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My 100th spanking story and more short stories collections

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Short stories collections

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been publishing short stories collection on Amazon on a monthly basis, but I haven’t been advertising them on the blog.

The following collections are new this year:

Volume 22:
– The secretary’s secret
– The assistant’s red bottom
– The office dress-code

Volume 23:
– Naked in the dark
– Workplace gossip
– The rendez-vous hotel

Volume 24:
– Dreaming of a red bottom
– Creating an erotic work of art
– Her husband’s instructions

Volume 25:
– Hunted and captured in the woods
– Old-fashion discipline at the renaissance fair
– His submissive girlfriend


The 100th spanking story

We have reached 100 spanking stories on the blog.

To celebrate this, the 100th story is an extra-ordinarily long story (literally, at around 25.000 words, its the length of a novella).

It will be posted on the blog in one weeks time.
For those who can’t wait to read it, you can join my Patreon and gain early access.

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