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Fetish compatibility test

fetish compatibility test

Hey everyone

I’m back with another game … Yes, I know, you’re waiting for more stories. I will get to them I promise.

This one is not as much a game, as it is a relationship test; but then focussed purely on fetishes. How many of your fetishes have you shared with your partner? All of them, or have you kept a few hidden? No matter how open minded you are, even the most perfect couple could have a few secrets left. Perhaps they think – wrongly or rightfully – that their partner isn’t into this fetish, maybe they wouldn’t understand, or maybe they’d feel guilty that they couldn’t fulfil this one particular desire for their partner and it’s thus best to keep it secret.
With this test, you could once and for all find out which fetishes you and your partner have in common. Unless you would lie to the test. That would be cheating. You wouldn’t cheat on a test, would you?

The test isn’t just for people in a relationship however. You could also use it to test the waters in a potential relationship. You have gotten past the point in your first few dates where you divulged that you are into some kinky stuff and your date has admitted to same. What kinky stuff exactly though? You could spend months, carefully sharing more and more, starting slow and vanilla, revealing more over time. Or you could take this test and find out exactly what you have in common and take it from there. The test will even give you a compatibility score with which you can see how well you match.

The test is quite simple.
You are given a list of fetishes, all you do is check the fetishes you like. Some fetishes have other similar fetishes hidden behind them, this way the whole list doesn’t become too long and overwhelming. The list is over 200 fetishes long after all.
You also have the option to check a fetish with curious/willing to try.
Once you’ve finished, your partner gets the same list. You can even provide them with a unique link that will compare your answers so you don’t have to be in the same room while doing the test.
Once they’ve checked their fetishes, your answers will be compared and a score will be given. The test will tell you which fetishes you have in common, but it will not share those you don’t. So each fetish you checked but your partner didn’t still stays secret.

Ready to take the test?

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