on deaf ears, Emily moaned and whimpered, her bottom turned a deeper red and her arousal grew hotter.
Finally, when she had no more words left, when all she could do was squeal, did he stop. His hand felt like a fire on her burning backside. “How are you feeling?” He asked.
Emily moaned softly. She didn’t know: in pain, as her bottom was burning, in denial that she’d let this happen to her, flustered at how aroused she was, embarrassed to be punished for her behavior, abashed at being so exposed, confused at the small voice inside her head that was begging for more. “I don’t know.” She replied.
“Do you feel like you’ve learned a lesson?” The shop-keeper asked. “Do you feel like it was wrong of you to treat my merchandise with such little respect? Do you feel like a naughty girl that deserves her punishment?”
Emily blushed. Yes, she did feel like she deserved it, strangely enough. “Yes, Sir.” She replied.

“Alright, get up.” The shop-keeper told her.
Emily pushed herself off the work-bench. After she turned around and her dress covered her backside, she allowed herself to rub her bottom with both hands, whimpering softly as she did.
She noticed the shop-keeper pulling on a pair of chains that hung beside the work-bench and she wondered whether it was over, if he was going to work on her bicycle right now.
With the chains in place, the man turned to her and looked her up and down. “Take off your dress.” He said.
Emily blushed in surprise. “What, why?”
“Don’t want it to get dirty, do you?” He asked.
“What are you going to do?” Emily asked, slightly worried yet excited at the same time.
“Didn’t you just say you feel like a naughty girl?” The repairman asked. “One who deserved to be punished?”
Emily bit her lip. “Didn’t I just get my punishment?”
The man smiled. “You’ve convinced me that you’ll keep your promise. I’m sure it’s one you won’t quickly forget. So in return I will repair your bike for you. But if you really feel like you deserve this, then I think we should continue until you’ve really learned your lesson.”
Emily licked her lips. He said he’d fix her bike now, she didn’t have to go any further with this. But that small voice in her head was now screaming. When had she become so eager to accept punishment for her actions? Her bottom was on fire, did she really want more pain? Was she really this turned on by submitting to this man, by letting him control her?
“I think, you’re right, I really did deserve it.” She said.
The shop-keeper smiled. “Then take off your dress.”
Emily blushed, reached back for the zipper and then pulled down her dress, stepping out and carefully laying it on the work-bench that had supported her during her earlier punishment. When she turned to face him again, she felt his eyes all over her body as she stood almost completely naked in his work-shop.
“Might as well take your bra off too.” He said.
Emily bit her lip. “Is that going to get dirty too?” She asked.
“Not necessarily.” The mechanic replied. “But I’d like to see the full picture.”
Emily licked her lips, and then obediently unhooked her bra to pull it off, freeing her breasts. She was now fully naked – apart from her comfortable shoes – in the back of his shop. She wasn’t just embarrassed however, but greatly turned on as well.
“Give me your hands.” The man commanded.
Emily held out her arms and the shop-keeper wrapped a leather strap around each of her wrists that he attached to the chains. He then slowly turned a lever that pulled the chains back up towards the ceiling, spreading and raising Emily’s arms above her head until she almost had to stand on her toes.
Naked, with her arms restrained and spread open, with no-where to go, Emily looked at the shop-keeper as he slowly walked around her, his eyes exploring every inch of her body.
When he moved behind her, out of her sight, she suddenly felt his hands on her sore, red backside. “Your bottom is very red.” He said. “Do you need some more time to recuperate, or should we continue with your discipline?”
Emily grunted, his hands felt rough and hot on her poor backside. If she wanted to be able to take more, she might need to let it cool down a bit more. “I’d like some time to rest, please.” She replied.
The shop-keeper’s hands ran up her back to her shoulders and back down to her bottom. “Don’t wait too long.” He said. “Your arms will grow tired in this position and I won’t free you until your punishment is over.”
Emily moaned softly, feelings his hands on her body. “Just a little bit more.” She said as his hands ran up her back again, now straying to the side, around her body and over her breasts.
“You don’t mind if I play a bit while you make me wait?” He asked, taking her nipples between two fingers and squeezing softly.
Emily moaned deeply. “No, Sir.” She replied, looking down at his hands squeezing her breasts, where she noticed a smear of grease on her chest.
What am I doing? She wondered. Letting him discipline her was one thing, but this… This was just her arousal taking over. She should stop it before it went too far. But if she did, when she did, more pain would follow.
When one of the shop-keeper’s hands released her breast and slid down her belly, his fingers playing with the short, trimmed hair above her pussy, Emily moaned deeply. He’d already pulled her back against his chest to wrap his arms more firmly around her, she could feel his erection, still hidden in his trousers, pressed firmly between her buttocks.
“I’m ready for the next part of my punishment, Sir.” She said, stopping herself from allowing him to reach down even further.
The shop-keeper let go, his hands reluctantly leaving her body. Emily suddenly felt unstable without his support, hanging from the chains in the ceiling.
“I want to show you something.” The man said. Emily watched him walk to the far corner of the work-shop, fetching something from an old chest.
“I made it myself.” He said, showing her a large flogger with a thick handle and long, shiny black strands. “It’s made with old inner-tubing, mostly from customers who took just as little interest in their tire pressure as you did.”
Emily blushed. The flogger looked wicked and yet extremely exciting. “Do you do this to a lot of your customers then?” She asked.
The shop-keeper laughed. “No, not actual customers, you’re the first. Though I’ve had some practice with willing, yet naughty young ladies in the past.”
Emily bit her lip. She didn’t know what else to say and as the silence stretched, the shop-keeper moved to stand behind her.
The flogger whisked through the air and Emily squealed as it connected with her bottom. The pain was deep and fierce and yet the flogger was already arching its next trajectory, aimed at her backside.
With her arms spread open and restrained by the chains, she couldn’t move or turn, leaving her no way to evade the incoming pain. All she could do was squeal and moan.
The many falls of the flogger landed across her bottom, her lower back and her upper thighs, painting a large red area across her backside.
The pain of each stroke with the flogger made her howl and yet she’d asked for this herself. She could’ve just ended it after the spanking she’d gotten before, kept her promise and let him fix her bike for her. She did not regret her decision however.
The flogger chastised her bottom again and again, her moaning echoed in the work-shop and yet she did not beg him to stop. Perhaps because her squeals required all the breath she had.
Emily’s arms grew tired, just like the shop-keeper had predicted and her legs were trembling. She no longer just stood up straight, but hung from the straps around her wrists, her hands firmly grabbing hold of the chains. He had told her he wouldn’t stop until he was finished, so all she could do was howl and hold on as the flogger kept coming.
Then finally, he stopped. Hanging from the chains Emily watched the shop-keeper place the flogger next to her dress on the work-bench and then turn the handle to lower the chains.
Emily wobbled on her feet before she found her balance. The shop-keeper stepped up quickly and put his arms around her. “Are you okay?” He asked.
Emily took a deep breath, not minding his embrace of her naked body. “Yes.” She whispered eventually.
The man let go and helped her take off the chains. He gently massaged her wrists and then smiled at her. “You took your punishment very well. Good girl.”
Emily blushed at the praise, accepting her bra as he handed it to her. Now that her punishment was over she was suddenly embarrassed to be standing fully naked in his work-shop. She quickly got dressed, whimpering softly when her dress chafed against her back, bottom and thighs.
“Your panties.” The mechanic said, pulling them from his pocket.
Emily licked her lips. Her bottom was on fire and she remembered that pair fitting very snugly. She accepted them from him, but rather than pulling them on, stuffed them in her purse.
They stared at each-other in silence for a moment.
“I’ll let you out and get to work on your bike.” The shop-keeper said. “You can come pick it up before your ride with your friend tonight.”
Emily nodded, not sure what else there was to say at this point. She followed the man to the front of the shop where he turned the closed sign to open and unlocked the door.
“See you tonight.” She said.

Several hours later, Emily returned to the repair-shop. She was wearing the same dress as before and her bottom had cooled down enough to put her panties back on. It would still be quite an uncomfortable bike-ride with her friend however.
The shop-keeper welcomed her with a big smile, her bicycle stood ready at the door, shiny as new.
Emily blushed when she saw him. She’d been thinking about him all day. Thinking about what he’d done to her, thinking about what he could’ve done, thinking about his hands all over her body while she was tied up and helpless.
“How much do I owe you?” She asked.
“It’s on the house.” The repairman replied.
Emily blushed. “Are you sure? I’m sure it was a lot of work.”
“I do have one condition.” He replied.
Emily licked her lips, curious to what more he would ask of her now.
“You promised me you’d take better care of your bike, but you also told me you don’t even know how to inflate your tires or fix the chain.” The shop-keeper continued. “I want you to come to my shop, once a week and I will teach you how to properly care for it.”
Emily smiled. “I’d like that.” She said. “I have time most Wednesdays, if that’s okay?”
The shop-keeper grinned. “Perfect. I must warn you though. I’m a very strict teacher.”
Emily bit her lip. “I expected you might be.”
“Well then, if we’re agreed. Take your bike and go out with your friend.” He replied.
Emily looked at the shop-keeper, the arousal of that day’s experience still coursing through her body. She turned around and flipped the sign on the door to closed.
“Did you want something else?” The shop-keeper asked.
Emily blushed. “It doesn’t feel right to accept your hard work without payment.” She said. “I should at least reward you some other way.” She knelt before the shop-keeper in the middle of his store and reached for the buttons of his trousers. His cock was fully erect when she pulled it out and took it in her mouth.
Compared to being spanked and whipped in his workplace, giving the man a blowjob felt hardly adventurous and Emily eagerly sucked him of. She swallowed the shop-keeper’s cum and eagerly licked his cock clean.
She got up off her knees, smiling and still feeling the taste of him in her mouth. “I really enjoyed what you did with your hands earlier today, while we took a short break to let my bottom cool down before you used that flogger on it.” Emily said with a blush. “I hope you’re not just a strict teacher, but one that is generous as well when their student learns quickly.”
The shop-keeper smiled broadly. “I’ll make sure to be as generous as you want me to be.”


The end

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