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Cluedo – a spanking mystery

cluedo spanking game

A large scandal at Tudor Mansion unfolds when the telltale sounds of a spanking echo through the mansions corridors.

It is up to you to discover which naughty inhabitant got this spanking, where they got it and which implement was used on their poor bottom.

In this simplified version of Cluedo, you play alone. You don’t need to throw a dice and move from room to room, but may simply ask questions until you find out the truth.

The stakes of the game are as follows: For each question you ask, an amount of smacks is added or substracted from a tally. When the game is over you will give or receive this amount of smacks in a spanking.

Play the game here.

You will see that this new game has received a new visual style.
This style better corresponds with the rest of my website and it is also less visually cluttered.
I’m in the process of updating all my games into this style, this includes:

  • the new style
  • a better layout
  • mobile compatibility
  • gender choices for players
  • orientation choices for players (sub/dom)
  • bug fixes

The following games were already updated, check them out:

3 responses to “Cluedo – a spanking mystery”

  1. Jenna says:

    I was so excited for this game but it doesn’t seem to work for mobile yet 🙁

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