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The new girl

drawing of a woman bent over a desk

Sofie had been excited to meet the new girl at the office. She worked as an app-developer at a small local company with about fifteen colleagues, all of them men.
Despite the sexy, punk-like female hackers you so often saw on television or in the movies, most IT departments she’d worked for were still highly male-dominated and not nearly as exciting.
She loved her co-workers, most of them anyway, and it never really bothered her that they were all men. Still, she was looking forward to not being the only woman anymore.
She just hadn’t expected the new girl to be that… well, hot!
The company she worked for had a very relaxed stance on office-work. Most men wore jeans and a t-shirt, Sofie preferred a dress whenever the weather allowed it. She hadn’t seen anyone wear a suit since the last of her older colleagues had retired.
The new girl however, wore a tight-fitting, dark pencil-skirt over stockings and heels. Above that she wore a short-sleeved, white blouse with ruffles down the front. Her hair was up in an immaculate bun and her face was painted subtle but perfectly. She was the exact image of a professional yet attractive career-woman and the curves of her slim body fit the outfit so well that it just oozed sensuality.
Eric, the team-lead who reported directly to the company owner – who in turn barely visited the office – guided the new girl inside and brought her straight to Sofie’s desk.
With a blush, Sofie realized she’d been staring and quickly looked away, and then saw that she wasn’t the only one. All heads in their shared, open-plan office were turned towards the newcomer. Her mouth wasn’t the only one that had gaped open slightly.
“Sofie, meet Anna.” Eric said as they reached her desk. “Anna, this is Sofie, she can show you around and then help you get set up.”
Sofie looked in surprise at Eric. As team-lead he wasn’t technically her boss, yet for all intents and purpose he was. She didn’t have time in her planning to help out a newcomer. That was his job! She knew however that there was no point in arguing with him. He was the only one of her colleagues that she could not get along with.
Instead of complaining, Sofie smiled at Anna and introduced herself properly after Eric left. She showed the new girl around the office, the break-room, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the meeting-rooms, … She let her pick out a desk and then helped her set up her new laptop with all the programs they used for their work.
Anna was very friendly, they chatted and laughed and Sofie knew they’d get along great.

The following day, Sofie was hard at work at her desk. She’d lost a lot of time helping Anna and needed to catch up. Yet, she still often caught herself looking up at the new girl, admiring her outfit, her long sleek legs crossed under her desk.
She wasn’t the only one, she often noticed her male colleagues looking in the same direction while pretending not to. She remembered it had been the same when she had just arrived and they’d all stared at her constantly. They’d gotten over that and become her friends.
Anna didn’t seem bothered by it. She smiled at everyone, talked with everyone and quickly became accepted in their group.
She even seemed to flirt a little. Not overly noticeable, but when she stood at someone’s desk, she’d bend over to talk to them, her round bottom stretching her tight pencil skirt and she’d look over her shoulder to see if anyone noticed, she’d wink at Sofie when she caught her staring.
Sofie had always known she was attracted to women as well as men and had dated both in the past. She’d made a rule for herself of not dating anyone in the workplace, but Anna distracted her in ways that were not conductive to getting her work done in time.
At the end of the day, most of her co-workers had left, but Sofie had to stay longer to get her work done, then Anna approached her desk.
“Working late?” She asked.
“Yeah, I lost a lot of time yesterday, I have to catch up.” Sofie replied.
“Because of me?” Anna asked.
“Because of Eric.” Sofie said. “I wouldn’t blame you for him not doing his job.”
Anna smiled. “Is it me, or is he a bit…”
Sofie returned the smile. If there was one person she didn’t mind gossiping about behind his back it was Eric. “Misogynistic?” She finished Anna’s sentence.
Anna laughed. “This morning he ordered me to make him a coffee.” She said. “Like it wasn’t a request, but a command.”
Sofie grinned. “Yeah, he never asks any of the guys that. Don’t let him bugger you into cleaning the kitchen area either. He tried that with me when I started and I had to be very clear that was not in my job description.”
They talked for the next hour or so while Sofie finished her work, and not just about their annoying team-leader. Anna kept her company for no other reason than not letting her stay behind alone.
As she turned off her laptop and got up from her chair, Sofie felt Anna’s hand slide away from where it had been resting on her shoulder. Her skin felt warm where her hand had been.
For a moment they stood too close to each-other, Sofie looked the new girl in the eyes, she licked her lips and then blushed as she realized what she’d done. Then Anna stepped back, giving her room to pack her bag.

Not much happened the next day, not until the afternoon.
Shortly after lunch, Anna sent Sofie a message asking her for help with the company printer, so she closed her laptop and went to look for her.
The large printer stood in a small maintenance room, it was the only place the big machine didn’t stand in the way and it honestly wasn’t used very often anymore anyway.
The lighting in the room was dim and they stood crowded together as Sofie explained to Anna how the machine worked.
“Can I tell you a secret, Sofie?” Anna asked when she was done with her explanation.
“Of course.” Sofie replied without thinking.
“I didn’t really need your help with the printer.” She said.
“Then why did you ask my help?” Sofie replied confused.
Anna licked her lips. “I thought that would be obvious, with all the flirting we’ve been doing since we met.”
Sofie blushed. “I thought that was just you, you know. Like you flirt with everyone.”
Anna giggled. “When did I flirt with anyone else?” She asked.
Sofie tried to think back on the past two days. The smiles, the winks, the underhand comments. Had they really all been directed at her?
“Why me?” Sofie replied.
Anna bit her lip and looked her up and down. “You look gorgeous in that dress. Ever since I got here I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.”
Sofie giggled. Anna couldn’t keep her eyes off of her? It was the other way around surely.
For a moment the two of them stood together in silence, just looking at each-other. Then Anna placed her hands on Sofie’s hips, feeling the curves hidden by her dress. She pulled her closer, pressing her body against hers. Her nose bumped against hers and then Anna’s mouth found Sofie’s lips, her tongue slipped in between as she kissed her deeply.
A breathless moment later Anna let go.
“That was fun.” Anna said.
Sofie nodded.
“Want to do it again?” Anna asked.
Sofie nodded again.
Anna now took Sofie’s head in her hands, pulling her close for a kiss as her fingers dug into her hair. She kissed her deeply, longer and more passionate than before.

The following days the maintenance room saw a lot more use than before as Sofie and Anna often chose to take a short break from work by enjoying each-others company in the small, dimly lit room.
Their activities didn’t go beyond kissing and the exploration of each-others body with their hands. Their clothes they kept on for they were still at work and the small room had no lock to keep their colleagues out.
While Sofie had always enjoyed coming to the office, now she actually looked forward to it. She was excited when her alarm woke her up in the morning.
At the end of Anna’s first week, Sofie still occasionally caught her male colleagues eyeing their new co-worker. It made Sofie smile, how jealous would they be if they knew what the two of them had been getting up to?
In the weekend, Sofie often caught herself thinking about her new friend and she wondered what their relationship was, more than just colleagues obviously.
When she went to bed at night, she’d think about Anna and as she touched herself, she imagined that it was Anna’s bottom and bosom she was caressing.

The next week passed pretty much like the first. Whenever Sofie looked at the new girl, she smiled and had that twinkle in her eyes. When Anna nodded her head in the direction of the hallway, Sofie quickly found an excuse to use the printer or she came up with another reason she needed to be in the maintenance room.
When she arrived at the office on Friday however, Anna was not at her desk and the office was full of whispers.
Sofie learned from her male colleagues that their new boss had arrived. They had been expecting this for a while. They’d known the company’s founder – the one who rarely visited the office himself – wanted to try something new and had sold his company. It seemed that the deal had finally gone through and their new boss was now conducting one-on-one interviews in his office.
Sofie was eager to meet heir new boss, yet slightly nervous as well. Her co-workers that returned from their interview were smiling – indicating things went well – but also strangely secretive. She was especially nervous for Anna who still hadn’t arrived, she didn’t want her friend to get in trouble with new management on their first day.
When it was her turn to meet the new boss however, Sofie was surprised to see Anna already seated in one of the arm-chairs in the corner of the office that served as a more informal meeting area.
Suddenly extra nervous, Sofie joined her friend and sat down in one of the other seats. Surely the only reason their new boss had invited them here together was because he knew of their intimate relationship. Who had told him? Had one of their colleagues noticed their activities?
“Hey Sofie.” Anna greeted her.
“Hi.” Sofie replied.
“I must apologize to you.” Her friend said.
“Why?” Sofie asked. Was Anna the one who had confessed their relationship?
“I lied to you. I’m not your new colleague.” Anna replied. “I’m the new CEO.”
Sofie froze in surprise. Anna was her new boss? That must be a joke, right?
“I believe the best way to get to know the people that work for you, is to work among them for a while.” Anna explained. “So I pretended to be a new hire for these past two weeks.”
Sofie frowned and looked at the office door, wondering whether this was a prank and the real new boss would walk in any moment. “Really?” She asked.
Anna smiled. “Really.” She said. “I hope you’re not angry with me.”
“No, no I don’t think so.” Sofie said, slowly accepting that Anna was telling the truth. “I think that’s quite smart actually.” She smiled as she said it, but felt quite nervous.
Her new boss grinned. “I just didn’t expect one of my new colleagues would be such a pretty, irresistible woman as yourself.”
Sofie blushed as she realized it had been her new boss she’d been smooching in the office maintenance room these past two weeks.
“Let’s just get started, shall we.” Anna said.
Sofie nodded.
“There’s not much to say, to be honest.” Her new boss said. “I’ve seen you work hard and you take responsibility for your work. I’ve seen you stay late when you didn’t finish in time and even pick up the slack of some of your co-workers. In short, you are a model employee.”
Sofie smiled broadly. That was exactly the thing she’d hoped to hear from her boss and hearing it from Anna made it even better.
“There is just one small issue however.” Anna continued.
Sofie raised an eyebrow in surprise.
“There is a rumor going around that you’ve been having an office romance.” Anna said. “There’s mention in particular of some inappropriate behavior in the printer room.”
Sofie licked her lips nervously. Where was Anna going with this? Of course there had been inappropriate behavior in the maintenance room, Anna herself was the one who had initiated it.
“Now I can’t tell you who you may or may not date, Sofie.” Anna said. “But if you must date a colleague, I suggest you keep your activities outside the office, it is highly inappropriate to do such things during office hours.”
Sofie blushed deeply. Was Anna telling her she didn’t want to do this anymore now that she was her boss? She didn’t understand.
“Now, I could sanction you for this behavior, Sofie.” Anna said. “But I would have to make an official statement that goes on your record and I’d like to spare you that embarrassment.”
Sofie nodded, not sure what to say. This was crazy.
Anna smiled however and she once again had that twinkle in her eyes. “What I suggest is, we keep this a secret between the two of us.” She said. “And as far a your punishment goes, I was thinking of something less official. A spanking maybe, I am a bit old-fashioned like that.”
Sofie’s mouth stood open in surprise as the realization came to her that Anna had been teasing her this whole time. “You want to spank me?” She asked.
Anna grinned. “I’ve wanted to spank that cute bottom of yours since the first day I laid eyes on it.”
Relief washed through Sofie as she realized Anna didn’t want an end to their relationship and she didn’t hesitate for a second. It didn’t bother her how inappropriate it would be to be spanked by her boss, none of the things the two of them had been doing these past two weeks had been appropriate in that context. Actually, the fact that Sofie was her boss only made the idea of being punished in such a way more exciting.
“I guess I have no choice.” Sofie said with a smile. “My behavior was as you said, wholly inappropriate.”
Anna reached out her arm and when Sofie took her hand, she stood up and let her new boss guide her across her lap. Her breathing became heavy and excitement build up between her legs as Anna’s hand caressed her bottom.
The first smacks on her backside were firm, but dulled by her dress. Sofie moaned softly. She’d never been spanked before, but found the experience highly arousing. Something told her it should be embarrassing to be punished by your boss like this, but all she could think about was how excited she was.
As the spanking continued, Anna’s hand coming down quick and firm across her backside, the protection of her dress started to waver and a warm sting build up across Sofie’s bottom. She welcomed the pain, it was easily bearable and only made her more horny than before.
When her new boss raised her dress to reveal the cute string she wore underneath, Sofie moaned deeply with arousal.
“This pink looks cute on you.” Anna said.
Sofie blushed. Her underwear was black, so she knew it was the color of her well-spanked cheeks that her new boss was talking about.
Anna continued her punishment and Sofie squealed softly when her boss’ small, delicate hand connected with her even more delicate and now bared buttocks. Without the protection of her dress, each smack brought a lot more sting and pain to her poor backside.
Sofie grunted and moaned, biting her lower lip to keep back most of the squeals as Anna made her bottom bounce beneath the palm of her hand.
Her backside felt on fire and her legs kicked uncontrollably as the pain reached nearly unbearable levels. Yet at no point did she regret her decision to accept this punishment or wish for it to end.
When her new boss finally seemed to be done with her poor bottom, Sofie was out of breath and unable to separate the burning sting in her bottom from the fiery excitement between her legs.
“So have you learned a lesson today, Sofie?” Anna asked while she gently caressed her red bottom.
“Yes.” Anna replied, arching her back so that Anna had full access to her sore, stinging backside.
“So you will make sure your inappropriate behavior is kept out of the office?” Anna asked.
Sofie blushed. She thought neither of them really wanted that, in fact she was pretty sure this moment right now counted as such inappropriate behavior. “I don’t think I can promise that.” She said.
Anna squeezed her bottom. “Very well.” She said. “I guess we’re not ready here yet.”
Sofie bit her lip, bracing herself for another onslaught of Anna’s hand. Instead, her new boss helped her get up off her lap and walked her to her desk.
“Bend over.” Anna said.
Sofie blushed and bent over the large wooden desk. Somehow, this turned her on even more.
Anna walked around the desk and grabbed what seemed to be a thick wooden ruler out of a drawer. It was about a foot long and two inches wide.
“You know you can say no if you want to, right?” Her new boss whispered as she caressed Sofie’s bottom with the firm, wooden implement.
“I know.” Sofie replied. She was nervous. She’d never been spanked before today and Anna hadn’t held back when she had her across her lap. Her bottom was sore and stinging and she wasn’t sure she could handle more, let alone the use of a ruler. Yet the more nervous she became, the more she wanted it.
“I told you I’ve wanted to do this since we met.” Anna said. “To be honest I’ve been fantasizing about it and I’ve been keeping track of our little meetings. Twelve visits to that small maintenance room in just two weeks if I counted correctly, so I will give you twelve swats across your naughty little bottom.”
Sofie closed her eyes. She could handle twelve, she thought.
Anna raised Sofie’s dress as she lay bent down over her desk. Then, she grabbed her string and slowly pulled it down, not to bare her bottom, which it did not cover, but to reveal her most private parts. Sofie moaned softly as she felt the cool office air between her legs where she was wet and warm with excitement.
“Ready?” Anna asked as she placed the wooden ruler across Sofie’s backside.
“Yes.” Sofie replied.
The ruler left her bottom and then came down with a whistling sound and cracked against her backside.
Sofie squealed in pain.
“Can you count them for me, please?” Anna asked.
“One.” Sofie replied.
“Very good.” Her new boss said and she raised the ruler again.
Sofie squealed at each stroke of the ruler and each time it took a bit longer for her to count the stroke out loud as she struggled to catch her breath.
Anna waited patiently however and never raised the ruler again before Sofie had counted the previous stroke, giving her ample time to recuperate as the ruler painted broad red strokes across her cute, but sore backside.
“Twelve!” Sofie finally called out as the last stroke landed loudly across her bottom. She was out of breath, her bottom was on fire, her legs were trembling from exhaustion and yet, she’d never felt as turned on as she did this moment.
“Good girl.” Her new boss whispered in her ears. “I’d never have guessed you’d be able to take your punishment this well.”
Sofie blushed.
“Did you like it?” Anna asked.
“Yes.” Sofie whispered hoarsely.
“Good.” Anna said. “Because you’ll be getting a lot more of them as you keep working for me.”
Sofie bit her lip.
“Unless you want to promise me you’ll keep your inappropriate behavior out of the office?” Anna said.
Sofie bit her lip. “I can’t promise that.”
Anna laughed and squeezed her sore bottom as Sofie lay exhausted across her desk. “I didn’t think so.” She said. “Now don’t get up yet.”
Sofie moaned deeply as Anna gently massaged her sore, stinging backside, her delicate fingers slipping in between her legs, fondling her hot, wet pussy.
“I don’t want you to think I’m the kind of boss who only believes in punishment.” Anna said. “I believe rewards are just as important to keep your employees happy at work and these past two weeks, you were the colleague I was most impressed by. So if you want, I’d like to reward you for your hard work.”
“Yes, please.” Sofie whispered, her legs now buckling for other reasons than before.
“Now don’t tell your colleagues about this.” Her new boss said. “Just like your punishment, this reward is just for you. I’ll be a bit more traditional and a lot more office-appropriate when it comes to handling your male colleagues.”
Sofie giggled and then moaned deeply when Anna knelt behind her, pushing her face between her legs. She could feel her tongue, warm and wet, caressing her inner thigh, making its way to her pussy.
She spread her legs even further than before, giving her new boss full access to her most private parts, welcoming her tongue on her pussy, feeling its warmth as Anna licked her lips and then pushed between them, reaching her most sensitive spot.
Sofie moaned deeply. Her legs now trembling with excitement rather than the pain she could still feel in her bottom.
Her breathing grew ragged and her heart-rate increased as she accepted her reward. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably when she lost control and the orgasm took over, climaxing with a long high-pitched moan that echoed in the small office.
Sofie smiled as she pulled up her string while watching Anna fix her hair, then she winced as she pulled them up past her sore and sensitive buttocks.
“Do you want me to … thank you?” She asked with a blush as she remembered Anna’s tongue between her legs.
Anna laughed and winked. “How about you stay after work today?” She said. “I still have some work to do now.”
Sofie bit her lip. “Alright, do I … send someone else in for their interview?”
Anna grinned. “No, I purposefully kept you for last.”
Sofie laughed and then, with a smile she left her new boss’ office. She’d always felt a bit giddy returning to her desk after a break in the maintenance room, wondering whether anyone might catch onto them, and this time she felt even more nervous. The shared office space she worked in was at the other end of the hall however, so she could at least be sure no-one could have heard what had happened. More importantly, unlike the maintenance room, the boss’ office could be locked, so she knew that in the future their breaks could be a lot less innocent than the kissing and fondling that had gone on before.
As she sat down at her desk, she yelped softly, jumping up at the sudden reminder of the pain in her backside. She blushed and looked around to see if anyone had noticed and then quickly, but gently, sat down again and started her work.
She had received a message from her new boss:
“Sofie, could you print these documents for me and bring them to my office by the end of the day?”

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