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Naked in the dark

Cleaning in the dark

The red light of the clock radio on her night stand caressed Emily’s naked skin in the otherwise pitch-black room.
She lay on top of the fresh, linen sheets on her bed, propped up by pillows beneath her back, her legs crossed, waiting for her husband.
Andrew would be home late that day, he had said. So when the sun had set, Emily had withdrawn to her room. She did not go to sleep however, she waited for her husband to come home.
She had taken a shower first and shaved her legs. The nightgown she usually wore to bed she’d left on its peg on the wall. When Andrew would find her waiting like this, he’d know what she desired.
Emily imagined for a moment how he might enter their bedroom. He would undress for bed, but not turn on the light for he would not want to wake her. He’d carefully climb beside her, surprised to suddenly touch her as she lay in the middle of the bed, and even more surprised to realize she was fully naked and awake.
His hands would caress her body, him quickly realizing his wife’s arousal when she moaned at his touch, her lips at his skin, begging for a kiss.
Andrew would climb on op of her, spreading her legs with his and quickly enter her with his erect cock. He would pin her down against the mattress and fuck her rough and hard.
Then, after that initial burst of pleasure, he would roll off her. They would kiss. His hands would play with her breasts. He would kiss them and suck her nipples.
It would last long, hours maybe, this foreplay, until Andrew would fuck her again. Slowly this time, making love to her, making sure she could cum as well. Perhaps he would turn her around and mount her from behind; or pull her on top of him so she could ride him this time.

Emily moaned in surprise when she heard a stumbling noise somewhere in her apartment.
With a blush of embarrassment she pulled her hand from between her legs, she’d almost been too impatient to wait for her husband’s return.
Moments later Andrew appeared in the black rectangle that was the bedrooms door opening. He entered, unaware that she was still awake.
Emily bit her lip, waiting for her husband to undress himself. She’d spent some time in the dark now and could see just enough to enjoy the show.
Andrew turned to the bed. “Are you awake?” He asked.
Emily blushed. “How did you know?”
“You’re breathing quite rapidly.” Her husband replied.
Emily bit her lip. “Oh.”
“I almost tripped over your shoes on my way in here.” Andrew said. He sounded slightly upset.
Emily’s stomach twisted and her bottom began to tingle. Andrew had a few rules in their household. Her shoes belonging in the cupboard was one of them.
She licked her lips. It had been a while since she’d given her a good spanking. It was not what she had hoped for tonight, but certainly as enjoyable – if not more – than a good fuck.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” I shall put them in their place. She used the honorific to assure him she was willing to accept a spanking if he was in the mood to dominate her.
“Are your shoes all that needs to be put in its place?” Andrew asked. “I asked you to clean today. Should I go turn on the light and see if you did?”
Emily blushed. This was promising to turn into more than just a quick spanking. She totally forgot to clean up. Well, she didn’t forget, she’d just been too lazy.
“No need for that, Sir. There are perhaps just a few things, I can put them where they belong quickly.” Emily replied.
Andrew was silent for a moment.
“You know what?” He said eventually. “I’m going to let you clean up our apartment real quickly before I give you the spanking you deserve. And while you do it, I’m going to count out loud, and the number I reach before you’re finished is the amount of smacks I’ll be giving your bottom.”
Emily licked her lips. Depending on how fast he counted, that could become quite the number. “Do I have to clean up in the dark?” That would make it even harder.
“Of course.” Her husband replied. “You don’t want me to see how messy the apartment really is, do you?”
Emily blushed. “No, Sir.” She could see a faint smile on her husband’s face in the dark.
“And I see now that you’re not wearing any clothes. You don’t need to bother getting dressed, perhaps your bare bottom will remind you of what’s to come, so you will hurry a bit more.” He said.

Andrew moved away from the bed and exited their bedroom. Emily was just wondering where he was going when she heard a loud “One!” called out from their living room.
With a blush she jumped up from their bed.
If only she could remember all the things she should’ve cleaned away. The first thing she came across where the clothes she’d taken off when going to bed. They lay on the floor instead of hanging from their pegs on the wall.
Emily then noticed an empty soda bottle on her night stand and picked it up to take it to the kitchen. She saw her husband standing in the middle of their dark living room. When she passed him by, he called out “Nine!” and gave her a quick swat on her bottom as she came within reach.
Emily squealed and ran towards the kitchen. She cursed as she bumped into the kitchen table.
“No running!” Her husband yelled.
In the kitchen, Emily picked up the empty plates from her evening meal and put them in the sink. She hoped Andrew didn’t expect her to wash them as well.
She made sure the kitchen was clean and then noticed the pack of toilet paper she’d bought at the store. She returned to her room – this time avoiding Andrew’s hand – and through it to the bathroom to put it by the toilet.
The bathroom appeared to be clean, so she returned to the living room. “Twenty-three!” Andrew already announced.
Emily had seen the book she’d been reading on the kitchen table as well, so she quickly brought that to the coffee table in their lounge, walking in a wide berth around her husband.
She then noticed her glasses which she’d used to watch TV, still laying – unsafely – in their sofa. She laid them down next to her book.
“Thirty!” Andrew said loudly.
Emily picked up the several small pillows that lay haphazardly around their lounge and ordered them neatly in the sofa. Then, she took the glass she’d been drinking from and returned it to the kitchen, placing it with the other dishes.
When she noticed her toothbrush beside the kitchen sink, she cursed softly. That was another trip all the way to the bathroom, she would’ve noticed that the first time if it wasn’t so dark.
In her frustration she passed a bit too close past her husband and he smacked her bare bottom again as he announced: “Forty-seven!”
When she returned to their living room, Emily stayed out of reach of her husband’s hand and made her way to their front door. Not only the shoes she’d worn today lay in her path, but another pair from earlier in the week as well.
She picked up her coat from a chair and hang that up as well before returning to her husband. “Sixty-two!” He said.
“I’m done.” Emily said, slightly out of breath.
“Are you sure?” Andrew asked. “Do you want me to turn on the light?”
Emily blushed. Perhaps she had to take one last quick look around.
“Sixty-three!” Her husband continued as she turned around and made one last quick tour of the apartment.
Almost done, there, half-hidden under their sofa was her hairbrush, she’d almost missed it. She picked it up and turned to take it to their bathroom.
“Eighty-three.” Andrew said, blocking her way.
Emily bit her lip and ran straight towards him, going round would take too long, a single swat on her bottom would save her more in the spanking to come.
“Eighty-four.” Her husband said as she passed him. He smacked her bottom and then grabbed her hand. “You can give that to me.” He said, taking the hairbrush from her.
Emily blushed. “That was the last item.” She said, stopping him from counting further.
Andrew smiled. “Good, eighty-four smacks and twenty with the hairbrush to finish things of.”
Emily opened her mouth, but then stopped herself. She didn’t need to protest. Eighty-four wasn’t that many, twenty with the hairbrush was perfect for that final bit of sting.
“Where do you want me, Sir?” She asked.
“Back where I found you.” Andrew said, and he took her with him to their bedroom.

Emily followed her husband, slightly nervous. She could’ve delayed her punishment a bit longer if she’d cleaned slower. But that would just mean she’d earn more smacks.
Andrew sat down on the bed and guided her across his lap. Emily moaned softly in excitement when he placed his hand on her bare, unprotected bottom.
He spanked her slowly but firmly; seemingly at the same speed he had been counting before. Each smack was accompanied by his voice, counting silently under his breath.
“That took you quite a while, young lady.” He said without losing count. “Was there such a big mess, or did you work slowly to earn more swats?”
“I didn’t work slowly, Sir.” Emily replied, interrupting herself with moans for each smack on her bottom.
‘Seven … eight.’
“But I had to be careful in the dark.”
Her bottom was glowing and the sting building. She wished that she could see whether it was already going pink.
“Hmm, I’m not sure whether I should scold you for leaving such a mess or applaud you for cleaning up swiftly.” Her husband teased.
Emily admired how he scolded her without losing pace. ‘Thirteen … fourteen.’ The sound echoed in their bedroom.
“Perhaps a bit of both?” Emily suggested with a moan. She was having trouble concentrating, this spanking was so hot and slow.
“So how come you were up this late anyway?” Andrew asked, ignoring her suggestion.
Emily blushed, or she would have, if her face wasn’t already red with excitement from being spanked naked across her husband’s lap. “I couldn’t sleep.” She improvised. “I knew how messy our apartment was and was thinking of ways to make up for it to you.”
‘Twenty … twenty-one.’ The next few smacks landed a bit harder than before, showing that her husband knew that was a lie. He didn’t call her out on it however.
“How did you envision making up for it?” He asked.
Emily hesitated for a moment, savoring the sting in her bottom while she thought of a possible answer. She couldn’t just tell him she’d been fantasizing about being fucked. Andrew was her master, he could fuck her whenever he wished. That wouldn’t count as anything extra-ordinary on her part.
Meanwhile, her punishment continued, building up the sting in her bottom. ‘Thirty-one … thirty-two.’
“I was going to give you a blowjob.” She said. “Kneel for my master and take him in my mouth to show him what a good girl I could be.”
“Go on.” Andrew said.
Emily hesitated. Perhaps a blowjob wasn’t that extra-ordinary either. Her husband knew she loved pleasing him this way. “To be honest.” She said. “After that I got a bit distracted and just thought of different ways you might fuck me.”
‘Thirty-eight … thirty-nine.’
“You’re right.” Andrew said. “Those thoughts are very distracting.” He landed three more smacks, counting up to forty-two and then placed his hand on her stinging bottom.
Emily moaned as he softly caressed her sting backside. With his firm hands he pulled her legs apart and let his fingers wander over her pussy.
“Where you as wet thinking about it then, as you are now getting spanked?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emily answered with a moan.
Her husbands fingers dug into her pussy and came out wet, spreading her moist excitement over her lips, her thighs and her bottom as his hand explored her vulnerable backside.
“Do you like being a naughty girl and getting spanked, Emily?” He asked.
“You know I do, Sir.” She replied, unable to stop herself from squirming as his fingers pushed inside of her again. She knew he wasn’t going to let her cum, not with her spanking unfinished, but she couldn’t help rocking back and forth across his lap either way.
“It must be very distracting, being so turned on by this.” He said. “I bet that’s why you forgot to clean our apartment. You were too distracted by thoughts of serving your master.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emily moaned, not knowing whether she agreed with his assumption or whether she just wished him to continue fucking her with his fingers.
“Well, now that I know, it seems best that for the rest of your punishment I’ll concentrate more on your spanking and less on talking about these things that arouse you so much.” Andrew said.
Emily didn’t protest when he pulled his hand back from her pussy. She’d known this wasn’t over. In fact, she didn’t want it to be over. She wanted a good firm spanking from her husband.
Andrew did not pick up speed as he continued from forty-two; but they were no longer firm swats. His hand landed with a full-armed swing on her backside, making her bottom bounce and her cheeks tremble.
‘Forty-three … forty-four.’
Emily squealed as the sting in her bottom quickly turned to real pain. She loved it when a spanking turned serious, but at the same time it could be a struggle dealing with a red hot bottom.
‘Fifty … fifty-one.’
Her husband no longer spoke and the fact that he still spanked her slowly made it that much worse. She could see that eighty-four was still a ways of and she did not expect her husband to give her another break. She clenched her teeth, determined to hold out till the end.
‘Fifty-nine … sixty.’
Emily squirmed and wriggled, but her husband had a firm grip around her hips, there was nowhere to go.
‘Sixty-seven … sixty-eight.’
“Please Sir, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”
Andrew did not reply. He’d said no more talking and she knew he meant it.
‘Seventy-one … seventy-two.’
“I won’t make a mess any more. I’ll clean up when you ask me.” Emily promised. She knew her husband wouldn’t stop until he reached eight-four however. She didn’t expect him to. These promises and apologies were expected from her though. She wanted him to know that her punishment was making an impression on her.
‘Seventy-seven … seventy-eight.’
Perhaps she meant them a little too.
‘Eighty-one … eighty-two … eighty-three … eighty-four.’
The last few smacks did not come faster, nor harder than the others. Her husband didn’t rush, but worked them into her bottom as if he was scratching off notes on his todo-list.
Emily breathed a sigh of relief when the final number was reached. “Eighty-four.” She echoed her husband.
“Now just twenty more with the hairbrush.” He replied.
Emily gasped. She’d somehow completely forgotten about that. “That’s not fair.” She said. “You didn’t count that high.”
“You didn’t complain before when I told you what I had in mind.” Her husband said. His hand now lay still on her burning backside.
That’s because my bottom didn’t hurt this much back then. Emily thought.
“I asked you whether there were more things to be put in their place.” Andrew said when she did not reply. “One of these things is you and I think these last twenty smacks will really get the message across.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emily conceded. She didn’t really want to argue about her punishment, but she knew it was expected of a naughty girl to try and get out of her spanking. Well that, and perhaps her bottom really was quite sore already.
She then felt the cool wooden surface of the hairbrush on her backside and braced herself.
The first smack landed with a loud thwack across her buttocks and her husband started the count at one.
She squealed when two more landed and she realized her husband wasn’t going to keep the relaxed, slow speed for this part of her punishment.
“You’ve taken your punishment very well so far. But I do love it when I see a more physical reaction to your discomfort.” Andrew said as he landed a couple more swats.
His remark came at a moment Emily’s knee gave a jerk reaction and swung her foot in the air. She always fought to keep control of herself, yet her husband never seemed fully satisfied with her spanking until she was kicking as well as squealing.
She understood that he wanted her to lose control over her actions, but she didn’t want to give him that satisfaction without working for it.
She also understood that this way she was only making this worse for herself, prolonging her punishment. It was probably the reason Andrew had decided to use the hairbrush for the final part of her spanking.
These thoughts crossed her minds in mere moments as she was mostly occupied with squealing and dealing with the pain of having a hairbrush repeatedly smacked onto your bottom.
By the time they passed the halfway mark, her feet were drumming the mattress of their bed, fully out of her control. She no longer spoke about being a good girl and cleaning up, those promises would be drowned out by her moans and squeals.
“Twenty!” Her husband finally called out.
Her bottom was on fire and throbbing. Emily was out of breath, as if she had run for hours. Against the wind. Up some stairs. While carrying all those items she should’ve cleaned up before her husband got home.

Her husband’s hand now felt like hot coals against her stinging red backside. Yet when they slid down between her legs, her pussy was equally hot and wet with excitement. No matter how hard he spanked her, Emily’s arousal always equaled the pain.
“Are you ready to show me how you were going to make up for not cleaning like I asked?” Her husband asked.
Emily drew a blank for a moment and then remembered.
She slid down from her husbands lap and knelt at his feet. She undid the zipper of his trousers and was greeted by his erect cock. Her husband’s excitement always matched her own.
She kissed him and trailed the length of his shaft with her tongue.
Andrew grabbed her hair in his hand and held it at the back of her head. His hand was strong but not forceful. He did not need to push her down to his crotch. She did this willingly. She loved pleasing her husband, she loved even more pleasuring her master, kneeling submissively at his feet. When her bottom was also red and throbbing, she truly felt this was where she belonged.
She took him in her mouth, her hand cradling his balls as she sucked and stroked his cock with her tongue. She could feel his heart pulsating against the roof of her mouth. His pleasure filling her mouth.
Andrew froze in excitement. The pressure at her neck where his hand held her hair increased. Emily clamped her lips over her husband’s cock as he came in her mouth. She swallowed all he had to offer.
When he finally sighed of contentment, his body relaxing from its trembles, Emily got up. She straddled her husbands lap and kissed him as his hands wrapped around her.
“Give me a moment.” He said.
Emily got off his lap and laid herself down on the bed next to him. Not on her back like before, her backside was still to sore for that, but on her belly, her red bottom up to catch the cool air in the hope of cooling down.
She watched as Andrew undressed. She wondered how long it had been since she’d been waiting for him to do this when he’d entered their bedroom the first time.
He sat down next to her and placed his hand on her lower back. He did not caress and kiss her breasts like she had imagined back then. Instead he softly stroked her sore, red bottom. Slowly, his hands offered more pressure, massaging away the sting they had caused themselves.
It hurt, but the pain was not comparable to the actual spanking. It was hot and exciting and slowly the pain diminished.
Emily moaned, arching her back and pushing up her bottom, begging for more. When Andrew’s hand slipped between her thighs, she spread her legs to grant him full access.
Her husband pushed two fingers into her pussy and this time he did not talk about distractions. He pushed them in and out, pressuring where he knew was her most sensitive spot.
He moved faster and faster, until she was squealing again, this time from pleasure.
His fingers kept moving and her body began to shake as the orgasm took control over her body. She was still shaking when her husband moved on top of her, straddling her legs and pushing his cock were his fingers had just been.
He was large, much bigger than just two fingers and filled her up completely. He pushed in deep, thrusting in a slow, teasing rhythm.
For a moment Emily thought he fucked her at the same speed he had spanked her. Then, her legs began to tremble, her body to shake as a second orgasm took over her thoughts. This time, her husband didn’t stop, he continued to fuck her, craving release of his own. Emily no longer knew where her one orgasm ended and the next began.
She squealed and moaned, and then her moans were joined by those of her husband as he froze, grabbing her sore bottom with both hands and cumming inside of her.
He collapsed on top of her then, resting her full weight on her back for a moment, before rolling to the side.
Emily turned to her side as well, letting her husband put an arm around her and pull her close. “I love you.” She said as they kissed.
“I love you too.” Her husband replied.
She wondered what time it was.
“Good night.” She whispered.
“Good night.” Andrew replied.
And after a while, he whispered. “There better not be any mess left when I turn on the light in the morning.”

Andrew slept, but Emily lay awake for just a little longer.
She wondered whether she would get up and go see with the lights on whether she really had cleaned up everything.
No, there was no need. By morning her bottom should’ve cooled down enough to appreciate another spanking if necessary.

The dishes of course, still lay unwashed in the kitchen sink.

This story was inspired by one of the games I created, you can play as Emily here: “Cleaning in the dark.” And earn yourself a spanking as well.


The end

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  1. olivia says:

    Lovely, just lovely.

  2. Philip says:

    Wonderfully vivid and charming. What a lucky couple they are to have found each other – their erotic tastes so perfectly dovetailed.

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