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Rekindling her relationship

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A warm hand, tucked beneath the waist-band of her pajamas, cupping the soft, cool flesh of her buttocks, was the spark that rekindled Samantha’s relationship with her husband Jonathan.
It wasn’t the start of a new sexual dynamic, not even the start of a sensual evening, just the start of an idea.
Samantha and Jonathan had been married for over five years and been in a relationship for over twice that long. They had a daughter, a little girl almost two years old now.
Their relationship had always been very intimate and highly sexual. From exciting outings in the woods, to being tied up in rope or spanked across her husband’s knee; Samantha had experienced more than most of her friends, or more than they’d admit to at least.
The past few weeks – or had it been months or even years? – that sexual energy seemed to have dwindled. Ever since their little girl had been born. After all the stress of trying to get pregnant, her difficult pregnancy, childbirth and the sleepless nights and lack for privacy with a baby or toddler in the house; it was easy to deduct how their kinky nights with rope, blindfolds and floggers had turned into sexless nights or quick and easy sex that was hardly inspiring, neither for her, nor her husband.
People said you got through that period, that you had to work for it or that it could take years for your sex-life to recover from having a baby.
Samantha didn’t want to wait for years. She still liked sex, wanted it nearly every day. Her sex-drive had diminished perhaps, but not as much as her husbands.
Jonathan rarely seemed interested in sex anymore. She had to work to seduce him. Walking around naked in their home, teasing him, baring her skin as they lay in the couch watching TV, yet they were all tactics that had only a mixed amount of success.
The safest bet was to seduce him to spank her, some naughtiness was usually enough to reach that goal and it was still Jonathan’s favorite fantasy. With a sleeping baby however, it wasn’t always feasible, a good butt-warming would surely wake up their little girl and that would end their evening early.
Lately, Samantha had begun to plan their nights more carefully. In the morning, she’d ask her husband whether he’d come to bed early that night, so that he had time to get in the right mindset, perhaps even fantasize a little during the day to prepare.
It felt vastly different from how their relationship had been before; when Jonathan had been in charge and pursued such activities proactively.

That warm hand on her bottom gave her a single thought, a seed that grew into a bigger idea: Was she trying too hard?
Usually, Samantha and her husband slept together naked. She loved feeling her husbands skin against hers, his chest against her back, his crotch against her buttocks, his cock slowly growing with excitement from her touch.
Lately she’d have to ask him for this however, else he’d just fall asleep on his side of the bed. So why had he placed his hand where it was now, gently warming her bottom?
She hadn’t said anything, hadn’t tried to seduce him while stripping down her clothes or pulling on these pajamas. She hadn’t wiggled her bottom to vie for his attention, hadn’t even touched him. She’d actually just wanted to sleep, if not for this unexpected hand that made her horny from just a single touch.
Samantha was even wearing pajamas. Winter had come and their central heating hadn’t been turned on yet, the room was cold. They weren’t even sexy pajamas.
Had she by not trying to seduce him, actually achieved what she couldn’t before? By covering up her body, had she challenged him to put his hand there, to reach what she’d hidden?
That was after all the idea behind such things as sexy lingerie or night-gowns; making them interested in what you were hiding underneath.

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  1. www says:

    Your stories are all amazing! I hope I can find your blog early. Why not also post your stores on some popular forums (like ASN board, literotica…) to let more people know?

    • K.C. Perrin says:

      Hey www
      I thought about sharing them on multiple places, the thing is, the more places I share these on, the more work it becomes and I already find myself slacking off much too often 😛

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