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Private property

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Her early morning run is Lena’s favorite daily ritual. She gets up when the sun rises, puts on her running outfit and is out the door before her body has time to protest that it’s too early to be awake.
The air is still fresh this early and the morning cold seeps through her tight-fitting running outfit, forcing her to start moving to stay warm.
Lena doesn’t run any specific route, she goes where her feet take her, until her smart-watch tells her she’s reached her daily goal. This way she’s explored most of the area where she lives and each day she ventures out a little further to discover new places in her neighborhood.
Most of the area around her home is residential, meaning narrow sidewalks or none at all. Luckily there is very little traffic this early in the morning, so she can safely run along the side of the road.
Today she’d been running along a road that’s fenced off on one side, with trees completely blocking the view of what’s behind. It’s a nice break from the usual view of houses and parked cars. She even stopped for a moment when she reached a gate in the fence to peek inside.
Behind the fence she saw a lush green area that seemed half park, half forest. A sign warned her it’s private property.
Lena hesitated only a moment, day after day she’d been staring at the same houses, running on the same hard roads. The calming forest-like area with its soft dirt paths was just too inviting. The gate was only designed to keep out cars and it was easy for her to just slip through its bars.

As she ran under the canopy of the trees surrounding her, Lena took deep breaths, enjoying the fresh air of this hidden little piece of nature.
The trees, bushes and other greenery all grew tightly together, shielding Lena from view and she felt reassured that no-one would notice her trespassing, not this early in the morning.
Lena was so satisfied with finding this new, secret area she can run, that she didn’t even notice the bench on the side of the path and the man sitting on it before it was too late.
When she did see him, she quickly came to a halt, but realized it was too late to hide or turn another way. She approached him slowly, planning to just walk by as if she belonged here, bluffing her way out of the situation.
She had no such luck as the man called to her as soon as she got within earshot. “Who are you?” He asked. “What are you doing here?”
Lena blushed and decided honesty was her only option. “I’m Lena.” She responded. “I was out on my morning run and thought this was a beautiful place to run through.”
“This is private property.” The man replied. “You can’t just come in here whenever you please.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” Lena replied, thinking she might be able to get away with a little lie.
“There are signs at every gate.” The man told her. “It’s hard to believe you’d mis those… Unless you climbed the fence.”
Lena blushed again, unable to repeat her lie.
“Very well.” The man said. “I will forget about it this once. You can continue along this path, there’s a gate close by where you can leave the way you came in.”
Lena nodded. “Thank you, sir. I’ll get out of here quickly.”
“Make sure I don’t see you here again.” The man said as she turned to leave. “Next time there will be consequences.”
Lena had quickly run to the nearest gate, often looking over her shoulder, but the man hadn’t followed her to see if she really left.
Despite his strict words, he hadn’t really seemed angry with her and he’d even smiled while warning her of the consequences should she return.
While the whole encounter should have her mortified, all she could feel was excitement with a tinge of fear. The feeling you got when you knew what you were doing was naughty, but only a little.


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