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The princess and her maid

Princess and maid spanked together

Mira’s mother had worked as the queen’s personal maid for as long as she could remember. During her childhood, she had lived and played in the castle and its grounds. She’d played with the queen’s daughter princess Sofia and despite their difference in rank they’d always been close.
When she became old enough to work herself, Mira had been offered a position as a maid in the castle just like her mother. Her friend Sofia had quickly appropriated her as her personal servant.
Some might find it difficult to be your best friend’s maid, but the two girls were so close that it didn’t bother either of them. In fact, being the princess’ personal servant freed Mira from several other, less pleasant duties – which was why Sofia had done so in the first place.
This way, the two girls, young women now, could still spend all their time together.

Princess Sofia’s duties had changed as well with age. She was no longer free to roam the castle grounds and play. She had to attend formal events and socialize with the guests. She made sure to always have Mira accompany her, seemingly as her servant, but actually to let her friend share in the food and entertainment of those banquets, balls or dinners.
She also received new tutors. Studying wasn’t new for her, she was already trained in reading, writing and proper etiquette. Her new tutors taught her in subjects needed to rule: history, culture and politics.
Sofia had requested Mira to be allowed to join her for these lessons. She wanted to give her friend the opportunity to learn, to perhaps be more than just a ladies maid for the rest of her life.
Mira had eagerly joined those lessons, despite the extra burden they put upon her alongside her regular duties, and was often an even better student than the princess herself.

One of Sofia’s new tutors was Master Windsor. He was a younger man compared to her other tutors, but not any less strict than them.
Master Windsor taught the two women in history.
While history was one of Sofia’s favorite new subjects, it was not one of her best. The reason the princess liked these lessons, was because each lesson was like a story. The importance of these stories however, that they were historical facts from which they could learn about ruling a kingdom, had not yet gotten through to her. She treated her history lessons like reading a book, fun and exciting, but not very important.
This is why Master Windsor was often upset with the young woman, for arriving late to his lessons, forgetting to read assigned chapters or daydreaming during his lectures.
When princess Sofia once more had forgotten to read about the historical treatise that day’s lesson would be about, he decided to take matters into his own hand.
“Mira, you’re going to have to stay a bit longer after our lesson is finished today.” He’d said.
Princess Sofia, who had no idea why her tutor wanted her friend to stay, had returned to her room where she waited for her.
About half an hour later, Mira arrived at the princess’ room, blushing deeply.
“I’m sorry I’m late mistress.” She said pleadingly. “I still have to get the linens from the washers to ready your bed for the night.”
Sofia rolled her eyes ostentatiously. Her friend was always teasing her, playing the subservient maid. She knew the princess would rather sleep on a bare mattress than be angry at her friend.
Mira giggled at her own joke.
“Why did Master Windsor ask you to stay behind anyway?” Sofia asked.
Mira adopted a more serious look, spoiled only by the blush on her cheeks. She then turned around, raising her servant’s dress, revealing her petticoats, stockings and then – missing any undergarments – her bare bottom which was red and bruised.
Sofia gasped. “Did he do that?”
Mira dropped her dress and turned around. “Yes.” She nodded.
“But why?” Sofia asked, slightly in shock.
“He thinks we haven’t been taking his lessons serious enough, because you didn’t read the treatise he asked.” Mira explained.
Sofia blushed. “But you did read it!” She exclaimed.
“But you’re the princess.” Mira replied. “He can’t punish you, not like this. He said he would punish me instead, for he knows we are friends and he was sure you’d want to spare me the pain.”
Sofia blushed even deeper. “I’m so sorry.” She said. “I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.”
Mira managed to smile despite having what must be a very sore backside. “I knew you would.” She said.

Two weeks passed and Sofia kept her promise, she read everything she was asked, she arrived to the lessons on time and made sure to pay attention.
As her memory of her friend’s red bottom started to fade however, so did the warning of their master in her mind. One day she completely forgot about her lessons and managed to arrive almost half an hour late.
“Mira, you’ll have to stay late again today.” Master Windsor said as soon as Sofia sat down next to her friend.
Sofia blushed deeply. She wanted to protest but didn’t want to make things worse for her friend. She looked at Mira and whispered: “I’m sorry.”
Mira smiled faintly, as if saying she could handle it, they were friends after all.
After the lesson had ended, the princess waited impatiently in her room, while Mira had stayed behind. When her friend finally arrived she asked: “Are you okay?”
Mira nodded. “It’s not that bad.” She turned around like last time, baring her bottom to show her friend her sore, red backside.
Sofia winced at the sight. “He can’t do this.” She said. “We have to do something about it.”
Mira turned around and shrugged. “It doesn’t hurt that much.” She said. “I have a salve for it, but I think I used up the last, I’ll have to go out and buy more.”
“Let me.” Sofia said. “I’ll pay for it, it’s the least I can do.” She pushed her friend to sit down on her soft bed. It was time for the princess to take care of her maid.
Mira shifted uncomfortably on the bed, trying to accommodate her sensitive bottom. “I buy it from the herb-woman in town.” She said. “It’s made with willow-bark I believe. She’ll know what I need.”
Sofia nodded and grabbed her cape to leave. She knew which woman Mira meant. All the hired help went there for their herbs and healing. Mira had brought Sofia once when they were younger and she’d scraped her knee when playing in the woods.

When she arrived at the small hut at the edge of town, Sofia hesitated before knocking at the door. How would she explain what she needed without revealing what had happened?
She then swallowed her pride and knocked.
An older woman opened the door, looked her up and down and said: “If it isn’t the young princess. What brings you out here all alone and without a chaperone?”
Sofia blushes. She’d snuck out, not wanting to explain to anyone why she wanted to visit the old herb-woman. “I need a salve for my friend.” She explained.
The old woman nodded. “Well then, come in. I don’t turn away anyone, not even a princess.”
Sofia followed her inside. The hut was small and smelled of herbs.
“What kind of salve do you need?” The old woman asked.
“It’s made with willow-bark, my friend said.” The princess explained. “I think it helps with pain and bruises.”
The herb-woman nodded. “Aha, I know exactly what you’re after.” She disappeared into a backroom and came back quickly with a small clay pot. “Is this for your friend Mira then?” She asked.
Sofia nodded. “Yes, how did you know?”
“You two were always playing outside around these parts when you were younger, playing rough.” The herb-woman said. “Mira apparently still hasn’t learned to be careful, this is the third pot she’s asked for in just two weeks.”
The princess blushed. Why had her friend needed that much of the salve?

When Sofia returned to the castle, her friend was still waiting in her room. “I got it.” She announced.
Mira got up to accept the pot, but Sofia pulled back her hand.
“Turn around, I’ll help.” She said.
Her maid blushed. “You don’t have to do that.” She said.
“Mira.” The princess said. “You do my make-up and my hair, you help me get dressed in the morning, you even wash me when I take a bath. I think it’d be fun if I got to take care of you for a change.”
Her friend blushed, but turned around when Sofia asked again. She raised her dress and petticoats and then laid down on the princess’ bed.
Sofia stared at her friend’s bare, upturned bottom, still red from the spanking she’d received in her stead. She uncorked the clay pot and dipped her fingers in the thick salve.
Mira was her personal maid, she’d see her naked daily before helping her dress, helping her bathe twice a week at least and it had never felt weird to her. Yet now, she hesitated, her heart fluttering with anticipation before touching her friend’s bare behind. True, she’d never seen Mira naked, not since they’d gone swimming in the river pond as children. As her maid, her friend was always up and dressed long before she was. Did Mira ever feel this way when she was performing her duties?
The salve was thick and sticky when she spread it across her friend’s backside. She had to rub it in firmly to spread it across her sore red skin and bruises. Which made Mira wince and softly moan.
When she was done, the princess’ heart was racing. She took a deep breath and counted to ten, forcing down the blush on her face before telling her friend she was done.
Mira rose and covered her bottom. “Thank you.” She whispered. She was blushing too.

Another week passed and while Sofia did not get into any more trouble with Master Windsor, she was a lot more aware of her own nudity and the intimacy between her and her maid when she got dressed or when Mira helped her in her bath. She often blushed and giggled at things that had seemed so innocent in the past. Mira blushed too and she wondered if it had always been like that and she’d just never noticed.
Sofia couldn’t keep up her improved behavior in Master Windsor’s class however. She didn’t do it on purpose, but she just couldn’t act like a perfect student. That just wasn’t her.
She wasn’t late this time, nor had she forgotten any assigned reading. She was just, not paying attention. She was daydreaming, about the way things were between her and her friend, about the punishments from the tutor that was in front of them now, about her friend’s bottom that felt soft and warm and sticky with salve beneath her own hands.
“Sofia! I asked you a question.” Master Windsor said.
The princess blushed.
“That’s the third time today. Mira, you’re staying after your lesson. Perhaps that will help your friend pay attention.”
Sofia blushed even deeper.
Then she stood up, pushing her fists firmly on the small desk in front of her. “No.” She said. She couldn’t let this continue.
Master Windsor raised an eyebrow. “No?” He asked.
“You can’t punish my friend for what I’ve done.” She said. “It’s not fair.”
“I can and I will, young lady.” The tutor said. “Life isn’t fair.”
“Why don’t you just punish me instead?” The princess asked.
“I am punishing you.” Master Windsor said. “Don’t you feel anguish over your friend’s pain, which is your fault? That is your punishment.”
Sofia blushed. “I mean, why don’t you just spank me instead? Mira doesn’t have to be involved.”
The master shook his head. “You know I can’t do that. You’re a princess. If your father found out, I’d be exiled, or worse.”
Sofia sank back down in her chair, but not defeated. She had a plan. She glanced at her friend. Mira was smiling, grateful for her attempt.
When the princess returned to her room, she did not just wait for her friend to arrive. She grabbed a hairbrush from her nightstand, gritted her teeth and climbed onto her bed.
Sofia felt awkward, laying in her bed, one arm reaching back with the hairbrush, hovering over her backside. The wooden brush had a flat, square back and felt heavy in her hand. She’d raised her dress, baring her bottom.
This was what her friend was going through right now, Sofia encouraged herself. Mira had experienced it many times before even and it was all her fault. All she needed to do was accept the same punishment once and then it could all be over.
The princess bit her lip and then smacked her backside with the hairbrush.
That wasn’t too bad.
She smacked it again and again. A gentle sting began to spread through her buttocks. It felt quite… enjoyable.
I’ll need to spank harder than this, she thought and raised the hairbrush again. She swung as hard as she could in the awkward angle, smacking her bottom as hard as she could.
She winced and moaned softly, the sting was now painful and the princess stopped after only half a dozen smacks.
Sofia got up and took a quick look in the standing mirror on the other side of her room. Her bottom was barely pink. She’d have to persevere a lot longer to get it to look realistic and as red as her friends had been. She winced at the thought, but forced herself to go through with it.
This time she knelt on the carpet beside the bed, bending over the mattress, hoping this position would make it easier to angle the hairbrush.
She spanked her backside and moaned. Bent over like this, the smacks hurt even more, but the increased pain encouraged her, her bottom would soon be red, wouldn’t it?
Again and again, Sofia spanked her own behind. The sting spread through her buttocks, her bottom began to glow and then burn. Yet while the pain increased, this time she did not find it difficult to continue.
She fell into a rhythm: smack, smack, smack. She didn’t think about the pain, instead she thought about her friend, who had and was experiencing the same thing, but not from her own free choice. And as she thought about Mira, she felt glad, for she was the one who deserved this punishment. The guilt she had felt lessened as the pain increased.
She began to, not enjoy it, but to want it. She wanted the pain, it was hers to deal with, not Mira’s. It felt good.
When Sofia looked back over her shoulder, she saw that her bottom had grown much redder than before. She did not get up to look at it in the mirror however. Instead, she continued her spanking, she could take a bit more, she wanted a bit more.
Perhaps when Mira found out, she’d rub some of that salve on her bottom too.
Sofia blushed. Why had she thought about that? She didn’t like this spanking, not like that.
Suddenly, the door to her bedroom opened.

Sofia froze in shock, hand and hairbrush hovering above her bare red backside. She couldn’t see who entered, the door was behind her, facing her bottom. It could only be one person however, the only one who would ever enter the princess’ bedroom without at least knocking first.
“Sofia? What are you doing?” Mira asked.
The princess jumped up, covering her backside and dropping the hairbrush on her bed. “Nothing.” She said.
Her maid stared at her, look of utter surprise on her face.
Sofia blushed. “Are you okay, did it hurt?” Sofia asked to divert the subject. She felt like she now really understood how painful these punishments must’ve been for her friend.
Mira giggled. “I should ask you.” She said.
Why was she giggling? Was it because of what she’d seen? “I did it for you.” Sofia tried to explain.
“Why?” Mira asked.
“I’ll go to my father and tell him Master Windsor did this. Then he’ll send him away and we’ll get a new tutor, one who doesn’t hurt you.” The princess explained.
Mira blushed. “You don’t need to do that.”
“I do.” Sofia said. “I won’t let him hurt you.”
“So, you’re going to march into the king’s throne room, raise your skirts and show off your red bottom?” Mira asked.
Sofia blushed. “Well not like that of course.” She said.
Mira grinned. “It’s okay, you don’t need to embarrass yourself, not for me.”
“You’re my friend, Mira, I would do anything for you.” And with that she marched to the door, on her way to her father.
Mira grabbed her arm as she tried to leave. “Sofia, don’t.”
The princess stopped. “Why are you protecting him, Mira?”
The maid blushed. “Because I… I like it when he spanks me.”
The princess was too stunned to speak. But then, it all made sense. Why Mira was always able to smile, to giggle and joke even after she’d just received a punishment. Why she never seemed upset when their tutor announced she needed to stay behind and just smiled when Sofia apologized.
Perhaps it even explained why she needed that much salve from the herb-woman. “How often has he spanked you?” Sofia asked.
Her maid blushed even deeper. “About once or twice a week since you introduced me to him.”
Sofia gasped. That was long before the first time she knew of. “And you liked it from the start?”
Mira nodded. “We were in the servant’s kitchen together and got to talk after we had a bit of wine.”
The princess blushed. “I thought maybe it started after he decided to punish you as a way to get to me.”
Mira shook her head. “No, that wasn’t even his idea. I suggested it, I knew you’d try harder for me than for yourself.”
The princess was shocked. Her friend had fooled her, had made her feel guilty about it too. She reached back, rubbing her sore, red bottom. “I did this for you.” She said, spinning around and raising her skirt to emphasize what she meant.
Mira bit her lip. “I didn’t think you’d go that far.”
Sofia looked at her friend and then saw the hairbrush, still on the mattress behind her. “Turn around, bend over the bed.” She said.
The maid blushed. “What are you going to do?” She asked.
The princess stepped up right beside her friend and picked up the hairbrush. She slapped it on the palm of her hand. “This time, you do deserve it.” She said.
Mira gasped, yet as she then pressed her lips together a faint smile played in the corner of her mouth. She turned around to bend over the princess’ bed.
Sofia raised her friends dress, revealing her bare bottom that was already red from the spanking she’d gotten from Master Windsor.
Last time she’d seen her friend like this, she’d rubbed in a salve to ease the pain, this time she’d add to it.
She raised the hairbrush and smacked her friend’s backside.
It was much easier this way, swinging at a bottom that was not your own. And you could see the impact of the hairbrush, the rippling flesh, the bouncing buttocks, followed by a squeal from her friend.
It was intoxicating. She smacked her friend’s backside again and again. Mira didn’t protest, but she moaned and squealed. Her bottom swayed from side to side as to evade the hairbrush, but standing behind her, it was easy for the princess to punish her maid.
She deserved this, Sofia thought. All these weeks of making her worry, while she had secretly enjoyed her punishments. She let her frustration with that build up and then released it through a series of hard swats across her friend’s backside.
Mira’s squeals were music to her ears.
But if she had enjoyed those, Sofia thought, did Mira enjoy this spanking too? She paused for a moment to look at her friend, really look at her. Her bottom was bright red, her thighs trembling as she awaited the next swat; but her back was also arched, pushing her backside up high to welcome each smack. She’d squealed with each swat, but her moans came from deep in her throat and her breathing was heavy.
Sofia blushed. Her friend did enjoy it.
Would she rather she didn’t? She wondered. She didn’t really want to hurt her friend. She wasn’t even really mad at her. She just… She just wanted to do this. She was enjoying it too. With a blush she raised the hairbrush and continued paddling her best friend’s behind.
When her arm grew tired and her maid’s moans started to sound like pleas, the princess stopped and placed the hairbrush back on its place on her night stand.
“You can get up now.” She said, not sure what else she was to say.
The two young women looked at each other, both unsure what to say next.
“I liked that.” Sofia finally said.
Mira blushed. “So did I.”
“Perhaps I could do it again.” The princess said. “You know, next time you forget the linens for my bed.”
Mira licked her lips. “If you think that’s what I deserve, mistress.”
Sofia blushed. Her friend only called her that when she was teasing. She didn’t sound like she was teasing now however.
Mira giggled. “I’ll probably need to visit the herb-woman for more of that salve too.”
A big grin grew Sofia’s face. Not everything had changed.
There was still one thing to do. Sofia turned to the door.
“Where are you going?” Mira asked.
“I need to talk to Master Windsor.” The princess said.
Mira nodded, unsure what her friend was up to now. At least she wasn’t going to her father, the king.
“Can you get that salve I bought for you while I’m gone?” Sofia asked. “I think we can both use some of that tonight.”

Sofia found her tutor in the servant quarters and managed to find them a private spot to talk.
“What can I help you with, princess?” The master asked.
“I want to receive my own punishments.” Sofia said. “I want you to stop spanking Mira in my stead.”
Master Windsor shook his head. “I already told you I can’t do that.”
The princess took a deep breath, then turned around and raised her dress, revealing her bare red bottom to her tutor.
Master Windsor did not say a word and a blush slowly crept up the princess’ face as she stood there exposed, realizing he was staring at her bare bottom.
She quickly dropped her dress and turned around again.
“Who did that?” Master Windsor asked.
“You did.” Sofia replied. “At least that’s what I’ll tell my father when I show him.”
Master Windsor froze, suddenly afraid. “You wouldn’t…” He said.
Sofia smiled. “I would have.” She said. “That’s where your plan failed. You didn’t think a princess would care so much for her maid that she’d go so far as spanking herself, did you?”
Master Windsor licked her lips. “You’d lie about something like that?” He asked.
“It’s not really a lie, is it?” The princess asked. “I think spanking one of the maids against her will should have the same punishment as spanking the princess.” She paused for a moment. “If it was against her will, was it?”
Her tutor took a deep breath then hesitated.
A big grin grew on Sofia’s face, she couldn’t hold it back any longer.
Master Windsor sighed with relief, realizing Sofia had been fooling him, just like he and Mira had been fooling her these past few weeks. “She told you, didn’t she?”
Sofia laughed. “She did, even told me it was her idea. But only after I threatened to go to my father.”
Her tutor licked her lips. “So that part was true.”
Sofia nodded.
“You know, you could’ve just said nothing.” He said.
“What do you mean?” Sofia asked.
“If you hadn’t told me, I could’ve just continued spanking your friend as punishment for you and it wouldn’t have mattered for you’d secretly have known she liked it.” Master Windsor explained. “You didn’t need to ask to get spanked yourself.”
Sofia blushed. She had thought about doing that, but had decided not to. She wasn’t sure why saving her friend wasn’t enough, why she actually wanted to receive her own punishments…
“So what now?” Her tutor asked.
The princess licked her lips. “I stand by what I’ve said.” She said, thinking about the spanking she’d given herself before. It hadn’t been that bad, had it? She had liked it a bit. Not as much as Mira did perhaps. But she wouldn’t mind getting another one, a real one. “Just because Mira is a maid and I’m a princess doesn’t mean we should get treated differently.”
“Even if it means getting spanked on your bare bottom?” Her tutor asked.
Sofia licked her lips and nodded.
Master Windsor nodded. “Very well then princess, I’m looking forward to seeing you for your lessons tomorrow.”
When Sofia returned to her room, Mira had brought the salve. The princess enjoyed rubbing it over her friend’s bottom just as much as she had enjoyed spanking it, and when it was her turn to lay down on the bed with her red bottom exposed, she moaned just as deeply.
When Mira’s hand slipped down between her thighs, to that warm, throbbing area that even when Mira helped her bathe Sofia always washed herself, she did not protest.

The next day, Sofia did not get in trouble during Master Windsor’s lessons, even though it had been al she’d been thinking about the previous night.
What did happen that day and all following days, was that Mira’s hands had gotten much more adventurous as she helped her mistress get dressed.
The princess did not protest when her maid’s hand cupped her breasts before securing her undergarments, or when she squeezed her bottom while buttoning up the back of her dress.
Every day, Mira grew more confident. At first, Sofia thought she was doing this just for her, but she soon realized that her friend had always felt this way and had just been holding herself back in the past. As she felt Mira’s hands squeezing and groping her through her clothes, Sofia realized she’d also always been waiting for this, waiting for her maid’s hands to go just a bit too far.
After a few days, it got so bad that Sofia was arriving late at social gatherings and dinners, for her maid had her so riled up while dressing her that she required her to repeat that thing with her fingers she’d done on the day she had spanked her.
Sofia in turn of course made sure to give her friend a good spanking when they returned to her room at the end of the evening for making her be late. She’d even learned to do that same thing with her fingers which would make her friend squirm and moan.
After a week, the princess required her maid to share her bed with her – Mira eagerly agreed of course – for dressing in the morning took so much time that otherwise she’d always be late.
Every night, the two young women’s naked bodies entangled in the princess’ bed, sweating and moaning as they enjoyed each-other’s company. The princess, who read more books than her maid, even taught her how to use her tongue for that thing they’d used their fingers for before.

Then came the day, that Sofia and Mira were both late for Master Windsor’s lessons. The reason why should be obvious, Mira had taken too long to help her mistress get dressed. It wasn’t purely the maid’s fault of course, Sofia had certainly encouraged her behavior.
Their tutor hadn’t said anything about it, except that they’d both have to stay a bit longer after the lesson had been concluded.
Princess Sofia had a hard time concentrating on what their tutor had to teach them that day. Her thoughts were only on the spanking she’d surely get when it was over.
While she had given Mira quite a few spankings since and had greatly enjoyed that, she hadn’t gotten one herself yet, just the one she’d given herself.
She wondered how much a real one would hurt and she began to doubt whether she’d really enjoyed it. She couldn’t remember it that well, except that it had hurt.
When the time came, The two young women stood up as Master Windsor shoved their desks together. He had them bend over their own desks, facing each-other.
First he moved to her maid’s side and Sofia saw the blush on her friend’s face increase as their tutor raised her dress and pulled off her undergarments. Mira was smiling.
Then Master Windsor walked around them and Sofia bit her lip as he stopped behind her. Her friend took her hands in hers and smiled encouragingly.
Sofia blushed as her bottom was bared.
“I can’t see why the two of you are smiling so much.” Master Windsor said. “Arriving late it very rude and inconsiderate of my time.” He said.
The two girls bit their lip.
“And I hear, that it’s been happening a lot.” He continued, walking around to face the princess. “Not just from other tutors, but even for meetings with your mother and father and other important people.”
Sofia blushed, perhaps they had been getting carried away a bit lately.
Master Windsor turned to face Mira. “As your lady’s maid, isn’t it your job too, to make sure she gets to places on time?”
Mira didn’t respond, but ducked her head.
Sofia stared at her friend, she looked guilty, but then, she smiled, she enjoyed it too. That is what she had almost forgotten from her own self-spanking, she had wanted it because she deserved it.
Master Windsor didn’t have a hairbrush, but spanked her friend with the palm of his hand. Mira closed her eyes and moaned softly as he placed a good dozen smacks across her behind.
Sofia licked her lips as she could see from her friend’s face how much this turned her on. She imagined her tutor spanking her next, with his bare hand on her bare bottom and blushed deeply.
Master Windsor walked around them then and Mira opened her eyes. She looked expectantly at her. Sofia had spanked her friend quite a few times, now it was time for the maid to witness her mistress to get the same.
Her tutor’s hand landed sharply across her backside and Sofia moaned deeply. A dozen smacks which made her grunt and moan. She closed her eyes, embarrassed to show the arousal that would be visible in them to her friend.
Master Windsor returned to Mira’s bottom. This time he did not stop at a dozen. His arm came down again and again. Sofia could see it and through her, so could Mira, bracing herself for every swat.
Soon however, Mira closed her eyes, head bent down to the desk as she squealed and whimpered. Sofia could feel each smack reverberating through the desks.
He kept going. Sofia wanted him to stop, for she knew when it was her time, he would take just as long with her. But she also didn’t want him to stop, for when he did, he would come to her.
One last swing of his arm almost propelled Mira across her desk into the waiting arms of her friend. Then Master Windsor looked at Sofia and smiled as if saying: ‘your turn’.
The princess swallowed deeply as her tutor rounded the desks. Mira looked up at her and squeezed her hands, somehow they hadn’t let go yet.
Then she smiled at her. Sofia almost giggled, seeing her friend still able to smile. Then her spanking began.
The smacks came hard and fast. Master Windsor didn’t need a hairbrush, his hand was big and strong. Sofia moaned and squealed as he made her bottom bounce.
The sting quickly spread throughout her whole backside. Her skin seemed on fire. She whimpered and her legs trembled. Mira held her hands firmly as if to stop her from reaching back and protecting her bottom.
Her bottom hurt like when she’d used that hairbrush and then ten times more. Yet she felt the same as she’d felt then. She deserved to be here beside her friend. They’d both been late for so many appointments. Master Windsor was right, it was rude. They did deserve this.
And yet, it wasn’t just about her guilt. She also felt… excited. As a princess she wasn’t used to this feeling of having no control and yet it turned her on.
Again and again, that hand landed across her backside and the princess moaned, squealed and whimpered. Her bottom was on fire. Like when he’d spanked her friend, she wanted him to stop because it hurt so much, but she also didn’t want him to stop, for then it would be over.
For a moment she dared to look up at her friend. Mira was smiling, she could see her friend trembling as the desks rebounded with each smack on her behind. For a split second she wanted to kiss her, then the next smack landed and she squealed instead.
Finally, with one firm swat, her spanking ended.
Her bottom was on fire, it was burning, it hurt too much to even move. Certainly it had never hurt this much when she’d spanked her friend.
She could hear Master Windsor crossing to the other side of the room.
“Don’t smile so much.” Sofia whispered to Mira as her friend seemed to be excited by her soft moans and whimpers. “If you can still smile after all that, I can be a bit more strict next time you forget the make my bed.”
Mira licked her lips. “Sorry.” She whispered. “How are you doing?”
“It hurts like hell.” Sofia whispered. “At least it’s over now.”
Her friend bit her lip and then shook her head to say no.
Sofia could hear the footsteps of Master Windsor’s return.
He stepped into her view with a long, slender implement in his hands and moved behind Mira. It was shaped like a cane, but looked too flimsy to use as a walking support.
Sofia’s eyes grew large as her tutor flicked the cane through the air showing off how bendy it was as it made a high whooshing noise.
“You were twenty minutes late, so that will be twenty strokes.” Master Windsor said.
Princess Sofia released the breath she’d been holding. She could surely take twenty, the strokes with his hands had been many times more. Mira however clenched her teeth and looked down at the desk, firmly grasping her friend’s hands. Perhaps it was worse than she thought.
The cane whooshed through the air and landed with a loud snap across her friend’s backside. Mira squealed and squeezed her hands tightly. “One!” She counted.
Her friend counted each stroke out loud as if it was a ritual and Sofia realized she must’ve experienced this before. It couldn’t be that bad then, for she knew her friend liked these spankings. But then why did she squeeze her hands so tightly and gasp for breath after every stroke?
Mira counted up every snap across her backside, but for Sofia it was a count down. She knew that when she reached twenty, it would be her turn. And the louder Mira squealed, the more nervous she got. Perhaps she could ask to be spared this part, she didn’t have as much experience being spanked like this as her friend had after all. No. She didn’t want any special treatment.
“Twenty!” Mira finally cried, breathing heavily. She looked up for the first time at the princess and smiled. It wasn’t a smile of excitement, it was a smile that said ‘good luck’.
Princess Sofia braced herself as Master Windsor rounded the two young women. “Ready, Sofia?” He asked.
Sofia took her friend’s hands firmly into her own and stared her into her eyes. “Yes, Master.”
The cane whooshed through the air and snapped against her behind. Sofia squealed. The pain felt so much greater than what she’d felt before. And yet, while his firm hand had made her bottom bounce and penetrated the sting deep into her buttocks, the flexible cane only went skin deep. It set her skin on fire, but as quickly as that pain came, it dissipated again.
“You’ll have to count them, young lady.” Her tutor said.
“One!” Sofia called with a blush.
The cane came down again.
Sofia squealed and grasped at her friend’s hands. “Two!”
It came down again. “Three.” She squealed.
The pain melted away quickly, but not quickly enough as the cane set her bottom ablaze.
“Four.” She cried out as it landed again.
“Five!” She yelled as the cane whooshed through the air.
Sofia did not look down at her desk, instead she looked up at her friend, keeping eye contact. Somehow this gave her the strength necessary to continue. Mira smiled at her, not teasingly like before, but encouragingly.
Looking into her friend’s eyes, she counted each stroke without thinking about it. She squealed without holding back. The pain was there, a constant that she relished.
Then suddenly it was gone. “Twenty!” She’d counted, without realizing that meant it was over.
I could continue, she thought. Yet she didn’t say anything for her bottom was on fire.
For what seemed forever, nothing happened. The two young women stared at each-other until they began to blush. Mira giggled and Sofia too realized she could laugh despite the pain in her backside.
“It sounds like you’ve had enough time to recuperate.” Master Windsor said. “This will be enough for today. You can leave now, Sofia.”
Sofia moved to stand up and then realized her tutor had only spoken to her. “What about Mira?” She asked.
Mira blushed.
“Your friend wants to stay a bit longer.” Her tutor said.
Sofia frowned. He wasn’t going to spank her even more, surely? But if he did, then she needed to stay as well. No special treatment. She felt like she was at the limit of what she could take, she knew that staying now would push her over. Yet still part of her wanted more.
“I won’t leave without her.” Sofia said.
“Sofia.” Mira said.
The princess looked at her friend.
“Remember those times you spanked me, how you felt?” She asked.
Of course she remembered, how excited she was, how turned on she was for dominating her friend like that. Just as turned on as she was right now.
“Now imagine how Master Windsor feels, after punishing the both of us.” Her friend said.
Sofia blushed. Surely not. This was different, Master Windsor was their tutor. He spanked them as punishment for being late for his lessons. He didn’t do it because he… No she was being stupid, of course it turned him on as well. He and Mira had been doing this because they both liked it. The princess bit her lip, suddenly realizing how turned on her tutor must have been while spanking her, looking at her bare, exposed bottom arched up in the air for him to punish.
“It was never just a spanking between us.” Mira continued.
Sofia gasped. “Did he… Did you…”
Her friend nodded.
Of course they did, she thought. She wasn’t that much of a prude, it was just different, for her. She was a princess, she needed to remain pure, to be married of to some important family.
“But I thought you and I, we had something special.” She said, thinking back to the past couple of days.
“We did.” Mira said. “But so did Master Windsor and I. I thought you’d know.”
Sofia blushed, she probably had known, deep inside. She imagined the two of them together then. The image in her mind turned her on greatly. Yet it also made her feel jealous. She didn’t want her friend to be with someone else. Perhaps though, it wouldn’t be that bad it she was a part of it as well. “I want to stay and watch.” She said.
“I’d love that.” Mira said with a blush. “But if you stay, you’ll probably have to do more than just watch.”
Sofia bit her lip, then nodded.
“Can she stay?” Sofia asked, looking up at their tutor.
“If she wants.” He replied. The voice came from right behind her. Sofia hadn’t heard him approach. She wondered how much of their conversation he’d overheard.
Her tutor walked back to his place behind Mira. He’d left the cane behind and now massaged her friend’s bottom with both of his hands.
Mira closed her eyes and moaned softly. It reminded the princess of how sore her own bottom was.
The tutor then wrestled with his trousers. Sofia couldn’t see what he was doing behind her friend, but she knew what it was. He then pushed his hips against Mira’s red backside and Sofia’s maid moaned deeply.
He is inside of her, Sofia thought. She looked at her friend, but she had her eyes closed, moaning softly as Master Windsor thrusted his hips forward. Sofia instead looked up and saw her tutor looking at her.
He kept eye contact with her all the time while he fucked her friend and Mira kept her hands still firmly in her own while their tutor thrusted his cock deep inside of her.
Faster and faster he fucked her, the desks upon which they both lay now rebounded not from the swing of his arm but from the thrust of his hips so that Sofia could feel it as well.
Mira’s moans became louder and louder, until she squealed in ecstasy as she orgasmed. Moments later, Master Windsor froze up and grunted, ejaculating his sperm deep into her friend.
The princess was out of breath, almost as much as her friend, even though nothing had happened to her yet.
Master Windsor stepped back, readjusting his trousers and then moved around them. He wasn’t going to… Surely not. Sofia had heard once, that men needed some time to recuperate. He couldn’t fuck the both of them, not one after the other. Not that she didn’t want him to, but he couldn’t! She was the princess, the risks were too great. If Mira got pregnant, well, she was just a maid, it wouldn’t be the first time, in fact neither of them knew Mira’s real father.
But she was the princess, the scandal it would bring, a royal bastard, the missed marriage opportunities if she was impure… And yet, at this moment, she wanted it, she moaned and arched her back. She wasn’t going to stop him, he was in control.
Master Windsor placed his hands on her backside. He massaged away some of the pain, making the touch of his hands slightly bearable.
Then he pushed something between her legs. He wouldn’t… Surely not… It pushed deep inside of her, into her pussy.
Sofia moaned.
No, it wasn’t his cock. Just, two of his fingers, no three. They went deep. She pushed up her bottom, willing them to go deeper.
Her tutor thrusted them in and out, fast and hard. Sofia moaned. For a moment, she opened her eyes and looked at her friend. Mira looked over her head however, eye-in-eye with their tutor, just like they had been when he’d fucked her. She closed her eyes again and moaned deeply, squeezing her friend’s hands.
Just like Mira, Sofia squealed when she finally reached the orgasm Master Windsor had been driving her towards. She fell forward onto her desk, completely out of breath.
Master Windsor wiped his hand on her sore red bottom, they were wet with her excitement. Then she could feel him bending over, whispering in her ear. “Do you want to be first next time, princess?”
Sofia blushed. They couldn’t… The risks… “Yes.” She whispered.

The two young ladies returned hand in hand to the princess’ room when their punishment was finally over.
Sofia blushed as they passed other servants, as if they could see their red bottoms shining through their dresses. She knew now why Mira had always returned to her room without undergarments. Her petticoats and skirts felt heavy against her sore, sensitive bottom. Adding underwear to that would’ve been unbearable.
It did make her blush however, to realize she’d left her undergarments behind in a man’s room.
“Do you want me to get the salve?” Mira asked.
Sofia bit her lip and blushed. “Yes, please.” She said. Unlike men, young women didn’t need time to recuperate.

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