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Rekindling her relationship

drawing of girl in shower

A warm hand, tucked beneath the waist-band of her pajamas, cupping the soft, cool flesh of her buttocks, was the spark that rekindled Samantha’s relationship with her husband Jonathan.
It wasn’t the start of a new sexual dynamic, not even the start of a sensual evening, just the start of an idea.
Samantha and Jonathan had been married for over five years and been in a relationship for over twice that long. They had a daughter, a little girl almost two years old now.
Their relationship had always been very intimate and highly sexual. From exciting outings in the woods, to being tied up in rope or spanked across her husband’s knee; Samantha had experienced more than most of her friends, or more than they’d admit to at least.
The past few weeks – or had it been months or even years? – that sexual energy seemed to have dwindled. Ever since their little girl had been born. After all the stress of trying to get pregnant, her difficult pregnancy, childbirth and the sleepless nights and lack for privacy with a baby or toddler in the house; it was easy to deduct how their kinky nights with rope, blindfolds and floggers had turned into sexless nights or quick and easy sex that was hardly inspiring, neither for her, nor her husband.
People said you got through that period, that you had to work for it or that it could take years for your sex-life to recover from having a baby.
Samantha didn’t want to wait for years. She still liked sex, wanted it nearly every day. Her sex-drive had diminished perhaps, but not as much as her husbands.
Jonathan rarely seemed interested in sex anymore. She had to work to seduce him. Walking around naked in their home, teasing him, baring her skin as they lay in the couch watching TV, yet they were all tactics that had only a mixed amount of success.
The safest bet was to seduce him to spank her, some naughtiness was usually enough to reach that goal and it was still Jonathan’s favorite fantasy. With a sleeping baby however, it wasn’t always feasible, a good butt-warming would surely wake up their little girl and that would end their evening early.
Lately, Samantha had begun to plan their nights more carefully. In the morning, she’d ask her husband whether he’d come to bed early that night, so that he had time to get in the right mindset, perhaps even fantasize a little during the day to prepare.
It felt vastly different from how their relationship had been before; when Jonathan had been in charge and pursued such activities proactively.

That warm hand on her bottom gave her a single thought, a seed that grew into a bigger idea: Was she trying too hard?
Usually, Samantha and her husband slept together naked. She loved feeling her husbands skin against hers, his chest against her back, his crotch against her buttocks, his cock slowly growing with excitement from her touch.
Lately she’d have to ask him for this however, else he’d just fall asleep on his side of the bed. So why had he placed his hand where it was now, gently warming her bottom?
She hadn’t said anything, hadn’t tried to seduce him while stripping down her clothes or pulling on these pajamas. She hadn’t wiggled her bottom to vie for his attention, hadn’t even touched him. She’d actually just wanted to sleep, if not for this unexpected hand that made her horny from just a single touch.
Samantha was even wearing pajamas. Winter had come and their central heating hadn’t been turned on yet, the room was cold. They weren’t even sexy pajamas.
Had she by not trying to seduce him, actually achieved what she couldn’t before? By covering up her body, had she challenged him to put his hand there, to reach what she’d hidden?
That was after all the idea behind such things as sexy lingerie or night-gowns; making them interested in what you were hiding underneath.

Samantha sometimes feared that her husband was not interested in her anymore. Yet the soft touch of his hand obviously pointed towards the opposite. She fell asleep with that touch, feeling its reassurance and the excitement it brought her.
She dreamt then of nights long ago, when things were different, when the two of them were younger.
Jonathan had chased her relentlessly. She had turned him down more than once before they became a couple. Sometimes she’d wondered why he’d never given up. Perhaps there was truth in those movies that portrayed the hunt as more exciting than the catch.
Yet when Jonathan had finally caught her, he had not stopped there. He had pulled her secrets out of her, discovered her kinky fantasies and made her live them, as well as introducing fantasies of his own.
She remembered the first time he had spanked her, baring her bottom without hesitation. She remembered the toy handcuffs they’d used and the first time he’d tied her up in rope, head-to-toe. And she remembered their times in the woods, their wedding vacation where he’d spanked her in some remote forest and the time she’d given him a blowjob while they heard other hikers not too far away from their hiding spot.
Samantha dreamed of the times he’d fucked her in their own bed, her wrists pinned to the bed as she playfully struggled, or his hand on her throat, capturing her breath as she moaned in pleasure.
She woke up wet and horny. She wished to turn over towards her husband, to have sex with him right then. He was usually more of a morning person, she might get lucky at this hour.
Their little girl was lying in between them however. Her husband must’ve brought her in, in the middle of the night. She was still too young to remain in her own room when she cried.
Samantha’s alarm would sound in a few minutes anyway and then the little girl would want to be breast-fed before she headed of to work.
Real life wasn’t anything like her dreams or memories.

The rest of that day, Samantha thought about her dreams. She wanted to text her husband, ask him whether he had time for her that night. Yet something stopped her.
In all those dreams and memories, Jonathan had been in control, either chasing her or dominating her. If she texted him now, it wouldn’t be like that.
The thought he had planted with his warm hand grew. Was it perhaps the challenge that he was missing? There were no more secrets to discover, and there were no boundaries to push. There was no chase when she was always a willing, eager participant.
Should she instead let him initiate things for once? The thought wasn’t very attractive. With how low Jonathan’s sex-drive seemed to be, it could take weeks before she’d get anything from him.
No, she shouldn’t just wait for him. She had to give him something to chase. Why had he courted her for such a long time when they were young? Not because she was waiting for him, but because she knew he was interested in her and denied him what he wanted.
She had to make him interested and then make him get it. Jonathan liked to feel in control, he wouldn’t get that if she didn’t submit to him. Lately she’d almost felt like she was the one dominating herself, forcing herself to be the perfect submissive, and thus not giving Jonathan the time or opportunity to do so.
Deep down she knew of course that the state of their relationship wasn’t her fault alone; but like many people she found it hard to lay part of the guilt at the feet of her partner and thought only of ways in which she could make things better herself.
With a laugh Samantha remembered the time she’d hidden all their cutlery as a bratty prank, hoping to earn a good spanking. That night they’d eaten with their hands while she sat with a bright red bottom on those hard, wooden kitchen chairs. Samantha had been offering herself on a golden platter lately, yet instead she’d have to make Jonathan get his hands dirty.
She grinned, there was some pleasing innuendo in that analogy.

In the end however, it was all just an idea, a theory. How could she make herself more interesting? They weren’t young lovers anymore, Jonathan didn’t have to chase her, not with that wedding ring around her finger and there weren’t any new fantasies of hers he could help her make real, ignoring her blushes and shy protests,
First, she’d want to test her theory. Perhaps it was just a silly idea after all, a straw she was grasping in trying to explain why things were different from how they used to be.
In the evening, after their little girl was sent to bed, she did not reveal her horny thoughts to her husband. She did not free her breasts from her dress in the hope of him touching them. She did not take any initiative, until they went to bed.
She pulled out one of her old night-gowns from her dresser. She hadn’t worn it in years, not since she’d taken up sleeping naked. She remembered it however from when the two of them had just started dating, when it had seemed important that she’d keep some dignity while dressing as sexy as possible for her boyfriend when he stayed the night.
Still, she didn’t do anything. She just pulled it on, saw how it was barely long enough to cover her hips, how the see-through fabric actually did nothing to hide her body, but only emphasized her curves.
She joined her husband in their bed, without telling him why she was wearing this thing, without making him give notice.
It did not take long for Samantha’s theory to be proven right. Just like the night before, her husbands warm hand rested on her bottom as they dozed off, this time pushing up her night-gown to gain full access to her bare bottom.
He didn’t do anything else, just touch her, but it was more than he had offered on his own accord in many previous nights. She didn’t react to it, didn’t take it as an invitation to have sex, Jonathan was in control and he was satisfied just feeling her up. She’d have to be satisfied with the same, for now…
From then on, Samantha wore her night-gown to bed every night. She never said anything about it and neither did Jonathan. Yet every night, she felt his warm hand on her backside as they went to sleep.

The third night after her discovery, Jonathan’s hand didn’t just rest on her bottom, it stroked and squeezed her buttocks. She felt his warm breath on her ear as he kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe.
He pushed her night-gown up higher before straddling her hips. Samantha moaned deeply as she felt her husbands erection, poised ready between her buttocks. His hands pushed themselves between her thighs, his thumbs separating her lips before he pushed himself inside of her.
Her husband fucked her quick and hot, thrusting hard and fast, his cock deep inside of her. Samantha moaned and bit her pillow, almost managing to cum herself during that short, hot moment before Jonathan collapsed on top of her.
They hadn’t said a word. Samantha hadn’t had to ask him or seduce him, Jonathan had taken from her what he wanted.
She was at the same time happy and disappointed. Not because he hadn’t given her the opportunity to climax as well, but because perhaps she’d made it too easy for him again. The plan had been to make him work for it, yet as soon as she’d realized his arousal, she’d given in, greedy as she was.
Still, she counted the night a success. The night-gown was proof that gaining his interest worked. It would probably not always be enough, wearing sexy outfits or hiding that what he wanted behind a thin layer of clothing, but it was a good place to start.
It still had been ordinary sex of course. If she wanted the rough sex they’d had before, the spanking and bondage, she’d have to try harder.

She’d have to fight him, what else was the point of pinning her down on the bed or tieing her up? She’d have to misbehave, what else was the point of spanking her? She’d have to deny him her body, so that he would take what was his.

It wasn’t always easy to remember and even harder to implement. Samantha often caught herself trying to seduce Jonathan like she used to, wiggling her bottom as she lay beside him on the couch, taking off her clothes as she went for a shower.
When she kept her mind on it however, she waited to undress until the door was closed behind her. “Don’t come in, I’m getting undressed.” She’d say playfully.
It surprised her when that actually worked and he did come to take a peek, if only to tease her.
She didn’t have to wiggle her backside or bare her skin to attract his touch, when she lay naked from her shower, but completely covered by a blanket in their couch. ‘I’m naked beneath this blanket.’ Seemed very different from. ‘Look, a naked boob, please touch me.’
In a way she wondered why she hadn’t realized this before.

The hardest part was playing hard-to-get. When did she give in? When had she resisted long enough? She knew she was greedy, as soon as Jonathan showed interest in her, she was willing to give up all pretense of not wanting the same.
Yet that wasn’t what her husband wanted. He wanted to seduce her, or to overpower her. He wanted to threaten her with a spanking and – even though he knew she liked them – wanted her to take those threats seriously. He wanted her to obey some of the rules, and just occasionally be a brat and break them. Yet even then, he’d expect her to try and talk her way out of a spanking, pretending to not want what she wanted.
Samantha laughed, most people claimed women were hard to understand, but men seemed even more confusing.

Only a week after the idea had formed in her mind, Samantha tried her first big gamble.
She’d arranged for their little girl to stay the night with her parents and spent the evening with Jonathan at the movies after dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Just some time for themselves, she’d claimed. You could after all not take a two-year-old with you to the movies.
It was dark when they got home, but still early, it was winter after all. Samantha however claimed she wanted a shower and then head to bed.
When she arrived upstairs, hot and clean, Jonathan was waiting for her in their bed. He was naked underneath the covers. Samantha was wearing her bathrobe, which she now exchanged for a flimsy night-gown; pretending to ignore her husband’s eyes on her naked body.
“Don’t put that on yet.” Jonathan said.
“Why not?” Samantha asked, her heart-beat surging as she imagined what he wanted to do.
“Well, I thought you wanted to go to bed early to have some fun.” Jonathan replied.
That was true, it was what he would expect when she arranged for a night for the two of them alone. Yet Samantha didn’t want this to be one of those nights, she wanted Jonathan to chase her.
“No, I think I’ll just go to sleep.” Samantha replied, forcing her greedy thoughts down. She pulled the night-gown down over her head.
Jonathan looked surprised and Samantha realized how different from her normal self she’d acted, how he might be confused to what she wanted.
“There’s no rule against wearing a night-gown to bed, is there?” She asked as she crawled towards him hands and knees, winking as she said it.
“I could make it a rule.” Her husband said, grabbing her hand to stop her from pulling aside the blankets.
Samantha’s breath caught, feeling his firm grasp on her wrist. When was the last time he’d physically stopped her? Her actions the past week might’ve worked better than she anticipated, if he was this forward. It had been a long time since he’d been wanting instead of just willing.
“Well I’m still going to wear it, it’s cold.” She replied with a mischievous grin.
Jonathan got up from under the blanket and then pulled her towards him until they were kneeling face to face. “I know of a better way to keep you warm when you break the rules, young lady.” He said.
Samantha licked her lips. A spanking right now wouldn’t be too bad. It was the easiest way to seduce her husband, yet she was sure that this time it was more than that. Her tactics had worked.
“What way is that?” She asked playfully.
Her husband grabbed the hem of her gown that didn’t even reach the mattress while she kneeled and pulled it up. “You better take this off, or you will find out!”
Samantha gasped in surprise as he pulled the night-gown all the way to her armpits.
“No, I’m cold!” She protested and tried to pull it back down.
Her husband was stronger than her of course and the night-gown inevitably moved up past her arms. Samantha dropped herself on the bed to stop him from pulling it off, but this only allowed her husband to aim a few firm smacks on her exposed backside.
With a squeal she rolled over to her back to protect her bottom. Jonathan then straddled her chest, he was still completely naked of course and his cock stood fully erect between her breasts.
Samantha moaned deeply when he pushed her arms against the bed, pinning down her wrists with her own night-gown.
Jonathan leant forward as he held her down on the bed, placing his lips against hers. Samantha rolled her face to the side, but her husband bit her lower lip, pulling her back for a deeper kiss.
Samantha grunted in pleasure and rocked her body against her husbands, betraying her excitement despite her played protests.
Jonathan moved down, forcing her legs open with his knees without lessening the force that pinned down her wrists. Samantha struggled gently, not to escape, but to keep up the pretense. She kissed him deeply however, showing her willingness while her body pretended the opposite.
Then her husband penetrated her, at which point she could no longer continue the charade, but rocked her body eagerly with Jonathan’s rhythm as her husband fucked her.
She came twice before her husband collapsed on top of her. Only then did he let go of her arms, freeing her from his grip. Samantha could still feel his strength in her wrists as he rested on her chest.


Jonathan had made Samantha follow some rules in the past. It had been a part of their dynamic as they were just figuring out their relationship and their fantasies. When Samantha broke one of those rules, she’d get spanked.
It had been a great tool to explore dominance and submission; rules were rules after all. It gave Samantha a way to control when she might be spanked, but also gave full control to Jonathan when she did earn a punishment.
Over the years the rules had changed a lot, trying to conform better to them and their relationship. In the end however, the rules were dropped. It was too much of a hassle to keep track of them and deal with them in every possible circumstance. Instead, Jonathan would spank his wife whenever she was naughty, rules or not.
At least, that was the theory. More often than not, Samantha had to ask for a spanking if she wanted one. The problem of course was that she wasn’t a natural rule-breaker. As a submissive she wanted to please and thus had little opportunity to misbehave and actually earn a spanking.

As part of her plan to regain her husbands interest, Samantha had tried to obey those old rules once again. She tried to remember all the rules Jonathan had once placed on her and follow them as closely as possible.
Her plan was to be the submissive her husband wanted her to be. She wouldn’t break those rules, but earn her spanking in other bratty ways, like that one time with the cutlery.
The thing with rules however, is that when they’re not broken, they’re hardly noticeable. Samantha wondered whether Jonathan had even realized what a good submissive she was being, how well she was following his rules.
Until one night, when he ordered her with a strict voice to come to him and then firmly smacked her bottom before explaining anything.
“Your shoes belong in the hallway, young lady.” He told her.
Samantha licked her lips. She wanted to reply, but realized she shouldn’t. Too often she reacted defensively or indignated when he husband made such remarks; though she knew he didn’t mean them derogatory, but just as a playful act in their dominant-submissive relationship. Did she really want him to know she had a good reason for them being out of place? Or would she rather be a naughty girl and accept a smack on her bottom?
For once, she obediently cleared away her shoes without argueing. In her head she was celebrating. Her husband hadn’t been strict about such things in a long time; this must surely mean he was taking notice.
She wasn’t about to get spanked for breaking the rules of course. She still wished to be a perfect submissive. If Jonathan was settling back into his role of dominant however, she knew other ways to achieve that goal. It was time to be a brat again.

She planned her prank carefully, with their little girl already in bed and her husband in the shower.
Jonathan was one of those people that always complained about being cold. Especially when he was wet and just came from under the hot water in the shower.
Samantha joined him that evening. It had actually been quite a while since she’d done that. She knew her husband didn’t like sharing the hot water, but if she was going to be a brat, well then she’d be a brat.
“My turn.” She said as she stepped into the shower beside him.
Jonathan looked at her in surprise. Samantha hadn’t tried to seduce him so blatantly since her experimentation began. But this wasn’t that, she wasn’t seducing him, she actually did want him to leave the shower.
The fact that he grabbed her bottom on his way out only made things better.
“Where’s my towel?” Jonathan asked.
“Oh, I put that in the wash.” Samantha replied innocently.
“There aren’t any in the dresser either.” Jonathan replied, a note of annoyance in his voice.
“You’ll have to get one in the garage, there should be clean ones in the laundry.” Samantha replied. “Bring one for me too.” She had of course hid her own as well, so that Jonathan wouldn’t just steal hers.
Her husband muttered a curse but did leave to fetch their towels.
“There aren’t any!” He said when he returned, his voice now full of agitation. “Not with the clean laundry, and neither with the dirty ones!”
Samantha bit her lip, hidden from her husband by the showers panelling. She was getting a bit nervous. Her husband really hated being cold.
“Where did you put them?” He asked.
“I don’t know.” Samantha replied, she might be nervous, but somehow also trying hard not to laugh.
“Did you hide them?”
“Of course not.”
A short silence followed.
“You hid them didn’t you?” Jonathan asked.
Samantha didn’t reply.
“Young lady?” Jonathan’s voice climbed.
Samantha blushed, that tone meant the gig was up.
“Maybe.” She replied.
“Why?” Her husband asked.
“I thought it would be funny.” She said.
Suddenly Jonathan was back in the shower with her and he quickly turned off the running water. “Hands against the wall.” He said.
“Why?” Samantha asked.
“Because I didn’t think it was funny at all.” Her husband replied.
Samantha wanted to do as she was told, her bottom was tingling, eager to receive a spanking she’d actually earned. But she remembered that Jonathan would want her to pretend otherwise.
“It was just a joke.” She said, pouting.
“Hands against the wall, young lady.” Jonathan replied.
Now Samantha did as she was told, but still replied. “This isn’t fair.”
She hissed when her husband smacked her bare, wet bottom.
“What isn’t fair is that I had to go out wet and cold in search for the towels you hid.” He said before smacking her bottom a few more times.
Samantha didn’t reply, but bit her lips. This hurt more than she’d anticipated.
“Wait, stop.” She said after Jonathan landed another half-a-dozen or so smacks.
“Why?” He asked.
“It hurts.” Samantha pouted.
“It’s supposed to hurt.” Her husband replied.
“Can’t I dry off first?” She asked, thinking it hurt more because her bottom was wet.
“There aren’t any towels, remember?” Jonathan said and then smacked her bottom again.
Samantha nearly laughed, she hadn’t thought of that when getting herself into this. The sting in her bottom began to build as Jonathan spanked her sore, wet bottom. She tried to tell herself it hurt so much because it had been a long time since she’d gotten a good spanking, yet in truth it was probably because of her own stupid prank.
Still, despite the pain, Samantha did love to get spanked. Between her squeals and moans, she couldn’t stop her excitement from building, even as her bottom turned redder than red.
“Please, I won’t do it again, I promise.” She begged when the pain became nearly too great to bear. She told herself that she only begged because that’s what her husband liked. It was definitely not because she was actually learning a lesson, or actually realizing that liking a spanking didn’t mean it didn’t hurt and that perhaps pretending not to want them wouldn’t always be just pretending.
“If you do it again, I’ll be using the hairbrush.” Her husband said. “Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied. She shivered and it wasn’t just from being cold and wet. The hairbrush would be handily nearby in the bathroom and when it came to spankings, Jonathan always made good on his threats.
“Now go get the towels from where you hid them.” He ordered.
Samantha got out of the shower before he could change his mind. She rubbed her sore, throbbing bottom as she made her way out of the bathroom; not just because her husband enjoyed that view, but because it actually did hurt.
Her prank on her husband was now a prank onto herself. While she wasn’t as susceptible to the cold as he was, she’d cooled down enough during her spanking to send shivers through her body. Luckily she knew where the towels were and returned them quickly.
When she returned to the bathroom, her husband was still in the shower, warming up underneath the hot water. Her eyes fell on his huge erection, she’d known he was excited while spanking her, he always was, but she hadn’t noticed before, not while her buttocks were bouncing beneath his hand.
She almost joined him again, but managed to stop herself just in time. Not only should she act more submissive right after a spanking, she’d also learned it was best to let Jonathan remain in control of the situation.
“I brought the towels, Sir. Is there anything else I can do to make up for my behavior?” She asked in a tone that hinted, not very subtly, at how aroused she was.
Her husband accepted the towel she offered him and quickly dried himself. “If you want to show me you can be a good girl now that I’ve turned your bottom red, you know what all good girls do for their husband when he’s aroused.” Jonathan said.
Samantha didn’t need more permission, but immediately knelt before her husband on the thick bathroom-rug. She kissed his warm, throbbing cock before taking it in her mouth.
She loved feeling him between her lips, loved feeling his excitement pulsing on her tongue, his heartbeat drumming against the roof of her mouth.
She licked and kissed, sucked and stared up at her husband through her eyelashes from her position at his feet. She noticed him looking down over her shoulder, at her red bottom, evidence that she’d been a naughty girl.
When he came, she swallowed all he offered her, licking the cum from the tip of his cock when he finished. She felt nearly as satisfied to have pleasured him as he must feel himself. Perhaps even more as she realized she’d behaved properly submissive and let her husband remain in control this whole time.
The fact that she hadn’t been able to cum herself didn’t bother her. That might change when they reached their bedroom, or it might not. It was up to Jonathan and now she could once again fully appreciate that, knowing he’d chase her as long as she provided something for him to chase after.

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