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The secretary’s secret (part 2)

drawing of a woman bent over a desk

It had been three days since Jonathan had spanked his assistant. He could still hardly believe the chain of events that had led to that event. From the pure coincedence of walking in on her, tied up and presumably post-spanking at her friend’s place, to her asking him to spank her herself.
Sofie apparently wanted him to take advantage of his authority as her employer and spank her when her work was below expectations. She had said so herself.
He did not know however, how much of that she meant. Had it been in the heat of the moment? A fantasy coming true? Just an experiment maybe. There were no signs that what had happened would happen again, except for what she’d said that day. She hadn’t mentioned it since however.
Perhaps she was waiting for him to take the lead. She had said she wanted him to be in control, to take advantage. Her asking for it again would not be the way she wanted it to be.
Jonathan didn’t know however, how far he could take this. How much was too much?

This Thursday morning he had a chance to find out.
Like every morning, they were discussing the work that needed to be done and one of the items discussed was a legal document Sofie had written. There were still a few mistakes in there and the document had already passed its second iteration.
“You’ll have to give this one priority.” Jonathan said. “It has to be in the mail before noon.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sofie replied. “That’s the third iteration of this document, isn’t it?”
Jonathan nodded. This wasn’t anything unusual, these documents were complicated and three iterations was quite average to get them correct. When they had discovered their mutual love of spanking however, he had suggested using these punishments to get those iterations down to two per document.
Sofie didn’t say anything else, apart from emphasising the word ‘third’. This was supposedly his time to take advantage.
“Do you remember what we agreed upon Monday?” He asked.
“We agreed to working toward only two iterations per document, Sir.” Sofie replied.
“So what do you think is going to happen, now?” Jonathan asked.
“I assume you’re going to spank me again, Sir.” His assistant replied.
Jonathan smiled, there was no hesitation or doubt in the girls eyes. Her face lit up with anticipation. She was looking forward to this he realised. She’d known what was coming, she had been waiting for this.
“Exactly, so come here and get across my lap, young lady.”


Sofie got up quickly. She had been anticipating this moment since her spanking on Monday, waiting for her boss to take advantage of her again.
He was sitting in the armchair opposite hers where they held all their meetings and where he had spanked her last week as well. She obediently stepped forward and let him guide her across his lap.
She knew now that her boss was no stranger to spanking and braced herself for the first smack across her bottom. No matter how much she loved being spanked, it still hurt.
His hand came down with a loud thwack across her bottom and Sofie moaned deeply. She blushed at this sound of arousal, but Jonathan didn’t seem to care. His hand came down again and again.
Sofie moaned and squirmed, but her skirt protected her from most of the pain while her bottom warmed up.
When Jonathan raised her skirt and revealed her soft, silk panties, she bit her lip knowing how sexy they must look in this position.
Those delicate panties did very little to protect her bottom from the onslaught of Jonathan’s hand, and Sofie groaned and struggled as her bottom bounced from each smack.
This was as far as Jonathan had taken her spanking last Monday and while Sofie had spent the rest of the day with her panties wet from excitement, she had wondered if he would take things further the next time.
Even as she squealed and moaned, she stayed aware of that small bit of fabric providing her with a last shred of dignity, even as she was being spanked like a naughty girl across her boss’ lap.
Her bottom was bright red when Jonathan stopped, her throat raw from her squeals. Yet her punishment again felt unfinished.
“Why don’t you pull down my panties, Sir?” She asked as Jonathan gently rubbed her sore backside.
“Is that what you want?” Jonathan asked.
Sofie blushed. With her friend it wasn’t about what she wanted, it was about what he wanted. When he was in control, she didn’t have to think, she didn’t have to admit these desires.
“You’re in control Sir, if you could take full advantage of me, then why wouldn’t you pull them down and spank me on my bare bottom?”
Jonathan was still rubbing her bottom and the soft, gentle motion against her stinging backside made her ever more excited.
“The thing with taking advantage, Sofie, is that it’s hard to tell when things to too far.” Jonathan said.
“This wouldn’t be too far, Sir.” Sofie replied.
“Very well.” Jonathan replied and with a fluid motion, he pulled down her panties.
Sofie gasped in surprise at how sudden her bottom was exposed, blushing in excitement as she knew that final shred of decency had been removed and her boss could now see how wet and excited she got when he spanked her.
There was no way now, that he would not take full advantage. She expected him to continue rubbing her sore bottom, coming ever closer to her warm, swollen pussy.
Instead, he raised his hand and smacked her bottom again.
Sofie moaned and braced herself. She had wanted him to bare her bottom during her spanking, not after it. Now she was already sore, her bottom sensitive and red.
Jonathan had no mercy however and peppered her bottom again. His hand raining down on her now bare backside while she squealed and struggled.
Her bottom felt on fire and Sofie anguished over her mistake. She should have waited until after her spanking, until after he’d let her back up before mentioning her panties. She should’ve asked him to lower them next time, not now, not when she was already this sore. She wasn’t going to tell him that, of course.
Each smack on her poor backside sent a shiver through her spine, her bottom bounced with each moan and squeal.
When Jonathan finally stopped, Sofie was out of breath, her bottom burning just as much as if her friend had used his flogger or his belt. She dreaded the day her boss would spank her with anything other than just his hand. Dreaded it, yet looked forward to it as well.
“You can get up now, Sofie.” Jonathan said.
Sofie stood up and covered herself with her skirt. She blushed as she saw her panties hanging around her ankles. Somehow being naked beneath her clothes while standing in front of her boss seemed more embarrassing than being naked across his lap for a spanking.
Yet perhaps that was only because she was still hoping he’d taken more advantage of her than just a spanking.
“I want you to finish that document before noon, Sofie. Then clear your afternoon schedule.” Jonathan said.
Sofie nodded. “Yes, Sir.” Clear her afternoon schedule? What had he planned?


Jonathan waited in his office for Sofie to return from lunch.
He had gotten his answer this morning that she still meant what she had said Monday. He could hardly believe his luck. He loved spanking her, it felt amazing.
Especially when he had bared her bottom, seeing the impact of his hand on her bare, unprotected skin was amazing. Seeing the arousal building between her legs, just like his own arousal pressed against the inside of his trousers felt unreal.
Now he was going to find out how far he could take this. No more guessing, no more wondering whether he could’ve let his hand slip between his assistant’s legs when she lay across his legs, no more fantasizing about, well about all the things he could possibly do to her. She was going to tell her exactly what it was she wanted and expected from this arrangement.
“Sofie.” He greeted her when she entered his office. “Come, sit.”
She sat down across his desk, looking slightly nervous. “You wanted to meet with me this afternoon, Sir?”
“Yes.” Jonathan took a pen from its holder and placed it on top of a blank paper he had placed on his desk. “You know I’m a man of rules and regulations, Sofie. I do things by the book, I don’t make guesses or assumptions.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sofie replied.
“Well then, that’s why I want to put our agreement down on paper. It won’t be a legal document of course as something like this can’t hold up in court, but it will be a guideline for the both of us.” Jonathan explained.
“I understand, Sir.” Sofie replied. “You want to know how far you can take this.”
“Exactly.” Jonathan said. “Is that okay for you?”
The girl blushed. “It’s kind of exciting. I’ve never had to say these things out loud, but being forced to voice my desires is embarrassing yet arousing at the same time.”
Jonathan grinned. “I agree. I must say I never expected to feel this excited about making up a contract.”
Sofie nodded.
“Let’s begin.” Jonathan said, picking up the pen and reading aloud what he wrote down.

This is an agreement between Jonathan Strange and Sofie De Langhe, from here on out mentioned as Jonathan or the employer and Sofie or the employee.
As the employee of Jonathan, Sofie agrees to receive punishment administered by her employer in case of …

“Are we agreeing on two iterations per document, Sofie?” Jonathan asks, halting his pen.
“Yes.” Sofie replied. “Though I guess you could punish me for other things as well.
“Such as?” Jonathan asked.
Sofie blushed. “Arriving late, unruly behavior, inappropriate outfits, … Anything inappropriate for a notary’s assistent really.”
Jonathan grinned. “I could add being late I guess, though I’ve never seen you behave or dress inappropriately before.”
“I might.” Sofie said with a grin. “What if I wore inappropriate panties to work?”
“No one would see, perhaps maybe me.” Jonathan replied.
“What if I wore no panties at all?” Sofie asked.
“I guess that would be inappropriate.” Jonathan said. “I think I understand where this is going.” He picked up his pen again.

… in case of any behavior deemed inappropriate by Jonathan and any work that does not meet their agreed upon standard.

“Does that sound correct?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sofie replied excitedly.

These punishments will consist of a spanking that may be applied on the employee’s bared bottom.

“Anything else you want to add to that, Sofie?” Jonathan asked.
Sofie licked her lips. “You don’t have to limit yourself so much Sir. Remember to take full advantage of me.
“What else did you fantasize I might do?” Jonathan asked.
Sofie blushed. “You might want to add how you spank me. It doesn’t always have to be across your lap. You may of course bare my bottom, but why stop there, why not make me undress completely? And you may also add what you’re going to use to spank me. And there are other ways you could punish me as well of course.”
“You want to be fully naked when I spank you?” Jonathan asked disbelievingly.
“Not always, I guess it depends on what I did to deserve that spanking. It would give you even more opportunity to take advantage of your employee.” Sofie replied.
“And you want me to use things to spank you?” Jonathan asked.
Sofie licked her lips and looked at the wooden ruler that lay at the corner of her boss’ desk. “There are many things you could use to teach me a lesson, Sir.” She said.
Jonathan followed her eyes and then nodded with a smile.
He scratched out the last sentence he had written and read aloud its replacement.

These punishments will primarily consist of spankings but may take other forms as well, such as time-outs, being tied up or particular chores.

Jonathan looked up at Sofie, who nodded excitedly.
He continued.

During her punishment, Sofie may be ordered to take off any piece of clothing her employer desires to further enhance the embarrassing nature of her punishment.
In case of a spanking, the employee will agree to accept her punishment across her employer’s lap or in any other position he deems desirable. He may also use any implement he finds suitable to spank her with.

Jonathan looked up at his assistent again. She gave no sign of disagreeing with anything he’d written down so far.
Now was the time to really see how far she imagined him taking this.

The employee understands that the act of punishing her is of great arousal to Jonathan and he may take advantage of her submissive position.
Sofie agrees to undergo any intimate physical contact her employer instigates during her punishment and reciprocate these actions at his request.

Jonathan looked up again. “Is this the kind of advantage you think I would take, Sofie?” He asked.
She blushed. “Yes, Sir. Though you might want to go into detail of exactly what this intimate physical contact may contain.”
Jonathan grinned. “And what may it contain, young lady?”
Sofie licked her lips. “Anything you want, Sir.”
“Yes, Sir.”

This physical contact can range from light to extreme. Light would be the touch of his hand on the employee’s bare bottom during her spanking, while in the extreme the employer would take full advantage of Sofie and fuck her.
The employee will eagerly accept both light and extreme, and everything in between.

Jonathan looked up and saw his assistant smiling approvingly.
“I have one more idea.” He said and picked up the pen again.

To keep a well-maintained balance in their relationship, Jonathan will also reward his employee for good behavior and good work.
These rewards have the same rules and limitations as the punishments, but will be instead used to pleasure rather than punish.

“Does that sound like something you’d like, Sofie?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied hesitantly.
“But?” Jonathan asked.
“Does that mean you’d use physical intimacy as a reward?” She asked.
“You want to know if I’d pleasure you or even fuck you as a reward for good behavior.” Jonathan translated.
Sofie blushed. “Yes, Sir.”
“I would.” Jonathan replied.
“That means you could just do it anytime you want, Sir.” Sofie replied.
“I’m not going to reward you when you don’t deserve it, young lady.” Jonathan said. “But yes, I could do it anytime you want. You’re my employee after all, didn’t you want me to take full advantage of that?”
“Yes, Sir.” Sofie replied with a blush.
“And don’t you want to be rewarded for good behavior?”
“Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
“So shall we leave that in our contract?”
Sofie grinned. “I wasn’t trying to get it scratched, Sir. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting my hopes up for nothing.”
Jonathan smiled. “Very well then. Do you think there’s anything else we need to add?”
“No, Sir. Unless you have another idea?”
Jonathan shook his head. “We can always add things later if we have to. Now, come over to my side of the desk.”
Sofie stood up and Jonathan smiled as his assistant rounded the desk.
“Get on your knees Sofie and show me what a good assistant you can be and I might give you your first reward as my employee.” Jonathan said.
Sofie blushed, but eagerly knelt down in front of him.
Jonathan unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. It was hard and throbbing. He hadn’t known how aroused he could become just from writing these things down.
“Suck it, Sofie.” he said.
His assistant bent forward and took his cock in her mouth. There was no hesitation, her lips closed around his shaft, he could feel her tongue working him up and down.
Jonathan moaned deeply, this wasn’t going to take long. After spanking her that morning and writing this contract with her just now, he was ready to burst.
“Be ready Sofie.” He warned her. “Don’t spill anything.”
He grabbed her hair, holding her close to his crotch as he ejaculated, moaning deeply when she kept sucking, swallowing all of his sperm.
“Good girl.” He said when she let go and got up from her knees.
Sofie grinned, satisfied with what she’d done. “Did I earn a reward, Sir?” She asked.
“Not yet, young lady.” Jonathan replied. “Give me some time to recuperate. In the meanwhile, why don’t you rewrite our contract in more legal terms and take out any grammatical errors you find. We’ll see about your reward when you’re done.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sofie replied.


Sofie held the contract in hand when she returned to her boss’ office.
She could still feel his cock in her mouth, the taste of his cum on her tongue. She was excited for whatever would happen next.
She had rewritten the contract so that he could be sure that he could take full advantage of her. She’d always fantasized about being spanked by her boss and being fucked always naturally followed. If he abused the reward system to fuck her whenever he wanted, well then he really was taking advantage of their relationship, which is what she’d always dreamt about.
“Please sit.” Jonathan said when she entered.
He accepted the contract and began to read it. When he was done he stood up and placed the document on the desk and pushed it in front of her.
“Stand up, Sofie.” He said.
Sofie stood.
“Please, bend over and read what you have written.” Jonathan said.
“Out loud, Sir?” She asked.
“No, do it quietly.” He said while he rounded the desk, moving behind her. She noticed him pick up the ruler as she was reading the contract.
It was hard to concentrate on the words as he raised her skirt and pulled down her panties once more, baring her bottom. She could feel him caressing her now pink backside with the wooden ruler.
“Do you see any mistakes in there, young lady.” He asked.
Sofie blushed. Had she made a mistake? She’d read this three times over. Was he going to spank her again? Her bottom was still sensitive from this morning and that ruler would really hurt.
“I don’t know, Sir.” She said.
“You don’t know?”
Sofie blushed. “I didn’t see any mistakes, Sir.”
“Neither did I, Sofie.” Jonathan said. “You did a very good job.” Instead of the ruler, she suddenly felt her boss’ tongue caressing her inner thigh.
Jonathan dropped the ruler on the desk beside her. “Spread your legs, young lady.” Her boss said and a moment later, Sofie felt him burying his face between her thighs.
His tongue found her pussy when she spread her legs further, arching her bottom upwards as she bent over deeper to give him full access.
Sofie moaned deeply as her boss rewarded her for her work. His tongue caressing first her lips and then focussing on her clit. She trembled and shook with excitement.
Jonathan placed his hands on her upper legs, keeping them forced apart even as the arousal became too much. Sofie moaned and squealed, shivering as the orgasm took control of her body.
“Good girl.” Jonathan said as he got up. His hand caressing her bottom one last time before pulling down her skirt. “You can get up and pull your panties back on now.”
Sofie blushed. “Thank you, Sir.” She said as she dressed herself.
“It’s a bit early, but I don’t think we’ll get a lot more work done today.” Jonathan said. “You can go home early if you want to.”
“Thank you, Sir.” Sofie repeated.
“Oh and Sofie.” Jonathan said as she was leaving his office.
“Yes, Sir?”
“Remember, you didn’t just sign up for rewards.” He picked up the ruler and smacked it on the edge of the desk. “I will use this too if I have to.”
Sofie grinned. “I’m looking forward to it, Sir.”

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