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A spanking not meant for her

drawing of a woman spanked otk

Eric and I were just friends at first, best friends if you can imagine such a thing between a man and a woman. We’d known each-other since preschool, we’d even tried dating in our early teens though we were probably too young to take it serious back then.
He had moved on from then, I’d seen his flings and girlfriends pass during high-school and college. I tried it myself, but those relationships never lasted long. Eric’s last girlfriend lasted three years. I’d stayed single all that time, wondering whether I had missed my chance with him.
Now that I’d gotten a bit older, I was able to admit to myself the feelings I had for him. I couldn’t tell him of course, I’d risk our lifelong friendship. Besides, he was in a committed relationship.

When that relationship as over, I knew I had to take my chance. Though the start of our own relationship was different than anything I’d ever imagine.
I was at his apartment, three months after his break-up. As his friend I offered him my support, I understood it must be hard to separate after such a long time. Secretly however, I was wondering whether three months was long enough for me to make my motives clear. After such a long friendship, how could I make it clear to him that I wanted to be more than just friends?

The conversation naturally moved to the topic of his ex. It did most often during those days. I knew I had to steer him away from it, or if that was not possible, help him get over it myself.
“What would you tell her if Sarah was here, instead of me?” I asked him.
“I wouldn’t take her back, if that’s what you mean.” Eric said. “She’s hurt me too much.”
I smiled at him apologetically. His ex had cheated on him, more than once. She’d always been a bit loose when it came to fidelity, flirting with other men, dancing provocatively; yet he had always believed it never went further than that.
“Then what? Do you want to curse her? Yell at her? Tell her how much she’s hurt you?” I asked, knowing he was usually the silent type. Knowing him, he’d kicked her out of his life with barely a word to spare.
“Maybe.” He said. “You know I’m not like that, though.”
“It might help you feel a bit better though. If you don’t want to confront her, perhaps you could yell at me. I’ll pretend to be Sarah for a while.” I offered, thinking it a brilliant idea.
“Nah.” Eric replied. He smiled at me, it was a look I recognized as him avoiding the subject. He was going to make a joke and then steer the conversation somewhere else. “I wouldn’t want to just yell at her anyway.”
“Then what would you do?” I asked.
He grinned. “I’d give her a good spanking. That sounds much better than yelling.”
I couldn’t stop myself from giggling, imagining him taking his ex across his lap for a firm spanking. “Did you guys really do that sort of thing?” I asked him.
I was genuinely curious. I had read all the popular erotic fiction that described such things; but that’s just what it was, things that happened in books. I knew of course some people actually participated in such activities, but no-one I knew personally, right? Certainly not the man I’d known my whole life and had a crush on for years.
“No.” He replied honestly. “Sarah wasn’t into that kind of thing.”
But he was, that implied. I suddenly felt slightly excited. Not just because I had discovered a kinky secret about my friend; but because I had recently offered to role-play the person who would deserve such treatment.
The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. It might help him get over his break-up, it would be a very interesting experience and if I didn’t like it, I would never have to do it again. Yet if I did like it, it would surely be proof of how much I cared for him and might reoccur should we become more than just friends.
I couldn’t think of any negative consequences. Well except of course that it might hurt, but that as well turned me on more than it turned me off.
“Well, my offer still stands.” I said. “If a spanking is what it takes to make you stop talking about your ex, then I’ll gladly assume her role.”
He raised an eyebrow in surprise. “What are you saying? You want me to spank you and pretend you’re Sarah?”
I blushed slightly, hearing him say it so straight-forward. “Yes.”
I could see the surprise in his eyes, but also the excitement. It had probably been a long term fantasy of his to spank a woman. He’d probably preferred it to be his girlfriend and not just a friend, but it was an opportunity he could not ignore.
“Okay, how do you want to do it?” He asked.
“I’ll go outside and knock on the door. From that moment on, I’ll be Sarah; we’ll just see how things go from there, okay?”
“Sure.” He replied, so I got up and walked out of his apartment.

So this was how our relationship would start, with a spanking that wasn’t even meant for me.
Nervously I stood just outside the door. I was thinking of what I wanted to say, trying to get into character; but I was too distracted by what I knew was going to come, by my excitement and trepidation.
Finally I knocked and moments later he opened the door.
“Sarah.” He said. “What are you doing here?”
“I needed to see you.” I replied. “I wanted to talk.”
“There’s nothing to talk about.” He said. “We’re over.”
I blushed, feeling the venom in his words, though I knew they weren’t really meant for me. Would Sarah beg him to take her back? No, I didn’t want him onto that line of thinking.
“Can I at least come in?” I asked, playing on his sense of politeness.
He stepped aside and gestured me to enter. “I don’t know what you think of accomplishing here.” He said.
I blushed again. “I came to apologize.” I said. “I know things will never be right again, but I feel guilty about what I’ve done. I need you to know that.”
“But I didn’t need to know that.” He replied. “I didn’t need to see you again after all this time. This apology isn’t for me, it’s for yourself. Just like it’s always been.” He said.
I bit my lip. “Maybe you’re right.” I said. “But it’s all I can offer you right now.”
“I don’t need you to offer me anything. You’re just trying to soften your guilt. If you really cared, you’d known an apology isn’t enough. You did something wrong Sarah, there should be real consequences.”
I breathed deeply, we were getting close to the point. “Then what can I do?” I asked. “What consequences are there for my actions?”
He paused for a moment. “Perhaps a punishment is more fitting than a mere apology.” He said.
I blushed, imagining Sarah’s reaction to such words of anger. “If you want to punish me, go ahead.” I said. “I know I deserve it.” Words the real Sarah would probably never use.
I stood staring at the floor, pretending to be demure. Before we started I’d thought I’d have to stop myself from laughing. Imagining Sarah agree to a punishment was laughable for sure, and our acting wasn’t that great, our conversation felt a bit over the top. Yet the excitement and arousal I felt left little room for humor. If I had been the one in trouble, I could definitely see myself submitting to Eric like this. Though perhaps not for something as serious as cheating.
As I was not looking at him, I hadn’t seen him approach. I squealed softly in surprise when Eric suddenly took my hand and pulled me towards the sofa.
“What are you going to do?” I asked, with a slight tremor in my voice even though I already knew the answer.
“I’m going to put you over my knee and treat you like the bad girl you are.” He replied.
My heart jumped to my throat and I wanted to protest thatI hadn’t been bad at all; but no it wasn’t me he was talking to, it was Sarah.
I didn’t know what to say to that threat and I was pretty sure that Sarah wouldn’t either. So I was silent as Eric sat down and pulled me across his lap. As soon as I was down, his hand landed on my bottom in a furry of smacks. My skirt absorbed most of the blow but there was a tingling sensation of more to come.
“Do you think this will help with your guilt?” Eric asked. “Even when I’m about to spank you, I think I’m doing it more for you than for myself.”
I blushed, wondering about the truth of that statement.
“Well, aren’t you going to answer my question?” He asked, smacking my bottom another half-a-dozen times or so.
I blushed. “What question?” I asked, too distracted by what he was doing to me.
“Do – you – think – this – will – help – with – your – guilt?” He repeated, underlining each word with a sharp smack on my bottom.
I winced slightly, those smacks were a lot firmer than that flurry of strokes from before, some sting was already building in my bottom and we’d barely started. I began to worry I had gotten myself into more than I had bargained for. “Yes, Sir.” I replied, not sure what else to say.
“Very well, lets begin then.” Eric said and he raised my skirt.
I blushed deeply. I had known this would be part of the spanking, but still felt aroused and embarrassed by being exposed like this. I wore see-through black panties with lace around the edge. I felt mortified that the man whom I had a crush on got to see them and at the same time hoped that he found them sexy and arousing.
The next few smacks were steady and firm. Without the protection of my skirt, I could really feel the sting and moaned softly after each smack.
“You’ve had this a long time coming, Sarah.” Eric said as he steadily increased the pace and strength of the spanking.
My backside grew hot, I squirmed and whimpered across his lap. A quick look over my shoulder showed me how my bottom bounced beneath his hand, it was already turning red at the edges of my panties.
When Eric stopped for a moment, I sighed a breath of relief. He stroked my bottom gently, his hand warm on the sensitive flesh. It was so gentle and intimate, my arousal spiked. I wanted him to touch me more, even if it was just more of that spanking.
When his thumb hooked behind my panties and slowly pulled them down, I gasped. “No, wait!” I protested.
Eric stopped, my panties halfway down, the upper half of my bottom bared. “What? Have you changed your mind? Do you no longer think you deserve this punishment, Sarah?”
He emphasized her name and I knew he was really asking me. If I wanted him to stop, all I had to do was become myself again and stop role-playing his ex. I did not want him to stop of course, I just wanted to protect my dignity. How could I let the man who’d been my friend for so long bare my bottom, see all there is to see and all the excitement I felt that would surely be visible by the wetness between my legs? Yet it would be the prize I had to pay for this spanking to continue, I realized. Across his knee, Eric would be in charge and that meant letting him bare my bottom for this spanking.
“I haven’t changed my mind.” I said, not knowing what else to say. I secretly began to suspect myself from wanting him to bare my bottom. Those thoughts of submission or a prize to pay were just excuses I made for myself.
Eric waited just a moment longer and then pulled my panties down, now in one swift motion.
I blushed deeply, but he didn’t say a word; no mention of how red my bottom was, how wet with excitement my pussy. He just placed his hand on my backside and spanked me again.
I moaned softly. I didn’t think the panties could’ve offered much protection, but with my bottom bared I felt even more vulnerable and the smacks even more painful. I squealed and squirmed as each hard, measured stroke landed on my backside.
The pain started to build something fierce, my bottom felt on fire. It became nearly unbearable, but I knew I had to do this, for him. I told myself it was a preview of the worst that could happen, should I submit to him as his girlfriend. Surely it’d never be as bad as this, for I’d never do the things Sarah had done.

I was kicking and squealing, focussed more on the pain in my bottom than the reasons why I had agreed to this, wondering when it would stop and cursing myself for ever coming up with this idea; when Eric finally stopped.
He didn’t stop abruptly, but more and more time came in between each smack, until he was gently stroking my bottom. I lay across his lap, still aroused, yet mostly enjoying the soothing sensation of his hand on my backside; wondering, hoping it was over.
“You should probably go now.” Eric said.
I blushed before I realized again that he was talking to Sarah. I got up from his lap, bending awkwardly to pull up my panties that were dangling around my ankles.
“I’m sorry for what I did. I hope you can someday forgive me.” I offered him the words Sarah never would.
We walked to the door together and as he opened it, I stepped aside, breaking my role and letting pretend-Sarah leave so he could close the door behind that part of his life.

“Are you okay?” He asked as we sat down in the sofa.
I winced as and squirmed a bit as I sat down. “Not sitting very comfortably, but otherwise feeling great.”
We looked at each-other for a while. There was a bit of an awkward silence after what we’d done.
“I can’t believe we just did that.” Eric said. “But you were right, I do feel better.
I smiled. “You know I’d do anything for you.” I said.
Eric smiled and then I saw the realization dawn on his face. I’d said too much.
“How long?” He asked.
I blushed. “I’ve always liked you.” I admitted. “How long have I wanted that to be more than just friendship? For a year, maybe two, I guess.”
Eric looked dumbfounded, he obviously didn’t know what to say.
“I thought you knew.” I lied.
“Then today?” He asked, not finishing the sentence.
“I thought if I helped you get over your ex, I might finally get my chance.” I replied, trying brute honesty.
Eric placed his hand on my knee. “You know, you were the one who broke up with me in high-school.” He said. “Ever since then I thought we were better of as friends.”
“I didn’t know better back then.” I said with a smile. “If I’d known I’d risk a spanking by hurting you, I’d never done such a thing.”
“Well than, perhaps we both got something out of today.” Eric replied.
I blushed and leaned forward to kiss him, trying to smother the idea I had somehow earned this spanking instead of it just being a role-play. Our lips touched for a mere moment and then he pushed forward, kissing me deeply.
“Well, now you know how I feel, what are you going to do about it?” I asked.
“First, I’m going to show you I feel the same, we’ll have to make up for all the time we lost being just friends.” He replied.
I smiled. “I’d like that.”
“But you better behave.” He said. “For I also know what to do when you don’t.”
I blushed. “I’d like that too.”


The end

A spanking not meant for her

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    Thanks for the soooo sexy little story. I enjoyed reading it and hope this story continues.

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