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Hey everyone

I have created a Patreon page as an alternative for those of you who wish to read my stories but don’t want to buy the ebooks on Amazon.


  • On Patreon you can become a patron for a low monthly fee of just $3.50 (unsubscribe at any time).
  • Patrons get access to all the exclusive short stories that are published on amazon, including early access to a few that are not yet available in ebook form.
  • Patrons will also get early access to all free stories before they are added to the blog.

Tier 2 patrons

  • There is also a higher subscription tier available at $5.50.
  • Tier two patrons get a behind the scenes view of which stories I am working on.
  • Tier two patrons will also be able to participate in polls to decide which stories I will be writing next.

Head over to Patreon if you wish to support and get access to all 80+ short stories right away.

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