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The magical spanking spoon

drawing of a woman tied to a bed

The wizarding world was different from anything Katie had ever known. The young student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came from a non-magical family. or as the wizards call them: muggles.
Even after seven years at the school, she was still often surprised by how little the wizarding families knew about modern technology and muggle society.
They did not need such technology of course, thanks to their magic; but she often wondered how much could be achieved if muggle sciences and wizarding magic were combined.
Unfortunately, there were still too many wizards that found muggles to be inferior to them. Every year when she returned to the school, it was like she went back in time a few hundred years.

Katie loved Hogwarts however, she loved the things she’d learned, her magic and her friends. In fact, she liked how things seemed so old-fashioned in the ancient castle. It was like living in a fairy-tale.
One of the older customs that interested her most were the archaic forms of discipline. Physical punishment for students that stemmed from the time of her great-grandparents seemed very appropriate in the antiquated wizarding society.
Oh, it was supposedly not to happen anymore, as if the wizarding world had only recently caught up with modern values; but wizards seemed able to reach great age. She liked imagining some of the oldest professors had once, in their younger years, spanked the most misbehaving of their students.
There was barely any supervision when it came to discipline and professors seemed to be able to punish students with relative impunity. How could she know if the more old-fashioned of them did not still hold on to their old ways?

Katie had never risked any such punishment of course. She was a model student and in seven years she’d had no negative run-ins with a professor.
Still, she had often fantasized about her less well-behaved classmates and the punishments they might endure during detention.
These fantasies went so far, that the past two years, she’d worked on a new magical spell, one she had invented in secret all by herself. She wanted to bewitch an ordinary tool like a hairbrush or a wooden spoon, to give her a spanking.
Katie had spanked herself before. On those rare nights when her dormitory was empty, she’d used a wooden spoon on her own bottom. She’d stolen the spoon from the school kitchens, the only naughty thing she’d ever done.
While she enjoyed those private moments of fulfilling her fantasy, she was never satisfied with the experience. A spanking was about the loss of control, being at the mercy of another. When spanking herself, she could still decide how hard she spanked and how long it would last.
If her spell worked, that would change.

It was on an evening that most students were away to visit Hogsmeade – a local wizarding village – that she decided to finally try out her spell.
Katie had stayed behind, telling her friends that she wanted to focus on her N.E.W.T.S. the final terms for Hogwarts seventh year students.
The dormitories were empty, just as she had hoped, so Katie made her way to her bed. She pulled the curtains aside from the four-poster bed and took the wooden spoon from its hiding spot beneath her mattress.
She raised her wand, flicked it with practiced precision and spoke the magic incantation: “Castigatio Rufus Natis.”
The curtains on the bed came to life as if the wind had blown through the bedroom and the spoon stood up straight on the bed.
Katie licked her lips and stepped forward. She bent forward and placed her hands on the posts to the side of the bed. The curtains whirled around and en-coiled her arms and wrists, tying her down.
Katie had foreseen this as part of her spell. She wanted to withhold herself the ability to escape her punishment, simulating a spanking where she was not in control.
The enchanted spoon floated up off the bad and flew through the air, making several rounds around her until it stopped behind her, just out of sight.
Katie bit her lip, and then, with a magical whoosh, the spoon landed on her backside. Katie moaned softly.
The sound of the spoon spanking her round bottom filled the dormitory as the magic spoon swung again and again.
Katie leaned firmly against the bed where her hands were tied. She kept her back arched, her bottom up in the air for her punishment. She moaned deeply as her bottom grew hot and sensitive.
Her excitement was surging, this was much more like the spanking she had dreamed about. Without the need to swing the spoon herself, but just letting it happen to her, it was much easier to focus on the spanking itself.
Her wand was resting on the mattress, out of her reach, but she did not need it for the second part of her spell. Whispering the words should be enough: “Denudo!”
The spoon halted in the air and dropped to the floor.
For a moment it was silent and Katie wondered if her spell had failed. Then she felt the spoon pushing its round head against her lower leg. It rose up in the air, sending shivers through her spine as it caressed the bare flesh of her legs.
When it reached her uniform’s skirt, the spoon continued without hesitation, pulling the fabric up and onto her back, baring her bottom and the white cotton panties as it slid over her bottom.
With her skirt resting on her back, the spoon slid down again, making the same journey in reverse. It’s round head hooked behind her panties, mercilessly puling them down to the floor and baring her bottom completely.
Katie blushed, standing half-naked in the middle of the dormitory. She had no way to reach her panties or her wand on the bed while her hands were still tied to the bed-posts. But it should still be many hours before the other students returned from their trip.
The enchanted spoon rose from the ground and with a magical whoosh, resumed its earlier work.
Katie squealed as it landed with a loud thwack on her now unprotected bottom. When creating her spell, it had been difficult to gauge how hard the spoon would hit. All she could do now was look over her shoulder as it landed one solid smack after the other.
Her bottom slowly turned from pink to red as Katie moaned and squirmed. Her arousal grew in equal amounts as the pain in her backside, but tied up as she was, she was unable to touch herself to relieve the excitement.
The enchanted spoon did not slow down, it did not give her a break and would not listen to pleas. Katie had no way to control it, just as she had wanted it.
She was hopping on her feet as the pain became unbearable, but there was no way to escape the onslaught. If this was a self-spanking she might have already stopped to deal with her excitement in some other way.
Time for the third part of her spell, she thought. Katie had not foreseen a way to stop the spanking. She wanted no such control after all. But less she be spanked forever, she had to invent some way to end it.
She whispered the words: “Tardo incantatem.”
The spoon did not stop.
Katie had not expected it to. The enchantment should not stop immediately, it would slowly diminish.
For now however, the spoon did not stop its assault on her bottom. Katie squealed and moaned. She had done all she could, now she could only wait an endure her punishment.
The spoon kept going, not ever slowing down.
Katie squirmed and moaned. She tried pulling free, but the magically enhanced curtains did not let go. Her bottom was on fire and she was starting to fear the final part of her spell had failed.
It should have at least slowed down by now, shouldn’t it?
The smacks kept echoing in the empty dormitory and Katie looked over her shoulder at the unstoppable spoon. Her bottom was blazingly red.
If only I could cast a spell, she thought, I could stop it. But her wand lay out of her reach. She tried them anyway:
“Accio!” To call her wand towards her.
“Finite incantatem!” To counter her own spell.
“Obliviate!” To destroy the enchanted spoon.
Yet none of them worked. Katie had never been strong at casting spells without a wand and was too distressed now to make them work.
She bit her lip, trying to hold on for longer, but the smacks kept coming and she was sure now that the final part of her spell had failed. The spoon would never stop.
She had to cal for help. Perhaps one of the house-elves, magical creatures that worked in the ancient castle, would hear her and come to her aid.
“Help!” She called. “Make it stop.”
The spoon kept going, smacking her poor bottom and no-one seemed to her.
“Help!” She called again.
The door to the dormitory suddenly opened. If it had been a house-elve, it would have just magically appeared. This would be one of her fellow students.
Katie blushed furiously, but the sound of the spoon spanking her bottom led the unwelcome rescuer straight to her.
“Katie! What’s going on?” A male voice suddenly cried.
Katie blushed even deeper. Why of all people did it have to be Oliver finding her?
“Please help me.” She begged.
Oliver and Katie had been dating since their fifth year at Hogwarts. While it was difficult for couples to find privacy on school-grounds, it was hardly the first time he saw her naked. Yet never in a situation as embarrassing as this, Katie had never told him about her spanking fetish.
He spoon had just kept spanking her while her boyfriend stared.
“Finite incantatem!” Oliver yelled and the wooden spoon abruptly fell to the floor. The curtains around her wrists loosened and Katie freed herself.
She dropped her skirt before pulling up her panties, blushing all the time as Oliver watched.
“Who did this to you?” Oliver asked.
“I did.” Katie admitted with a blush. “I was just trying out a spell.”
“Why would you try a spell that could turn a spoon against you like that? What kind of spell did you even try that could turn into something like this when it goes wrong?” Oliver asked.
Katie licked her lips. She rubbed her sore bottom as she turned towards Oliver. She was kinda turned on, now that her secret was revealed to him.
“It didn’t fail.” She said. “It did exactly what I wanted it to do… I just couldn’t stop it once it started.”
Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Really? That’s not something I’d expect from you.”
Katie bit her lip. She was still very excited by her experiment, even if the ending had been far from what she’d planned. With her boyfriend standing before her, she suddenly wanted nothing more than being fucked by him.
“There’s a lot about me you don’t know.” She said, trying to sound sexy. “I’m not the good girl I seem on the outside, you know.”
“Well next time you’ve been a bad girl, you should just come to me.” Oliver said.
“And what would you do?” Katie asked with a husky voice.
“Instead of letting you experiment with dangerous magic, I would’ve given you the spanking myself.” Oliver replied. “Perhaps you got exactly what you deserved for being so reckless.”
“Perhaps I did.” Katie said, they were standing very close now.
Oliver grabbed her in a hug, raising the skirt of her uniform as they kissed. His hands on her sore bottom made Katie moan from excitement.
“Or perhaps I should’ve come later, so that the spoon had more time to finish the lesson.” Oliver said.
“I’d rather have you finish the lesson.” Katie replied.

Oliver pulled her along and sat down on the side of her bed.
Katie’s heart was raising. She was finally getting spanked for real. She felt so foolish, why had she never considered just talking to her boyfriend about it, instead of risking the use of magic?
Oliver dragged her across his lap.
Not only was she going to finally feel what a real spanking was like; she had also truly deserved this one. That only made it that much more exciting.
Her boyfriend raised her skirt again and pulled down her panties to bare her bottom.
“You know, I had stayed behind to surprise you.” Oliver said. “I thought we might have some privacy while the others were out on a trip. Yet I could not find you anywhere.”
He placed his hand on her still glowing, bare bottom.
Her boyfriend couldn’t have found her in the girls’ bedroom of course, boys were not allowed in here. He’d only come in because he’d heard her scream. Yet Katie did not mind his presence here now. What was the alternative, be spanked in the common room where anyone could walk in on them, or worse, the boys’ dormitory? They should still have some time before the others returned from Hogsmeade, but in the worst case, it would be better to be caught by fellow female students than the boys.
“Sorry.” She said. “I didn’t know, I wanted to try out my new spell while the others were gone.”
“Apparently.” Oliver said. “I hope you’re going to be more careful in the future.”
His hand landed soundly on her backside.
Katie moaned deeply. The pain was still fresh from her self-inflicted spanking. Oliver smacked her slow and firm. Not as hard as the spoon, but his hand was much larger and her bottom was already sore and sensitive. He made her squirm and squeal.
“You know, I’ve always wanted to spank you, Katie.” Oliver said. “I just never knew how to breach the subject.”
Katie blushed deeply. Oliver had wanted to spank her? He came from a fully wizarding family of course, perhaps such things were more prevalent in their world.
“I wish you told me earlier.” She said between moans as her boyfriend’s hand colored her bottom bright red again.
“Well let’s make up for lost time now, then.” Oliver said.
The next series of smacks came hard and fast. Katie squealed, but at the same time realized she could take even more. After the mishap with the spoon, she thought she had reached her limit; but now, under control of someone she trusted and loved, she felt it easier to submit to the pain.
She squealed and kicked her legs, but at the same time relished the experience. When Oliver paused and gave her bottom time to cool down she thought about how this would influence their relationship. Would he pull her across his lap regularly from now on? She thought about how ridiculous it was that she liked this and did not want him to stop even while her body seemed to scream for mercy. Most of the time however, she thought about how much she loved feeling this helpless, loved being in his control, loved him.
When he did not pause however, when his hand relentlessly smacked her sore, red bottom, she squealed and begged. She promised to be a good girl, to do anything he wanted, to never be so naughty again.
Her bottom was bright red and throbbing when Oliver finally stopped. He let her up and Katie winced as her skirt fell against her sensitive bottom.
“Wow, I’m glad we don’t have classes today.” Katie said with a smirk. “I won’t be sitting down any time soon.”
Oliver laughed, happy to see her good-natured reaction to her punishment, relieved that she had enjoyed it like he had hoped.
“Well you’re lucky now, but you better not misbehave on weekdays, for I won’t hold back just because this old castle has hard wooden benches in most classrooms.” Oliver teased.
“You wouldn’t!” Katie replied.
“Oh, you better believe I would.” Oliver replied.
Katie laughed and then clambered on the bed, straddling her boyfriends lap. “I’m going to hold you to that.” She said.
Oliver stroked her legs with both hands, sliding into her skirt and onto her bottom. One hand discovering her wet excitement as she had not pulled her panties back on.
Katie bit her lip as he pushed a finger inside of her, then pushed him own on the bed. “My turn to do the heavy lifting.” She said.
She moved down for a moment, pulling down Oliver’s trousers and releasing his enormous erection. He slid inside her easily as she straddled him again.
When she dropped her skirt back down, you could hardly see that either of them were undressed, the uniform was long enough to cover her red bottom and any other bared flesh.
Katie moaned deeply, riding her boyfriend. The boyfriend who had spanked her for being such a naughty girl. His hands on her sore backside were a constant reminded of that fact. It took mere moments before she was shuddering, moaning and out of breath as her body shook uncontrollably as her body gave into the orgasm. Oliver came moments later, spurting his semen inside of her.
Katie had a short moment of dread, like most muggle-borns, before remembering condoms were unnecessary in this magical world.
When it came to spankings however, she’d keep those magic-free from now in. Her boyfriend would see to that.


The end

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  2. don andrews says:

    A lovely naughty story

  3. Rudi says:

    Great fun. I’ve had a vague sorcerer’s apprentice story kicking around for a while but you did a great job on the topic.

  4. Margaret Goodwin says:

    What a cool story…..
    BUTT no it’s a VERY HOT ♨ ♨ ♨ and enchanting story.

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